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  • The Shadow Game

    by Rodger Carlyle
    The Hakimi family has devoted decades to regime reform in their beloved Iran, finally realizing that they alone will never have the power to achieve it. But the regime can never survive the power of the United States, and so the family goes to work to provoke the U.S. into action. When a bomb goes off in Greensboro, North Carolina and America’s extraordinary nuclear detection systems prove to be inadequate, Team Walker is activated, a group of brilliant misfits who somehow see things others d... more
  • The Apicide Affair

    by Kareem J Glover
    The world is on the brink of ecological disaster as the honey bee population faces extinction due to a deadly DNA disorder called Three-DNA. Driven by the urgency to save these vital pollinators, scientist Jenebah Tamba leads a team of researchers on a groundbreaking project. Amidst the chaos, unseen forces endanger the research and Jenebah's life. A gripping tale unfolds as survival becomes paramount, and Jenebah finds herself entangled in a world of secrets, intrigue, and danger.
  • Havana Hangover

    by Randy Richardson
    Thirty-year-old Chicago corporate lawyer Tanner Ford leaves behind a painful past and lucrative job for a bucket-list trip to Cuba with Jackson Swift, his estranged best friend from law school. But when they arrive, the oddities start adding up. Jackson evades questions about his wife and kids. Their itinerary keeps changing, and their tour guide might work for a fake company. When Tanner awakes after a rum-soaked night beside Dannel, a local musician with something to hide, and a text from Jack... more
  • The Bucket of Blood Issue #1

    by Paul Malott
    Operating behind the handlers’ back Spish and Joop routinely cater suspects to Hubris and Noon Day - Granny’s son and Grandson, who bring them to Brick Town for processing into whapple sauce. However, their routine is interrupted when the usual handler message containing wafers – a key substance keeping them from grinding – is seemingly the last. Knowing nothing of the situation the protagonists seek advice from a handler affiliate finding him dead with the same message. Upon returning to... more
  • Jungle Party

    by Janine Ann Bower
    This book is the first in a new series of children’s books, designed to make book sharing time with your child fun and interactive. The notes to caregivers provide simple tips on how to get children interested in books, and to develop their social, emotional, creative, language and fine motor skills.
  • Social Murder

    by Wayne Michael Dunwell
    These are the questions faced by law graduate Ronni Wong when her friend Jenny disappears after a date with a man she met online. Finding evidence suggesting that Jenny’s internet lover hides the darkest of secrets, Ronni is forced to embark on a journey through social media to discover the identity of a kidnapper, and then a dangerous race against time through the streets of Metro Manila to save her friend’s life. The clock is ticking, can Ronni make it in time?
  • 8 rules that every makeup artist is required to follow

    by makeupstudio India
    Makeup has become a requirement of today's youth. Makeup helps you look confident and always gives you better looks. It is not about adding beauty; it is about highlighting your beauty through products. Make-up helps you define the face's features as well; a good-quality makeup product always gives awesome results. In its true sense, just imagine yourself at a party with a heavy lehnga without any makeup or lipstick. Did you imagine yourself? You might look pretty, but what can enhance your loo... more
  • A Potion for Your Thoughts: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Where the magic of love meets the power of the paranormal, the spell is unbreakable.

    Jesse Goode has spent the last two years avoiding going to Lucky Valley, Colorado, to claim an inheritance she doesn’t want. But when supernatural dangers threaten the only thing she cares about, she has no choice.

    Welcome to Lucky Valley where nothing is quite what it seems.

  • Open for Witchness

    by Ada Bell
    Enjoy this charming third installment of the Haunted Haven series by award-winning author Ada Bell. With two solved murders under her belt, Emma agrees to tackle a mystery that’s been haunting the residents of neighboring Shady Grove for years: what supernatural presence keeps the only bar in town from operating? Emma's been in haunted places before, and no one else ever noticed. The ghosts she's encountered may not have all been warm and fuzzy, bu they were peaceful. Intrigued, she and her f... more
  • Blood & Water

    by Linda Armstrong-Miller
    Lisa Rivers is a genius with a photographic memory. She is the youngest, highest paid computer designer for the Department of Defense. Her program promises no more POWs and can be used domestically. No more missing children. So, how is it that Lisa is kidnapped? How was her identity discovered? Is she still alive, and if so, can she be found before it is too late?
  • Two Minute Warning

    by David A. Kelly
    From David A. Kelly, author of the Ballpark Mysteries chapter book series, it’s a football mystery set in Texas! Mike Walsh and Kate Hopkins are visiting the Dallas Cowboys stadium, but someone has just handed Carlos, the Cowboys' star quarterback, a threatening note. Soon after, a mysterious figure takes aim at them with a football. Can Kate and Mike discover who's out to get the Cowboys' quarterback before the big game? Each Football Mysteries book also includes amazing facts about the tea... more
  • Mortgage and Mayhem

    by Carol Ayer
    Mother-daughter real estate agents Autumn and Sierra find themselves involved in a murder investigation when Autumn's best friend stands accused of the crime.
  • Maddie's Ghost

    by Carol Fisher Saller

    Madeleine “Lainie” Stanton is about to become a local celebrity. Born at precisely midnight at the millennium, she’s turning 12, and a TV station wants an interview. But when the reporter finds out Lainie’s great-grandmother Madeleine was hanged for murder, the story threatens to blow up into something quite different. Racing against time to prove her ancestor was framed, Lainie and her two best friends follow clues that seem to come in a shocking way&... more

  • Riders in Disguise

    by Patrick Anderson Jr.
    Riders in Disguise is the first book in a trilogy that takes a broad look at the most influential decade in South Florida's history through the prism of four individuals: Rig Lopez-Campbell, a Liberty City middle-schooler whose father's been recently incarcerated; Tommy Munoz, a Pedro Pan survivor dragged into the violent world of cocaine trafficking; Tina Pacheco, a freelance photographer turned journalist after capturing images of the '79 Dadeland Mall Massacre; and Ralph Williams, a homicide ... more
  • Body of Origin

    by Kimberly J. Smith
    Sixteen-year-old Calliope Littleton is hiding something. A few things, actually. While it's public knowledge that she's switcherborne, only her parents know she's immune to the government-mandated drug meant to suppress her switching abilities. No one has a clue that she caused the accident leaving Jamie Mulligan, their school's star cross-country athlete, unable to walk. If anyone found out she's secretly letting him use her body to run again, she'd be in massive trouble. Cal is taking a huge r... more