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  • Bad Cop

    by Peter Sarda

    After putting away the head of the Albanian mafia in Hamburg, Homicide Detectives Thomas Ritter and Motz Beck are confronted with a bloody war to control the local drug trade in the mobster’s absence. First an Albanian courier is shotgunned to death at the edge of Hamburg Harbor. Then a Hells Angel gets the same treatment on the Alster River. As the bodies pile up, Ritter and Beck are forced to work with an organized crime expert, a burned-out narcotics agent with his own drug issues. B... more

  • The Ridders

    by Lisa Towles
    Young PI, BJ Janoff is randomly approached by a stranger with a proposition he can’t refuse – a million dollars to deliver an envelope to a hotel lobby. The pusher forces him to accept the money upfront and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t deliver the envelope in three days. BJ’s growing obsession with the envelope’s contents leads him down a treacherous path toward the game orchestrators - where he discovers a large-scale political controversy, a treasure hunt for a priceless sword, and a gl... more
  • Shadow Valley

    by Nik Xandir Wolf
    It’s 1988 and Heath Walker, who spent most of his life in group homes, bartends and sells weed to keep the lights on for his ailing foster mom. When Heath meets and quickly falls for the brazen and beautiful Rori Burke at his bar, he kicks off a series of events that leave both his mother and a cop dead, and Rori’s father—a crooked small-town police chief—on their trail. As the young couple tears away on their journey from Santa Cruz communes to cartel territory in Baja, Heath carries w... more
  • Related By Murder

    by Robin Castle
    Elise Edwards exists in a cocoon of routine designed to protect her from the outside world. When her brother Chester is murdered, her dismal life is shattered, and she’s forced to confront her past, her brother, and herself. Working with her nemesis to investigate Chester’s murder, she uncovers shocking secrets…including her nemesis’ lack of alibi. Has Elise been cavorting with a killer? As Elise investigates further, the list of Chester’s enemies keeps growing…and it includes Elise’s best frie... more
  • Blood Sapphire's Revenge / 979-8-9854343-3-0 / B09NYJT6BX

    by Dr. Bruce Farmer
    After shooting a notorious Islamic extremist in the Hadhramaut Mountains of Yemen with a record-setting sniper shot, Israel Defense Force Staff Sergeant Haddy Abrams finds herself in the crosshairs of a diabolical Eastern European oligarch known only as “X”. After narrowly surviving a targeted suicide bombing assassination attempt, a trauma scarred Haddy sets off resolutely to settle the score with a diabolical merchant of death who is hell-bent on the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem. Acros... more
  • Angled For Revenge - Murial Robertson #2

    by Sarah Ickes

    First, the voice, Second, the note. Third, the bullet! And it all began with an invitation from a man named Bernard Shetron.

    Since coming back home from Arizona, Murial Robertson has been enjoying her new life running the old family farm with her cousin, Walter, and her friend, Jack. That is, until an unidentified prowler is spotted on their land and her mother decides to embark on a journey to California with a man she is quite fond of, Mr. Shetron.

    When Murial and Jack accompany... more

  • Dissection: A Medical and Political Thriller

    by Bruce Bortz
    D.C. heart surgeon Dr. Steven Leeds is suddenly besieged by a handful of immensely complicated heart attack and stroke cases, all caused by a rare arterial injury—a dissection. And all the victims have first received innocuous-looking cards announcing: “Your heart attack/stroke will arrive within one hour!” Private detective Kirk Miner and FBI agent Jack Mulville investigate, and they immediately suspect Leeds’ former lover, Dr. Silvana Moretti, a brilliant research scientist who harbors a g... more
  • Money For Nothing

    by Karen S. Gordon

    Vance Courage and Lauren Gold are back on their old turf in Miami but their relationship has been strained recently.

    Vance's 13-year-old nephew, Ethan Jones, confides that detectives came to the house questioning his mom about a murder. The victim, Silk Hart, is a bestselling erotica writer whose body was discovered in a Miami Beach hotel room. Vance needs Lauren's help to figure out how his sister is involved.

