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  • Yakai/Night Mystery

    by Mulele Jarvis
    A true account of two friends on a series of midnight adventures through some of the spookier parts of Tokyo. Noriko had always wanted to go ghost-hunting, but Mulele was the first chucklehead willing to tag along. Both of them, though, got more than they bargained for as they traversed some of Tokyo's lesser known but equally creepy haunted spots.
  • The Girl in the Rabbit Hole: A Thriller

    by RJ Law
    Claire Foley has attracted the attention of some very dangerous people. They want her to do something, and they're willing to pay good money. But, these people aren't asking — they're insisting. Now, Claire finds herself in a bizarre, unpredictable setting, surrounded by threatening men with uncertain goals and terrifying desires. Faced with shocking revelations and a deepening mystery, she must find a way to escape the inescapable, before they force her to do the unimaginable.
  • Death By Design


    A woman assassin is hired to ‘solve’ the global overpopulation problem. She is given $20B and 20 years to eradicate mankind from Planet Earth. Tracker has trained with the Navy Seals and Mossad. She is the best assassin today. Her mission? Opposed to her are Jake and Soliz, the best of the best at the CDC. Dr. Sharon Blake and daughter, CRSPR research scientists. Mantis, her Asian nemesis Tracker kills with bacterial, viral and fungal attacks worldwide. Who will survive? Will you?... more

  • The Association

    by Sharon Ann Ziegler
  • Blood Moon Rising

    by Richard Conrath
    It’s been eight years since Cooper’s son, seven-year-old Maxie, disappeared from the front lawn of his home in rural Ohio. After leaving his teaching position at Concord University, Cooper joins Miami PD as a homicide detective. That takes him into the dark underbelly of Miami where the brilliant colors of the night sky hide the violence in the streets below. Blood Moon Rising begins with Cooper, now a PI, receives a call from a friend of his, a faculty member at a College in southern Ohio, who ... more
  • A fool's Circle

    by suzanne Seddon
    Kate Sanders has suffered many years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her abusive husband Alan, and convinces herself that she is only holding the family together for the sake of her eight-year-old daughter. If it wasn’t for her best friend Jill Reynolds, she would have taken the suicide option a long time ago. As she desperately seeks a way to escape, she is contacted by a solicitor. Kate’s old aunt has died and she has been left a small fortune. For the first time, she sees t... more
  • A Perfect Eye

    by Stephanie Kane
    Some are born with a perfect palate, others with perfect pitch. Lily Sparks was born with a perfect eye. As Conservator of Paintings at the Denver Art Museum, she uses her keen visual powers to restore masterpieces and detect what's authentic and what is not. When the museum's billionaire benefactor is brutally murdered and Lily is dragged into the case, the grisly tableau stuns her: it's the human embodiment of the museum's prized landscape by famed Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte. Lily co... more

    by Roger Simon
    Dan Gelber - a semi-retired screenwriter in his seventies - throws out his back something fierce playing in a seniors tennis tournament at his club. The ensuing operation is a total disaster and he thinks his life is over. But through a Nepalese Ayurvedic doctor in a San Fernando Valley strip mall, he is miraculously able to come back as the twenty-something tennis phenom Jay Reynolds to battle Nadal at the French Open and Federer at Wimbledon. Faust meets Damn Yankees, The GOATwas written ... more
  • Time to Run

    by Susan C, Muller
    When Jax Duncan witnesses the murder of a state senator, she becomes the next target for a mob hitman and the prime suspect of the FBI. After four years on the run, her location is discovered and she must run again only this time she has an added burden...a wounded FBI agent who depends on Jax to keep him alive until he's well enough to arrest her.

    by FX Holden

    OKINAWA by FX Holden is a riveting take on the near future of warfare and global politics.

    In 1942, Chinese-American soldier John Chen interrogates captured Japanese pilot Tadao Kato. In 2033, Japan and China sign a landmark treaty, and Chen and Kato’s great-grandchildren, Li Chen and Takuya Kato, are both pilots ordered to participate in the first-ever Sino-Japanese joint military exercises. But the supposedly peaceful Operation Red Dove turns deadly when a secret government-funded Chi... more

  • grease companies in sharjah

    by jeo mathew
    The correct ointment determination dependent on various variables like quality, application and reasonableness. In the event that you keep up equalization of this components, at that point you can accomplish an ideal oil. Our top quality items improve the machines execution and well being. Our grease companies in sharjah give successful answer for your ideal ointment determinat... more
  • An Unholy Alliance (Emma Golden Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Judy Nedry
    A combination of wine and mystery threads Judy Nedry’s delightful re-release, An Unholy Alliance (second ed.). Set in the Oregon wine industry, the story introduces amateur sleuth Emma Golden, a woman in her fifties who feels invisible. But that’s about to change. It's grape harvest time when Emma returns to wine country after a seven year absence. She finds the industry changed, and some of the new players aren't very nice--particularly the fellow Emma discovers dead in a vat of fermenting Pino... more
  • The Cold Storm: A gripping Special Ops action-thriller (O'Neil Series Book 1)

    by John Etterlee
    The first book in this action-packed thriller series introduces us to Sergeant Roger O'Neil, former U.S. Army Ranger and decorated combat veteran of the Global War On Terror. After years of fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, he returns to Montana to find that home is no longer the safe haven he once thought it was. On a winter camping trip in the Montana mountains, Roger must save his family from a gang of ruthless killers by reuniting with his combat-hardened buddies for one ... more
  • Wolf Isle

    by Alan Thompson
    The Wolf Isle Fellows, an elite group of scholars and thinkers, are delivered to a deserted island and tasked by their host – one of the world’s richest men – with finding solutions to mankind’s most intractable problems. Their initial enthusiasm soon evaporates – the island is completely cut off from the outside world and the Fellows, deprived of their usual sources of inspiration, quickly descend into chaos. At the same time, mysterious circumstances combine to prevent them from leaving the ... more
  • The Black and White House

    by Robert James Bridge
    In short Joshua Jenks a young colored boy from Memphis becomes Senator against all odds,and eventually Middle East Advisor.On the way facing suspense and intrigue as he also faces one conspiracy after another on his journeys. Although a short intro I am sure this book will become a hit for those that love thrillers.
  • Fear of Normal

    by E.V. Lohring
    Winters Macklin, a widower whose wife died under questionable circumstances, is appointed to a church in Canaville, Tennessee. While there he learns about a teacher - Miss Holly - who was murdered about 25 years earlier at the local school, which is now abandoned. Her killer was never found. Locals claim her ghost haunts the school. After a youth group meeting at the church, one of the teen girls is murdered on her way home near the old school. The killing is very similar to the murder of... more