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  • Storybook, Inc.

    by Parker Pace
    Storybook, Inc. is a mystery/suspense novel, with a romantic subplot. It is written for a YA audience and tells the story of Mica Psmith, a senior in high school, whose parents enroll her in "the program" -- a secretive boarding school for at-risk youth -- after her expulsion from high school. Mica's enrollment in the program sets into motion a bizarre series of events that finds Mica on the run for her life, and wondering if the program is little more than a theatrical con game or worse.
  • The Forever Killer

    by Steve Peek
    Serial Killers: always evoke morbid fascination Caligula: the most infamous, murderous Caesar of Rome A psychic whose cancer grows with each use of her ability Imagine a serial killer with unlimited power. A mad man who commands the world’s most feared army and navy. He need only whisper the word ‘traitor,’ and a noble family falls to the executioners. Gaius Caesar, Caligula, the most ruthless and maddest of Roman Emperors, was such a man. He feared one thing: death. In Caligula’s mind... more
  • Circadian

    by Derek Blan
    Bruce Garner hasn't slept since surgeons removed a piece of glass embedded in the back of his brain. Some say hes reacting to trauma after all, a vicious to assault leave psychological scars. But his girlfriend Elizabeth thinks differently. Elizabeth sees while others miss, Bruce is changing with the passing of each sleepless night. Whenever she's around him, she feels on easy. His vibe has altered and even medical intelligence cannot explain his increasingly erratic behavior. A mysterious doc... more
  • veneer over murder

    by Albert Bell
    Ghostwriter and antique store owner Maureen Cooper travels to a small town in Georgia to begin work on her next project, but the man she was supposed to write about turns up dead. Trying to find out what happened to him takes her back into a murder case from fifty years earlier.
  • Steal Away

    by BV Lawson

    A con woman hoping to take revenge on the man she feels responsible for her grandmother's death has to fight her growing attraction for a handsome Vermont police detective and the efforts of her nemesis to silence her ... forever. But if she can allow herself to trust her instincts—and the detective—she might just have a fighting chance.

  • Livestock, Dead Stock

    by Seymour Grufferman
    A disgruntled technician at Britain’s premier veterinary laboratory seeks revenge by stealing infectious agents that cause deadly animal diseases from the laboratory’s disease repository. He sells these agents to al-Qaeda who decides to use them to attack US agriculture. To these agents al-Qaeda adds the spores that cause wheat rust disease. Al- Qaeda uses half of the germs to directly attack US livestock. They use the other half to produce more agents at a facility in Yemen. ... more
  • The Third Call

    by Lorhainne Eckhart
    When dispatcher Charlotte Roy passes along a call to bad-boy deputy Marcus O’Connell, they learn a six-year-old child is in danger. Can they save the girl from a desperate situation?
  • Simon Sez

    by Shawn Scuefield
    A series of random murders, each increasing in size and scope, has the police baffled. More concerning, each crime has been committed by a law-abiding citizen, and afterwards, the offender has no memory of their actions, nor are they willing to talk. A wealthy powerbroker, whose son is among the suspects, hires RDC Investigations in hopes of finding mitigating evidence, and clearing his son. This puts private detectives Robert Raines, Dale Gamble, and Ashe, squarely in the middle of the action, ... more
  • Congenital Witness

    by Vickie McGillis
    When a pregnant eighteen-year-old girl is brutally stabbed by a suspected serial killer, she flashes back on her life and all the experiences that had led to this horrific scenario, beginning with her long-lost love. Just before Evelyn Smithson dies, her baby girl is delivered via cesarean section, and the orphaned child is quickly adopted. Thirteen years later, the adolescent girl becomes plagued by nightmares of a murdered pregnant woman she had never seen or met, spiraling her into a dark d... more
  • The Liar's Wife

    by Kiersten Modglin
    Palmer Lewis married a liar. But just how deadly are his lies? Shortly after marrying her soulmate and the birth of their son, the lies begin. First, it’s the phone calls, always held in secret, always deleted from his phone. Then it’s his odd disappearances and the little nagging voice in her head screaming: something is not right. When Palmer follows her gut — and her husband — she catches him with an unfamiliar woman in the park and in his biggest lie thus far. Learning from her p... more
  • Point Roberts

    by Alexander Rigby
    Five strangers forge an unlikely alliance to uncover the identity of the infamous Point Roberts Slayer. On a peculiar peninsula in Washington State, the small town of Point Roberts exists in the shadow of the fifteen people who were murdered here. Surrounded by water and a giant wall that spans its border with Canada, Point Roberts has been cut off from the rest of the world every February for the past twenty-seven years in an attempt to stop a brutal serial killer from striking again. Becaus... more
  • The Cumal Files

    by James Keegan

    "Strap your helmet on, because The Cumal Files is a wild ride you won't soon forget...It is fast-paced and filled with characters that are a joy to spend time with."


    When forty teenage girls disappear from Sydney's streets without a trace the whole city is on edge. Disgruntled police officer, Dan Porter, is one of the few searching and ... more

  • Oriental Illusions

    by James Keegan

    Police investigator Dan Porter returns in ORIENTAL ILLUSIONS, a suspenseful crime-fiction thriller set in Southeast Asia, the riveting sequel to James Keegan's bestselling debut, THE CUMAL FILES.


    Disillusioned with his State Police career after dismantling a global sex-slave network with the Dragon Slayer taskforce, Dan Porter joins the newly-formed Interpol unit in Sydney. When multiple young backpacker... more

  • The Pension Plan

    by Josiah Vencel

    Young reporter Owen Daniels wants nothing more than to be a journalist for a big-city paper. But when he discovers a vast corporate-political conspiracy to murder 80-year-olds in his California town, he is forced to choose between family loyalty and personal ambition. Joined by a police detective and an anonymous pension insider, Owen must delve into the complex world of public pensions to expose a devilishly brilliant plot that few could have imagined—and only one could have orchestrat... more

  • The Wancheen

    by D.P. Conway
    The Wancheen is a rousing, suspenseful, and horrifying historical thriller that spans the centuries. Treasure seeking explorers stumble upon an ancient tomb and unwittingly awaken a terrifying monster created long ago by Pharaoh Thutmose. The plight of the beloved Scottish Queen Mary, her years of struggle and her fate, become mysteriously tied to this creature and her death sets in motion events which will haunt villages along the coast of Ireland for centuries. Fast forward eighty-eight y... more
  • Revenge Soldiers

    by Dan Pagano

    The Revenge Soldiers are orphans raised in an isolated community by strict monks with a monstrous secret. In time their individual superpowers emerge, and they are groomed to become hammers of justice, fighters of monsters.

    But the true monster is in their midst- their brother Johannas. And in the wake of the war he seizes power, systematically killing off enemies and undesirables.

    Now as the final battle approaches, his crimes against humanity has forced the hands of the remnant.... more