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  • Mystery of the Eight Islands

    by Terry Ambrose
    Apartment manager and amateur sleuth McKenna wants a break from solving murders. Too bad his best friend, wannabe PI Chance Logan, doesn’t feel the same. Chance has found a case he thinks McKenna’s going to love—the death of prominent attorney Julian Carr, and the theft of a 125-year-old necklace that’s worth a quarter of a million dollars. Before long, McKenna’s feeling pressured from all sides—find the necklace, solve the murder. Sure. Why not just add save the world?
  • Jazzed

    by Jill Dearman
    Academic geniuses, Wilhelmina “Will” Reinhardt and Dorothy “Dolly” Raab, become roommates at Barnard in the early 1920s, a time when college for women was a rarity. Socially awkward Will, grieving her mother’s death, is fascinated by Dolly, a beautiful, charming rebel with an insatiable taste for adrenaline. Both musicians, they come alive at Harlem jazz clubs, and Prohibition-era speakeasies. Dazzled by the world they are discovering together, their romance ignites. But while Will is obsessed w... more
  • To Catch the Setting Sun

    by Richard I Levine
    There’s a killer loose on the island of Oahu. His targets? Young, native-Hawaiian women. But it also appears that he’s targeting and taunting Honolulu police detective Henry Benjamin who knew each victim and whose wife, Maya, had been the first name on that list. In addition to battling his personal demons, this New York transplant’s aggressive style didn’t sit well with his laid-back colleagues who viewed Henry’s uncharacteristic lack of progress in the investigation as evidence that fueled ong... more
  • The Empty Confessional

    by Tom Hogan
    Everything is going Gabe Russell's way. He's successful in his new job, he's a martial arts expert, his novel's about to be published, and he's got a crush on a woman at work that appears to be reciprocated. There's just one problem: Gabe is a priest. And he's coming undone.The Empty Confessional is a story of righteous vengeance-and its costs. Torn between his attraction to his former teacher and his calling, Gabe finds release for his religious and sexual frustration through violent penance-re... more
  • Burned

    by Sarah Hualde
    Stalking an old nemesis… …she discovers a hidden plot. As a deceptive advisor is snuffed out. Penny Nicols brings her “gift” to Billington. Searching for her sister, she’s determined to stand her ground. One woman holds the keys to Penny’s link between her past and the present. When is history better left buried? When the Raven is the one telling the story. Dinah, Penny’s old advocate, is struck down before her eyes. Penny’s long-distance friend T.C. continues to help her tr... more
  • Unbalanced

    by Jason Parent
    By-the-book Detective Asante Royo can only clean up Fall River’s filth for so long without getting dirty. When he’s called to an apparent suicide at an apartment complex notorious for its prostitution and drug trade, he doesn’t shed a tear for the life wasted. Yet something about the scene haunts him, and when his investigation gets swept under the rug, he has a hard time living with the stain. Jaden Sanders is an unstable loner who lives across the hall from the crime scene. When three men bre... more
  • Tough Luxe

    by Diane Vallere
    Fashionista Samantha Kidd’s new role as style columnist for the local paper encourages her to attend events and discover new trends. But when an out-of-the-blue invitation to visit an acquaintance arrives, standing out is the last thing she wants. The acquaintance is the heiress to a pretzel fortune—or she would be if she were free. Instead, she’s quietly serving a double life sentence after being convicted of killing her media mogul husband. When new evidence surfaces, the heiress is ready to b... more
  • Bright Eyes: A Kunoichi Tale

    by David Kudler

    Can one girl stop a killer?

    The future of Japan hangs in the balance, and it's up to a girl who likes to climb to save the day

    Two armies have descended on the Full Moon, and the war that has torn Japan apart for over a century threatens to destroy Lady Chiyome's school for young shrine maidens (and assassins).

    In this thrilling sequel to Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale, Risuko must face warlords, samurai, angry cooks, a ... more

  • Revenge in 3 Parts

    by Valerie J. Brooks
    Her sister is dead. The FBI, the mob, and a stalker all played a part. Now they’d better watch their backs… Angeline Porter won’t budge from her convictions. After getting disbarred for breaking the rules to put a criminal away, the former attorney still believes in doling out justice. So when her troubled sibling takes her own life, Angeline’s quest for the truth turns into a frenzied hunt for vengeance. Caught in a whirlpool of grief, her relentless chase for answers exposes an ugly chai... more
  • Blood Under the Oaks

    by M. G. Faust
    Tressa Harrison, a timid social worker, has always seen the best in people. After a robbery rocks her sense of security, she quits her job and moves to suburbia. She loves her cozy new neighborhood but things aren't always what they seem. Her plans to devote time to settling into her home and volunteering are upended when her friend Laura Mills is murdered and Tressa is named as a person of interest. Claire Taylor is a prim street-smart woman. Her nephew is accused of murdering a drug dealer... more
  • Dagger Quest

    by Edward Hochsmann
    It is a time of international crisis in Europe, with Russia threatening Poland and Lithuania, NATO mobilizing, and leaders on both sides talking openly of war. Far from the crisis point, a Russian bomber flying near U.S. airspace southeast of Miami collides with a U.S. fighter, triggering the accidental launch of a nuclear-tipped hypersonic missile toward Florida. The missile is lost from radar—all anyone knows is that the warhead did not explode, and the missile did not crash on land. Both g... more
  • The Purple Dolphin

    by M.S. Saxon
    1960's - 1990's North East England Contemporary women's crime fiction novel following two rival families. The Grimshaws are market traders, the Morettis - known criminals with a grudge. Catherine is left holding things together when brother Steven is incarcerated, her mother becomes mentally ill and her father arranges his own exit. Steven has his own personal war to fight behind bars, while Catherine goes sleuthing to find her missing nephew. Along the way she uncovers hidden family secrets, ... more
  • Day Sixteen

    by Tammie Painter
    At first Moire's sleepwalking incidents don't faze her. She's never had them before, so surely they'll pass. But when she notices they keep happening at a specific time each month, she wonders if there's something more to her nightly wanderings. Thinking it might be hormonal, she goes to her doctor and receives a prescription for birth control. When her husband Neil, who works as a researcher at a fertility clinic, discovers them he overreacts, even though he's aware Moire doesn't want childr... more
  • Grief Club

    by JL Bowers
    Jessica Mulraney and Damian Ford are two strangers whose lives have been torn apart by loss. Grief Club was meant to be their sanctuary, a place to help them heal and recover from their grief. But strange things begin to happen at the meetings; and as they learn more about each other and the other members, they come to a shocking realization. What ties the members of Grief Club together is more than grief. And the support group that was meant to be their refuge, might turn out to be their rui... more
  • Tagalong

    by George Encizo
    When the ten-year-old daughter of a prominent attorney is kidnapped, Sheriff JD Pickens goes into overdrive to recover the girl only to discover that things aren't always how they appear. For one thing, the daughter is adopted and doesn't know it. For another thing, her uncle is a federal prosecutor who wants to help. Then there is the ransom note - an email message that warns the girl's mother not to contact the authorities. Fearful for her daughter's life, she is reluctant to tell the sheriff... more
  • Rampage in the Hills

    by J. E. Staab
    When a State Police officer is murdered on his own front porch, the governor asks for the Pennsylvania Department of Investigation to take the case. The ensuing inquiry ties the murder to a group of drug-dealing kids in a small Pennsylvania town, and Jordan Bell goes undercover as a high school student to infiltrate the gang. In the meantime, Jordan is pulled deeper into an FBI investigation of a huge crime syndicate and becomes involved in a human trafficking operation tucked away in rural We... more