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  • Soundbyte

    by Cat Connor
    How unlucky can the Bleich family be? Four out of five murdered on the same day … the obvious link being the Heathcote Diamonds, reputed to be cursed. SSA Conway is not having a great time either: she is shot when all she wanted was a good cup of coffee. NCIS Director Doyle’s sister is abducted by an international hitman who proves to have intriguing connections. The appearance of Mac’s doppelganger is a profound shock and Mac’s ghost resurrects Elllie’s smothered rage. CIA Agent Jonathan ... more
  • Flashbyte

    by Cat Connor
    As if a terrifying nightmare wasn’t bad enough, being woken from it with the news that she’d been strangled in a parking lot didn’t make for a great start to the day for FBI Agent Ellie Conway. Extraordinary and bizarre packages delivered to her home, a sniper aiming for her – twice in one day – and a vehicle that looks like Swiss cheese, tends to make a girl lose her sense of humour. More mistaken-identity deaths, bank robberies, a hospital murderer, an unexpected cold case, and a renditi... more
  • Exacerbyte

    by Cat Connor
    Hawk is hunting again. SSA Conway is his nemesis – she wants justice. He has taken too many children, killed too many people. FBI Agent SSA Conway has decided it is time to stop Hawk, not only to prevent the abduction of vulnerable children but to avenge the murder of an FBI agent. As Conway and Delta A team prepare to pursue Hawk in Russia, he moves to New Zealand to widen his net. A terrible and sinister reality emerges, demanding the might of the Military, CIA, NCIS and the Russian F... more
  • Terrorbyte

    by Cat Connor
    What is the connection between a series of murders, bourbon, chlorine, gold ribbon, the Pentagon and the Military, Eastern European terrorists and a book of poetry? Special Agent Conway is back: wisecracking, kicking ass and using her psycho-prophetic talents. This time to grapple with a murderer with ulterior motives, secreted behind a series of grotesque crimes. Confronted with outlandish connections and the realization that the issues are global, Conway is forced to seek help from the h... more
  • KIllerbyte

    by Cat Connor
    A killer with a penchant for inventive and macabre deaths challenges an FBI Agent with an equally unusual imagination and sense of humor. SA Conway works serial crime cases. When someone tries to kill her, it becomes obvious it’s linked to her after-hours pursuits on cyberspace. Matters become complicated when her assailant is found dead in the trunk of her car. Despite a plethora of crime scenes, no evidence can be found to identify a motive or perpetrator. The death toll rises and eventu... more
  • The Haunting

    by Kristin Fulton
    Chance Jameson, an almost-thirteen-year-old orphan, discovers he is a natural-born leader when Oak Hill Orphanage is faced with a terrible crisis. Miss May, the much-loved orphanage director, dies in a freak accident, leaving the orphanage in the hands of the greedy, ruthless Whipley twins whose goal is to use the orphans as a slave labor force. Much to his surprise, Chance finds that he can see and communicate with the ghost of Miss May. Through teamwork, they devise a daring scheme to fr... more
  • Charley's Horse

    by Felix Ang

    Robert knew that he wanted to become a detective like his father, but there was one problem … he had to pass Mr Shutter’s public speaking class which he wasn’t doing any good. Who wouldn’t be terrified to speak not only to one but many people? — front and centre!

    As Robert was searching for his topic, he found himself in the middle of a heist where only him who knew the whereabouts of the stealer. 

    Tormented with the slim probability to reach his dreams, because ... more

  • Mirror of Perception

    by Tommy Ray

    What do you see when you look in a mirror? Are you alone? Or do you see more than one person staring back at you? Discover why I wonder if I am safe or doomed.

  • Snake Food

    by Kristin Fulton
    When Olivia and Theo climb off the train at Bedford Falls to visit their Uncle Austin, no one is at the station to meet them. Undaunted, they take a cab to his home and quickly plunge into an adventure in which they rescue their mysteriously missing uncle, and ultimately defeat two wicked spies intent on world domination.
  • The Payout

    by Bryan Cassiday

    A distressed young woman falls under the spell of a homicidal maniac and becomes his partner in a murder plot to collect on his life insurance policy. Pondering suicide sitting on a Malibu dock one night after running away from home, doe-eyed young Mina Deerling meets smooth-talking Gage Catton, who is trying to load his wife’s body wrapped in a blanket onto his boat. When Catton finds out to his shock that his wife is still alive in the blanket, he talks the distraught... more

  • The Candidate

    by Jack Quinn
    Secret Service Agent JARED COUGHLIN is assigned to protect presidential candidate Senator Charles N. Robinson. When Jared inspects the senator's condo, he encounters three German-speaking burglars looking for a document. Jared kills one perpetrator, wounds another, but is shot by the third man. Lying on the floor close to death, Jared sees a picture frame with a 1939 photo of a youthful Robinson and Jared's mother. Jared is mystified that the FBI is not pursuing the murderers of the senator's dr... more
  • The Lawyer in Medellín

    by Richard Hedlund
    MI6 asks for a favour: what could possibly go wrong? Stuart Gleeman, a private and introverted lawyer, is travelling to Colombia on business. Just before he leaves, MI6 asks him for a simple favour: deliver a parcel. However, once in Medellín, Stuart finds the intended recipients dead and himself framed for their murder. Trapped in a foreign city, he goes on the run, aided by a mysterious priest and the local lawyer he was meant to meet. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the divisive 2014 Pr... more
  • Release

    by Nina Blakeman
    The love of her life, a beautiful adopted son, a successful career in academia, Dr. Faye Davis appears to have it all. She's finally made her life into what she thinks it should be. But it came with a heavy price, a piece of her soul. Living with the things she's done to attain the perfect life has left her questioning where her ethical line lies and how far she will push it back if necessary. It all started when her relationship began with now husband, Dr. Todd Davis. Behind the scenes, there w... more
  • Outside Of Normal (Abnormal Book 1)

    by James Shay
    In Outside Of Normal, Rich Moser is making the weekly commute between his home in the Chicago area and the bank in St. Louis where he works as an attorney when he sees something along the interstate that lands him in the dark world of a killer with a grisly past. Forced to risk the safety of his family and himself, Rich enters into a desperate chase and gruesome showdown in an attempt to save the killer’s next victim.
  • The Great Game

    by D. R. Bell
    2022: a block of countries, led by China and Russia, stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Fortunes are made and lost in a matter of hours. But some have more far-ranging plans than financial gain.
  • The Great Game

    by D. R. Bell
    A block of countries, led by China and Russia, stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Fortunes are made and lost in a matter of hours. But some have more far-ranging plans than financial gain.