    Lauren agrees to dig for information but soon discovers there&... more

  • Hunters Point

    by Peter Kageyama
    Katsuhiro, ‘Kats’ Takemoto is a war hero turned private detective in the exploding metropolis of San Francisco in 1958. Drawn into a deadly cover- up, Kats investigates the US Navy, the west coast organized crime families, and the North Beach Beat scene in search of the truth that hides in the cold waters of San Francisco Bay. The first book of the new Kats Takemoto Adventure Series!
  • Crossroads of Life

    by Jayita Bhattacharjee
    This novel is about an introvert woman Margaret and how she battles in her life against the urban socialites and elitists to find her voice and freedom. Every step of the way, she is challenged to rise above everything and she does it with power in her courage.. Her life became knotted with pleasure and pain, courage and brokenness, but ultimately, she emerged triumphant in the most glorious way. When Bella and John met her, she was a withdrawn girl, holding onto her hopes as a bud in shy, but t... more
  • The Shepherd's Burden

    by Ryan Young
    Staff Sergeant Daniel Jefferies has returned home to upstate NY after nearly being killed in an ambush in Iraq. Plagued by the trauma of war, he struggles to find his place in a world that he no longer recognizes. He feels disconnected from his family and friends. But, none of his burdens are heavier than the terrifying secret that he has kept about a mysterious encounter from his youth. When a suspicious murder occurs, he will discover that he has been chosen for a purpose that transcends life ... more
  • Saving Bonnie (Rob Madden Series #3)

    by John Witzel
    ROB MADDEN HAS A SCORE TO SETTLE. he must save her... or is it him who needs saving? “For God’s sake, kill me!” Cried undercover DEA Agent Bonnie McCord to members of the Sola Mesa Drug Cartel as they repeatedly raped her. In Bolivia, where DEA agents are prohibited, her supervisors took the risk of assigning her deep in the heart of the drug-producing region to collect critical intelligence on cartel operations. Her cover was blown by both the US Embassy and a vindictive jilted suitor. Would ... more
  • Senile Squad: Adventures of the Old Blues

    by Chris LeGrow
    Grab your walker, secure your catheter, and make sure there’s double adhesive on your dentures! Then hang on for dear life because you are about to ride along with the covert Senile Squad—a bunch of elderly cops who refuse to stop catching crooks. Fighting street crime the old-fashioned way is their modus operandi. The Ol’ Blues, led by their cigar-chewing Sarge, bring justice back to the streets of Omaha by taking down a brutal Sudanese kingpin who thinks he’s a powerful gang lord. Crime fig... more
  • The Arsenic Box

    by GH Fryer
    The lives of three very different women collide in this contemporary murder mystery about the lengths they would go to for their passions, desires, and justice. Mary Otto is grieving the death of her husband, Geoff, in a tragic car accident. When his death has suddenly been ruled a homicide, she seeks out justice with the help of her closest friend. Together the two women hunt a killer by piecing together the secrets and lies that all point to the enigmatic Verity Georgeson, whose past includes... more
  • Eye of the Ocelot

    by Volta Rose
    Under the waning light of a late-summer day, a visit to a quiet fishing spot leads to a macabre discovery: the slaughter of an endangered ocelot. From the moment she arrives on the scene, Detective Abigail Fiorelli begins to interweave a series of seemingly unrelated clues: a mysterious pendant with two crescent moons surrounding a dagger, distinctive tracks along the Cape Cod shoreline, and incriminating traces of DNA. A serendipitous discovery in the personal ads hints at a connection with ... more
  • The Excursion: A gripping suspense thriller with heart

    by T. O. Paine


    Charly Highsmith is a survivor. Abandoned by her parents, she spent her teens looking after her autistic brother on the bitter streets of Denver, Colorado, with nothing but a jacket and a backpack.

    But things are better now. Charly and Jacob live in a two-bedroom apartment near a mall, and with the passing of their long-lost father, they've inherited a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains. Charly's eager to go there. Relive the good... more