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  • Code Name: Crescent: A Matt Preston Novel

    by Paul Shadinger
    Matt Preston's poker buddie taps him for his connections to solve a family problem. Follow him through the labyrinth of his classified military service, roller coaster love life, and a search for a missing daughter. Matt thought he'd dealt with the problems from his past only to have them come back to haunt him yet again. He wonders if he needs to start thinking twice about attending poker nights as his past clandestine life and his present life collide for a wild ride and a fascinating tale.
  • Houseboat

    by Paul Shadinger
    When Matt Preston plays poker with the guys, all bets are off. When the owner of the houseboat he won ends up murdered, Matt's checkered military past puts the target on him. Walking a thin line through Seattle between the cops, a beautiful stranger, the girl next door and a hidden enemy, Matt has to wonder if he should have taken that bet.
  • And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

    by William S. Moody
    This work of fiction examines the possibility of sophisticated western European countries being legally overthrown by Islamic groups using the ballot box as the vehicle to achieve their goal. A well-organized migration of Islamic faithful to the United Kingdom ensures that with time, western Europe becomes part of the caliphate, which ultimately will control Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. The United States gets drawn into the changing world order and, apart from giving sanctuary to United ... more
  • The Sapphire Chronicles

    by E. Hughes
    In the Sapphire Chronicles, a spy trying to leave a life of espionage behind, is drawn back into dangerous territory, while torn between the man she wants and the man she needs in this hot erotic thriller. When the married Harrison Brooks meets the mysterious and attractive Sapphire, he is immediately taken with her, and pursues an affair. She resists at first, but is soon unable to resist his charms. A romantic liaison begins. Little does Harrison know, Sapphire's a spy, and their meeting m... more
  • No Place for Women

    by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
    Finding a missing construction worker makes Ali a good man but not a stellar detective - at least not in the eyes of the national intelligence unit. His assignment to a new vice squad could be the road to redemption. When his undercover agent discovers the dead body of an expat teacher, what began as a safe bet puts his reputation on the line. Soon the burned remains of another woman are found in the desert, and Ali and Manu have no choice but to enlist the help of his fiancee Maryam to explore ... more
  • The Montague Tubes (The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy Book 3)

    by A.B. Alvarez

    Would you choose closure or revenge?

    Anna Wodehouse, a.k.a. Carpenter Poole, is on her way north. With the long shadow of HALON receding in the distance like a fading nightmare, she heads to Vancouver hoping to find the closure that has eluded her.

    At the Canadian border she realizes that the closure she needs is nothing compared to the feeling of revenge when she discovers the man who set her up for murder, General Malik Palma, is in New York for an eve... more

  • ADX Florence (The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy Book 2)

    by A.B. Alvarez

    Prisons are filled with innocent people.

    So says the warden of ADX Florence, the prison known also as the Supermax. Anna Wodehouse knows better. While she might be a victim she feels she is anything but innocent.

    In the impenetrable facility Anna's past is coming for her. The growing shadow of HALON invades her isolated existence bringing more danger to her already tortured life.

    In her tragic quest for the truth she finds herself longing for a... more

  • Romancing the Crime (Cory Marin Book 1)

    by JW Robitaille
    Sgt. Cory Marin, head of homicide, has her hands full. Not everyone on her squad is happy she’s in charge, she’s still dealing with the break up of her marriage, and wealthy residents are up in arms over the murder of a young professor in broad daylight in Ravine Creek, a proposed city park where she jogs every day. Cory is convinced that what appears to be a random robbery gone wrong is premeditated murder. Her job is complicated by the appearance of Fletcher Manning, a bestselling novelist who... more
  • Marshland (Cory Marin Book 2)

    by JW Robitaille
    Sergeant Cory Marin and Detective Washington investigate the overdose death of a college student and find that everyone involved is lying or has something to hide. The more questions they ask, the more they suspect something very bad has happened. When the corpse of a young man is found in a swamp, their suspicions are confirmed. Their investigation leads them to the creeks and marshes of the Gulf coast, a land of small towns, fishermen, and smugglers, and they discover a subculture of drug impo... more
  • Whispers

    by Lynn Yvonne Moon
    Musetta is only twelve years old, but understands the devastating effects of family incest. Every Friday night, she's visited and abused by her father. Then to her shock and dismay, one night he's murdered. After the funeral, Musetta believes she can finally live a happy life as a teenager. But, to her horror, the attacks continue, and what is even more terrifying is that the walls are whispering. Now she must ask the question, why is her father's ghost haunting her? With the help of her three c... more
  • Terror's Identity

    by Sarah Maury Swan
    Sixteen-year-old Aidan Knox's life turns upside down when he, his sister and his mother enter a witness protection program and begin a dangerous new life because of his father's work investigating a terrorist organization operating in the U.S. How will he remember the details of his new life with a new name and a made-up past? And will he be able to settle into a new school and all that entails? Whom can he trust and can he keep his mother and sister safe?
  • The Enigma Dragon - A Cats Tale

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    Do the vast amounts of information and technology available hold humans hostage? Does analog communication create a vulnerability?

    The political climate in the world is unnerving. North Korea is running missile tests, but where are they getting their deadly supplies? Meanwhile, terrorists are hiding in plain sight, using American technology that is out on display in libraries and museums for the world to see, but are using analog methods to gather and assemble their information. No inte... more

  • Sand Hill Road

    by Patrick Krejcik
    Where the scandals of Wall Street meet the cunning of Silicon Valley - This renowned stretch of road along the border of Stanford University is not only the birthplace of Silicon Valley, but it is also where the intrigues and power grabs of the established high-tech giants and audacious new startups play out. When Massimo, a Stanford physicist finds his chaos tracking algorithm can also predict financial market trends he unwittingly draws the attention of his Sand Hill Road venture capital nei... more
  • Termination of Benefits

    by Jane Sloven
    Therapist Sarah Green is skilled at helping her counseling clients untangle their emotional dilemmas but doesn’t do so well with her own problems, and she’s got big ones—ghostly visits from a murdered friend and frightening flashbacks. Then someone starts stalking Maine’s counseling community, and Sarah struggles to separate past trauma from present danger. While juggling an ex-husband hot to reconcile and the attentions of a sexy detective, Sarah joins forces with a take-no-prisoners defense at... more
  • Layers

    by A.G.R. Goff
    Dave Hutchinson is an ageing comedian living a quiet secret life. But this is about to change when a girl knocks on his door. She introduces herself as Miranda. Letting her into his house starts the investigation of some bizarre events. Why would Dave open the door to someone he does not know? Adding to the intrigue is Miranda's strange connection with Dave's past. Her obsessive search for some sort of closure forces him to make a decision. Convinced that he knows more than he is willing to shar... more
  • Bombshell: A What Doesn't Kill You World Romantic Mystery (Ava Book 1)

    by Chanté McCormick, Audiobook Narrator
    A musical career in the making. A murdered childhood friend. One chance to catch the killer. Ava dreams of building a better life for her daughter through her island pop songs. Her new temp job leads to a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a record deal, but before she can pack her bags for New York, she discovers a dead body outside her office building. Horrified, Ava recognizes the murdered sex worker as her childhood friend. The single mother finds herself torn between pursuing her life’s passion... more