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  • White Wolf

    by Cary Allen Stone
    Ex-SEAL Zach Kincaid, and his Delta team must stop the violent takeover of the government. Zach faces off with SEAL David “the Knife” Steele, Alpha Team Leader. The Democratic National Convention in the Mercedes Benz Stadium opens in Atlanta. The White House is on High Alert. An Apache attack helicopter prevents Air Force One’s emergency departure from Atlanta-Hartsfield International. Civil war is imminent. The survival of the United States of America is at stake.
  • Azabu Getaway (Detective Hiroshi Series Book 5)

    by Michael Pronko
    Money isn’t everything. It’s the deadly thing. After the murder of a high-flying executive in one of Tokyo’s wealth management firms, Detective Hiroshi finds himself investigating the financial schemes that secure the money of Tokyo’s elite investors. His forensic accounting gets sidetracked, though, by a second murder and the abduction of two girls from the home of a hotshot wealth manager. The abducted girls are the daughters of an international couple who seemed to have it all—a large... more
  • Lake Rage

    by Ron McCarthy
    An assassination attempt on a Government Minister involves Len and his niece in a chase which has serious consequences. His street-smart skills protect himself against unprovoked attempts on his own life and when his niece is kidnapped.
  • Lasseter's Truth

    by John Somerset
    Jack Johnson is both lucky and unlucky. He survives the Vietnam war as a decorated helicopter pilot, marries the girl he left behind, and lands on his feet at Australia’s leading advertising agency, as a launch pad to spectacular success in the industry. Lucky, you might say. But luck can change. Jack is hit with a bogus criminal charge that chases him into the Great Australian Desert, in a quest for Lasseter’s fabled gold reef. But Jack is not the only one looking. A mysterious Chinese compan... more
  • A Death Most Dastardly

    by Jaris Ash
    Baron Randolf Bukeligh has been found by the butler in the library with a hook in his mouth and hands tied with fishing line. The baron, struggling to keep the estate going, had held a house-party in order to try and get things back on track. Being murdered hadn’t been part of the plan! Inspector Baker, new to Whitby CID, is called in to work with local Sergeant Davies in order to discover who the culprit is. They are aided by a group of students who have just completed their degrees and had be... more
  • Jar of Pennies

    by John Yearwood
    Based on the true story of an unthinkable murder in the pine forests of East Texas, JAR OF PENNIES follows the trail of evidence as seen through the eyes of a small town newspaper reporter until he spots a crucial piece of evidence that sends the murderer to a showdown with the needle of death. Along the way, the humor of rural Texans combines with tales of economic and racial bigotry out of which comes an ending made happy by love and the restoration of justice.
  • The Real Story, A Mystery

    by Art Smukler
    THE REAL STORY, a mystery Confined to a pediatric hospital at age six, the death of his father at age seven, and always desperate for money, left a deep psychological imprint on Joe Belmont. Despite it, he mowed lawns, pumped gas, waited tables, and worked hard in school. When he turned eighteen, he borrowed money, lived low, and worked himself through college and into medical school. Finally, the end was in sight. Then without warning, his saintly mother was murdered in her modest home... more
  • Hack: A Nik Byron Investigation

    by Mark Pawlosky
    When a top secret and powerful US surveillance technology is stolen and offered for sale on the black market, an exiled reporter races to expose the theft and untangle the plot—before the story is spiked, and he is silenced for good. Coming off a successful investigation into a major banking scandal, Newshound reporter Nik Byron arrives in Washington, DC, with high hopes for his career. But a disruptive corporate merger and a vengeful boss quickly dash his plans. Relegated to scut work and t... more
  • The Case of the Amorous Assailant

    by Terry Ambrose
    After her father’s unexpected retirement, Jade Cavendish inherits the Beachtown Detective Agency. Jade worries that she’s not ready and might even sink the agency—until a young heiress with a cheating husband hires her. Jade soon learns the rich have secrets. Secrets that can sometimes be deadly.
  • You Have The Right to Remain Silent

    by Mark M. Bello
    Conservative talk-show host Mia Folger is in therapy with Dr. Harold Rothenberg. Mia and her husband, progressive Congressman Bradley Crawford, are not getting along these days, personally or politically. When Crawford is found brutally dismembered and murdered, the evidence points to Mia as his killer. While the prosecutor pushes for a murder indictment, Dr. Rothenberg, convinced of his patient’s innocence, turns to an old friend—high profile attorney Zachary Blake, Detroit’s self-proclaimed... more
  • The Lost King

    by C. A. W. Parker
    In the golden age of crime, a private detective has to rob a bank to protect the property of a man who claims to be the king of a sleepy town in rural England.
  • In the Garden of Eden

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Death Stalks Mr. Blackthorne

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Jerry's Motives

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Motive

    by Peter Stockwell
  • Motivations

    by Peter Stockwell