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  • Diamonds and Lies

    by Inge-Lise Goss
    A gambling debt. A diamond heist. A murderer on the loose. Andy and Mia’s planned heist is thwarted as they become hunted. The mark is Mia’s only way to survive. With death threats in the air, can a thief learn to trust? Tests of love, loyalty and betrayal await Mia as she tries to avoid Andy’s stalker, unexpectedly falling for the mark. Is he protecting her or is he the one out to kill her?
  • Shattered Shield: Cole Cameron Thriller Series Book 1

    by Camden Mays

    A deadly terrorist’s blast rocks a chemical research and development company in Tucson setting in motion a string of events designed to immobilize the country and settle personal scores with the intelligence community.  Disillusioned and jaded, CIA officer Cole Cameron must dismiss his inner battles and lead an interagency mission against the terrorist group that he has analyzed and dogged for years. 
    Cameron finds himself drawn to FBI Special Agent Hannah Jacobs who work... more

  • Darkness in Ronda

    by Paul S Bradley

    Public opinion in Spain demand that bullfighting is banned—or at least transformed. A young bullfighter, Diego Romero, backed by the might of two of bullfighting’s most enduring dynasties, proposes an updated version with no bloodletting or killing, but the Royal Taurino Society—the powerful bullfighting watchdog—insists on retaining its beloved death in the afternoon. Their conflict comes to a head at the Pedro Romero Festival in Ronda where Diego discovers that a mor... more

  • The Mystery of Cranewood Manor

    by Theresa M. Moore
    When a wealthy heiress goes missing, her father hires famed private investigators Val Saxon and Laura Hampstead to search for her. The clues lead them to Maine and a castle overlooking the sea. But all is not as it appears. The owner is a man who dabbles in the occult, and was the last one to see the missing woman alive. But as the investigation moves from the dark arts into the realm of murder, a man with a dark secret of his own helps them to solve the case.
  • True Creature

    by Steve Zell
    A supernatural murder mystery two women must solve to survive. A series of suspicious deaths draws investigative reporter Deanne Mulhenney and medical examiner Sara Poole into a deadly clash of modern and ancient worlds. Set in the growing years of Phoenix, Arizona, four men are found dead during the creation of a massive water project meant to bring life and prosperity to the desert. Deanne and Sara soon find something sinister and very, very powerful may connect them all.
  • Delphy's Rising

    by Kip Koelsch
    FOR MILLENNIA HUMANS HAVE DREAMED OF SPEAKING WITH DOLPHINS AND FAILED. UNTIL NOW. UNTIL DELPHYS. In 2008 a young genius conceived Delphys—an innovative dolphin communication project—while submerged in the warm, salt water of a sensory deprivation tank and dark introversion of a forced separation from the woman he loved. Nearly ten years after that epiphany—and after years of focused research, design and construction on an isolated Pacific atoll—that genius has embraced his new identity and b... more
  • The Girl in the Mirror: A Sarah Greene Supernatural Mystery (Sarah Greene Mysteries Book 1)

    by Steven Ramirez

    While renovating an old house with her ex-husband, Sarah Greene finds a mirror that holds the spirit of a dead girl. As she learns more about the people who built Casa Abrigo—and about their demon-worshiping son—Sarah comes to believe the girl did not die a natural death, and she sets out to discover the truth. But prying into someone’s sketchy past can be risky, especially when it awakens dangerous dark forces.

  • The Bull Option: A Wall Street Novel

    by Sameer Garach

    He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    When Kannada Khan, an investment banker turned homeless man, saves the life of Robert Prosperi, a struggling hedgie, he is repaid with a unique yet risky job offer that could change his fortune forever.

    With plans for a theft on Wall Street, Robert aims to undermine his rival, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, and Kannada seeks to return to a life of normalcy. They recruit a motley crew from Main Street--a bart... more

  • Castle Keep

    by Bill Gourgey

    When his parents become victims of America’s foreign wars, a talented teen musician abandons his Midwestern city for Washington, DC where he discovers a scandal that implicates the Oval Office.

    A teen musician who’s lost everything. A ruthless billionaire who blackmails politicians. A showdown aimed at the Oval Office.

    Sixteen-year-old Moe lives for j... more

  • The Broadcast: A Mystery Thriller

    by Liam Fialkov
    Twenty-two years after her newborn baby was seized from her, Sarah follows a popular television series titled The Broadcast. She senses that, in some mysterious way, the show corresponds with her life’s story. The Broadcast airs actual footage of recent unsolved crimes and historical events going back two thousand years. The recordings are impossible … yet they seem genuine. The show’s producer refuses to reveal the mysterious source of the astonishing footage. A well-known journalist i... more
  • Killer With Black Blood

    by J L Hill
    The story starts in 1986, two years after Maria’s kidnapping. Nicky is the head of his family. He is taking Sal to see the mausoleum he built for their mother and father. Sal is living in a mental ward after he smothered his parents. Nicky believes someone got to Sal and made him do it. At the grave site Sal is shot and falls to his knees. Nicky thinks he is crying but then sees the blood. Then Nicky is shot. Pauley and Vinny rush Nicky to the hospital, Sal is already dead. Lana gets a call fro... more
  • Killer with Three Heads

    by J L Hill
    Killer With Three Heads is the second book in the Killer series. Bulletproof Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson returns to New York as John Morrison after a 10 years’ absence to find the people responsible for kidnapping his daughter, Maria. He had been recruited by the NSA to train commandoes to fight the War on Drugs in Colombia. Will what he’d been doing in the past decade cost the life of his little girl? The Rocci Family is the most powerful Mafia family in New York and Nicky ‘Nails’ is about to repla... more
  • Killer with a Heart

    by J L Hill
    June 1971, Morris is walking back to the Raven Social Club. He has giving himself another alias, “Bulletproof”, because he survived an attempted mafia execution, a shootout in a bulletproof limousine. His reflections lead back to Nicky, his friend and self-appointed leader of the gang. Nicky “Nails”, claims he can chew nails and spit bullets, is an up-and-coming Mafioso. He plans to rob the money drop of a rival mob family. The “Deliman” leaves his teenage daughter, Elizabeth, in the delicates... more
  • Division

    by Jim Mosquera
    Chandler Scott returns in book 3 of the series, Division. He teams up with an unexpected foe to right the listing ship known as the United States of America. The sinister revelation in his documentary unleashed a torrent of both anger and support for the president. America is a country tearing at the seams. Spending time with his love and hoping to be just a spectator in a convention deciding the future of the republic, Chandler is thrust into plots threatening to undermine the Executive b... more
  • Rebellium

    by Jim Mosquera
    In a fast paced thriller, Chandler Scott continues his quest for the dream story. What will it cost him? His career, his love, his life? Continuing his dangerous investigations, he discovers plots more sinister than even he could ever imagine. As he plunges into the world of secessionists and government run wild, he soon realizes that his life hangs in the balance. He must decide whom he can trust—his documentary partner with a dark past or the people he has only just met with agendas of th... more
  • 2020

    by Jim Mosquera
    Chandler Scott, a rising TV journalist, tries to connect the dots in a country mired in another financial crisis. Cyber terrorists add to the flames of fear. The public yearns for help from its leaders who respond in ways previously unimagined. Politics and economics will collide during the Presidential election of 2020. Chandler uncovers the seeds of the next crisis, a crisis that would shape the future of the United States of America and the world. 2020, the first book in the Chandler ... more