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  • Fangs of Deception by T. K. Orbelyan

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Marketing
    “We couldn’t care less about what a tiny minority of people think they know. We own the media, we own the courts. Hell, we own the whole bloody system, everything. There’s no stopping what we’re doing, Terry. Surely you’ve understood that by now.” Just days after Carl Palmer introduces his new girlfriend to his cousin Terry at a family get-together, where he reveals explosive information he has discovered about the pandemic and the vaccines, he disappears into thin air. This forces Terry to d... more
  • Tragedy in Tahoe: Rylie Sunderland Mysteries Book 1

    by Rachele Baker

    “Plenty of suspense, interesting characters, and a fascinating location kept me reading.” 

    “I kept turning page after page until I'd suddenly reached the unexpected and climatic conclusion. It's so good." 

    After the veterinary hospital where she worked burns to the ground, Rylie takes a summer job as a part-time caretaker at an old Lake Tahoe estate turned B & B called Whitaker Cottages while she tries to f... more

  • Flotsam

    by Patricia Boomsma
    Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Flynn is called to a crime scene where a foot in a running shoe has washed up along the Pacific shoreline. While there, she meets Therese, the mother of Diyanni, a young Indigenous woman who has been missing for almost a month. At first Kelly resists Therese's plea for help, but when she learns about the dismissive attitude of the city police, Kelly decides to help Therese work through the jurisdictional maze of law enforcement agencies. Kelly finds herself in a... more

    by Roos van der Jagt
    Welcome to Celestia House, where enigmatic secrets and profound mysteries lurk within opulent walls. This thrilling tale takes you on an extraordinary journey filled with intrigue, suspense, and the complex interplay of human desires. In the heart of a bustling metropolis, the mansion known as Celestia House stands as an embodiment of the deepest longings of human souls. When it goes up for sale, a bidding war erupts, and the victor becomes the keeper of its secrets. As the new owner cross... more
  • Flora Investigates: The Case of the Missing Gold Eggs

    by Saloni Surah
    Flora is a 10 year old detective living in Florence who has just opened up her very own Detective Agency. She lands her first paid case to find a missing gold egg laying chicken whilst drumming up business in Grassina, where she sees a flying pirate ship; hears a gunshot; and a woman wailing. She meets a dithery hunter before finding Lucia sobbing next to broken chicken hutch because her much loved gold-egg laying chicken (Gina) has been stolen, along with some of her eggs. The suspects li... more
  • Immortalised to Death: The Dunston Burnett Trilogy

    by Lyn Squire
    Debut author Lyn Squire kicks off his electrifying Dunston Burnett Trilogy with legendary Victorian novelist Charles Dickens dead at his desk, pen still in hand. The mystery unravels as Dickens’ nephew and unlikely detective Dunston Burnett, tries to find the solution of his uncles’ unfinished novel. Convinced that the identity of Dickens’ murderer lies in the book's missing conclusion, Dunston becomes obsessed with investigating those closest to Dickens. A stunning revelation crowns this tale a... more
  • Tulle Death Do Us Part: A Material Witness Mystery

    by Diane Vallere

    Polyester Monroe, quirky amateur sleuth and proud owner of Material Girl, the most colorful fabric store in San Ladrón, California, unravels the threads of a new mystery in TULLE DEATH DO US PART… When the historic Waverly House is transformed into a wedding venue, the town buzzes with excitement. An out-of-town couple with the loosest of local ties has adopted them as their own. But amidst the celebration, tragedy strikes when a guest is found dead in the chapel before the wedd... more

  • The Case of the Zombie Ninjas: Dotty Morgan Supernatural Sleuth Book Two

    by Erik Martin
    Twelve-year-old supernatural sleuth, Dotty Morgan, becomes embroiled in an ancient conflict between rival supernatural factions who all want the same thing—the Japanese sword her father gave her on her last birthday. The timing couldn’t be worse. She’s busy navigating the complications of middle school romance with her girlfriend, Hannah, and dealing with her mother who wants to ask Dotty’s former bully to move in. Somehow, she makes time to investigate a four-hundred-year-old murder to keep saf... more
  • The Doomsday Code

    by Sara Yager

    In an artificial intelligence lab in Shanghai, something has gone terribly wrong. Days after a major breakthrough in machine learning, CyberGen Industries' lead AI scientist is dead—and their precious prototype has vanished into the ether. An investigation reveals that, against all odds, the lab's “unhackable” system has been breached.

