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  • Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable

    by Glenis Kellet
    Gripping Nail Biter of a Mystery! An escaped prisoner encounters horrendous struggles - a traumatised woman over turns his life completely - will he ever prove his innocence or is he in fact guilty? Astonishing revelations are unveiled about who he is! Ironically, the injustices the pair suffer conclude in the same dramatic final twist!
  • Password To Meade Manor: A Bon Air Boys Adventure

    by Greg W. Golden
    Frank, Chase, and Griff were spending a late autumn afternoon overseeing a dozen Cub Scouts on a clean-up project when Chase came across an exciting discovery at the riverbank! Recent weeks with no rain lowered the level of the New Haven River, and this revealed something mysterious along the levee that had been hidden for more than fifty years! An antebellum mansion nearby became their focus as a strange box holding a cryptic message launched their search for its meaning. Add clues hidden insid... more
  • Whispers In The Wind: A Bon Air Boys Adventure

    by Greg W. Golden
    When Chase hears a desperate late-night call for help from his shortwave radio, strange happenings are soon in store for the Bon Air Boys. As the people of Lewisville begin to help stranded passengers of a crippled train, a suspicious stranger hides in the shadows. When Frank, Griff, and Chase find a peculiar key, the search begins for the missing railroad payroll. Before long three different mysteries unfold, and Sheriff Jenkins calls on the band of best friends to help solve the exciting and s... more
  • Lights On Wildcat Mountain: A Bon Air Boys Adventure

    by Greg W. Golden
    Best friends, Chase, Frank, and Griff were enjoying a leisurely summer morning in Burnham Park. Suddenly, from high on Wildcat Mountain, they spied a flashing light sending coded letters into the distance. Their eager curiosity launched them into an urgent search for clues about the source and the purpose, aided by their college-age friend Donny and with the encouragement of their elderly neighbor, Leonard Rigsby. The resulting escapades take them to the heights and depths of that mountain, unco... more
  • The Secret Of Hickory Hill

    by Greg W. Golden
    It's summer vacation time, and three buddies from the Bon Air Village neighborhood embarked on a nighttime mission to do anonymous good deeds in the river town of Lewisville. An intruder, a robbery, a maze of tunnels, a suspicious truck, and an abandoned farmhouse with secrets of its own lead young teens Griff, Frank, and Chase on an exciting escapade under the guidance of their wise and elderly neighbor. It's a wholesome adventure; a throwback to the innocent days of growing up in mid-America. ... more
  • Apartment 905

    by Ned Sahin
    After a deadly virus wipes out 80 percent of the world’s population, Matt Macaine, an ordinary urban resident, must now live in a corrupt society ruled by gangs after the government’s collapse. Unwilling to abide by new rules, Matt escapes his apartment and ventures on a cross-country trip to unite with his family. He eventually realizes the virus and gangs are not the only threats in this post-apocalyptic world.
  • The Girl From Dark Dakota

    by Bryan Devore
    In Williston, North Dakota, nearly a year has passed since Annabel Heller's murder last Halloween. Now four lives will be forever changed. High school senior Rachel Black hears Annabel's ghost crying out in her dreams. Madam Bovell, a medium who sells fraudulent reading since losing her gift years ago, finds her abilities mysteriously returning—and guiding her to Rachel. Jason Hardy, an auditor up from Chicago, sees inexplicable things while working late in Williston's old hospital wing. And Dr.... more

    by vafocaw628 vafocaw628
  • The Last Alignment: Evanescent Veils

    by Nathaniel Stewart
    Forced to begin their training even before they become the new Wielders, Hudson, Androse, Zander, Natalye, and Awbrey are not only dealing with the devastating consequences of their actions, but the ongoing shaky dynamics between them. However, as tragedy incessantly strikes, walls fall and veils are lifted not only between the five of them, but with their mentor, Hektor, and the evil forces that are working hard to eliminate them.
  • The Atropos Maker II: A New Order

    by N. J. Lujan
    Two Men Love Her The Dark World Fears Her Now, only she can lead the Atropos team out from harrowing tunnels before it is too late and another child dies. So begins the chase as the hunted Atropos turns the page to become yet again hunters in this sinister world of terrorists and child sex traffickers. Meet Norma Veurr In a dark world, the world’s most feared covert agent is summoned to lead Atropos once again in order to save a little boy named Charlie. But not before she endures... more
  • Cass and Wat. ISBN: 162253462 ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-462-3

    by Cagey Magee
    Cass, thirteen, seeks to escape her captors, protect her little brother, and assist her presidential-candidate father, Glen "Wat" Watson. Oddly, Cass finds herself confined to a luxurious suite in NorthWatch Castle—the Watsons own the castle and the Maine Coastal Island it dominates. How can Cass's family not be behind this?
  • Double Vision

    by Hamelin Bird


    For fans of Stephen King, Michael Koryta, and Lawrence Block, Hamelin Bird delivers a stunning debut. In this haunting new horror thriller featuring a down-and-out detective, solving the case of a lifetime and tracking down a dangerous killer is only half of the story.

    Former detective Michael Lunsmann is about to lose everything. Still in love with his ex-wife, estranged from his teenage son, and now fresh off the wagon once again, rock bottom has nev... more

  • Of Magpies and Men

    by Ode Ray
    Could any good come of longings that a person can never satisfy? If so, good for whom? At the heart Of Magpies and Men are impossible yearnings and an illicit confession that will transform the existence of many in its path… Two corpses wash ashore in a picturesque Italian village, the violence that put them there is bound to a long-held secret and two strangers living worlds apart with seemingly nothing in common. Benedict Grant a high achiever, wealthy Londoner, leading a lonely lif... more
  • Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise

    by Judy West
    The tortoise has great significance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. A tortoise lives a long life and hence it denotes Longevity. Therefore, it is recommended to people for increasing their life. Crystal Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around us.
  • Carrie's Secret

    by Paul Backalenick
    A teenage psychiatric patient bears a terrible secret. Will her fear of revealing it doom her family to suffer more than they already have? And will her silence send the wrong man to prison for life? But if she tells what she knows, are the consequences even more dire? "Carrie's Secret" takes you into a mental hospital in the 1980s as a suburban couple struggles to understand and help their threatened daughter. And she is not the only one in danger there. When she falls or is pushed out a window... more
  • Without Intention

    by E.N. Crane
    A crime thriller with touches of romance and paranormal ability. Bridgette Ampersand and her best friend, Fawkes the dog, find themselves reunited with her first love and former best friend, now Sacramento PD Detective Caleb Beacher and racing against the clock to save everyone they love. Lovable characters, immense sarcasm and a lot of coffee.