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Science, Nature, Technology

  • Climate Crisis Plan

    by Philip Kent-Hughes
    Crisis and emergency management specialist, Philip Kent-Hughes, has used his expertise to create a climate change response plan. Climate Crisis Plan explains how everyone can make a positive difference to the climate crisis. These guides cover taking personal action to reduce personal emissions, communicating, and connecting with others, as well as influencing, and compelling industries and government to act.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Desktop: Applications and Administration

    by Richard Petersen
    This book covers the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) release, focusing on applications and administrative tools. The emphasis here is on what users will face when using Ubuntu, covering topics like installation, applications, software management for Snap and APT, the Ubuntu desktops (GNOME, MATE, and KDE), shell commands, network connections, and system administration tasks. There are four parts: Getting Started, Applications, Desktops, and Administration. Part 1 focuses on getting started,... more
  • Magical Elements Of The Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns

    by Sybrina Durant
    Are you ready to learn about the magic of science? Metals and all the other elements from the periodic table make everything seem magical. You can see it everywhere… in buildings. . .transportation…communications. . .medicines and even in the food you eat! All technology and everything that makes life modern come from the magical elements in the earth, water and the air. Think of it like this, “No Metal – No Magic…and No Tech-no-lo-gy.” You can learn about all that stuff in this... more
  • A Personal Search for Understanding Evolution

    by Jay D. Clark, M.D.
    Good standards of scientific investigation seem to be suspended when it comes to evolution. This work points out scientific flaws in the theory of evolution and explains the fallacy of a godless creation and purposeless existence. Hard evidence of genetic entropy is presented to show the reality of devolution (evolution's opposite). Although we are devolving physically, life gives us an opportunity to evolve spiritually. We can endure almost anything now if we are able to understand what we have... more
  • Fun Math For Kids: Mazmatics Volume 1 Good Foundations for kids aged 7 to 10 plus and early learners of all ages

    by Maz Hermon
    Lindy is a traveler who has just defeated a giant mega troll and is on a journey to return home. On the first day of her journey, she walks a total of 50 miles and encounters a magical creature, which she initially tries to scare off with a firework. However, the “Opiolla” ends up becoming her friend and they travel together for the day, covering a distance of 49 miles which kids are invited to follow on the map and practice their math addition skills to find out where LIndy is now. Lindy camps ... more
  • The Sun, Our RockSTAR!: A STEM Book for Kids (The Cosmos Series)

    by Anushka Bhattacharjee
    There are plenty of stars in the sky, but the SUN is special to us! Do you know how our RockSTAR was born? Why does the sun play an important role in our daily lives? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the SUN disappeared? This book will help you learn interesting facts about the SUN and become smarter!
  • Form and Informality

    by Andrej Poleev
    Essay on philosophy of cosmology.
  • German disease

    by Andrej Poleev
    Deutsche Krankheit: eine Diagnosestellung mit Rückblick und Ausblick auf Krankheitsverlauf.
  • Toilet Training Your Puppy: The Complete Guide for New Dog Owners

    by James Leung
    In Toilet Training Your Puppy - The Complete Guide for New Dog Owners, James Leung shares expert advice on all aspects of toilet training. Instead of a rigid set of techniques, this book provides resources that help dog owners develop a personalized approach that matches their lifestyles and circumstances. It covers all stages of canine development and a wide range of individual traits.
  • Moon Shot, The Gus Wagner Story

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author as he retells the story told to him by his late wife Jeri and her sister Stacey about their dad Gus’s experiences as a Grumman Aerospace engineer assigned along with his brother George to the lunar lander, LEM, program and feel the worldwide exhilaration of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission that landed Americans on the moon a milestone in human history as well as the suspense of the Apollo 13 mishap where only the LEM could bring the astronauts safely back to Earth and Jeri and... more

  • Universal Metadata Standard

    by Andrej Poleev
    Consciousness is based on the association of notions or a neural network. Similarly, the creation of the next generation Internet (semantic web) is impossible without attributes that allow the semantic association of documents and their integration into an information context. To achieve these goals, the Universal Metadata Standard (UMS) may serve as a basis for documentography and is functionally required for interpretation of documents by automatic operating systems.
  • Реформа интернета

    by Андрей Полеев
    Частным аспектом предлагаемой реформы интернета является метаномические правила референцирования и адресации виртуальных объектов с целью приближения их к естественным языкам, и создания их логической системы. Однако реформа интернета и преобразование его в средство общения и служения обществу требует также других мер. К этим мерам относится передача определённых имён в неотчуждаемое владение, чтобы их собственники безусловно и беспрепятственно могли осуществлять их право публикации, т.е. публич... more
  • Pebbles and the Biggest Number

    by Joey Benun
    Pebbles the butterfly travels the world in search of the biggest number, asking every animal he meets.
  • B. F. Skinner and the Revolutionary Science of Behavior

    by Julie A. Riggott
    This book chronicles the creative life of psychologist B. F. Skinner, introducing middle grade readers to his artistic interests and revolutionary discoveries. Though he discovered the science of behavior, was honored with the Award for Lifetime Contributions from the American Psychological Association and was recognized as the most eminent psychologist of the 20th century, his amazing work is not widely known. This is the first biography of the eminent Harvard psychologist for young readers, an... more
  • Charité, mon amour

    by Andrej Poleev

    Wie jedes Krankenhaus hat Charité ihre Geschichte, die mit dem Erlaß des preußischen Königs Friedrich I. vom 14. November 1709 zur Gründung von Lazareth-Häusern anfing, um der Ausbreitung der Pest entgegenzuwirken, wozu es allerdings in Berlin nie gekommen ist. Am 9. Januar 1727 verfügte König Friedrich Wilhelm I. die Umwandlung des vor dem Spandowischen Tor errichteten Lazareth in ein Hospital und nannte es „das Haus die Charité“... more

  • Новый завет

    by Андрей Полеев
    Новый завет Иисуса Христа в изложении Апостолов Иоанна, Матфея, Марка, Луки, Павла, Петра, Иакова, Иуды. Перевод на русский язык с греческого под редакцией Андрея Полеева. Печатное издание 2021 года от рождества Иисуса Христа.