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  • The Aviculturist

    June 1971, Alice Sanders is celebrating her sixth birthday at her family’s Cornish country home in Lostmor. But by the end of the evening, an event so horrific unfolds that it changes the family’s lives forever. Years later, following the death of her mother, Alice’s sister reluctantly returns to Cornwall for the reading of a mysterious will. Once there, with the help of newly found friends she gradually unravels a web of secrets surrounding her family’s past and unlocks the reasons for her nig... more
  • Yearn to Fear

    by Chas Murrell
    The greatest scientific invention of modern times… Capable of curing humanity… But more adept at controlling it… Sydney scientist, Marcus Hall, is developing a radical 5G Wi-Fi receiver for CSIRO. With access to secretive Lamarr computer chips - this technology promises billions to repair Australia's ravaged economy. On a caffeine boosted whim, he inadvertently discovers a therapeutic breakthrough in neuroscience. Or so he thinks… His seemingly trustworthy lab partner, Henry, is an unlikel... more
  • Neptune City

    by Dale T. Phillips
    When LA detective Jim Lloyd reluctantly returns to his NJ hometown for a final funeral, the ghosts of the past combine with the perils of the present, and he is pulled into a world of secrets, deceit, and danger.
  • The Second Zack Pack

    by Dale T. Phillips
    This collection combines the second trio of Zack Taylor mysteries in one volume. Contains three novels: A Certain Slant of Light, A Sharp Medicine, and A Darkened Room.
  • The Badge

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    The Badge is the 3rd book in the #thadwheelerdetectiveseries Cozy Mystery Investigative reporter Mike Knowles is forced into hiding after hacking into a thirty-year-old sealed police file. He makes a desperate call to his friend, Detective Thad Wheeler, for help. In order for Thad to help Mike, he must weave together events that happened six months ago with the discovery of a body thirty years ago. The badge found by the body becomes the key to finding that connection.
  • The Hitchhiker

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    The Hitchhiker is 2nd in the #thadwheelerdetectiveseries Cozy Mystery Life in quiet Sanstone, Prescott County, Minnesota was rocked by the discovery of a body at the bottom of iconic Glacier Cliff in the Prescott Game Preserve. The body was one of their teenagers, Erick Harman, known for his drug parties in the game preserve. The initial assumption was that Erick fell over the edge deliberately to avoid going back to a drug rehab center. Detective Thad Wheeler, new to the sheriff's de... more
  • The Sand Dancer

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    Two-year-old Carrie Morton was found alone in a cabin behind the man the county sheriff had just shot to death. Although a game warden reported seeing a woman at the cabin, the woman was never found. The woman's identity and disappearance remained the subject of rumors that followed Carrie as she moved through a series of foster homes on her way to adulthood. After Carrie left her last foster home, she remained in Sanstone, living a life without close ties to anyone. Her treasured moment... more
  • Prelude to World War III: The Rise of the Islamic Republic and the Rebirth of America

    by James Rosone

    Is the next world war…

    …less than twenty years away?

    Could the United States lose its status as a superpower?

    In 2038, decades of political infighting and advances in technology have combined forces to create the perfect storm. America’s leaders have been focused on internal struggles, leaving a door open for new world leaders to take the stage.

    A power vacuum has formed.

    Who will fill it?... more

  • Wrong Places in Time

    by W.R. Campbell
    Will Adan, a down on his luck former teacher, finds himself entangled in the problems of a dangerous, charismatic new friend: a contract killer. Desperate to save his marriage and in need of money, Will is pitted against a powerful man and a system too big to take down. A dark ride on the moral compass we all hope to keep.
  • Life Lessons Volume II: Aiden Birthday Scare

    by Stacy M. Fletcher
    Aiden invites his two best friends to spend his Birthday with him for a day of adventure. While they have a lot of laughs and Birthday fun, they find themselves in front of a Haunted Mansion, and this is where the real adventure begins. My Name is Stacy M. Fletcher, I am originally from Trinidad West Indies and I now currently reside in Clermont, FL. I am a certified life coach; motivational speaker and I own an empowering women company called "she can SO.A.R (success over all resistance). My... more
  • Red Paint

    by Valerie Van Clieaf
  • Blue Star

    by Valerie Van Clieaf
    Blue Star, a gripping series opener, introduces Detective Sergeant Alex Desocarras, an Indigenous RCMP officer stationed in the town of 100 Mile House in British Columbia’s beautiful and rugged South Cariboo. Alex Desocarras has been a police officer for fifteen years. Fair and just, he’s earned the trust of those around him and his solve rate is the envy of many. But his latest case has his gut in a knot. Carey Bolton, a Gits'ilaasü girl, was kidnapped one night after soccer practice. A... more
  • Raider

    by M. L. Buchman
    Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win. The US Army’s brand-new S-97 Raider reconnaissance helicopter goes down during final acceptance testing — hard. Cause: a failure, or the latest in a series of cyberattacks by Turkey. Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB air-crash specialists tackle the challenge. They must find the flaw, save the Vice President, and stop the US being forced into the next war in the Middle East. And they have to do it no... more
  • Season of Waiting

    by Jim Christopher
    Caleb Allard is dying. Rather than drag his children through a battle he knows he will lose, Caleb arranges his medically-assisted suicide. The banality of his legacy haunts him: a pointless career and two angry children estranged from one another. Then a voice arrives. Immense. Debilitating. It fills Caleb’s skull, promising the one thing Caleb wants more than anything else—a purpose for his miserable life. It tells him of a young boy with miraculous abilities living in the Texas hill cou... more
  • Dollhouse

    by JC Bratton

    "Aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls?" John's wife Myra was not impressed with his whimsical purchase. The elaborate, handcrafted dollhouse from Japan came with three beautiful dolls, each one identified by name: Muffy, Buffy, and Duffy. Little did John know that each doll also came with her own chilling, macabre backstory, presented in a mysterious book sent along with the dollhouse. Fact or fiction? Unfortunately for John and Myra, they would soo... more

  • The Shelton Mill

    by Elaine Gavigan
    Ellen Larkin longs to write a blockbuster exposé. As Senior Investigative Reporter at the Boston Chronicle, she covers political and business crimes affecting the citizens of Massachusetts—and dreams of winning a Pulitzer Prize. When the Chronicle lays Ellen off, she is heartbroken. Driven by her near-empty bank account and the needs of her ailing mother, she applies for a job at Gargantua, a lucrative recruitment website headquartered in the Shelton Mill. Before she even gets the job, she st... more