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  • Angels in the Shadows

    by joseph blanche
    A young lady uses a veteran combat tracking dog to search for two missing girls and finds herself on the trail of a serial killer.
  • The Furious Way

    by Aaron Philip Clark
    Lucy Ramos is out for blood—she needs to kill a man, but she has no clue how. Lucy calls on the help of aged hit-man, Tito Garza—also known as El Perro of Pedro. Garza’s signature method of killing? Using dogs to maul his targets to death. Now, in his golden years, Garza lives a mundane life in San Pedro, a port town south of downtown Los Angeles. With a backpack full of cash, Lucy persuades Garza to help her murder her mother’s killer, Assistant District Attorney Victor Soto. Together, the forg... more
  • Life Force Preserve Book 1: Anna and the Resurgent of the Precious Blood

    by Courtney Leigh Pahlke
    Anna confronts the mysterious people blending into events following several near-death incidents, only to learn they’re a part of a world-wide organization, that’s been covertly safeguarding her endangered bloodline against another invading presence.
  • Life Force Preserve

    by Courtney Leigh Pahlke
    Anna confronts the mysterious people blending into events following several near-death incidents, only to learn they’re a part of a world-wide organization, that’s been covertly safeguarding her endangered bloodline against another invading presence.
  • Strong As Steel (Caitlin Strong Novels Book 10)

    by Jewel Hart
    Tough-as-nails Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in this electrifying tenth installment of the series, by USA Today bestselling author Jon Land 1994: Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a mass murder on a dusty freight train linked to a mysterious, missing cargo for which no record exists. The Present: His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself on the trail of that same cargo when skeletal remains are found near an excavation site in the Texas desert. She’... more
  • The daughter of patience

    by Hussin alkheder
    It is January 2010, as two police officers emerge from their car and sprint into a building in an old Damascus neighborhood. They are joined moments later by Detective Mansour Chait from the Criminal Security Administration and find the lifeless body of a mother of four daughters and a boy with a congenital bone disorder, inside one of the apartments. After Chait writes his report, he is handed an envelope stuffed with money. A month later, Mullah Abdullah Al-Allab, a religious man is arre... more
  • V.E.N.O.M.: In Venenum Potentia (V.E.N.O.M. Series Book 1)

    by Ty Mitchell

    Do the wrong thing--you're dead

    Do the right thing--the life you know is destroyed

    Do nothing at all and you will have a hand in the biggest global war America has seen since World War II

    These were the only options given to burnt out homicide detective, Jake Penny, after mistakenly exposing the American government's biggest secret that never existed. Now an investigative reporter is digging too deep into his life, the NSA is hawking his every move, a shadow society ... more

  • George's Generations: Through the Magic Doors

    by Gavin Hodgson
    George's Generations is full of excitement, adventure and danger and based on a young 10-year-old called George and his two best friends Peter and Paul. Follow George and his friends as they stumble upon a strange yet magical doorway 50 years into the past, live the experience as George meets his grandparents also aged 10 years old. Follow him and his friends as they travel back and forth through time and embark on a journey of a lifetime that embroils them in danger and adventure at every... more
  • Dark Data: Control, Alt, Delete

    by Douglas Wood
    Paula Janković is no ordinary hacker. With the ability to access any system at any time, Janković utilizes the principles of the “Selfish Ledger” –profiling individuals through their social media accounts; unleashing a superstorm of dark data and fake news; and manipulating these people to do her bidding. But who is at the forefront of such operations? That would be Constantine Petrenko, a seasoned Russian criminal whose hunger for world domination takes center stage as he enlists a myriad of ta... more
  • Executing Justice: Concrete, Crooks and Blood

    by Chris Beasley
    Because justice demands blood! Driven by a lust for greed and power, wickedness is on the rise. There is a fight for control of the city’s next generation. Death and destruction gain a foothold until a mysterious man and a band of unlikely heroes rise to take back their future. Overwhelmed and outgunned, the fight rages on! Who will claim the city? Who will establish the next generation? Who will administer justice?
  • Broken Lives (Gialli Picca...nti Book 4)

    by Cesario Picca
    The monsters from the past destroy the future… A monster from the past reemerges in the present destroying the life of three young students and engaging in a fight against time with the promising Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, in charge of solving the difficult case. The suffering of someone who as a child doesn’t know about love but suffers only abuse can turn into the worst nightmare when it triggers that dangerous stress factor that makes anger push a person to cross the hellish th... more
  • we buy houses calgary

    by Mark Michael

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  • The Secrets: A Mirror Estate Suspense Novelette

    by S.L. Fon
    Another miserable day in an ordinary life…until now Dylan is miserable, mourning his mom’s death, and drowning in debts. He has a mysterious key from his mother—supposed to reveal hidden secrets—but he has no idea what or where they are. Until an attorney shows up and turns his life upside down. He’s invited to meet his grandparent—one he grew up believing dead. Soon after he arrives at the Mirror Estate, he begins hearing voices, seeing visions and feeling watched. As he begins to unravel s... more
  • Thirteen Across

    by Dan Grant
    Thirteen Across, is a catch-me-if-you-can, high-stakes thriller that keeps you guessing. Seven stops. Seven sets of clues. A race against time. Conspiracies. Lies. Covert research. Will FBI Special Agent Kate Morgan survive? Kate Morgan learns that she’s been called to testify at a U.S. Senate hearing, but Phillip Barnes has other plans for her when he makes his attacks on the nation’s capital personal. And Thirteen Across is just the beginning. An unfolding puzzle charts a course that reveals... more
  • Pixie And The Green Book Mystery

    by Coraline Grace
    Pixie’s day starts with an apple disaster, but things are about to change. On an afternoon trip to her local library, she finds a glowing green book. It magically brings fairytale characters to life out of their stories. But danger is lurking. There’s an evil Book Guardian trying to capture them and rid their books forever. Pixie, our second grade hero will do whatever it takes to help save her new fairytale friends. An action-packed story about perseverance and determination.
  • Legacy of War

    by Ed Marohn
    A new patient triggers Psychologist John Moore’s traumatic memories of his last days of the Vietnam War. Moore is forced to return to modern-day Vietnam, a journey confronting his past war demons: the dying on the killing fields, a rogue CIA agent, corrupt South Vietnamese Army officers, the father he never knew, and the war’s perverted killing machine—the Phoenix Program. In the decaying jungles he fights his anguish compounded by his wife’s death and his growing attraction to a national poli... more