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  • Blind Trust: A Tess Barrett Thriller (Tess Barrett Thriller Series Book 3)

    by Michael W. Sherer
    With mid-term exams coming up, the deadline for college applications looming, and her AP Chemistry teacher threatening to make her drop the course, Tess Barrett is feeling more pressure than any high school senior should. As if that’s not bad enough, someone hates her so much that he—or she—posts a porno video made to look like Tess is the star. None of it will make a bit of difference if she doesn’t find out who hired the assassin who tried to kill her at homecoming. Tess, her personal assistan... more
  • Crabb

    by Robert E. Kearns
    In 1980s rural Texas, to prevent annexation by its larger neighbor, Brian Zimmerman, by straw poll is elected the Boy Mayor of Crabb. Years later he recounts his story for the narrator, where he reveals the astounding details he gleaned while at a Mayoral Conference in Paris, and how these shaped his teenage years and beyond. The former Mayor of tiny Crabb speaks of the incredible secrets, exceptional events and the people he met that know the truth. Conspiracy, Cover Up and a Shocking Conclusio... more
  • Carnivore

    by Robert E. Kearns
    From the Houston headquarters of his family-owned business, Bryce Ditloc surveys an economy that is in deep recession. Throughout the country unemployment is rife, and to satisfy his psychopathic urges Ditloc creates a vacancy in his sales department. He then invites applicants and many apply for what appears a wonderful opportunity. What they're not aware of is that Bryce Ditloc is a conniving, manipulative killer. After the disappearance of Ditloc Pharma's HR manager, detectives Beaufort and H... more
  • Freedom is For the Few

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Trevor Mitchell is the billionaire founder of an internet retailing giant. After deciding he doesn't care for the current President; with maneuvers Machiavelli would be proud of, he plots and schemes his way to the White House. Confident, manipulative, charming and without conscience, Mitchell will use anyone to achieve what he's after. And if a friend or acquaintance needs persuading, blackmail and dirty tricks are not above him. Intrigue, ruthlessness and murder are the hallmarks of a rich man... more
  • A Donnybrook Affair

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Lemuel Plant is a hard-up private investigator working out of a shabby downtown office. He's ready to quit, and is determined that his next case will be his last. Plant is visited by the beautiful Florence Joiner, who wants to collect evidence against her husband, who she alleges is having an affair with his secretary. On the job, Plant follows Harold Joiner, the managing partner of a successful firm. But he also follows his client, which leads him to the affluent suburb of Donnybrook and its ... more
  • The Blacker Death: A Bam Matthews Thriller

    by Larry Enright
    Bam Matthews, an FBI agent on his way out the door, is working the case of a drug deal gone sour when he and his partner encounter a dying man in a hotel parking garage. The man was a Belgian diplomat who it is later determined, died of Ebola. Several of the bystanders and Bam's partner are quarantined with symptoms. The Belgians send a representative to arrange for the disposition of the diplomat's remains. Bam, currently without a partner and on his higher-up’s shit list, is assigned to chauff... more
  • Cornero's Gold

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Chasing more than treasure... Travel back to the sun-soaked streets of 1970s California in this lighthearted, slice-of-life detective novel. Thirty-five years have passed since the SS Rex, a popular gambling destination for the citizens of LA, owned by the equally popular Tony Cornero, was robbed for a million dollars, a treasure that was then lost in the Santa Monica Bay. When part-time private investigator Kit O’Banion is called in on a new case for his detective father, what should have be... more
  • Deceptive Calm

    by Patricia Skipper
    Deceptive Calm starts with declared Martial Law in South Carolina. In 1968, two American legends are felled by assassins, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, In the South, it was a tough time to be Black. Against this backdrop, Vanessa, a light-skinned beauty is raised in a Catholic Orphanage for Blacks. After the death of the nun who reared her and a back-alley abortion, Vanessa changes her race and assumes the identity of a dead White Baby. Her charmed life abruptly ends w... more
  • The Legend of Rachel Petersen (Rev Ed)

    by JT Baroni
    Outraged when The Post Gazette overlooks him for a promotion, 43-year-old Sports Writer Christian Kane quits the Paper and moves to the country to write fiction. Inspiration flows from a grave he stumbles upon in the woods. He compiles The Legend of Rachel Petersen, a fascinating story revolving around the dead twelve-year-old girl laid to rest beneath the weathered tombstone. His book quickly climbs the Best Seller Lists; then Hollywood adapts it into a blockbuster movie. Kane becomes rich and ... more
  • For the Love of Maggie O'Die

    by Cle Curbo
    Simon Silibus is unflinchingly devoted to Ryger Deacon's comatose body, planning to give Ryger a new life, but the law and the Trackers are after Simon. After leaving Ryger at Heavenly Hospice, Simon borrows a memory pearl from old friend Maggie O’Die, head of All Bio. He catches a late evening’s flight to Arizona, intending to disappear into the desert below the Mogollon Rim, where he hopes to find the fabled old woman of the hill. Maggie sends an awakened Ryger Deacon to recover her pearl, and... more
  • Rattlesnakes Strike Twice

    by EA Mayes
    Former anthropologist Minoa Diamond is back in Santa Fe when a childhood friend, Dreema Adkins, dies of rattlesnake bite—a tragic improbable accident, or so everyone believes. Although the grieving dysfunctional family brings up memories of Minoa’s derailed adolescence, she tries to help out. Big mistake. Dreema’s violent ex- takes aim at her, the neighborhood real estate developer trades Diamondbacks in a fake ‘reptile elimination program’ and a New Age shaman hides serpent secrets behind godde... more
  • The House on the Lake

    by Holly Hill Mangin
    An island is the last place Eve Beckett ever thought she’d end up. Deathly afraid of water, she has no memory of arriving at the foreboding Lakeview Manor on the Isle of Esse. Her love for a good mystery, however, especially when it comes to strange houses and the paranormal, has her second-guessing her desire to leave. But there’s something odd going on at Lakeview. Dark and dusty rooms shift location, and there’s a mysterious woman only Eve seems able to see . . . When Eve’s mirror twin ... more
  • Spectral Revelations: A Karina Cardinal Mystery (The Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 6)

    by Ellen Butler
    Karina’s Aunt Vera has disappeared, and Karina’s investigation turns up nothing except a messy ghost who reveals key evidence. But the clues aren’t adding up, and with the cops following faulty leads, Vera could wind up on the wrong end of an arrest warrant … if she’s found alive.
  • Trouble on Treasure Island

    Kate Harper witnesses the prelude to a murder outside her Treasure Island, Florida beach house. Finding a key piece of evidence in the sand, she becomes a material witness to the tragic event. Unwelcomed visitors and prying eyes descend on Kate’s house following a newscast identifying her as a possible key to solving the murder. As the interest in her and her beach house escalate, Kate decides to take matters into her own hands and sets out with a reluctant partner, handyman-surfer Nick Ma... more
  • Rosa And Mee

    by Benjamin Goldstein
    Rosa and Mee written by Benjamin Goldstein, captures all the drama one might experience in school and much more. The author dives into family drama and issues with the law and even incorporates artificial intelligence into the storyline.
  • As Above, So Below: A Hermann Horst Mystery

    by Ingram Hargrave
    At twenty-eight, Hermann Horst is the youngest professor of philosophy to grace the marble corridors and richly paneled lecture halls of Austria-Hungary’s esteemed University of Vienna. The charismatic, young professor’s success has been driven in part by personal tragedy: the loss of his parents, followed shortly thereafter by the mysterious death of his only sister. Her obsession with divination and the occult has placed Hermann on a course to scientifically and logically explain the psycholog... more