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  • gps vehicle tracking device dubai

    by miya paul

    We are continually picking a remarkable route for the structuring of GPS and it makes us not quite the same as different GPS following framework organizations Dubai. On the off chance that you need the best administrations of GPS, at that point, there is no other choice than us. Gps following framework Dubai is having an encounter of numerous years in the field of innovation. Individuals like to go more should keep a vehicle tracker to meet all their moving needs.



    by T. C. Brace

    Star crossed lovers reunite, only to discover that time, is running out for humanity!


    Set in the fast paced world of fashion, crimes against humanity are at an all time high.... Markovic, is caught up in a battle of wills, with his wife Jackalyn, a nemesis to all who cross her path and she plays to slay. Consanguineous matrimonial ties are her calling card, adscititiously, nothing is off the table, including billion dollar deals that are made in the bedroom... more

  • Black Bart One, Book 1: Quick Strikes

    by Thomas S. LaLumiere
    ife was good for former Marine Lieutenant David LaSalle and his wife Stacy as they brought to reality their dream of living on a yacht in Ft. Lauderdale. But a downturn in the economy and the loss of a major contract for David's network engineering business threatened to tear apart the world they created for themselves. A chance encounter with a DEA investigation gives LaSalle access to sensitive information about drug deals in Miami's high intensity drug trafficking area, and he hatches a plan ... more
  • The Cruise Ship Lost My Daughter

    by Morgan Mayer

    Never underestimate a sleuthing octogenarian…

    After weeks of no answers from the authorities, Sheila and Shane McShane, a spry and tenacious octogenarian couple from New Hampshire, board the magnificent Celestial of the Seas to look for their daughter on the same British Isles cruise she went missing from six weeks before.

    Guided by Sheila’s intuition and Shane’s logic, they uncover clues about Shanna’s disappearance, but the clos... more

  • wedding photography

    by lara rose

  • best rent car service in Kottayam

    by anita george
    Having a car or an own vehicle is a necessity for any family . Having an own vehicle makes the transportation more easier. In this world , it is very important to be there in any place at correct time . So it is very important that you should have an own vehicle . Depending on public transport may help you to a certain extent , but it is not favorable in some situations. But having an own car may seems to be an over burden for some people . So one of the brilliant method to use in this situat... more
  • best rent car service

    by anita george
  • The Dream Catcher

    by Julia Rohatyn
    Two murders, two centuries apart. In this Hotel Mystery series book, Rebecca Bauer will team up with a sharp lawyer and a gutsy detective to use each homicide to solve the other. with the help of American Indian legends. When Rebecca is invited to stay at a renovated country inn owned by her friends, she did not plan on her room becoming a crime site. Her friend's arrest for the murder of his Native American architect sends her on a quest that becomes a search through New England history and t... more
  • Adeline

    by Mark Torres
    From the author of the widely acclaimed debut novel A Stirring in the North Fork, Mark Torres’ next installment, entitled Adeline, is a fast-paced gripping tale about the mysterious death of an innocent young woman wrongly committed to a notorious mental asylum in 1977. The ever-determined Savoy Graves returns to try and unmask the sinister fiend, only to find himself plunged deep into the dangerous and dark world of a maniacal secret society willing to guard its identity at all cost. Will Grave... more
  • Killer Remedy

    by Julia Rohatyn
    Betsy didn't know much about medical marijuana, but she found out fast when she was hired to solve the murder of a pediatrician who did cannabis research. With the help of the new widow, who is an expert blogger, she discovers that is far more than one murder. The search becomes dangerous and the final confrontation turns deadly.
  • Atmosphere

    by John Clarke
    When the cosmos strikes a fatal blow, will salvation come in time? One-hundred feet below the surface of the frozen Ross Sea, crushed between 200 feet of glacial ice and volcanic rock, lies the remains of an ancient flying saucer and the unidentifiable remains of its luckless pilot. U.S. Navy divers have been tasked in a top-secret mission to extract information from that crash site. In this third and final book of the Jason Parker Trilogy, government scientists Jason Parker and Laura Smith j... more
  • The Sweetest Poison

    by Jane Renshaw
    When life has cast you in the role of victim, how do you find the strength to fight back? When she was eight years old, Helen Clack was bullied so mercilessly that she was driven to a desperate act. Now she is being targeted once more, but this time her tormentor’s identity is shrouded in doubt. When her life starts to disintegrate, she flees home to the wilds of north-east Scotland, and to the one man she knows can help her – Hector Forbes, the dubiously charismatic Laird of Pitfourie, wi... more
  • Diaries of a serial killer

    by Sheng Sun
    Serial killer Sebastian lived in Stockholm, Sweden, targeting single young women as his prey-the life of which was giving him a huge problem when he woke up every day in the morning. He then sought medical help from the psychiatrist Margareta, a married woman who was bored with her life, and this experience would alter Sebastian's life forever. In the book, you will also find a diary written by Sebastian as a young boy who lived in the Swedish countryside of Östersund. And the diary reveals a da... more
  • The Dark Heart of Night

    by Vincent McCaffrey
    In the midst of their daily assignments covering murder and mayhem as well as the political machinations of LaGuardia's New York, Hugh McNeill, a young press photographer for the New York Daily Mirror has fallen in love with Cass Green, a crusading reporter for the same paper. While pursuing a serial killer and possible prostitute apparently doing away with her clients one by one, they probe the supposed suicide of a young lawyer fighting anti-Semitism. Their city editor, The Boss, tries a... more
  • Quod Nidifene: Protector

    by Brianna Bloomdahl
    Micheal and Moses are just two ordinary high school boys. Ordinary except for one thing, they've been trained by their dad to be Protectors; people tasked with protecting the world from vampires. Their first job was supposed to be a simple one, but it goes horribly wrong when their target marks their school friend, Vanessa, to be turned into a vampire. With Vanessa's life on the line, the brothers must keep the vampire from completing the changing ritual, but he's not about to go down without a ... more
  • A Matter of Time

    by Ed Davis
    In the very near future . . . a progressive struggles against a newly elected totalitarian regime in America — at tremendous personal cost. While the country moves to the far right and sacrifices freedom for security, a small cadre of “slow old guys” in a bucolic Northern California town peacefully take over their local government to see their visions of peace, tolerance, and harmony become the law of their small land. But even as their cherished principles blossom in the village, dark clouds of... more