    The discovery, an algorithm mimicking human intelligence, is growing quickly—becoming more cunning and unpredictable with each passing hour. Soon its cap... more

  • The Case of the French Fry Phantom: Dotty Morgan Supernatural Sleuth Book One

    by Erik Martin
    When a potato pilfering phantom targets Elderton, twelve-year-old supernatural sleuth, Dotty Morgan, takes the case. Her investigation uncovers a plot to enslave the townspeople. Dotty must identify the culprit before it is too late. Complicating matters are the bullies who harass Dotty at every opportunity, the adults who won’t listen to her, and her crush on the dangerous new girl, Hannah.
  • The Daedalus Protocol

    by Jeff Sheckter
    A deadly pathogen has been unleashed across the globe, killing livestock and destroying crops as it spreads. A near-extinction event from worldwide famine will be certain if it’s not stopped in time. A mysterious man known only as Daedalus, possessing advanced technology and seemingly unlimited resources, has assembled a crew of notable soldiers and scientists for a mission to stop the coming plague. Embarking on a perilous archeological odyssey, this elite team, led by SEAL commander Gry... more
  • Dreams and Illusions

    by Rebecca Olmstead
    Twenty-eight-year-old Gabrielle Dorian has the gift of dreams, making her an outsider in the small town of Whitman, Washington. Especially when her dreams can't save her own family. Determined that God has turned on her, Gabrielle wants to forget her so-called gift and live a normal life. But when her estranged sister is accused of first degree murder in Seattle, Gabrielle abandons everything to save the only family she has left. She'll have to decipher her cryptic dreams and overcome a bitte... more
  • All Our Lies Are True

    by Lisa Manterfield
    For far too long, Abby Kirkpatrick has lived with survivor’s guilt. She was only six when her twin sister, Cassie, vanished without a trace from the room where they slept, an unsolved mystery that continues to haunt her family. Now, Abby is ready for a fresh start—a new town and a promising career in child psychology. Maybe if she can save just one child, it will ease her conscience about losing Cassie. But when Cassie’s remains are discovered, Abby’s family is thrust into a devastating “tri... more
  • The Feather's Push: A Near-Future Speculative Fiction Thriller (Relented)

    by Noel Zamot
    In the aftermath of a horrific accident, Lieutenant Amber Drake awakens to a chilling reality: she can sense hidden emotions through touch. The ability draws government interest, plunging her into a shadow world. But when the condition takes its toll, Amber is deemed unfit and cast aside. She has one last shot at redemption: shadow a young college professor named Kelly Austin, and her partner Simon Lyons—a man with the disturbing ability to see seconds into the future. As she begins her miss... more
  • Shirts and Skins

    by Michael D. Urban

    Shirts and Skins is the first mystery in a new multi-volume series featuring Carlos Pulaski, a Boston-based disgraced judge turned private investigator. It finds Carlos recently bounced from the bench, disbarred, and struggling to launch his PI business. Divorced, broke, forced to crash in the gatehouse of a rich friend’s estate, his luck seemingly changes when an old pal with a gambling habit, Otto Chin, hires him to investigate a murder at Razor Stadium, home of the Northeast Pilgr... more

  • The Shades Dripped Red: A Nick Montaigne Mystery

    by Peter Kurtz

    Based on a horrific, unsolved true crime in the author’s old neighborhood, THE SHADES DRIPPED RED is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his lauded BLACK JACKKNIFE, featuring suave private detective Nick Montaigne and ex-cop Vern Wister. The subject again is murder, only this time the duo travels from their home base of Atlanta to a small town in Ohio seemingly lost in time. Here, they struggle with COVID-era, small-town provincialism, espionage, and the military-industrial complex whi... more