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  • The Summer of Ice

    by Beverley Hopwood
    Things began to go wrong when Frobisher Bay stays ice locked and ships cannot get in to replenish the diesel fuel or bring much needed food into Iqaluit. As Rosa Mama unravels the story of her husband's death, deceit and denial worm their way into a culture and way of life already made difficult by the environment.
  • Civil Hearts

    by Claire Gem
    He’s a sexy Southern gentleman—with epilepsy. She’s a widow scarred from her late husband’s brain cancer. Her new home, an abandoned antebellum mansion, is haunted by a Confederate soldier—and she’s a Yankee. A widow with no family, web designer Liv Larson yearns for big change. After all, she can work from anywhere, right? Why not throw a dart at the map? She heads out of the big city for the rural South and falls in love as soon as she arrives—with the Belle Bride, an abandoned antebellum m... more
  • Holy Spear of Magus: The covenant will be fulfilled (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)

    by Toni Pike
    THE MAGUS COVENANT WILL BE FULFILLED AND TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF HISTORY WILL BE SWEPT AWAY... Jotham and Madena Fletcher remain dedicated to finding the Simonian Sect. They leave their baby daughter at home and travel to Krakow in Poland to investigate a theology professor known as the Guardian of the Spear. Meanwhile, a mysterious Hungarian arrives at the hilltop monastery of Saint Dimitrios in Greece in search of an ancient relic that is rumoured to be buried there. When a large Pentecost... more
  • The Magus Epiphany: Ancient treasures and a new revelation (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 3)

    by Toni Pike
    ONLY ONE MAN CAN STOP THE REVELATION THAT WILL SHATTER THE WORLD… Jotham Fletcher returns in a deadly quest to save his own family and unravel the mystery behind two ancient relics, the murder of a young woman and a shocking series of messages. Jotham and Madena have dedicated their lives to stopping the work of the secretive Simonian Sect. Their belated honeymoon in Italy is interrupted when they cross paths with the sect and hear news of a mysterious object left at the spot where Simon Mag... more
  • The Rock of Magus: Code Red in the Vatican (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 2)

    by Toni Pike
    A CRISIS IS BREWING IN THE VATICAN – AND ONLY ONE MAN CAN PREVENT DISASTER… Jotham Fletcher returns in a race against time that takes him deep inside the Vatican. Cardinal Alpheus has ambitions far more sinister and explosive than anyone could imagine, and the death of Pope Linus is only the beginning. Jotham is now a billionaire, dedicated to finding the Simonian Sect and he employs Madena, a former army officer, to help him. They rescue a televangelist in Seattle but find the photograph ... more
  • Dead Dry Heart: A psychological thriller

    by Toni Pike
    Tyler Thompson is Australia’s young, brilliant and charismatic Prime Minister, riding high on a wave of popularity. But the past has come back to haunt him and there is a shocking secret from his childhood that he will do almost anything to conceal. The one man who knows what happened twenty-five years ago is back – and he is hellbent on revenge. Tyler’s precious wife and baby have disappeared and their safe return will cost him everything: family, career and freedom. But even that may not be... more
  • The Yiddish Gangster's Daughter

    by Joan Lipinsky Cochran
    Boca Raton writer Becks Ruchinsky is shocked by the discovery her elderly father, Tootsie, was a member of the Jewish mafia and may have murdered his best friend. When he offers her one lie after another, she sets out on a journey to learn the truth about his past. What awaits her at the end of her investigation is more disturbing than she could have imagined. A gripping and thought-provoking murder mystery, The Jewish Gangster’s Daughter explores the precarious world of the 1940s and 1950s Je... more
  • In His Father's Shadow

    by K. J. Janssen
    In "In His Father’s Shadow", the son, Adam Westbrook III, had a nurturing experience during his formative years and until his father Adam Westbrook II was deemed to be incompetent, there had always been an air of mutual respect. However, once the court appointed the son to be in charge of the business and estate, the son, while assuring that his father was well taken care of, was determined that he would never return the leadership of the family or business to his father. It was one thing to ass... more
  • On Grove Street

    by Marc Mayfield

    After two murders, a sheriff's deputy and a police detective hunt for clues in three western states, sifting through the lives of the victims, who were roommates 20 years earlier.

  • The Controller (Detective Amanda Lacey Book 1)

    by Linda Coles
    One man’s courage could save man’s best friend… Pete is trying his best to get on the right side of the tracks. Dog-napping spoiled pets for ransom money seems harmless, and he could really use the cash. All he has to do is locate targets with his drone and tell the gang where to find them. It’s easy money, until Pete learns what’s really happening to the dogs… When the gang starts to sell the canine captives as bait for an underground fight ring, Pete changes sides in a hurry. With help f... more
  • Hidden Assets

    by Brenda Spalding
    Megan senses trouble coming and is twisting her Claddagh ring on her finger again. Two new guests arrive to upset her neighbor by opening a shop next to his gallery. Things are not as they seem and it will take help from an unexpected source to help her and find out who is passing counterfeit money is Salem.
  • Tormented

    by Susan Clayton-Goldner
    Father's Anthony's devotion to God and His Church begins to unravel the moment Rita Wittier steps inside St. Catherine’s Cathedral in San Francisco. He struggles to control his feelings, but two years later, he is a man obsessed. In an attempt to rediscover the priest he intended to become, Anthony flies back to Delaware to visit Father Timothy. If redemption can be found anywhere, surely it can be found in the church of his childhood and in the soothing Irish brogue of his old priest. The m... more
  • River of Silence

    by Susan Clayton-Goldner
    When Detective Winston Radhauser is awakened by a call from dispatch at 12:45 a.m., it can mean only one thing. Something terrible awaits him. He races to the Pine Street address and knocks repeatedly. No answer. The door is unlocked. “Police,” he calls out. Again, no one responds. He unsnaps his holster and places his hand on his gun. In the kitchen, Caleb Bryce, nearly deaf from a childhood accident, is frantically giving CPE to 19-month-old Skyler Sterling. Less than an hour later, Skyler ... more
  • A Trace of Revenge

    by Lyle Howard
  • The Lion's Mouth: A Nick Lawrence Novel

    by Brian Christopher Shea

    Big things come in small packages.

    Nick Lawrence returned to Austin, Texas and rejoined his old unit, the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children task force. It’s not long before he finds himself in the middle of a well-organized human trafficking ring. Teaming with local law enforcement, he sets out to dismantle the group. Nick soon realizes that he’s in over his head and if he’s not careful…he might lose his.

    A girl, alone and on the run, hunted by a... more

  • The Counterfeiter's Daughter: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

    by E.V. Blackwell
    The year is 1884. Sherlock Holmes, the Great Detective, is at the pinnacle of his career - his reputation for solving the unfathomable spreading far beyond the confines of London. He is also a man at a crossroads. As the nuptials of Dr. John Watson, his best and truest friend loom, he begins to question the very path he has set for himself. Destructive habits, long thought vanquished, re-emerge and threaten both his physical and mental well-being. Dr. Watson urges him to take on a seemingly si... more