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  • See Naples and Die

    by Andrea Tonty
    Angela Palmer returns to Naples with her cousin Nick Robinson seven years after her husband Gregory fell to his death. After prolonged grief, at last she hopes she can accept the past and also rejoin her Neapolitan family that is ready to welcome her with open arms. Angela is an academic specializing in the history of ballet, and, working with Nick, a retired professor, she hopes at last to move forward on projects that were stalled in the aftermath of Gregory’s death. Once in Naples, unexpected... more
  • The Wailings

    by B.G. Craig
    "When Madam limped toward her, Rei didn’t look up. She couldn’t look up. Because she only knew one thing for certain. Don’t look her in the eyes." ~ Rei’s memories slip through her fingers. Every ninth night another sibling is adopted, and each time she can only recall a blurry, featureless head. Without her mind to rely on, she must create a system of notetaking to help her make sense of the strange and twisted orphanage. This novella is told through a series of nonlinear vig... more
  • Magic in Errors

    by Sneha Babu
    Magic in Errors is a poignant novella that delves into the intricate workings of the universe, all sparked by a neon-colored hair tie. Over the course of a few fateful days, this seemingly insignificant accessory travels through the hands of six individuals from diverse walks of life- strangers, lovers, friends, and enemies; each embodying a distinct societal evil. Every encounter sets off a chain reaction of events, forever altering their lives in ways they never could have imagined. Amidst th... more
  • To John Love Lauri: 2nd Edition

    by Samuel H. Martin
    Samael Apollos had an eventful birth in August of 1977. He would not know officially until 2021 why. Samael was not aware of his father until a surprise utterance on his sixth birthday. What happened to Samael's bio dad? The mystery carved a path from Wyoming to Virginia. Stolen cars, prison escapes, drugs, human trafficking, missing persons, and murder littered Samael's path to learning the fate of his father. The journey carved up Samael's emotions and mental well-being. The story begins in an... more
  • The Digital Wallpaper

    by Anna Maeve
    In "The Digital Wallpaper," Maeve ventures into the heart of modern psychological suspense, skillfully reimagining the timeless classic, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In this short story meet Emily, a woman trapped in a smart home that should provide every comfort but ends up becoming her silent prison. As a promising tech journalist, she embraces the potential of smart technology, moving into a state-of-the-art home with her husband, John, who is both her partner and he... more
  • The Ring Academy: The Trials of Imogene Sol

    by CL Walters
    Imogene Sol has worked hard to be a top-10 cadet at The Ring Academy on Serta. When the Final Trials begin—tests to determine her job placement—she’s ready. Her hope to shed her infamous name—a name synonymous with her traitor parents—rides on her performance. When a mysterious saboteur interferes with her Trials, Imogene must uncover who’s behind the treachery but who can she trust? The stakes aren’t just for her future anymore but her life.
  • The Palisades

    by Gail Lynn Hanson
    Dorothy Fiske, eighty-three, adores movie stars, jewelry, murder mysteries, and men. At twenty-five, inspired by Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury, she moved to Los Angeles from a religiously strict Midwestern home. Despite the glamour, Dorothy, heartbroken, was childless. She blamed her sweet, unambitious husband, Eugene, claiming his sperm was weak, but Dorothy knows the truth. Ruth, a sixty-six-year-old home health aide, fears eviction from her LA apartment due to her unusual, antisocial behav... more
  • Conspiracy of Lies

    by Richard S. Rachlin
    Set in Miami, the legal thriller. Conspiracy of Lies, tells the story of a young lawyer, who in taking on his first drug case unwittingly finds himself in the crosshairs of the CIA and a ruthless federal prosecutor desperate to keep secret their ties to the Santolisma cartel. While Jake’s law practice is finally beginning to take off, at home, his marriage is crumbling. He has broken a solemn promise to Elena, his wife, not to defend drug dealers due to her traumatic experiences as a child in... more
  • Breaking Backbones: From Chaos to Order

    by Deb Radcliff
    In this exciting conclusion to the Breaking Backbones Trilogy, Cy and Ying are locked in a lover's triangle while their respective governments try to exploit them for access to a powerful AI named Telos. When a cyberwar erupts taking out power in America, France, and China, Ying and Cy are driven closer together, ultimately forcing them to make the most difficult decisions of their lives.
  • Breaking Backbones: Information Should be Free, book II of the hacker trilogy

    by Deb Radcliff
    After successfully breaking GlobeCom in book I, Cy's hacker clan gets ahold of a new AI that was 'liberated' from a Russian work camp. As they use the AI to uncover the criminals behind GlobeCom and out them on social media, Cy must protect her family from powerful enemies bent on getting control of the AI.
  • Fangs of Deception

    by TK Orbelyan
    The story begins with the main protagonist (Terry) and his wife driving to the village of Bibury in the Cotswolds to visit Terry’s relatives and to meet his cousin’s girlfriend. It is October 2022. Terry is looking forward to a weekend of interesting conversations with Carl, who is a researcher/investigator and always has fascinating information to share about government cover-ups, false flag attacks and other events that would be deemed ‘conspiracy theories’. When he meets Carl’s girlfriend how... more
  • Under the Cocoon Moon

    by Kathleen Bailey
    A dead body in the woods … A rare sapphire is missing … The connection changes her life forever. Olivia Penn is looking forward to spending time with her friends and family over the holidays in her hometown of Apple Station, Virginia. The Christmas season’s spirit has sparked a new romance, and all is looking merry and bright, until she is mistaken for a dead woman. When a stranger makes a wild accusation involving the parents of the man she’s falling for, Olivia faces a no-win situation. ... more
  • Vengeful Mistakes

    by Ocean Adams
    It's a crime thriller about Scott Murphy, a Vietnam veteran turned hitman for a Colombian cartel. Scott hasn't worked for the cartel since he screwed over their boss and did a runner from them in the 1980s. While Scott is on the run from the Texas Police, he's recognized in Miami by a former cartel colleague. Scott must confront a soul-crushing ultimatum that propels him into the life he'd thought he'd left behind for good. Bound by his past sins, he faces an impossible choice: redemption or rec... more
  • Secrets in the Storm

    by Avery Woodall
    For years, Casper Skylar has been haunted by stormy seas in his dreams, their intensity growing with each passing night. When he stumbles upon a perplexing symbol on a package, an irresistible urge pushes him to seek answers. With the support of his newfound friend, Beatrix, a spirited and curious girl with her own intriguing secrets, they set out together on an unforgettable quest to uncover the truth. Yet, as they plunge deeper into the mysteries that surround them, more questions arise, le... more
  • Nothing But The Truth

    by Donna Kennedy
    Here was a successful couple, forever in conflict with each other despite their undeniable love, a love plagued by lies and threatened by a mysterious person known only as “forevermrshughes.” This elusive figure continued to interfere with their lives throughout Book 2, The Whole Truth, but whoever it is wasn’t the only one dominating Dahlia’s thoughts and insecurities. She had been the victim of childhood abuse and when her abuser, her stepfather, wound up dead, Dahlia was arrested. By the time... more
  • The Whole Truth

    by Donna Kennedy
    The Whole Truth, takes us more deeply into both Dahlia and Roland's backgrounds, exploring why and how these lies, and now even more lies, could further damage their pending marriage. They are expecting a baby, but is that baby theirs? Dahlia’s mentally unstable former husband, Daniel, is out to convince Roland it isn’t. Making Daniel’s plan even easier to execute is the fact that Dahlia’s abusive stepfather winds up dead, and in Dahlia’s memoir, investigators find the most likely motive for his... more