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  • White Harvest (Beyond the Veil of Propaganda) by A Kine

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews & Promotion Services
    Trapped in a secret, underground military base, Lilly takes comfort in the arms of a long-term captive there who's like no man she's ever met before. When discussions turn to the social agenda playing out in the world above, he reveals secrets concealed long ago in religious texts. Working towards a set goal, the global elite have been following mystery school teachings for thousands of years. Using knowledge encoded into readily available texts, the Freemason's, the CIA, and the Catholic Chu... more
  • Condemned

    by Christopher Renna

    The suburb of Newman, Connecticut, nurtures its upper middle-class clichés. It's a picturesque community that boasts ambitious career-oriented parents and overachieving children. The residents are accustomed to keeping family matters behind closed doors. And their secrets are locked away in high-priced Colonial homes from the eyes and ears of curious outsiders.

    Conner and his two best friends, Trevor and Adam, are enjoying their senior year of high school. Competitive and pop... more


    by Aren Bjorgman
    We are fed with lies and twisted truths, A young man who is searching for himself and winds up and the monster of this story. This is the tale of Alan Turning, a young boy of 20 who would soon get the title of "The most infamous criminal in the world" or codename "Archdemon"
  • solar energy solutions

    by Kaltech Solutions
    Solar is the best renewable energy solution that is 100% clean.It can reduce the uses of gas and electrical energy usage.We are organized to promote the use of solar energy for your daily life activities .Solar energy is the best choice to households like heaters and coolers.Solar is the most affordable and abundant all the energy sources.There is no harmful effect to the environment or man and produces no pollution.Usage of solar energy product and sola... more
  • Too Sweet To Die

    by T Doyle
    Charlie Sanders, a happily married empty-nester has it all; sciatica, myopia, and a dead body on her LaZBoy. Charlie, a geriatric nurse, uses her patients’ help and investigates the suspicious death of her tenant, But then she uncovers an adoption scandal that turns her town against her and makes her the killer’s next target.
  • Murder at the Met

    by E. W. Cooper

    There are two things Penelope Harris would rather do than get involved with another murder—sing opera and flirt with Thom Lund. When two tickets ensure Penelope and Thom get some precious time together at the Metropolitan opera, neither believes another murder will interrupt their romantic evening. As Penelope pulls back the cover on a diabolical murder, Lund rushes to complete the investigation of a suicide on the Gold Coast of Long Island. What they find will uncover the sordid underb... more

  • Vestige

    by Monique Gliozzi
    Dr Maxwell Stein, a seasoned child psychologist practicing in New York, is about to head off on vacation, when the past comes back to haunt him. A visit by a former patient, now a mysterious adult, takes him by surprise to deliver a priceless gift. Her simple message, sets the wheels of his conscious and subconscious mind in motion till he is on the verge of derailing. His family, concerned and frightened by his changing attitudes, feels helpless. Is Max bordering on insanity or is there still h... more
  • Cbsc school dubai

    by Crescent School
    Crescent Cbsc school dubai turned into a full moon in the horizon is the unique tagline of this institution.Efforts of distinguished educationalists who are indispensable factor whose tireless endeavor culminated into this establishment. It would leave an indelible mark and create an impact in the the education sector by up holding its great tradition under the competent leadership. From Kindergarten to Higher secondary, it has been cater... more
  • ayurveda treatment center

    by Ayurveda Kerala
    Holistic healing approach that balances the mind and soul with traditional ayurvedic treatment methodologies. A healthy body and mind is a dream, we make this dream possible under the proper guidance and support of eminent ayurvedic experts at Ayurveda healing ashram. The treatment facilities and service under the proper assistance of the top doctors and ayurvedic therapist in Kerala giving perfect remedies for all your troubles. The space inside the ashram creates a positive aura with peac... more
  • NAIMERA: Absence of Grace

    by michael ganzberger
    Agent Mike Murphy is leaving the FBI to join a top-secret tech company that builds unbelievably smart drones and contracts with the US government. Mike’s new boss Peter Strauss learns that his daughter Grace has been kidnapped in Guatemala. In desperation, he turns to Mike for help. While Mike’s FBI connections in the Guatemalan anti-gang unit pursue Grace’s kidnappers, Peter shows Mike that he and SGSI possess their own rescue capabilities beyond anything Mike could have imagined, and as a form... more
  • properties in kerala

    by Parrot Realty
    We are offering top and believed land administrations with long haul insight in the business in Kerala.we are not just managing house and plots.We offer selling of lofts to the customers from believed builders.Clients are fulfilled in light of our amicable and dependable approach.You can sell or purchase properties with the direction of our accomplished and master group. We makes the cycle for selling or leasing of houses, land, workplaces, or structures for their proprietors quick and transpare... more
  • Reviews

    by T W Lawless

    Jack Furey is a decent man caught up in an indecent time.

    Retired police sergeant Jack Furey is celebrating his 100th birthday, and he’s not happy about it. Unable to speak following a stroke and estranged from his son, all he wants is to reunite with his beloved, late wife.

    After a visit from an old friend, he finds himself reliving the past. Suddenly, it’s 1942 and the US troops are about to descend on the town of Wangamba, Australia, where Jack is expected to mainta... more

  • By My Own Betrayal

    by Cydnie Trenholm
  • Slips of Yew: A Dez Duchiene Mystery, Book 1

    by Carol Shay Hornung
    When a conservative politician is murdered in liberal Madison, Wisconsin, Dez Duchiene investigates and risks losing the man he loves.
  • Hazel House

    by Oby Aligwekwe
    Talented fashion designer, Phina Campbell and her beloved husband, Patrick, a movie producer, live in the magnificent Hazel House, situated on a hilltop forty-five minutes outside London. With Phina’s beauty and the massive fortune she inherited from her father, everything seems to have been handed to her by fate, but her keen mind and business acumen keep Ophinas – her luxury retail company – a cut above the rest. Phina and Patrick lead an enchanting life, and with high-powered friends and e... more