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  • Access Point

    by Tom Gabbay
    When young American art student Mia Fraser is brutally murdered steps from the London house she shares with computer genius Ula Mishkin, it leaves the socially inept scientist heartbroken. As it becomes clear that Detective Sarah Boyd is making no progress in solving the crime with traditional methods, Ula creates a software program that allows her to reach into her dead housemate's memory in order to reveal the identity of her killer. Entering the dead girl’s life through the echo of her me... more
  • A Glow in the Forest

    by Jude Perera
    The times are medieval. The setting is a work house nestling high up in the mountains and next to a dark forest where dangers of all kinds reside. A pair of sadists harass and torment three teenagers and a small child forced to live there. Two siblings, orphans from a noble family, who keep their origins a secret to the rest of its inhabitants, a poor farm girl and a young boy with his eyes and heart on the altar decide that enough is enough. They escape to the dark bowels of an unknown world wi... more
  • Raven

    by Sue Loh
    How do you fix a computer glitch that disappears before you get a good look at it? How do you negotiate with a hacker who doesn't seem to want anything? Colorful sixteen-year-old Fireball and her elite team of classmates from Cinzento Secure's corporate academy must do exactly that. They're investigating a hack at a prestigious bank, and the bizarre network issues they've observed are turning out to be something stranger than Team Raven has ever encountered. That Something grows more serious... more
  • The Blue Jacket: A Short Thriller

    by Carol Creelawn
    Brady Peters is a successful businessman with a near-perfect life, but in a short 12 hours he loses everything that means anything to him, as he becomes the prime suspect in a brutal murder.
  • The Less Than Spectacular Times of Henry Milch (The Wyandot County Mysteries Book 1)

    by Marshall Thornton
    A new mystery series from the award-winning author of the Boystown and Pinx Mystery series. Things have not been going well for Henry Milch. After a Saturday night clubbing in his beloved West Hollywood, he took one pill too many and ended up banished to northern lower Michigan to live on a farm with his ultra-conservative grandmother. It was that or rehab. While working a part-time job for the local land conservancy he stumbles across a dead body in the snow—as if things couldn’t get worse. ... more
  • The Recruiter

    by Roger Weston
    Nobody in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama knew who Chuck Brandt really was. All they knew was that he rented apartments to immigrants. What they didn't know was that he was a recruiter of spies, that he was a legendary ex-assassin trying to start over and live honestly. His employer, a top secret government intelligence agency knew the truth. They should have known better than to target him. They should have left him alone.
  • Sleepwater Static

    by mickey mikkelson
    They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater's on the run, home is just another place to hide. Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter is on the run, hunted for their ability to spin a beat. With little time to mourn the members they’ve lost, Bernadette Manney takes the group to the one place she swore she’d never see again: the cabin in Hollywood, South Carolina. It’s remote enough to lay low and catch a break, but not for long. Their beats are condemned as mutations, radical terrorist t... more

    by Cortez Law III
    The Atlanta X-Men Homicide Squad led by Sergeant Malcolm X. Hobbs and Detective Orlando Queen attempt to catch a crafty and elusive enemy that terrorizes Atlanta’s upper crust.

    by Cortez Law III
    An unstable Atlanta Homicide Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs leads his X-Men Detective Squad in a manhunt to apprehend the twisted mind and M.O. of a serial killer dubbed, The Profiler.
  • One Phone Call

    by Shannon Eggleston
    Paige and Alan Matthis have been trying for years to become parents. They have completed their adoption home study and are finally able to bring home a sibling group of three. They think their dreams have finally come true, but discover they have stepped into a nightmare.
  • Shadow Crimes

    by E.J.Moran
    Since Anna McKenna lost her parents as a young child, she’s done everything she can to care for her disabled baby brother. Now eighteen, the beautiful young woman has a chance to provide for them both. The year is 1978, and Anna has been discovered by modeling agent Natasha Burns. Anna quickly realizes that the fashion industry attracts some sleazy characters who prey on the innocence and naïveté of newcomers, but she thinks she can handle herself. Her uncle Mickey, a police detective, isn... more
  • Sorrow's Garden

    by Anthony Carinhas

    Well-known as a prominent architect and skillful editor in Leipzig, Germany. Ridicule succumbs Radulf into a trench of repulsion the more peoples’ greediness is criticized. Ironically enough his own character is devoid of morals that the paradox isn’t enough to curtail his opportunist style. But the further he looks to advance his agenda, the obsession turns hostile and his appetite for lust gives way to a new motive.

  • Cooked to Death Vol. V

    by Chris Norbury
    An eclectic mix of food-related short stories with mystery and mayhem at their core. Fourteen Minnesota authors team up to serve a delectable menu of stories about restaurants and food. As a bonus, each story concludes with the recipe mentioned in the story. It's both entertaining reading and delicious eating.
  • shocking confessions

    by walter marks
    Tough, street-wise NYPD detective Neil Jericho, burnt out after years working violent homicide and drug cases in East Harlem, transfers to the police department of peaceful, posh East Hampton. But Jericho quickly finds that beneath its serene surface, the East End of Long Island is rife with crime; homicide, gang wars, drug conflicts, sex trafficking, hate crimes — much like the big city. Jericho is a fish-out-of-water, but his NYPD skills serve him well as he takes on these complex, violence-fi... more
  • With the Passion of a Pig

    by Donna Sager Cowan
    The Superhero School class returns in this third adventure with Catt, Simon, Patty, and Freddy. After their last adventure, the school is expanding to add more students. The only problem is their town matriarch, Mrs. Gee, and their teacher are missing. Patty tracked their last known location to the portal where Catt arrived weeks earlier. Did Mrs Gee go look for the missing animals? What should they do...wait or follow her through the portal into California? Join the gang in their late... more
  • With the Curiosity of a Cat

    by Donna Sager Cowan
    A cat and mouse try to save themselves and their new friends from diabolical monkeys before their next class! A cat and mouse land in the jungle after a skydiving school mishap. Barely escaping diabolical monkeys before they can mail themselves home, Simon the mouse and Catt the cat rescue their new trapped friends only to deliver them straight into monkey headquarters. Join your favorite Superhero School students in their second adventure to save the day before their next class!