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  • Jacob

    by Jim Magwood
    When Jacob Asch is born, the nation of Israel has just begun and his life becomes one of doing everything he can to ensure the survival of his beloved country. However, soon that passion has to refocus toward the world in general as it is being torn apart because of the evil that moves events. As chaos develops in every land; as rockets fly; as madmen methodically tear apart every vestige of goodness; as whole countries are driven back to lives they grew out of hundreds of years before; what ca... more
  • Black Forest

    by J Scott Boyd
    Things have been pretty bleak for fifteen-year-old, Jack Larson since the day his father walked out the door and never returned. The cops think he abandoned his family to start a new life, but Jack refuses to believe it. Now, almost two years later, Jack is stagnating in his drug-ridden mountain town—spending his days in a haze of pot smoke, playing video games with his best friend Cash. Jack feels like he’ll never get an answer regarding his dad’s disappearance when he stumbles upon informa... more
  • Nightmare

    by Jim Magwood
    In a world torn by terrorism and violence, political corruption, and evil hidden around every corner, chaos is reigning. A town's citizens have their bank records destroyed; an Air Force rocket is computer hacked and knocked out of the air; heads of state and government leaders fight for the title of Most Corrupt; and everyone is apparently trying to push civilization back to the dark ages. A small group of investigators are the only ones working to unravel the terror, and even they are stymie... more
  • Cop

    by Jim Magwood
    In Washington, D.C., a terrorist is running rampant burning schools and killing with impunity, threatening the life of the president and seemingly bringing down the government - and no one knows why. Paul Corbin, newly assigned detective, is devoted to living The Job but his struggles trying to live a regular life are causing him to doubt his abiities, and "the dark" is quickly closing in on him. What is the intention of the terrorist? The police, the Secret Service, FBI and CIA, even foreign ... more
  • The Lesser Evil

    by Jim Magwood
    THE LESSER EVIL is a story of the world staggering under uncontrollable crime and an evil that pervades every part of our society. A covert vigilante group is conducting a campaign to stop the spread of the evil. Is the group right in what they are doing or are they just another evil influence of their own? Computer and bank accounts are raided and criminals are left destitute. Cayman Island banks are raided by computer and lose billions in secretive client funds. A missile attack wipes out a ro... more
  • 36 Hours

    by B.J. Woster
    Christian Price is a scientist who suffered a tragedy unsolved by local police. In an effort to right that which he perceives is wrong, he begins to execute experiments in different cities to test the response times of law enforcement agencies. Detective Hardwick is a thirty-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department. He and his fellow officers, who have always been successful in keeping crime rates low in the precinct, find themselves the latest targets of Christian's experiments, placing in... more
  • Sanction

    by Jim Magwood

    One group, one plan, complete control. Malicious plots for total domination of the world ensue as the people idly watch. Can the world leaders resist this powerful force? Jim Magwood paints the scene as the world power struggle comes to an ultimate climax. As the war of good vs. evil rages, Sanction intensely narrates the lives of some of the most powerful men on both sides of the battle. Government hacking, missile attacks, cold-blooded murder and pure evil haunt the world as The Plan progre... more

  • Strike Point

    by John Etterlee

    Former Special Operations Sergeant, Roger O’Neil is living quietly on his Montana Mountain ranch with his family, raising horses and teaching his children to appreciate the simple life. He wants nothing more than to live the American dream. But, that dream will come at a high price. America is at the brink of war with Russia. A year after battling a group of Neo-NAZI skinheads on his home turf, Roger is reluctantly pursued and recru... more

  • Demented

    by Joe Clark
    It had been a gang rape. As bad as that was, it was not the turning point. Her life turned around when Cindy Smith put it behind her and started over. She got her degree and a good job. She married a great guy. Then she discovered that one of the rapists was a coworker. When Adan Jackson begins harassing her, Cindy tries to protect her secret past by ignoring him. When he escalates, she turns to Private Investigator Nickey Arnold for help. The PI quickly finds herself caught up in unfinished... more

    by James Punt

    A simple train journey home one evening twisted his entire world upside down. He didn’t know what was real and what was a dream. Strange doorways, white rooms, a desert island, visions from his former life. The strangest part of all was the sign… What did it mean? He had to Survive, his mind was being ripped apart from the inside. Could it be self-sabotage? Were his actions and behaviors part of a drug or virus taking over his body, could it be post-traumatic stress? From his lif... more

  • Her bite will kill (Sarah Kane Chronicles book 1)

    by James Punt
    It was early morning in a New York coffee shop. A well dressed woman was sitting in a corner booth, sipping her morning coffee. The man at the counter orders another coffee in a Russian accent. A stranger walked in and sat down in the booth opposite. She noticed that both men had gang tattoos on their hands. Alarm bells suddenly start ringing, she knows something is not quite right. She calls over the manager, as he pours her another coffee, she slips him a note asking for him to leave straight... more
  • The City Below: Operation Amazon Part 2

    by James Punt
    Deep in the jungle, Sarah lay beaten and bleeding on the soft ground just outside one of the tents. She could feel the cold, damp ground through her clothes, and her wounds still ached. There was no escape. They had discovered her. She was cornered like a bird in a cage. Forty miles away Sky, Atkins and the Professor had been dangling from a tree on the side of a cliff face when the gunship arrived. They'd dropped into the roaring river below, not knowing if they would survive the fall or let al... more
  • Blood Runs Deep, Part one

    by James Punt
    A specialist unit gets sent into the deepest part of the Amazon rainforest, to gather Intel on a dangerous terrorist cell. The cell was planning on setting a killer virus free on the world. From the moment the team enters the village, members of the team disappear without a trace; the village turns red with blood, now it's a fight for survival.
  • Operation Amazon

    by James Punt
    Jordan call sign Cobra is still haunted by memories of his time in the armed forces. One mission in particular, involving the death of a teammate, still gives him nightmares. He thinks he has left that life behind him until, one day, he receives an email asking him to meet with the mysterious Professor R. Carter. The Professor persuades him to reunite with his old team for a new mission involving danger, old friends and a legendary Incan dagger. Jordan leaves behind his comfy home with his cat, ... more
  • The Single Twin

    by Sean Patrick Little
    Abe Allard and C.S. Duffy are not handsome, wise, or tough. They're not successful. They're not good at much, but they do know how to solve a mystery. A woman digging into the adoption of her long-lost twin brother starts getting close to a long-buried secret which riles up those who would rather it stayed hidden. Fearing for her safety, she asks Abe and Duff to find out what really happened that night, and why would someone be willing to keep this adoption from being brought to light.
  • Expect Betrayal

    by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
    psychic team and to its team leader (a U.S. WAVES clairvoyant) while they search for her family’s grimoire, The Book of Cures. The grimoire contains spells and charms to protect their Philadelphia headquarters from further Nazi occult attacks. But the friend is the very man assigned by the Fatherland to spy on them and to put a bullet between their eyes once he gets his hands on this grimoire that Hitler covets and needs to fight the war. Tag: The US government recruits psychics to hunt down... more