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Science, Nature, Technology

  • Making Mental Might: How to Look Ten Times Smarter Than You Are

    by Bernard M. Patten
    Doctor Bernard Patten―erstwhile Memory Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, founder of the first memory clinic at the Neurological Institute of New York, and author of scientific papers on memory therapy and memory problems―wants to help you to a better mind, a better memory, and, consequently, a better life. Memory degradation happens to everyone. Even people in good health forget where they park their cars or leave their reading glasses. Some draw a blank entering their PIN. Is the s... more
  • Survive the Century

    by Sam Beckbessinger, Christopher Trisos & Simon Nicholson
    Survive the Century is an interactive story that positions you as the senior editor of the world's most popular and trusted news organization. You have the enviable power to set the news agenda and figure out how the world should respond to climate change. What if you invest in green technology and cut taxes? What if you rewild half of the world's agricultural land? What if you unleash your inner supervillain and spark WWIII? What if you block out the sun (just a little bit)? Along the wa... more
  • Mr. Robert's Madagascar

    by Robert Bullock

    Mr. Robert's Madagascar is a story of the founding of an unknown land—Madagascar—by Diogo Dias and encountering its bizarre endemic wildlife. Diogo Dias was a Portuguese explorer and captain for one of Vasco de Gama's Second Armada ships.

    The book begins when Dias' ship is blown off course and separated from the fleet. He is not sure if the remaining crew will last because they have been decimated by the storm and disease. However, the c... more

  • Modern Sustainability Master Guide

    by kolee the practicalsaint
    If Louise Hay and Jacques Cousteau had a book baby, this Modern Sustainability Master Guide would be it! This is a book about taking simple steps to regenerate a loving earth! The long awaited merging of science and spirit is upon us- this is the very essence of modern sustainability. If we are to continue as a human species, we must immediately look into: ① What the problems on planet earth are and why the problems exist in the first place, ② What we can ACTUALLY do, right now, to be a par... more
  • Noella Environmental Education Science Comics - Volume one.

    by Louis Yuen
    Environmental Education Comics based on real research and catered to Schoolchildren! For the parents who want their children to learn more about and how to fight climate change, Infinity Eight Productions presents the "Noella Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 1!" Join Noella in these comics as she helps to make the world a cleaner place to live. With roots based in academics, the Noella Comics Series educates children about the changing planet and inspires them to become a better env... more
  • Brilliant Creations - The Wonder of Nature and Life

    by John Phillip Jaeger
    Dissecting the ‘what ifs’ in the realm of science and knowledge, John P. Jaeger’s ‘Brilliant Creations’ is a transformative assessment of some of Nature’s most outstanding features. Jaeger begins with possibilities yet to be discovered by humankind, exuding his appreciation of fundamentals completing this Universe—discussing the Earth’s constitutions, to the wonders of our abilities, down to the microscopic atom and its composition; dabbling the interconnectedness of it all. Brilliant Creation... more
  • Learn Python through Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

    by Shari Eskenas

    Learn Python programming basics quickly and delightfully with classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales like you’ve never seen them before- written as computer programs! For kids and adults alike.

    When you run this book’s Python programs on your computer, you’ll see the nursery rhymes and fairy tale stories printed out on your screen! As you turn the pages of this picture book, you will:

    - Learn to code with your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales translated lo... more

  • The Legend of the Summer Snowflake

    by Professor Stork
    In The Legend of the Summer Snowflake, the Sky Watch team saves a baby dolphin stuck in a floating patch of plastic and keeps other animals, swimmers, and boaters safe from the debris. This book series delivers a powerful and positive message for children about the environmental challenges facing our planet and how we can work together to overcome these challenges. On a hot summer day, a snowflake falls from the heavens landing in the palm of Cloudia's hand, giving her the power of the r... more
  • Your Whole Body

    by Lizzie DeYoung Charbonneau
    A book for families who want their children to learn about their entire bodies, including the genitals. Your Whole Body helps parents teach their children the names of genitals in a comfortable way by seamlessly weaving in the explanations and illustrations for private parts as the book explores the body from head to toes. Written for ages 2-6, the vivid illustrations show children in everyday situations while providing detailed drawings of individual body parts.
  • NOTES FROM A DEAD PLANET: Please Prove Me Wrong

    by Paul Brown
    The premise: life on Earth cannot survive human overpopulation, mass extinction, and climate chaos. Humans don't have what it takes to make the concerted and coordinated effort needed. The challenge: prove the author wrong. Read the true facts of ecological collapse, our inadequate response, drastic actions needed, and human obstacles, backed up by hundreds of hyperlinks.
  • Modern Farms

    by Jackie Nix

    Modern farms are pretty neat. They give us all enough to eat.

    This adorable, easy-to-read picture book introduces young children to farming and food production with accurate depictions of modern agriculture. Rhyming verse and bright, attention-getting illustrations teach about the many different types of farms that grow our favorite foods. This book is a must for every child who eats! 

  • Les opossums: tout et son contraire

    by Gina Gallois
    As-tu jamais eu l’impression que personne ne te comprend ? Tôt ou tard, il arrive à tout le monde de se dire : « Si seulement ils me connaissaient pour de vrai, ce serait différent. » Les opossums méritent absolument une nouvelle image. Depuis trop longtemps, on les traite de plongeurs de poubelle infestés de maladies, d’énormes rats qui fouillent dans les bennes, et pire encore ! Ces douces et aimables créatures sont, tout simplement, timides et introverties. Elles fuient le regard des au... more
  • Nuestras amigas las zarigüeyas

    by Gina Gallois
    ¿Alguna vez te has sentido incomprendido? Todos hemos estado en situaciones incómodas en las que hemos pensado, “si supieran cómo soy realmente, las cosas serían distintas”. Injustamente, las zarigüeyas se han ganado mala fama. ¡Las han llamado chatarreras, ratas repugnantes y otras cosas peores! ¡Se merecen un cambio de imagen! Estos animalitos dulces y encantadores solo son criaturas tímidas e introvertidas que evitan ser el centro de atención, y como ayudan a limpiar nuestro entorno, so... more
  • Opossum Opposites

    by Gina Gallois
    Opossums deserve a reputation makeover. They've been called dumpster divers, disease-ridden trash cats and worse! These shy, gentle nocturnal animals have been underappreciated and misunderstood long enough. The whole family will love the playful rhymes, sweet illustrations, and cool factoids while learning about opossums' importance in the environment we all call home. Each page features a short rhyming poem about opposites such as day & night or scary & afraid. Fun facts are clearly s... more
  • Once in a Full Moon

    by Carolinda Goodman
    Accompanied by richly colored illustrations, Once in a Full Moon tells in lively rhyme the stories behind the different names for the full moon that brightens the sky every month.
  • Dasha on the Trail

    by Gwynne Margaret Bruck
    Dasha on the Trail is a hike through Southern California’s rugged landscape as seen from eyes and snout of a lighthearted pup, Dasha. She sniffs out animals on the trail like mischievous ravens and her leash-free cousins, the coyotes. She longs for freedom but knows a tame dog might not know all the tricks of this untamed world.