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  • Something Sinister Within

    by R.G.Johansen
    R.G. Johansen takes readers on a spellbinding journey of family drama and first love, combined with a one-hundred-year-old riddle of unsolved murders in the Appalachian foothills in North Carolina. In the year 1967, a highschooler named Jamie Thompson learns what it takes to stand up against evil while desperately trying to fit in with her peers, protect her little brother, and compensate for her addicted mother. Guided by the most unlikely mentor, she discovers her special gift and, in the end,... more
  • Stumble and Fall

    by Amy Rivers

    When uncovering the truth can get you killed, how far will Kate and Tilly go to find justice?

    After losing her father, Kate is working on renovating her desert home. Her new psychological counseling practice provides needed income, and a chance for Kate to find out who she can trust by working from the inside. But searching for these answers puts her in danger and the cost of learning the truth may be more than she can bear. Meanwhile, her sister Tilly has moved back to New Mexico. Fami... more

  • The Final Curtain: A Piper Greene Exeter Mystery

    by Lara Bricker
    When local reporter Piper Greene gets an invitation from Harry Trott, the reclusive bird man of Exeter, to meet him for an early morning interview, she can’t resist. But when she arrives, she finds a murdered body and no sign of Harry. The body belongs to Roy Carmichael, who wanted to build a Revolutionary War-themed arcade on the lot once home to the prestigious Exeter Playhouse, destroyed by a suspicious fire 50 years ago. Opposition to Roy’s plan was huge . . . but was it fatal? Despite ... more
  • The Body In The Barrel

    by Richard Opper
    The Body in the Barrel is a crime novel set in 1973 San Diego, where a Harbor cop and a producer of X-rated films join forces to unearth the past, facing hard truths about their own histories despite opposition from San Diego’s conservative establishment and the Chinese Tong.
  • Rise from the Blue

    by Boade Mandeng
    The book tells us the story of John Nobola, an immigrant of color who came to the United States of America with high hopes of finding refuge and happiness in a noble society. Once there, he realizes that many things have changed, over the course of a few years, from promising to deteriorating. Nobola witnesses various scenes of social violence and destruction; he is then critical of one wing of the political hierarchy which in particular favors those behind the social unrest. At the end, he fe... more
  • A Father's Love: Justice and Forgiveness

    by Jean Defreese Moore
    Retired federal marshal Travis Britt's youngest son, Reid, has completed law school and has married Chipeta, a beautiful Indian girl. But a dangerous mingling of lies, crime, and secrets bring dark clouds over the family. Chipeta struggles with acceptance among the people in Reid's hometown and with her own identity. But Reid can't help her. He is called by God to serve justice and now struggles for his own survival in the dangerous world of organized crime. Knowing the entire family could be in... more
  • Legends of the Circle

    by Stephen J. Galgon
    RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN… OR ARE THEY? THE CIRCLE, a shadow organization of cold-blooded killers, has thrived for almost a century—long before Doug Goodwin ever set foot into the VIP parlor of Tasker’s Bar. The Circle maintains its clandestine status through compulsory bylaws carrying harsh penalties, exacting their own brand of justice on any member that dares question their methods. Throughout the Circle’s illustrious history, only a select few have ever violated those sacred rules... more
  • The Mirror Man

    by J.B. Manas

    Julian Black avoids people. Tormented by the ability to experience their most intimate, painful memories with a single touch, he reluctantly begins using his skill to assist tenacious Philadelphia police detective Lela Mars. But his life is soon upended when he’s captured by an equally gifted man claiming to be from his past—a suave master thief who can make people forget.

    Now this mysterious stranger is ordering Julian to obtain a vital government secret that could shift th... more

  • Where Is She?

    by Marlene Ridgway
    Why did I lie? I hadn’t planned on lying. When that stranger handed me the journal and looked at me with his wide, desperate eyes, I wasn’t planning anything. I intended to give it to whoever asked for it. This wasn’t some elaborate plan or a scheme. I just didn’t open my mouth. It was like my mind decided without me that I should hang on to it. *** ​ All Maggie wanted to do was photograph an old bridge and avoid thinking about the recent death of her mother. What she wasn’t planning to fi... more
  • Hero Haters

    by Ken MacQueen
    Jake Ockham had a dream job, investigating nominees for the Pittsburgh-based Sedgewick Medallion—the nation’s highest civilian award for heroism. Obligations drag him home to the gritty Pacific port of Aberdeen, Washington, to edit his family’s newspaper. Trouble follows as medalists Jake vetted go missing. He is a suspect in the disappearances, and unbeknownst to him, a target of the kidnappers. Aided by resourceful friends, the trail leads to the Dark Web where imprisoned medalists are force... more
  • Dying for a Cocktail

    by Tom Turner
    A grisly murder, a missing girl, a cheating husband and…oh my God, Nick Janzek!? The beautiful Savannah sisters in crime, Jackie and Ryder, open a branch in Charleston and suddenly have their hands full in a new city that’s bewitching, mysterious and, yes, more than a little sinister. The sleuth sisters are muddling along on a baffling murder case when Ryder meets Charleston detective, Nick Janzek. Love at first sight? Not exactly, but give it some time. Love, murder, intrigue, adventure and—a... more
  • Dead Winner

    by Kevin G. Chapman
    Be careful what you wish for . . . Rory McEntyre is a lonely trusts & estates attorney who plays the hero inside video games. Then, his old flame, Monica, walks into his office with a $60 million winning lottery ticket and a world of trouble. Monica’s husband, Tom, is dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot. A homicide detective considers Monica a suspect, so Rory must be her criminal lawyer. Thugs from Tom’s shady business think Monica has incriminating evidence Tom stole from th... more
  • Dead Reckoning, Seventh Pete Culnane Mystery

    by S.L. Smith
    Dead Reckoning: Seventh Pete Culnane Mystery Ramsey County District Court Judge Charles Canby is found murdered high on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, along St. Paul’s Cherokee Trail. St. Paul Police investigators, Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney, battle their way through the politics and loyalties of the Judge’s turbulent life. Facts revealed in the process raise disturbing questions about how the victim became and remained a judge. To solve this case, they must discover and... more
  • The Website: Child crime and the dark net

    by Miriam Verbeek

    Saskia van Essen consults to large financial institutions, helping them secure their systems against hackers. She's very familiar with the dark net and she hunts those who abuse its concealments. At the request of Interpol, she takes an assignment on the island of Si'Empra and negotiates complex cultures and irascible leaders to track down the criminals running an international operation to sell images of abused children. Some of the children she can save. All she can do others is stop the su... more

  • Fleischman's Will

    by Dick Carmel
    This novel examines the age-old question: do the ends ever justify the means? When a client dies before signing his will, his lawyer innocently forges the signature, leading to dangerous complications. The lawyer, disinherited family of the deceased, and the unrelated beneficiary under the will, must all make twisted compromises with federal prosecutors, corrupt politicians, crime lords, and the family of the deceased to avoid prosecution, legal disbarment, and disinheritance. The beneficiary gi... more
  • Days of the Hunters: Intrigue, Mayhem, and Romance in Sunny Italy

    Murder, Intrigue, and Romance in Sunny Tuscany. CIA officer Sandra Harrington takes the lead and hurries from her Paris apartment to Tuscany to assist her partner Hayden Stone who has escaped death from a suicide bomber. To find and neutralize the terrorists, Sandra travels to Cyprus and Beirut and only escapes death by outshooting a murderous gang. Meanwhile, former FBI agent Hayden Stone pursues a terrorist mastermind who is intent on overthrowing the Saudi Arabian monarchy and blowing up F... more