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    by Rob Kaufman
    Twenty-five-year-old Frank Devlin is confused and alone in the world. He often leaves home with a specific destination in mind, only to find himself hours later somewhere else, with no idea how he got there. That’s just one of the many reasons he seeks the help of Justin Wright, New York City’s premier clinical psychiatrist. Taking on one of the most challenging cases of his career, Justin is determined to help Frank, a young man with multiple personalities (“alters”), live a happier, more ful... more
  • Kill Well: The Steep Climes Quartet: Book One

    by David Guenette
    Kill Well is a near-future climate change thriller about a young woman divestiture activist on the run from Big Oil dark money’s contract killer
  • A League of My Own

    by JT Terry
    A daughter's love for her mother will always be engraved in her DNA, for she is the most beautiful part that came from her mother, but in this case, she is also the most dangerous part. Solice King is a legacy assassin by birth and the Business Operations Manager of her family's wine business. As soon as she gets her footing in the world of assassins, the rug is pulled from under her with the mysterious death or murder of her mother. She is now forced to move through The League as an assassin... more
  • Broken Hope

    by Carrie Rubin

    A grieving doctor fights back against the world’s growing inhumanity…

    To her Boston patients, Dr. Hope Sullivan is a conscientious doctor with a caring bedside manner. To her victims, she is a fierce protector of those who have been wronged. After losing everyone close to her, these revenge “tune-ups” are the only thing that make her feel...well...feel anything at all.

    Until one day, a mysterious email threatens to expose her. I know w... more

  • Cape Wrath

    by Ted Olson
    The murder of a WWII hero at the Cape Wrath lighthouse entwines the lives of four people whose intimate connections to the lighthouse and its keeper drive them to uncover the secrets of his long-buried past.
  • Red Season

    by Gary Genard

    A tale of obsession, murder, and the supernatural. Scotland Yard police surgeon and detective Dr. William Scarlet must use his psychic ability to track down a vicious serial killer. — Book 1 in the Dr. William Scarlet Mystery Series. 

    June, 1887. It’s Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, and the entire country is celebrating. Until the murders begin. First, the madam of a brothel. Next, a private detective—whose m... more

  • A Killer's Devotion

    by John Bae
    Despite all that was revealed about Ian Ramsey’s crimes during the Hope Kane criminal trial, Ramsey is still walking the streets as a free man. Prosecutors are hesitant to indict a powerful man like Ian Ramsey, unless they are presented with irrefutable evidence that will guarantee a conviction. Until Ramsey is tried and convicted of his crimes, Hope and her friends, Edward Miller and Annie Sharpe, must live each day in fear of Ramsey taking revenge against them for derailing his scheme to frame... more

    by Felicia Farber
    FAKE OUT is a romantic mystery novel about a high school couple whose love and loyalty are put to the test when artificial intelligence is used to destroy their relationship. Someone is manipulating images of David Woods to make it look like he’s engaging in illegal acts and spreading them all over social media. Since the images seem real he gets in trouble with the school and faces suspension. But then when a racy video of David in a romantic interlude with his ex is circulated, no one believes... more

    by Angie D. Comer

    SOME MUST DIE is a life journey of an unconventional family that comes together because of horrific life circumstances.  They live off the grid, and are criminal by “necessity”.

    This journey, begins in the South in the 1970’s, moves timidly, then boldly through the Southwest to the Pacific Coast. Along the way they find strength, love, mystery, arson, murder and revenge. 

  • The Root of All Evil: A Clara and Iris Mystery (A Clara and Iris Mystery Series Book 3)

    by Kim Carter

    Private Investigators Clara Samples and Iris Hadley are at it again.
    The two widows celebrate a successful first year of business when Pritchard Pitts of the Atlanta Police Department swings by with an unusual case. One that’s already been solved. But family members of both the victims and the offenders have doubts that the jury got it right.

    It’ll be up to the PIs and their trusted team to prove that the two men incarcerated for the double murder are indeed innoce... more

  • The Master of Midnight

    by William Michael Davidson
    Finding bodies is part of the job for Detective Otto Haines, but when a victim's limbs are found in two public parks miles apart from each other, he is utterly confused. Most speculate that it must be some sadistic killer, bent on mutilating his victims and leaving his "calling cards" behind in the ghostly hours of the night. And there are problems along the way. As Detective Haines tries to hunt down this killer, he must also deal with his rookie partner, Serena Grimm, while trying to keep a... more
  • The Foundation

    Elizabeth sensed danger from those that were supposed to protect her. What would it be like to live in a world where Power and success were all that mattered? Where the elderly and disabled became a burden on society. Where Draconian laws were passed to eradicate the problem. A country where good people, destroyed for challenging the morality of extreme government measures. All she ever wanted was to be loved and valued by her carer. Diana cherished that role and was prepared to do anything t... more
  • The Conspiracy of Shadows

    by Rushikesh Gaikwad
    In the serene yet secretive town of Kageura, nestled in the misty heart of Japan, a mystery centuries old awaits to be unraveled. "The Conspiracy of Shadows," authored by Rushikesh Gaikwad, invites readers into a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal, and the quest for truth in a place where silence speaks volumes.The story unfolds with Detective Kenji Sato, a seasoned investigator from Tokyo, who finds himself in Kageura, seeking a quiet life away from the chaos of the city. But peace eludes him ... more
  • Ghost of a Chance

    by John Foley
    In the snow-covered depths of a St. Paul park, the lifeless body of a young man sends shockwaves through the community. Detectives Anders Holt and Jo Mulaney, teaming up for the first time, are determined to uncover the truth behind the murder. Despite the prevailing belief in a resident ghost at St. Francis Academy, they know the killer is human, a dangerous adversary hiding in plain sight. As they delve deeper, a web of secrets unravels, leading them to realize that multiple killers may be inv... more
  • I Albert Peabody

    by Jerry P. Schellhammer
    His Place at the Tableis about my son Emilio, his cancer diagnosis at three years old, and the rollercoaster ride my husband Richard and I traveled in the attempt to save Emilio’s life. In an instant, upon hearing the profoundly painful words, “your child has cancer,” we took a rapid plunge into the depths of Dante’s inferno, with absolutely no idea how we would ever get through this nightmare. My book recounts the highs and lows with uncommon honesty. Although my unrelenting optimism and fortit... more
  • Silentcide: The Art of Undetected Killing

    by Richard Ebert
    Two orphaned siblings are trained as assassins and commit undetected killings in Europe. A fledgling biotech with a cure for cancer is in a death spiral. When Chris Davis defies orders to murder an innocent target, then remorse, romance and revenge collide with explosive action. International thriller includes 135 online photos of action scenes in 15 cities in 6 countries.