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  • Road Kill

    by R.J. Norgard
    Still haunted by the death of his wife, Sid is persuaded to help defend a drug addict accused in the hit-and-run death of a native man. Soon Sid begins to doubt his client's guilt, suspicions that are reinforced when a key witness surfaces whose testimony could blow the case wide open. Sid and his witness suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs of malevolent forces hell-bent on burying the truth. With the lives of his client and his witness hanging in the balance, Sid is determined to make th... more
  • Two Truths & One Liar

    by Deirdre Riordan Hall
    Knives Out meets One of Us is Lying with a hint of the Inheritance Games. Like the original whodunnit, Clue, this suspenseful mystery also has multiple endings, explaining what could have happened. They all have secrets. They all have motives. They all tell lies. Every year, at a prestigious boarding school, Professor Groff hosts the Midnight Masquerade. But this year, before the festivities, he’s discovered dead in his office. Yet six students still receive invitations. The same six stude... more
  • Pocket8s

    by Amy Sewell

    When a lone gambler, in the risky business of euthanizing the terminally ill, is called home by her childhood buddy for her services, she faces the toughest job of her career, forcing her to revisit and reckon with an unwelcoming past.

    Dutch, the complicated heroine of Pocket8s, does two things well: plays poker and kills people. But when a job goes south, she begins to question her ability – and intentions. Methodically juggling the care of a challenged child and an off-the-radar... more

  • Lizzie Loftus and the Missing Peanut Butter Cookies: A Science Method Mystery by Ruth E. Propper, Ph.D.

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe

    Poor Lizzie! She has only one hour to solve the ‘Mystery of the Missing Cookies’ or she’s doomed to have liver and lima beans for dinner! Fortunately, in this witty, fast-paced children’s book, aimed toward readers 5-12, Lizzie’s friends Robert and Joule are willing to investigate the scene of the crime with her. Using humor, along with relatable characters and events, this quirky tale is an excellent introduction to the scientific method. Can the sleuths... more

  • Progeny: A Sam McKay Novel

    by K.M. Hardy
    Sampson Angus McKay is approached by his old friend, Chief Anthony Humbar, for help with an elusive serial killer that has been haunting him for 40 years: the Christmas Angel. The number of victims this heinous criminal has left behind has Sam and his team clawing at every possible lead, scrambling for answers and this time the stakes are even higher as the Angel has escalated his patterns. With the help of a disgraced psychologist and Humbar’s old partner, the seven of them get closer than ever... more
  • A Death in Bloomsbury

    by David C. Dawson
    Everyone has secrets… but some are fatal. 1932, London. Late one December night Simon Sampson stumbles across the body of a woman in an alleyway. Her death is linked to a plot to assassinate the King on Christmas Day. Simon resolves to do his patriotic duty and unmask the traitors. But Simon Sampson lives a double life. Not only is he a highly respected BBC radio announcer, but he’s also a man who loves men, and as such must live a secret life. His investigation risks revealing his other l... more
  • Samuel Orzabal and the Buried House

    by Paul Wills
    Sam and his two close friends and cousin come across an old article documenting a long-forgotten house in the woods near his neighborhood. This old house was long-rumored to contained an abundance of treasure - which led to a group of three kids to go searching to find it. Inevitably, they were were never heard from again. That was almost a hundred years ago. Now, it's Sam and his friends turn to seek out the mysterious 'Shadow House' and find out what happened to those kids as well as take ... more
  • A Fate Worse Than Death

