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  • Swarm

    by Guy Morris

    SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.

    Derek Taylor, fugitive hacker and contractor to the National Security Agency is living under the name of a murdered best friend, hiding from powers who still want him dead. Taylor’s ties to a terrorist hacker group called SNO leave him open to investigation by Lt. Jennifer Scott, the daughter of a Joint Chief—a woman determined to go to any l... more

  • Executive Bone Yard - A Novel of Betrayal, Greed and Shattered Dreams

    by Michael A. Sisti
    A discredited power attorney gets fired and struggles to survive. The helpless widow of a recently deceased client, calls him seeking advice and comfort. Now retired, the lawyer has a chance meeting with a desperate co-founder of a failing company. This trusted advisor, hired to save his clients, uses his legal skills to ruthlessly prey on their companies. For these entrepreneurs, their business represents their life, their future. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride as they are betrayed,... more
  • The Heart Of An Eye ISNB: B08GRNCNPC

    by Iulia C. Bocaneala
    'The Heart of An Eye' represents an unique fiction novel that explores — the facets of the human condition, including the function and role of society, the nature, and motivation of human acts, the purpose of life, ethics or morals —the role of experience or reason in the development of knowledge, whether there exists free will. The novel presents an ambiguous and ironic projection of the ideal state— for a future in which society is entirely based on logic and modeled after mechanical system... more
  • New Horizons

    by Christopher Webster

    Kids call it The Compound - an endless wilderness enclave where teens rule and everyday is a fight for survival. A world out-of-time where an elaborate youth culture has arisen out of violence and scarcity, and all live under the thumb of unseen masters who have ultimate control.

    15 year-old Marcus Riley is the Compound’s latest enrollment. A delinquent, kidnapped from his inner-city apartment, he awakens alone in the wilderness. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a... more

  • A Mark of Strength

    by Christopher Webster

    The compound is in chaos! Following the victory against Talon’s vicious clan, a wounded Adam struggles to lead his united tribe of loners and control New Horizons. But as rumor and paranoia sweep through the ranks, threatening to end his short reign, a mysterious message arrives that puts everyone’s loyalty to the test.

    Meanwhile, Marcus, Elle and Scab struggle to adjust to the outside world in the wake of their daring escape. Who can they trust as they work to discover more... more

  • Murder at St Margaret: A humorous paranormal cozy mystery

    by Lynn Morrison

    A dead chef. A ruined gala. And the ghosts didn't see a thing.

    As Oxford's new Head of Ceremonies, Natalie Payne's first task is to plan St Margaret's autumn gala. However, her plans are dashed when she finds their famed chef dead in the kitchen.

    And then a centuries-old cat informs Nat she has her own magical legacy... and responsibilities. A murder in the halls is a sure sign that something has gone wrong with Oxford's magical prote... more

  • A Cell in San Antonio

    by Michele E. Gwynn

    From the world of New York Times Bestselling Author Barry Eisler comes a fan fiction novella, John Rain: A Cell in San Antonio by Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn.


    John Rain has 24 hours to repay a favor...the only way he knows how!


    On the run from the Yakuza, Rain reluctantly takes a detour to the Alamo City to take out the son of the leader of an up and coming Mexican drug cartel. The Hands of Death have invaded yakuza ter... more

  • Windfall: A Henry Lysyk Mystery

    by Byron TD Smith
    Henry Lysyk is a Vancouver-based accountant whose penchant for the underdog has cost him his career and his marriage, and inadvertently earned him the gratitude of an eclectic mix of characters willing to repay a favor. How much more is Henry willing to lose for the strangers he lives with, as the trail of a fifty-year old ransom leads a murderous treasure-hunter to his doorstep? Windfall: A Henry Lysyk Mystery blends fiction and true crime to provide a “What if…” answer to what happened after DB... more
  • Before the Killing

    by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    A time-travel tale of love and murder… In the summer of 1973, Cassie returns to coastal New England after her first year away at college. The next day, her hometown boyfriend, Julian, is implicated in a brutal killing. Seven years later, a spark from a small meteorite gives Cassie the ability to travel through time without altering it. Revisiting Julian in the past makes her fall in love all over again. Convinced of his innocence, she goes back to witness the murder and the events leading ... more
  • Center Stage: A Political Thriller

    by Wayne Avrashow

    If politics is a game, who better to play it than a master showman like a mega-rock star?

    America has adored rock star Tyler Sloan for decades, and when he decides to leave the Las Vegas stage to run for a seat on the United States Senate, it’s assumed that he’ll run an unconventional campaign. He exceeds expectations—and more.

    No stranger to politics, Sloan’s estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost his presidential campaign. It’s... more

  • The Turquoise Treasure: Kimberley West Gemstone Mystery Series

    by Lynn Franklin

    Award-winning author Lynn Franklin interweaves turquoise legend and lore into a fast-paced whodunit featuring a feisty heroine, charming characters and a mystery that will keep you guessing.

    "Come see what I found."

    The cryptic note arrived along with a rare variety of turquoise and a plane ticket to Arizona. How could Kimberley West resist?

    But Sherry Waters, Kim's long-time friend and treasure hunter, has more in mind than a quiet f... more

  • Murder in Dubrovnik

    by Zoran Basich
    Croatia is the last place San Francisco police homicide inspector Marko Bell wanted to go for his latest case. The beautiful seaside country where he grew up holds only terrifying memories for him — as a teenager he saw his parents murdered by brutal paramilitary, and he's been haunted by visions of the crime ever since. But when he's assigned to find a missing war-crimes investigator with whom he has a personal connection, Marko can't say no. As he returns to the gorgeous walled city of Dubrovn... more
  • Kill Signal

    by Zoran Basich

    When a car plunges from the twisting coastal road just south of San Francisco onto the rocky cliffs below, homicide inspector Marko Bell is ready to chalk it up to a tragic accident. But when he finds out the deceased driver was the personal chauffeur for the mayor of San Francisco — and that he may have been forced off the road — Bell begins a dogged pursuit of the truth. Bell's investigation takes him into the mansions of the city's powerful ruling families, the penthous... more

  • One-Way Ticket: A Hamburg Crime Story

    by Peter Sarda

    There’s no going back.

    When Homicide Detective Thomas Ritter transfers to Hamburg, he thinks the worst is behind him. No more threats of jail time from the Frankfurt rat squad for waterboarding a two-time kiddie rapist. Little does the former special op know he has stepped into the biggest police scandal in Hamburg history.

    No one told Ritter that his new partner, Motz Beck, is a moody biker with family ties to mob boss Willi Kaiser, who owns most o... more

  • Shame of It All

    by KT Grant

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. But for Mercy Pryce her revenge will scald one’s soul and leave behind a burnt-out husk if she has her way.

    Mercy has returned to her hometown of Cartleigh, New York after twenty years. The lakeside community is the perfect location for Yakim Zeldovich, her Russian billionaire employer’s state of the art manufacturing facility. Acting as a consultant for Zeldovich, she’s on an undercover mission, not as an angel of mercy, but one of ... more

  • The Adventure of the Deceased Scholar

    by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
    A tragedy at the 1868 Oxford-Cambridge boat race threatens to ruin Mycroft Holmes’ reputation. When Mycroft Holmes identifies a drowning victim, he is drawn into a scandal that could destroy not only the deceased’s name, but his own reputation as well. Sherlock has only a few days before the coroner’s inquest to explain Lord Surminster’s demise. If it is ruled a suicide, his family’s assets will be returned to the Crown, leaving his mother and siblings destitute. Should that happen, Miss Phil... more