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  • Cage of Bone

    by David Dvorkin
    Suddenly, a murderer’s memories force their way into Max Iverson’s mind. He is drawn into helping the authorities punish the criminals whose thoughts he now knows. He is unaware of the danger this will expose him to. There is a cabal of criminals behind much of the major crime in the city. He didn’t know of their existence, but they become aware of his, and now they are determined to eliminate him. Max must change from frightened quarry to pitiless hunter. His hunt leads him to the cabal and al... more
  • Killing Johnny Miracle

    by J.K. Franko
    Johnny Miracle is in love... but not with his wife. He's going to divorce Mary, and he has leverage. He knows her deepest, darkest secret, and he's going to use it to take all her money, her beloved vineyard, and everything else she holds dear. But Mary isn't the weak woman her husband thinks her to be. And now that she's learned a few unforgivable truths of her own... she's motivated. Johnny is going to pay... with his life. But there are others with a score to settle with Johnny. A... more
  • Name Day

    by Tasha Little
    Mia, a 17-year-old fugitive, has lived her life shrouded in mystery. With no knowledge of her real name, true birthdate, or origins, each year she adopts a new identity, name, and location on a day known as her name day. A series of events leads her to a mysterious young man. Can she trust him or is he a part of the dangerous circumstances that have dictated her nomadic existence.
  • Murder in Concrete ISBN 978-1-5092-5339-5

    by arthur coburn
    High school gossip...a death glare from a rival girl? Charlie takes them in stride. But her mother’s murder and her dad’s disappearance send her off the rails. Therapy sessions get her to college, where she spots her missing dad in a film and races to Los Angeles to find him. A lead takes her to a low budget zombie movie production in the desert. The crew say her dad died, but Charlie keeps investigating. Could the aging film star or the creepy man who writes in Russian Cyrillic script help le... more
  • Lost Grove

    by Charlotte Zang and Alex Knudsen
    For fans of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, Lost Grove is the first in a paranormal mystery duology that explores the twisted legends and mysteries in one small town. In the eerie, enigmatic town of Lost Grove, where secrets whispered among the rustling pines are as thick as the fog rolling in from the sea, the discovery of Sarah Elizabeth Grahams' lifeless corpse on the windswept beach is but the first note in a haunting symphony of mysteries. Sergeant Seth Wolfe, the town's tenacious law... more
  • Locked Inside

    by Marilyn Benner Sowyak
    Maggie Bennett, the dedicated nurse of a bustling city emergency department, is thrust into a deadly situation that jeopardizes her career and freedom. The night shift takes a treacherous twist when the trauma center becomes the target of a brazen robbery that turns deadly. A healthcare worker dies, and a doctor is shot. Her best friend and nurse, Willow Maxwell, is kidnapped. Maggie is the only witness. The homicide investigation bears down on her as they question her involvement in the hei... more
  • Northtown Angelus

    by Robert White
    Johnny Dillon took his life. His wife Cora wants to know why. The Northtown cops don’t care; they closed the case as a suicide. The M.E. hasn’t got any answers for the discrepancies Ray Jarvi discovered in the autopsy report and from what Johnny’s wife told him about the days leading up to his decision to take his life. This is the beginning of an investigation for private investigator Ray Jarvi, who follows a twisting path of corruption and vice in his rust-belt town on the shores of Lake Eri... more
  • Getaway Death

    by Bonnie Hardy
    Olivia Greer's trip to the small town of Lily Rock has not been the relaxing getaway she hoped for.  She was run off the road by a tailgator.  Rescued by a handsome stranger.  A friend was found dead.  Oh, and now Olivia is the prime suspect in the murder.  She really should have stayed home.  Stranded in town as the investigation continues, Olivia must come to her defense and uncover the secrets lurking beneath Lily Rock’s surface. In this seemingly sweet burg full of quirky character... more
  • Strawberry Fields

    by Patrick D. Joyce

    Ambitious young reporters Josie and Laurent arrive in Prague in 1968 to cover a revolution unfolding behind the Iron Curtain. It’s the story of a lifetime. A dream come true.

    A dream that’s about to become a nightmare.

    Soviet tanks thunder into the city, changing everything. Josie receives a cryptic message from a shrouded stranger on a mist-covered bridge, and soon she and Laurent are propelled onto a collision course with nefarious ... more

  • The Art Thief

    by Steve Leshin
    Nothing is what it seems when the owner of a prestigious Manhattan art gallery hires private detective Joshua Oates in 1921 New York City. A mysterious figure is threatening the owner if he does not agree to display five crude paintings in his art gallery. When the manager is murdered, Oates becomes the prime suspect for a relentless police detective who is convinced he is the killer. While searching for clues, Oates meets a daring ex-art thief now working for Scotland Yard. She enlists his help... more
  • The Millionaire

    by Keenan Powell
    When Maureen Gould’s former client, Tony Paredes, known as “The Millionaire,” is accused of killing his abuser, she believes he’s innocent. But the authorities don’t care. They throw him into jail with violent criminals who almost beat him to death to extort money he doesn’t have. As he recovers in the hospital, Maureen must find the evidence that will convince a jury to acquit him. If he goes back, the next beating will surely kill him.
  • Blackshirt Conspiracy

    by Jason Monaghan
    In 1936 Britain is facing a political and constitutional crisis. The fascist British Union are edging towards power, the king’s American mistress threatens to destabilise the monarchy, and secretive forces are manipulating events for their own ends. Hugh Clifton is trapped in his role as an MI5 informer within the fascist headquarters, taking over Room Z and recruiting his lover Sissy as one of his agents. Investigating a simple burglary, they uncover murder and a rapidly spiraling web of intrig... more
  • The Foliage

    by EK Powers
    "The Foliage" is an epic tale that delves into the intertwined journeys of CEO of Indigenous Land Holdings George Ivann, the last living relative of the Lakota warrior tribe, and his beloved son, Gregory. Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous era when European settlers invade the ancestral Poconos land, the story explores themes of justice, revenge, resilience, and the enduring power of the human spirit. The narrative begins with the brutal slaying of George's ancestors and the forced relo... more
  • The Complaint

    by Tom Breen
  • The Spider Bite Murders - Touch Series One

    by Craig Strickland
    With only a touch, Michael Calrissi can read your thoughts. His psychic skills, however, are a double-edged sword: an effective tool for tracking down serial killers, but an obstacle for keeping friends or lovers. In “The Spider Bite Murders,” he investigates a string of disappearances in a remote California forest. Soon, Calrissi psychically pries into the secrets of both his detective partner and a would-be girlfriend, alienating both. His skill also reveals that something—or someone—is li... more
  • The Koh Ker Conspiracy: An Archaeological Thriller

    by Caleb Andrew
    A favor to his friend Thomas turns into a nightmare for ex-spy Boran Tompkins. With Thomas’s life on the line, Boran pursues a dangerous smuggler to a forgotten, thousand-year old pyramid in the Cambodian jungle, where he uncovers a plot to steal a priceless antiquity. Can he rescue his friend, stop the theft, and keep everyone alive?