    As a homicide detective, Rosemaria Baker is known for her street smarts, her feisty personality and her ability to nail the bad guys. Being the daughter of a cop and an actress gave little Rosemaria a dichotomous view of life. Her mother was inclined to get lost in her fantasies while her father had to face the harsh realities of a world filled with murder and mayhem. Nine-year-old Rosemaria loved both her parents and admired her mother’s talent but even at a young age she felt drawn to her ... more
  • The Silver Star Caper. A Damien Dickens Mystery

    by Phyllis Entis
    After a string of arson fires drives migrant farm workers from their homes, Damien Dickens goes undercover to infiltrate the white-supremacist, neo-Nazi militia responsible for the fires and unmask the identity of their leader. Left alone to run their detective agency during Damien’s absence, Millie Dickens dives into an investigation of a local resident she suspects of being a Nazi war criminal in hiding. The action is non-stop as Damien and Millie risk their lives to eradicate the spectr... more
  • Revenge on a Cruel World

    by Rick Clements
    They rated Buffy VanderRye as one of the best Army officers in the past fifty years. She had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the age of 37. Buffy was physically strong, had a brilliant tactical mind, and was a natural leader. She also had a lover on the side. The ultimate example of an empowered woman. But then a sniper’s bullet severed her spine and put her in a wheelchair. They moved her to reserve status and her world fell apart. The attempt to rob several banks at the same time wo... more
  • Murder during the Antique Auction

    by Denise Jaden
    Some people will kill for the perfect antique. The question is… who did? When Mallory and Amber try their hand at catering their first event—an antique auction held on New Year’s Eve—they have high hopes for helping the locals ring in the new year with a little culinary decadence. But when a highly anticipated collector fails to show up and bid on a piece he’d been prattling on about for most of a year, the antique dealer is sure something is wrong. Has the collector gone missing? Or was s... more
  • The Sunshine Shenanigan

    by John M. Whiddon
    It’s the early ‘90s, and Florida’s Medicaid program is growing fast. Webb Espy, the well-loved and spirited leader of Florida’s Medicaid Regulatory Office, has inadvertently discovered that large amounts of money are being siphoned from the state’s Medicaid coffers. Those responsible are doing so for reasons far more complicated and nefarious than greed. The resulting investigation leads him and his unconventional staff into the path of a mysterious and dangerous adversary, determined to keep th... more
  • The DrugTech Trilogy

    by Marcel Victor Sahade
    Book 1: Spellbound - The Workings of DrugTech A clandestine pharmaceutical company will stop at nothing in its quest for power and profit. When Benjamin Jones, an average university science student with girl-problems, is secretly given access to the breathtaking breakthroughs of DrugTech by his parents, his life will never be the same. Meanwhile, William Hunter Barrister-at-Law has never lost a case in his 15 years of practice. But things are not as they seem as his work-experience stud... more
  • There's a Dead Girl in My Yard

    by Angela Page and Mia Altieri
    The life of Poppy, a struggling actress, is turned upside down when she witnesses the burial of an urn in her yard. Poppy gets entangled with the “dead girl,” Dalia, a Latina health guru, whose mourners show up in the yard, and whose criminal antics, ranging from Miami to New York to L.A., sent her into a witness protection program. Why does Poppy agree to mourner manage Dalia’s burial site? Dead Dalia’s fan club overwhelm Poppy with their visits, as do the dangerous signs of Dalia’s former... more
  • Casual Conversations About Love and Murder

    by Chelsea Mueller

    What would you do if your best friend died? What if she'd betrayed you hours earlier?

    Emma's nights are haunted by the twisted sight of her friend's body in Stone Lake. Others in the sleepy town of Camber slap an accident label on the death and call it a day. Emma can't. It hurts too much to leave it alone.

    Proving the drowning was murder isn't easy. The sheriff stonewalls her, her friends want her to leave it alone, and her parents are too bus... more

  • Clifford's War

    by J. Denison Reed
    In this page-turning suspense action novel, private investigator and military veteran Clifford Dee finds himself in deep trouble. After accepting jobs from an unrelenting local Mafia boss, Clifford is promoted from PI to hitman...without the option to refuse. His envious arch-rival will do anything to take Clifford down a peg and earn back the favor of the mob...even if it means paying the ultimate price. To find a way out of the Mafia's clutches, Clifford must make friendships and alliances in ... more