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  • The Canvas Killer (Chief Detective Stephen Kiss Book 1)

    by WJ Ackermann
    Chief Detective Stephen Kiss and his team at the newly formed Specialized Combined Taskforce of the NYPD find themselves thrust in the middle of a case as a lunatic serial killer plagues the art world. His victims are being mutilated in what is clear to Stephen as the killer’s twisted renditions of the world’s most acclaimed artists’ canvases. The killer’s masterpieces are strewn across the city at an alarming rate and it is not long before the media and public realize there is a serial killer... more
  • Chance - A Novel: Psychological Thriller (Sydney Jones Series Book 2)

    by Carolyn Bowen
    Walker didn't plan to fall in love with Sydney. He blamed their closeness in proximity, horrid circumstances in her life, and no friends but a paid confidant to comfort her. There was no one to hold her in their arms, and that's what the lady needed--to cry and release the pain in her life. Sydney struck a chord in his heart. Her beauty, along with her spark to keep going through the hell in her life, enamored him even more. Did he love her? Yes! The government had him now. It didn't take him lo... more
  • The Career Killer (DCI Mabey Book 1)

    by Ali Gunn
    When a serial killer poses a woman wearing a wedding dress in one of London’s most beautiful gardens without being seen, all eyes fall on newly-promoted DCI Elsie Mabey’s team of misfits as they investigate their first case together. Nobody else wants the case, and nobody wants the team she’s forced to work with. Her subordinates are the opposite of the Met’s finest; they’re the “not quite fired” of London policing. Can this ragtag band pull together to catch a killer, or will their failur... more
  • Thirst Of The Rain God: Secrets of the Maya

    by J.A. Kalis
    It’s a fast-paced adventure thriller, full of mystery, suspense and dangerous situations. Deep in the Guatemalan jungle, archaeologists discover ancient Mayan ruins and a sprawling network of tunnels and caves full of amazing artefacts. But there is someone who want to stop them from exploring the underground. Someone who will kill to protect the secrets that lay hidden there for centuries.
  • Where Are They Now: An Indian Crime Thriller (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book 1)

    by UD Yasha
    She has a dark past. And a deep connection with a serial killer. Three years ago, criminal defence lawyer Siya Rajput left her career behind when she made a devastating mistake. But a brutal murder with a mysterious connection to her mother’s sixteen-year-old disappearance could convince her to return. Is Siya’s mother still alive? Her oldest nemesis—a depraved serial killer—seems to know the truth… ...but everything comes at a cost. In her most personal and dangerous case yet, Siya ... more
  • Duel

    by Ashley Sargeant Hagan
    Ready, Aim, Murder! American actress, Anna McKay, is thrilled to be part of the Cavendish Manor cast, filming a period drama at an English country estate. She looks forward to working with her handsome co-star, but is equally intrigued by the new assistant to the director. A series of practical jokes on set causes her to fear someone is sabotaging the show, and her equilibrium is further off-balance when she has inexplicable visions that hint of the house’s sinister past. When the practical jo... more
  • Pedestal

    by Ashley Sargeant Hagan
    Who is Edwin Sterling's Mystery Woman? Enquiring minds want to know, and so does Edwin Sterling. Made famous by his character, a medical doctor who solves crimes, British actor Edwin Sterling is stuck in a media frenzy that reports every aspect of his life. He longs for a relationship based on reality, not fantasy. He also secretly feels dwarfed by the brave, intelligent image of his famous character, and wishes he could be more like him in real life. While the tabloids falsely accuse Ed... more
  • Beware of the Banker

    by Barry Somes

    "Beware of the Banker" is a modern day Maine crime fiction novel inspired by the true story of Bonnie and Clyde; who, next to Jesse James, are the most notorious outlaws in United States history.

  • Betrayal of Faith (A Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Book 1)

    by Mark M. Bello
    CAN ONE HAVE FAITH WHEN FAITH ITSELF IS CORRUPT? SPOTLIGHT meets THE FIRM in this Award-Winning First Installment of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series . . . Zachary Blake—once Detroit’s King of Justice, his partners stole his practice—his wife kicked him out and took everything. He spends his time getting plastered at the local strip club or hustling traffic cases. Things are about to change . . . The Coalition—the church’s super-secret organization whose leader will stop at nothi... more
  • The Crown Agent

    by Phillippa de Vescey
    Dan Brown meets John Le Carré in this investigative and imaginative story of murder and political intrigue. Tom, an agent with the CIA has kept his double life separate with expert precision until he is assigned to babysit both Harper, whose predictable life climbing the ladder of a respectable property company in London is about to change forever, and Kate who may well prove to be the real hero of the story. While February 1971 saw Apollo 14 landing on the Moon, the New York Times began to pu... more

    by Jeanne Charters
    FINLEY SMITH is the smart, principled News Director at the highest-rated television station in Pennsylvania. WABN, owned by JOHN PRESCOTT, President of Prescott Broadcasting, is a Philadelphia powerhouse with a reputation for the cleanest News in town. Though Finley loves her work, her divorce from husband, DAVID SMITH, still saddens her. And she knows she caused it by choosing her career over David once too often. When John Prescott retires, he appoints AUSTIN MONTGOMERY, husband of his ... more
  • The Presence of a Problem (Stories of Divinclus Book 2)

    by Wathanya Souvanna
    After an unfortunate event, Olivia Petrov finds herself sucked by depression and hurting others, Chihiro Ishii included, but Detective Daniel Morgan is also somehow dragged into the mess Olivia created. Now nobody longer knows who the 'bad guy' is anymore.
  • The Presence of a Yes (Revised Edition): The Magical Word that Truly Gives Consent (Stories of Divinclus Book 1)

    by Wathanya Souvanna
    Robyn-with-a-Y is consulted by Taylor, one of their partners, about the disappearance of Taylor's other partner, Kyle. Robyn seeks Ash, the person they just slept with who's also a private investigator and an actress, for help. The three navigate the not-so-smooth road to find out who kidnapped Kyle, and more importantly, where the heck in Polkinston city he is.
  • Fool's Gold

    by Dirk Patton
    From the rugged Teton Mountains to the Oval Office, a sinister plot to deceive the American people and dismantle the US Constitution is unfolding. In Idaho, a group of ranchers are killed in a shootout with government agents. Around the country, law enforcement is under attack. In New York, a young reporter begins to uncover the truth and is targeted for assassination. When two of the dead rancher’s children refuse to believe the official narrative, which painted their fathers as members of a ra... more
  • Assault and Batting: A Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mystery (The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries Book 1)

    by Tess Rothery
    Taylor Quinn has it all—at least by millennial standards. A good job, a home in the city, and someone she loves to share life with. But when her mom dies unexpectedly, she doesn’t hesitate to drop everything for her family. With a baby sister still in high school, an elderly grandfather at home, and the family quilt shop to run, she knows where she needs to be. Belle, Taylor’s sister, fears their mom’s death is her fault. She thinks her birth mom may just have wanted her back badly enough ... more
  • A Reckoning in Brooklyn

    by Michael O'Keefe
    Bushwick Brooklyn in the 1970s is a cesspool of drugs, violence, and depravity. Every aspect of life in the blighted neighborhood has been contaminated by the Mafia. Butchie Bucciogrosso is an Italian cop who detests the Mob. A survivor of the streets, he returns from Vietnam only to find Bushwick in ruin. His partner, Fast Eddie Curran, had to kill his way out of Belfast. They are the only cops with the courage to take on the Mob, becoming a deadly nuisance trying to win back their streets. Onl... more