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  • Omniscience

    by Janine Frances

    A family seek refuge in the Australian outback as tyranny takes hold, but who can they trust?

    The world is at war and an authoritarian government has taken control in Australia. A terrorist group known as Day One is attempting to destroy civilisation so humanity can start again.

    Shareen Miller gets caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare when she’s detained by an Auto-Enforcer for not having the right travel permit on the way to a job interview. Shareen’s d... more

  • The Spear of Vengeance

    by F. David Smith
    IF YOU LIVE FOREVER, WHAT DO YOU FEAR? In this action-filled speculative thriller, FBI agent Dan Alexander is assigned to protect virologist Dr. Amelia Cranford, his former fiancée, following an apparent terrorist attack. But they are unwittingly drawn into a centuries-old conflict between two powerful Immortals. One, a 2500-year-old madman, is hell-bent on destroying humanity. And at every step along the way, the other Immortal has fought from the shadows to save us. But now, the madm... more
  • Murder in Pink Country

    by Kassandra Torres
    In another dimension similar to ours, a sinister organization is attempting to erase all biracial humans from the face of the Earth. However, they didn’t count on Special Agent Penelope Pink and her team standing in their way. In Murder in Pink Country, Penelope is hot on their trail, closing in, and prepared to take them down.
  • Sixty Positions with Pleasure

    by Sahlan Diver
    Charlie Gibbs’ new job comes with these perks: mountain scenery, sunshine, and sex with an older woman. And murder. In the year 2050, twenty-something IT worker, Charlie Gibbs, has a problem – several problems, in fact. His boss has just been killed in mysterious circumstances. Replacement boss, fifty-year-old Dutch cougar, Ilse Teuling, is writing a sex manual and wants Charlie to help with “the practical work”. Populists have declared a coup; people are seeing visions; the clock is counting... more
  • Asylum of Diction

    by Alyssa Milani
    Compilation of short stories and novellas for those readers who enjoy novels that get right to the point
  • Lifeline

    by Christopher Keith
    Dr. Bryan Morgan had enjoyed a successful career with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and he has won awards as a clinical psychologist for his work treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress. Now he is unemployed and struggling with his own mental wellbeing amid marital and financial strain. When he is headhunted by ELF, a top-secret institute whose efforts to advance medical technology and healthcare delivery push ethical boundaries, everything falls into place. It’s a dream job, but life is... more
  • Clotho

    by Christopher Keith
    Set in the near future, Clotho revolves around a seventeen-year-old girl, Nova. Her father is killed in a deadly explosion with more than five thousand others, but she survives. The exact circumstances behind the blast remain a mystery, though it has the radical Anti-Tech Movement written all over it. Suffering from concussion and temporary memory loss, Nova finds herself entangled in a dangerous pursuit, catapulting her into a confused and lonely downward spiral. When she crosses paths with ... more
  • Merchants Bridge

    by J.D. Trafford
    An attorney searches for answers after he witnesses his colleague’s murder and soon realizes that he’s being framed for something much bigger. Everything changes for Graydon "Gray" Wendt while walking back to the office after a late dinner with a potential client. An SUV swerves and jumps the curb in front of them. His law partner is killed immediately, and Gray is knocked to the ground and shot twice in the chest. A few days later, Gray wakes up in the hospital. His face is swollen. His... more
  • The Devil's Trident

    by George Norris
    Ten years after a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, retired NYPD Detective and Navy SEAL Michael Keough finds himself about to hit rock bottom. He’s divorced from his wife and instead married to the bottle. Then, on a cool fall evening, a volley of gunfire erupts outside his apartment. When he discovers his partner mortally wounded, it changes everything. As the dust settles, Keough learns that three of the six people involved in the mission are dead. A fourth is missing. Keough can’t help but... more
  • The Final Hunt

    by Audrey J. Cole
    Alone in a hunting cabin, off-grid in an untamed wilderness. How does a marriage come to this? After John disappeared while hunting—presumed dead from a bear attack—Cameron found the crime photos. His role in the recent Seattle serial murders was discovered. The media destroyed her reputation. She lost her dental practice, is on the brink of losing her home. Everyone has a secret. But if her husband could hide the unimaginable from her, who’s to say he’s truly dead? “What brings you so ... more
  • Drone Child: A Novel of War, Family, and Survival

    by David H. Rothman
    Drone Child is a suspense and action-adventure novel about a brilliant teenager--kidnapped by Congolese rebels and forced to fly killer drones to save his parents from a machete blade. Child is in the voice of the protagonist. Now wealthy and educated, Lemba is writing his war memoir in 2050, a quarter century after the horrors. Congolese, including a prominent civic activist, vetted and critiqued the book.
  • Oxford Girls

    by P.D. Kuch
    Alexandra's ordinary teenage life is about to change – dramatically. Unaware of her altered DNA, Alex and her family are of interest to unethical scientists. Her parents' plane crash is just the onset of disturbing discoveries. When it becomes apparent that it wasn't an accident, Alex needs to figure out who's behind it or share a grim fate of a lab rat. The first part of this exciting adventure thriller presents the world's different faces: from beautiful to ugly, from frightening to comforti... more
  • Threads

    by Bryan Cassiday
    When the crass, but outrageously successful, fashion designer Max Reed, who exploits violence in his ads by shooting them at actual murder scenes, is blown up in his penthouse office, police watch a CCTV video of the person who delivered the bomb to Reed’s office and peg the LA private investigator Scott Brody as the killer. The truth is Brody didn’t know he was delivering a bomb. The local LA mobster Sal Andrasi duped Brody into thinking he was delivering a bowling ball to Reed. In order to ... more
  • No One Will Hear You Scream

    by Edward Phillips
    Blood feuds rarely end well. Occasionally the hatchet will be buried, but more often than not, it will be in the skull of someone. No One Will Hear You Scream, from the start, narrates the antagonism of a famous author, Ruby Latimer, with a young and ambitious journalist, Lizzie Spector, heroine of Achilles Heel – Your Stalker Solution, author’s first book. Ruby Latimer has sold millions of books, but the current tome is proving frightfully difficult, ergo finding a suitable ending. Then out of ... more
  • The Effects of Betrayal

    by Hector Sanguino
    In the dark world of drug trafficking, to know a secret that the mafia wants you to keep forever, is a synonym of death. Based on the true story of an unfortunate executive, The Effects of Betrayal is a thrilling tale of one young man and a CEO, who after accepting financial help from a cocaine cartel, suffers an implacable chase. Sotomayor’s misfortune begins at the pinnacle of his profession. His fast climb as a boss at an international company augured a bright future for him; however, in ti... more
  • Logan and Emily Files: The Disappearing Doodle

    by Danielle Spaar
    Logan Scott gets recruited by a secret task force to help them find things. Ya know, things only a kid would find. This time the Agents need Logan to find the Mayors missing doodle. What in the world is a doodle? Logan finds out pretty quickly and so does Emily, Logan’s partner (whether he likes it or not.) Emily isn’t an official member but is always around when Logan is working the the secret task force. Keeping it a secret is getting harder and harder to keep from Emily. That’s when things ge... more