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  • Hidden Intentions

    by Alan Brenham
    When thirteen-year-old Cailey Marshall’s mission to an abandoned Texas house goes wrong, she must find ways to escape from her ruthless kidnappers and survive, while her parents are forced into making a deadly choice to save their daughter and discover the truth. Cailey sets out on a dare devised by her clique of friends, but the dare goes horribly wrong. When her father, Barry Marshall, discovers that his daughter’s adventurous game got her kidnapped by Anne Murphy and her cohorts, he is faced ... more
  • The Daughter of Patience

    by Hussin Alkheder
    It is January 2010, as two police officers emerge from their car and sprint into a building in an old Damascus neighborhood. They are joined moments later by Detective Mansuor Chait from the Criminal Security Administration and find the lifeless body of a mother of four daughters and a boy with a congenital bone disorder, inside one of the apartments. After Chait writes his report, he is handed an envelope stuffed with money. A month later, Mullah Abdullah Al-Allab, a religious man is arrested a... more
  • Chasing Daylight

    by Jeremy M. Wright

    Heaven banished him. Hell set him in motion. And mankind wants to destroy him.

    For thousands of years, the Angel of Death has challenged worldwide authorities with sinister games of murder. With the abduction of a seventeen-year-old celebrity, a new game has begun that pushes humanity closer to the brink of extinction.

    Private Investigator Jack Calloway has died twice in his quest to save children lost in a world of cruelty. Now he accepts a case that will question the boundaries ... more

  • Whisper

    by Tracy Bilen
    Olivia hears voices of the dead. Jacob draws faces of those about to die. In a town terrorized by a serial killer, Jacob meets Olivia. But the voice in Olivia’s head echoes the warning in Jacob’s dream… You’re next.
  • The Devil's Safe

    by M.J. Holt
    Death threats, lies, and murder send Stella Fargo to the brink of losing her life unless she can make her way through a maze of betrayals, hate, and violence. The police suspect that she had been sent to retrieve millions of lost money and drugs that her BFF's murdered husband stole, and so do the murdered man's thugs. Then the woman whom she wishes had been her mother is murdered. The people who should help cannot be found. The man who can help her may be the greatest threat of all. Stella has ... more
  • The Concrete Vineyard

    by Cam Lang

    This detective story is a rare vintage - cleverly crafted to keep readers guessing. Self-Publishing Review
    Packing an intellectual punch, this smart murder/mystery will have you guessing and gripped! Why would anyone want to murder one of the most respected senior citizens, Niagara-on-the-Lake has ever had? Retired history professor Edward Mitchell was surely not long for the grave, so why would someone risk life in prison to kill him?  Picking up the clues is the reluctant... more

  • Black Rifle

    by Alex Davidson

    There has been another mass shooting in America, and thirteen people are dead. One of the victims is the daughter of Marco Barros, a powerful U.S. senator. The killer is still at large. Their identity and motive remain a mystery. Rookie ATF Agent Miranda Lopez's only lead is the murder weapon: an AR-15, a.k.a. the "black rifle."

    Forced to work with Cal, a mysterious private sector mercenary hired by Senator Barros, Miranda's search for the rifle will take her acro... more

  • Wolfing Down a Moon

    by Craig Wells
    Wolfing Down The Moon, playing homage to magical realism, and to the novels Walter Mosley and Sherman Alexie, allows Gecko to redeem himself for how he acted as an LA Police detective in the late 20th Century. Gecko, a mammoth white man of 317 pounds, with gentle features and a voice like a woman, cannot delay his retirement after 33 years. LA has fingered him as a chump. He is confused, fed up, angry. He wants to be like the kid who fell in love after a brief, chance encounter with a Centennial... more
  • Mad City

    by Victor Vahl

    Mad City explores the lives of New Manhattan impacted by the corruption of a once-coveted all-cure drug.  Isaac Sage, son of the deceased creators of the drug, pursues a personal vendetta under the guise of a vigilante, showcasing his true potential and the greatest of his inner demons.

  • Mountains Will Fall

    by R.H. Johnson
    A cult determined to usher in the End Times now has nuclear weapons in its arsenal, and the plan calls for triggering the most destructive event in human history. Millions of lives hang in the balance as black-ops agent Travis Delta guides a down-to-the-wire operation that will determine America's future. The stakes couldn't be higher in R.H. Johnson's fifteenth novel.
  • Fear River

    by R.H. Johnson
    Mayhem and murder roil the usually calm waters of the St. Lawrence River. The story is set in the bucolic Thousand Islands region of New York State, where the wealthy enjoy the good life amid the splendor of their cozy private islands. But nothing is as it seems in the tiny riverfront town of Rampart, and even the local police chief seems indifferent to a recent crime spree. It’s up to a pair of NYPD homicide detectives to solve a homegrown mystery that has turned the sleepy community upside ... more
  • The China Mandate

    by R.H. Johnson
    An ISIS base in the Amazon rainforest, a kidnapped quantum physicist, and missiles on the far side of the moon may have nothing in common. But if they do, black-ops agent Travis Delta is the man best equipped to uncover the connection. When America confronts an existential threat from China, the U.S. government quietly taps Delta to solve the problem with his potent brand of extrajudicial diplomacy. But will a Glock 20 and raw courage be enough to neutralize a frightening new weapon that is abo... more
  • Sanibel Bones

    by R.H. Johnson
    Big trouble comes to paradise when people begin disappearing on beautiful Sanibel Island. NYPD Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble interrupt their Florida vacation to help untangle clues in the most unusual case of their careers.
  • Ghost Assets

    by Shane Twede
    Ghost Assets! is the second book in the military-style action-adventure series Trinity Operation Novels, written by Shane Twede. This book follows the story of Cougar as he and his elite Black Ops team Trinity are tasked with locating priceless Colombian artifacts which have mysteriously gone missing. While attempting to calm tensions between Colombia and the US, whom Colombia view as responsible for the disappearance, a recently restored C-47 vanishes at sea with its two pilots. Amelia, one of... more
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