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  • Mary Finch and the Thief

    by S S Saywack
    It is 1893 and Mary Finch finds herself on the violent and gritty streets of Victorian London trying to clear her name. When wrongfully accused of theft, fourteen-year-old Mary Finch is determined to track down the thief and prove her innocence. Her journey takes her from Baker Street, where her friend, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes live, to the dark and dangerous East End of London. On her trail are the suspicious Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the evil butler of her employer, a... more
  • Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body

    by Barry R. Ziman
    A legislative intern with secrets that could unravel the governing elite vanishes into the night in Albany, New York. Seven years later, another young woman disappears in a suburb of the nation’s Capital. The only connection between both missing women is Ryan McNeil, the chief of staff to a rising congressman. Under suspicion, Ryan must now prove his innocence in these women’s abductions, but in the ruthless world of politics—where the line between crime and lawful authority blurs—there is no... more
  • Seven Lives

    by Simon T. Phillips
    It's 1993 A young British Agent with Post Traumatic Stress and a lost identity is the agency’s greatest undercover asset. Her memory of her life before her trauma starts to return whilst she is deep under cover. While she remembers her past, her job goes horribly wrong. Whilst she recovers she is given a new task of hunting a mystery assassin out for revenge. She goes undercover in an IRA terrorist cell in London to track her target down. Proving her own deadly skills along the way, she un... more
  • Beneath the Surface

    by Tara Marlow
    Beneath the Surface is a twisting suspense you are dropped into the middle of. Grace is a young woman on the run with her father. The problem is, she doesn’t know why they’re running. Through her friendship with Lowell, Grace learns what trust truly means, and that there is life beyond her circumstances. First, she needs to escape her father, but there are risks. Life-altering risks. Not to mention the unanswered questions about her life to now. But as her friendship with Lowell deepens, so d... more
  • Touch the Dead

    by Ellen Thornton
    Eden Sinclair leaves a broken marriage and the Blue Moon Trailer Park in Chicago to search for her missing cousin, Jess, in a Florida coastal community's fluid world of booze, sex, drugs, shady deals, and surfing. For nineteen-year-old Eden, finding answers and someone to trust are as elusive as the shadows lurking beneath the waves. When she makes a connection between Jess and another missing young woman, Eden lures a merciless killer into her arms to get the evidence she needs to avenge Jess.
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    by Cenforce 100mg
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  • Supreme Threat - A Logan Alexander Thriller

    by T.L. Williams
    North Korea has hatched a plan to attack the United States. Secret operatives from the North Korean Intelligence Service have infiltrated sensitive national security installations. They are awaiting final approval from North Korea's Supreme Leader. CIA operative, Logan Alexander, is on temporary assignment to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he learns of the insidious plot. He is in a race against time to foil the operation, which if successful, will change history forever.
  • Deadline: New York

    by Jim Lester
    Set in the summer of 1952, Deadline:New York centers on the emerging paperback book industry in New York City. The protagonist is a former Naval intelligence officer and best-selling writer of paperback adventure novels who is asked by a secretary at his publishing house to investigate the suicide of her boyfriend. At the heart of the investigation is a state senate hearing on obscenity in the paperback industry and a widespread conspiracy inside the United States government, law enforcement a... more
  • Dread Watch

    by Jared Agard
    A secret fear. An antique pocket watch with a tragic past. When 8th grader Caleb Meyer stumbles upon the old watch at an abandoned railroad museum, he's sure that if he has it, all his fears will vanish. But the watch is more than just spindles and gears. A twisted ghost lives within, a Dreadmonger, feeding off the fears of his victims. And Caleb, seeking to finally be rid of his secret, is walking right into the Dreadmonger's trap.
  • Rumpa and the Snufflewort / 978-1777734725

    by Jean Paetkau
    Written for readers aged 6-12, the excitement of Rumpa and the Snufflewort begins when the siblings discover magical bubbles pouring out of the taps in their house instead of water. They soon meet up with the fantastical Snufflewort who need the help of Yacob and Baley for a daring rescue mission. The children and their new friends must battle a cat that might be a dragon and face the terrors of the green vugga.
  • Chandigarh Escorts

    by lovely rani
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  • Cenforce 100

    by Jontis Johnson
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  • B09BXZ59BV

    by Ron McManus
    Jake Palmer, investigative consultant and former US Navy SEAL, has signed on as a contractor with a top-secret US Joint Special Operations Command team in Islamabad, Pakistan. Palmer and his JSOC partner work to uncover a suspected mole and gather intelligence regarding the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon arsenal as the country prepares for war with India over control of the disputed region of Kashmir. Fears regarding security of the weapons escalate when Pakistan decides to deploy its ars... more
  • The Bridge

    by Michael Barrett Miller
    I have been asked many questions over the years about living and operating in the Soviet Union. This book shares actual events with a creative narrative connecting the circumstances for those not familiar with the history under Communist rule in the CCCP. “The Bridge,” tells where and how it all began, for a number of us willing to say yes to adventure. London - Helsinki - Tashkent 1978 Michael Garrett is asked by Natalie, his lover and member of French Intelligence, to travel to Tashkent ... more
  • Four Reasons to Die

    by K.P. Gresham
    Pastor Matt Hayden steps up to give the Texas Inaugural Ceremony’s benediction after the scheduled minister, Reverend Duff, disappears, and into a religious war, a political power-grab, and murder. \tMatt joins the search for the missing pastor, only to discover two preachers locked in a deadly battle, their families on the brink of destruction. When the fight comes to Matt’s own family, he must find the truth or risk losing everything.