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  • The Pilot's Daughter

    by Audrey J. Cole
    Welcome aboard Pacific Air Flight 385, with nonstop service from Seattle to Honolulu. Cora is scared to fly again after her husband died in a recent helicopter crash in Pago Pago. A thousand times she has told herself to turn around, not get on the flight, go back to her young children. But now, she’s seated in first class across the aisle from the girlfriend of a famous billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur. Halfway across the Pacific, the flight is hijacked. Six people are dead—i... more
  • The Society of Necessities

    by Christopher Bowron
    In his lustful haste, he stepped off the curb behind a parked minivan. Turning, Daniel caught movement out of his left eye as the brown truck struck him. The impact was like a bug being hit by a fly swatter. He could feel his chest breaking—being thrown backwards onto the street, the back of his head hitting the pavement with a deadly force. All he could hear were tires screeching and his girlfriend Devi’s scream: “NO!” Daniel St Croix is the beneficiary of his estranged grandfather’s estate—in... more
  • Mind Frame

    by Evelyn Ortiz
    Bruce Spencer, an IT Technician with a normal life begins to mentally unravel when he sees flashes from 1966 through the eyes of a child that went missing back then. The past and the present collide to uncover the truth of what happened to ten-year-old Nicholas "Chickenneck" Anderson. In his search for the truth, Bruce discovers a love of family that transcends time.
  • shocking confessions

    by walter marks
    A pair of grisly crimes challenges East Hampton Detective Jericho. One involves a body under a bridge. The other is generated by the discovery of a human arm in a shark’s belly.
  • Tempest Court: A Ghost and a Cop Series

    by Jan Walters
    For three years, Detective Brett O'Shea has hunted and killed supernatural monsters that are the basis of nightmares. He thinks he has seen it all. This case will test Brett's resolve and his ability to overcome great loss. When an Egyptian exhibit comes to town, the terror begins.

    by Larry Harrison
    A delegation from the Japanese Communist Party went to Czechoslovakia in 1989, when they feared that East European nations would abandon socialism. They were shown the Synagogue where a monster known as ‘the Golem’ was reputed to have hidden. They discover from Japanese writing on the walls that the Golem was actually a Japanese man from Nagasaki in 1945; it seems that the ‘Big Boy’ atomic bomb distorted space and time in some way, so that a Japanese martial artist could reappear in wartime Euro... more
  • Phantom of Execution Rocks: A Port Newton Cozy Mystery

    by MJ Miller
    In the middle of the Long Island Sound stands the lighthouse at Execution Rocks. What happened there is the stuff of myths and legends. It is said that every so often residents can see the image of an abandoned ship, sails billowing, silently gliding past the lighthouse. A ghost ship some say. Setting out to uncover the truth, Media Producer Luce Porter reluctantly teams up with an NYPD Detective as she discovers they share a childhood vision, along with disturbing family secrets. Tales of sl... more
  • Conduit: The Beginning

    by James Alexander
    Half human, half alien, and unknowingly the key to saving the world from an alien invasion. Will he survive or will the aliens kill him first? Orphaned by a tragic event and left adrift and alone in the world, Marcus spent his childhood bouncing from one abusive foster family to the next. Plagued by mysterious visions his entire life, Marc grapples with his sanity and his strange emerging abilities. But when unknown extra-terrestrial forces launch an attack on the earth through an insidiou... more
  • Grandma's House

    by P.D. Smarslok
    After his grandmother's death, Max visits her house to take a last remembrance only to discover an unseen entity is living there and it's not Grandma.

    by Peter Tinits
    A CAUSE and MANNER is a noir thriller featuring suspense, dark humor and physicians behaving badly. Matthew Kork is an anesthesiologist at a Canadian community hospital. There is tension in the operating room between Matt and an elitist surgeon, Angelo Amodeo. There is also tension between Matt and his wife, whom he suspects of having an affair. Her lover dies in what looks like a staged suicide. Angelo disappears next. Matt is either responsible for these events or wished for them hard enough.
  • Eastover Treasures

    by Dawn Brotherton
    When Aury and her fellow quilters uncover clues to a potential fortune, will they be able to untangle the mystery in time to save Eastover Retreat Center from financial ruin? During their annual quilt retreat, gale force winds trap the ladies in a boarded-up manor house. Inside, the sewing sisters discover the diaries of the mistress of Eastover Plantation written during the Civil War and clues she left behind which started as a treasure hunt for her children. Following the clues, the quilters ... more
  • Faces of Evil

    by Edward Jefferson
    Faces of Evil is an anthology that explores the depth of human cruelty.
  • Abducted

    by Ricardo Sosa
    One happy home. A mother with peaceful, trustworthy friends. Then a kidnapping. Terrible secrets begin to emerge that threaten their lives and the missing boy. What's worse? The abduction or the buried secrets that are about to unravel?
  • 70% Dark Intentions

    by Amber Royer
    Felicity Koerber's bean to bar chocolate shop on Galveston's historic Strand is bringing in plenty of customers - in part due to the notoriety of the recent murder of one of her assistants, which she managed to solve. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Her new assistant, Mateo, even gets along with Carmen, the shop's barista turned pastry chef. Felicity thinks she's learning to cope with change - right up until one of her friends gets engaged. Everyone's expecting her to ask Logan, ... more
  • Blood Lily

    by Spencer Stephens
    A billionaire Saudi strongman raises his only daughter, Norah, to become his terrorist tool and sends her to America with orders to bomb Washington, DC, subway stations. He has no idea the catastrophe that awaits. Norah, resourceful and self-aware, has endured the life Father mapped out for her and is desperate for an out. She confronts her private demons – dread of the authoritarians and tyrants who control her – and hopes for a world where she can be her own judge and master. A rich cast of ch... more
  • Origins: The Denisovan Trilogy

    by A.B. Carolan
    Kayla Jones has dreams she can’t understand. Her future seems determined as the brilliant STEM student who looks forward to a research career, but her past gets in the way. As if the chaos afflicting the world and leading to her adopted father’s death wasn’t enough, killers begin to pursue her. With some friends who come to her aid, she’s on her way to discover a conspiracy that can be traced to prehistoric battles waged by hominins bent on conquest of a primitive Earth.