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  • The Secret is Out

    by Gabrielle K. Chevalier
    "...this would never happen to me so there must be a logical explanation to what is going on..." All seems normal and well from the outside. But something doesn't seem quite right to this little girl, she knows there is more than what appears. A certain horror is lurking within her family, will she uncover the secret? Is the demon haunting her there for a reason?
  • education place

    by Ana Boss
    thanku for this
  • Serious Business on Albatross Lane

    by Bryan (B.L.) Smith

    Sam Hastings and her friends have decided to start a detective agency, but they’re a little short on clients. Actually, to be exact, nobody at all is interested in hiring a group of twelve-year-olds for important detective work. So, when Sam and her friends happen to be eyewitnesses to a crime at the Perceval Museum, they can’t let the perfect opportunity to prove themselves slip by. In no time at all Sam, Bert, and Kennedy have fully entrenched themselves in the case of the missi... more

  • Irritating Adventures on Albatross Lane

    by Bryan (B.L.) Smith
    As a newcomer to the small town of Perceval, eleven-year-old Sam Hastings quickly realizes that Bert Mintenko – her bookish, overdressed, stuffed-up neighbour – is the last person she should be seen with. In fact, she decides to avoid him at absolutely all costs. But Bert has a way of stirring up trouble that Sam just can’t avoid. When she starts making friends, there’s Bert diffusing an exploding tuba. When she finally gets to enjoy some independence, there’s Bert getting savaged by a killer go... more
  • Thieves of Paris

    by Helen Schwartz
    In German occupied Paris, Max St. Denis vows to steal back from Nazi looters a well-loved portrait. He needs the help of two brave women, Rose Valland, the only French person in the depot for loot, and Hannah Kiesler, a Hungarian Zionist recruits him to rescue Jews. Himself a convicted thief, released from prison to fight the invading Germans, Max sees thievery all around him—in Hitler’s orders, Goering’s avarice, Vichy French attempts to get in on the spoils, as well as neighbors’ casual thefts... more
  • A.J. HAWKE ATTORNEY AT LAW: The Case of the Sphynx Rapist

    by Donald McInnis

    Amid a series of unsolved rapes in San Diego’s beach communities, attorney A.J. Hawke is retained to represent David Caine, a college student accused of raping and killing his girlfriend. Claire Rewake. The young man is also being treated as a suspect in the other rapes. David claims he is innocent of any wrong doing, even though the police produce a “confession.” Meanwhile, the power brokers at City Hall—including the Presiding Judge—attempt to suppress media co... more

  • Moves

    by John Michaels

    In the blink of an eye, Robert Jake’s perfect life became hell.

    Jake, a radio talk show host with a pregnant wife, had the perfect life until, in a moment of “Patriotic Stupidity” he decided to stop talking for a living and start shooting to help his country.

    Deployed to Iraq, he barely made it home alive, shot-up and full of shrapnel, after a fatal ambush.

    Moves is a mixture of single parent meets thriller, action, and suspense in bucket loads. If you like... more

  • Zopifresh 7.5 Mg

    by Jontis Johnson
    Zopifresh 7.5 is an over the counter sleep aid that is used by millions of people each year. It is commonly used to help people fall asleep, especially those that are extremely stressed or nervous. However, Zopifresh has been known to cause side effects for some users. Some of the side effects Zopifresh has caused include dizziness, dry mouth, upset stomach, headaches, runny or stuffy nose, upset stomach, nausea, itching or burn... more
  • Friends to the End

    by C.L. Colyer
    Twelve-year-old Zach is convinced he'll never be happy without his best friend Jeremy by his side. But both of their lives changed with a bang five months ago, and as far as Zach's concerned, it's his fault Jeremy will never see his twelfth birthday. When Zach moves with his family to a Chicago suburb, he quickly becomes friends with a group of thrill-seeking kids trying to find a disappearing haunted house. But Zach's not worried. He doesn't believe in ghosts, so he follows them into a wild,... more
  • SKULLDUGGERY in the Sulphur River Bottoms

    by Caryl McAdoo
    A friend loveth at all times, but a brother is for adversity. There's a human skull with a hatchet still in it in a crumbling shack in the river bottoms. Four friends set out to discover who it belonged to and who left the hatchet behind, and they're going to write a book about it! Morgan and Charity Lowell are back, and she's arranged for her handsome husband to solve the mystery and write another book about it--this time with the famous dime novelist May Meriwether. It's hard not to get in th... more
  • 979-8513092001

    by Dubhghlas Kraus
    Darkness: A Collection of Stories provides a literary collection of investigations into the darkness of mind, heart, and environment. It uses this focus to cast a light into understanding the wellsprings and incarnations of different forms of darkness. Each story provides history, depth, and psychological inspection. Each offers a different glimpse into that special darkness that resides in heart and soul, its origins, and the choices of different characters that choose to finally confront it. ... more
  • Overdose, An ER Phycological Thriller

    by Rada Jones MD
    Dr. Emma Steele is having a bad day. Scratch that. She's having the worst day of her career. After all, she never before woke up in her own ER tied to a stretcher, wearing mental health patients blue paper scrubs. How the heck did this happen? She was hunting for a killer, and she found him. Just as he seized her and planted evidence accusing her of his crimes. She's innocent, so she'll be free soon. She has friends who can't wait to help.Twice wrong.Things can't get any worse. Until they do. Em... more
  • Ghost Cat

    by Helen Currie Foster
    Real estate's hot in once peaceful Coffee Creek, Texas--hotter than lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer has ever seen. An unscrupulous developer is muscling in, abusing undocumented workers and menacing his neighbors. Ignoring threats, Alice challenges him in court. When one of her clients is shot dead, and another nearly suffocated in a wine vat, Alice has a target on her back. A devious mastermind is intent on stopping her -- permanently. Is she snake-bit? She'll need more than legal skills to foil a... more
  • Melton's Mettle

    by William S. Hubbartt
    Melton’s Mettle introduces police detective Daniel Melton who pays dearly incurring a disabling injury yet demonstrates the mettle to find his shooter and stop a plague of arsons terrorizing the city. Reedsy editor Jo Lane calls Melton’s Mettle an “entertaining and well-constructed thriller,” that is “very gripping and the twist at the end is outstanding.” Daniel Melton is a police detective who has built his reputation as a tough cop getting results solving crimes on the streets and capturi... more
  • Danger Within: An Alice Ott Mystery

    by Dusty J. Miller
    This is the fifth book in the Alice Ott Mystery Series that features a feisty Raging Granny sleuth who uncovers corporate corruption and social injustice. Alice and her crime-fighting crew brave the challenges of Covid 19 as they investigate a large health care corporation in Florida.