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  • The Double Vice

    by Chris Holcombe
    Decadent. Duplicitous. Deadly. Welcome to the Queer World of the Roaring 20s. It wasn’t how gay speakeasy owner Dash Parker’s birthday was supposed to go. But this was New York City at the height of Prohibition, and everything—and everyone—can turn on a dime. When one of Dash’s club patrons is murdered, Dash and his friends must discover the killer while also outwitting a devious blackmailer. Together, they navigate the shadowy world of drag queens, cabaret performers, gangsters, mob moll... more
  • The Spy Devils

    by Joe Goldberg
    A deadly case. An international operative. When a mission turns personal, who will make it out alive? Trowbridge ‘Bridger’ Hall was raised to be a spy. Leading a highly trained team of covert agents, he’s loyal to his squad and his country. But when his infamous CIA controller and mother assigns his crew an unusual off-books operation, his finely tuned senses scream danger. Hunting a stolen briefcase across the world, his instincts proven lethally correct when one of his men ends up de... more
  • Lie If You Can

    by Greg W. Peterson
    Julie Swanson is a single, hardworking professor, admired by her University of Minnesota students. She awakes in a hospital following a brutal beating and begins to experience strange déjà vu-like sensations. She seeks answers from renown neuroscientist Karl Undset who compares her unusual episodes to a well-established scientific condition known as dual processing. Her injury has resulted in a new ability to sense elevated autonomic indicators present in certain voice patterns, those that chang... more
  • Stonechild

    by Kevin Albin
    In an incredible feat of human consciousness embodied in the molecules of a statue, the famous London statues come to life with a message on conservation. Fifteen years old, Molly Hargreaves, doesn't believe their benign message and finds herself chased, captured and confined as she races around London trying to persuade others to take action. People only start to listen as the battle for London begins. The story, an eco-fiction novel, subtly draws parallels with the current climate change cris... more
  • Headlines, Deadlines, and Lies

    by mickey mikkelson
    “It’s all in the genes, darling!” A witty quip…or a clue? Piper Harrington is set on finding out. As a single mom living in her cozy hometown along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Piper had all but given up on her dream of being a professional writer. So when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity opens up at the small beach town paper where she works, she has to make a split-second decision: Go for it (even if it requires a little fib) or give up a shot at her lifelong goal. To complicate things, in waltzes... more
  • Crossfire

    by Robert Valletta
    Following the brutal murders of his family members, a toughened Marine uncovers a plot to hijack a military laser weapons system. First Lieutenant Nick Gallaher soon discovers that several top Department of Defense research scientists, his father included, were killed as part of an elaborate scheme to take possession of the game-changing submarine and satellite-based laser system, codenamed Crossfire.
  • Glacier World

    by Fredrick Cooper
    Glacier World is a $500 million, Jurassic World type, theme park where tourists can enjoy all of the wonders of Alaska—a recreated gold rush town, snow-capped mountains, rugged glaciers, and the predators of Alaska such as the Alaskan brown bear, wolves, wolverines, and killer whales—all in their natural habitats, but Glacier World had a darker, criminal side. There are reports of piracy, of missing cargo in the North Pacific and Gulf of Alaska, and a thousand miles to the south on the coast of ... more

    CIA’s most valued Russian double agents are being assassinated one-by-one. In Langley Center itself—Jack Barrett, the Director of Central Intelligence, barely escapes assassination. When the Agency discovers the attacks originate from a Russian top secret cyberwarfare program called Chernyy Almaz, or Black Diamond, CIA must respond swiftly to shut down the attacks and begin extracting its top prized agents before they’re lost forever. Chief among them is Dr. Armand Mishenkov, the head of Russia’... more
  • A precarious Lead

    by Amy J. Markstahler
    Ryan McDowell and Austin Bradshaw dream of playing baseball in college and they’re good enough to have offers from the likes of LSU. But when the two best friends lose their parents in a triple hit-and-run motorcycle accident, they have little or no choice but to drop their dreams and go live with Skratch, Ryan’s uncle. Jimmie Santoro, aka Skratch, is also notorious for being the President of the outlaw motorcycle club, Asylum Brotherhood, the same club who’s suspected in the homicides of the... more
  • Urban Garden: Twin Flame

    by Aisha Washington
    Amira Smith was a college bound student in the prime of her life, when she met the charismatic charmer, Damon Hutcheson. After meeting Damon, strange things began to happen (heightened intuition, premonitions of births and deaths that came true and the appearance of a dark energy that followed Amira around). Prior to meeting Damon, Amira was not aware of the term "twin flame". She would soon learn that there was no guide book for how to survive the initial stages of the twin flame union... If ... more
  • Six Bullets

    by Mark Colt
    You can’t escape the past. When newly elected, Sheriff Robert Yates investigates the death of a mine manager found in the ditch by two young Vietnam vets, Yates has no idea what’s brewing under the surface in his quiet, picturesque town. Along with his two deputies, Bonnie James and Peter Thomas, Yates is lead to an abandoned cabin where he finds the body parts of a second victim and clues that open questions pertaining to a stash of lost heist money dating back to the early 1900’s. After a thir... more
  • Death in the Cloud

    by E. J. Simon
    A commercial airliner departing Moscow is missing over France. Two days later, with world tensions at an all-time high, that same plane is headed for the White House. Soon after, following a mysterious breach of the launch codes, US nuclear missiles aimed at Russia are poised for attack. A reciprocal attack is readied by Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. The world is on the edge of a nuclear apocalypse. Since his murder in a Queens restaurant, Alex Nicholas has been living a virtual life... more
  • Death Logs Out

    by E. J. Simon
    It's two years since crime boss Alex Nicholas was murdered, and his brother Michael is still on the trail of the killers. From the streets of New York to the sidewalks of Paris and ultimately the sanctity of The Vatican, Michael's search uncovers more than he expected. Memories and secrets from World War II which were meant to be hidden from the world resurface as Michael, Sindy Steele and Alex discover that what was stolen cannot be kept from the world any longer. Death Logs Out is a haun... more
  • Death Logs in

    by E. J. Simon
    Some of the most powerful people in the world want to kill Michael Nicholas, and only his brother Alex can save him. The problem is Alex is dead. It's been almost a year since crime boss Alex Nicholas was killed on his home turf in Queens, and his straight-arrow brother Michael inherited the elder Nicholas's loan sharking and betting business. Unfortunately for Michael, he also inherited Alex's enemies - and there seem to be a lot of them. As Michael learns to navigate a world he once shun... more
  • Death Never Sleeps

    by E. J. Simon
    Michael and Alex Nicholas are brothers, but as different as night and day. Michael is CEO of a Fortune 500 company, living a comfortable life in suburban Connecticut. Alex, his older brother, heads up one of the leading loan shark and betting syndicates on the east coast. They don't have a lot in common except a blood line, but that changes when Alex is gunned down at a restaurant in Queens. At Alex's funeral, surrounded by family, friends and colleagues, Michael receives a startling text. Th... more
  • The Incomplete Artist

    by Philip Wyeth
    Detective Ashley Westgard, off-duty and dressed to kill, is enjoying a first date at a fine art auction... when a dead body is discovered inside the gallery! Now she must set down her wine glass, raise her police badge, and take control of the crime scene.