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  • The Enigma Source

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    The world is almost ready for fiat currency to be replaced by a superior digital currency.  The trouble is, which one and who will own it? The R-Group is back and trying to guide the players to a safe destination in the complex world of cryptocurrency.  The Global Bank has tasked Tonya to find and hire a cryptologist to create a new global cryptocurrency, though sometimes it seems she may not be up to the task. Along the way it appears she is the one getting played.

    The c... more

  • Death's Detective: The Malykant Mysteries, Volume 1

    by Charlotte English
    Detective. Judge. Executioner. Konrad Savast is the Malykant: foremost and most secret servant of the God of Death. His job? To track down the foulest of murderers and bring them to The Malykt's Justice. No mercy. No quarter. The Rostikov Legacy: When Konrad discovers the body of a wealthy society hostess lying in the cold, mist-shrouded reaches of the Bone Forest, the pressure is on to find her killer. Can he catch the killer without revealing himself as the Malykant? The Ivanov ... more
  • Saving Ferris

    by A R Kennedy
    After Cecilia’s husband dies, she’s forced to become Ferris’s caregiver, something she does not immediately warm to. But when his life is threatened by an intruder, she shoots the intruder to save the golden retriever. Police Chief Holden Owens thinks Cecilia acted lawfully, but few agree. The prosecutor feels that Cecilia has committed murder, not self defense. In the eyes of the law, one can use lethal force to protect themselves and others, but not property. Pets are considered property. ... more
  • The Canonical Order

    by T.R. Kurtz
    When a sniper’s bullet leaves the Pope incapacitated, ex-CIA and Vatican intelligence operative Chad Stryker launches a one-man counteroffensive against radical Islamic terrorists bent on fulfilling an ancient Islamic prophesy to draw the West into an apocalyptic holy war. Stryker uses all of the resources of the Canonical Order, a secret Catholic Church intelligence organization with roots in the paramilitary Knights of Malta and the intelligence networks of the Jesuits, to stop a radical Islam... more
  • The Strange Curse of Breda

    by Steven Arnett
    It’s 1971 and a horrible murder has occurred near the town of Breda in west Michigan. A young woman, Jane Lucas, has been dragged into the woods and stabbed. The letters ZOSO from the Led Zeppelin album have been written in blood on her waist, which leads the police to think it might be a cult murder. Suspicion falls on the commune located on a farm near the town. The shock and horror townspeople feel after that murder, though, are nothing compared to the shock and horror people feel when anothe... more
  • The Primitives

    by Ken Varnold
    In the small town of Bonnet's Landing, PA, the lives of seven people are about to change. For two couples, Michael and Helen Dempsey, and Peter and Lenore Margand, the facades of their marriages will be torn away. A series of grisly murders sets the town on edge. As the Rev. Noah Mathis and his wife Esther minister to the community, the small town's lone detective, Savile Bateau, a twenty year veteran of the Pittsburgh PD, is soon overwhelmed at the number of bodies that begin to turn up. At the... more
  • The Memories of Misty

    by Amelia Keldan
    Joan Goodfellow is focused on her career, her lover and making money. Until the day she remembers Misty. A stranger’s wild and wanton musings begin to invade Joan’s mind - fighting for dominance over her own ordered and sensible thoughts. Who is Misty...and why is she suddenly affecting every aspect of Joan’s mundane and predictable life?
  • Dogs of Zamphir

    by Henry Stark
    In the magic forest of Zamphir, there lives a community of some 700 dogs. It is a well-run, happy, democratic community protected by a team of trained guard dogs. One day, in a terrible lapse of attention, the guards allow a roving band of coyotes to steal the food stored for the winter months. Rather than admit their error, the guards, influenced by two criminal dogs, develop a plan to blame a small group of short-tailed dogs for the theft. The plan works and the short-tailed dogs are exiled t... more
  • The Adventures of Jasmine Turmalina

    by Henry Stark
    Jasmine, age nine, is a good but headstrong girl who seeks adventure. She gets into difficult situations and eventually ends up as a captive in the Better Behavior Academy for Non-Obedient Girls (BEBE). After a terrifying escape from BEBE, Jasmine is helped by the triple-horned King Sneer and his courtier donkey Foolscap to reach Magicland. It is there that she meets a strange but kindly magician Max, who with the help of his advisers Doctors Zweistein, Dreistein, and Vierstein, helps her get b... more
  • The DNR Trilogy

    by Don W. Hill, M.D.
    D. Brewster was the youngest member of his medical school class and one of the few accepted into the dual-training MD/PhD program. Sadly, his promising career went permanently off the rails when he became a lightning rod for a series of tragic and dehumanizing events which caused Brewster to spiral downward into an ever-deepening quagmire of moral decay that also enveloped everyone around him. Years later when Brewster finally becomes the last man standing in a previously orchestrated act of vig... more
  • Keep Her Close

    by Erik Therme
    Eighteen-year-old Ally Nebel knows nothing of her real parents—only that they abandoned her inside a parking garage at age three. When she receives a letter from someone claiming to be her biological father, she reluctantly agrees to meet, hoping for the best, but knowing it’s probably too good to be true. It is. Now Ally is missing, and the only clue to her whereabouts is a new boyfriend who knows more than he’s telling. When Ally’s family decides to take matters into their own hands, it’... more
  • Ghost Busting Mystery

    by Daisy Pettles
    When Dode Schneider, rattle-brained farmer, insists the Wyatt mansion is haunted by ghosts with big butts, Pawpaw County Sheriff Boots Gibson happily off-loads the crazy case to Ruby Jane Waskom and Veenie Goens, senior sleuths in training with the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency. Ruby Jane and Veenie, lifelong friends who live in the small Indiana town of Knobby Waters, aren’t afraid of the haunted mansion, built by a con artist banker who rowed out of town during the flood of 1919, taking the t... more
  • The Society of Two Houses (Dissolution Cycle)

    by William C. Tracy
    Murder, Mystery, and Magic: Mandamon Feldo is scheduled to meet a high-profile diplomat to present his newest invention, but instead finds the diplomat dead in a pool of blood on the floor of his office. Even worse, the diplomat had been holding a list of the members of The Society of Two Houses, a secret organization existing inside the maji. An organization to which Mandamon belongs. If the list gets out, the Society—which brings innovation and new technology to the Nether— may crumble u... more
  • The Butcher: A C. J. Cavanaugh Mystery

    by Michael R. Lane
    Kylie Preston is out for a night of fun with The Liberated Wives Club, a group of close friends who have not only survived divorce but also thrived in its wake. Kylie encounters a stranger who charms her into going home with him. The next day, Kylie Preston’s body is discovered in a stolen car, dissected and preserved in ice chests. When Portland Homicide finds themselves at a dead end, Carl Wheaton, a dear friend and colleague of the deceased, implores C. J. Cavanaugh to investigate on behalf o... more
  • Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls

    by G.L. Gooding

    THE THIRLLING SEQUEL TO THE ICONIC FILM: It has only been a few days since George Bailey faced personal and professional ruin. Thanks to a Christmas miracle and the generosity of many friends, George has discovered what a wonderful life he has lived in Bedford Falls. BUT, What happens next? Although filled with renewed purpose and gratitude, as 1946 dawns, an uneasy feeling begins to plague George. Something tells him that his evil nemesis —the ruthless Henry F. Potter&... more