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Science, Nature, Technology

  • Linux Mint 21: Desktops and Administration

    by Richard Petersen
    Linux mint 21 (Vanessa) is based on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTR (Long Term Release). The Cinnamon and Mate desktops are examined in detail. Cinnamon and Mate have custom Mint menus to manage access to applications and devices. Advanced components are also examined such as the LightDM Display Manager, Warpinator, Timeshift, NetworkManager, the Samba server, and Mint software management applications (Software Manager and Update Manager). The Linux Mint X-Apps are also reviewed, including Xed, Xviewer, an... more
  • Physics: A Science in Quest of an Ontology

    by Wolfgang Smith
    To the extent that modern physics possesses an ontology at all, it has tended to be the Cartesian doctrine of “bifurcation.” Not only, however, does this thesis prove to be untenable, but since the advent of quantum theory it has rendered physics de facto incomprehensible. This book introduces an astoundingly uncomplicated and inherently Platonist ontology in which the quantum theoretic stratum assumes its rightful place within the hierarchy of being.
  • Vegetable Garden Soil Science Made Easy

    by James Bright

    “If I wanted to have a happy garden, I must ally myself with my soil; study and help it to the utmost, untiringly ... Always, the soil must come first. — Marion Dudley Cran, the 1st woman gardening broadcaster

    In Vegetable Garden Soil Science Made Easy, garden fertility and soil science expert James R. Bright draws on many years of cultivating high-yield vegetable gardens to provide you with proven methods that anybody can use to easily set up your garden to grow healthy veg... more

  • Wild about the Alphabet! (and Other Tales)

    by Mike Crowder
    It's Not Your Gramma's ABCs! Have you ever heard of a coelacanth? How about an echidna? Learn about these, and other fascinating animals, in this funny kids book. Wild About the Alphabet isn't just a book about the alphabet, it's a book about animals that educates and entertains children of all ages. This funny book features unique animals that aren't normally found in kids books and it teaches facts about the animals in a humorous and engaging way. Whether you're looking for an unusu... more
  • Einstein: The Man and His Mind

    by Gary S Berger MD
    Einstein: The Man and His Mind gives readers a sense of familiarity with Einstein as a real person and the essence of his contributions. This is accomplished through full-page annotated photographs of Einstein that tell the story of his extraordinary life in science. Designed for general readers and scholars, this beautifully produced large-format visual book is unlike all previous books on the man. Fifty-one original photographic images―mostly signed portrait photos―are supplemented by 53 rare ... more
  • Regenerative Agriculture: The Climate Crisis Solution

    by Stephen Erickson
    This book — Regenerative Agriculture – THE Climate Crisis Solution, delves into What It Is, How It Will Revitalize Rural Communities Across America, & Why It Is Now Essential for Human Survival on Earth. RA explains how regenerative agriculture differs from industrial agriculture, reveals how regenerative agriculture at scale will reinvigorate impoverished rural communities and local economies nationwide, and why it is also our only existing solution to an even greater problem — the biggest thre... more
  • The Coming Singularity

    by Gary A. Freitas
    As we approach 2050, it is projected that human consciousness will encounter a superior intelligence for the very first time: artificial machine intelligence. It is important for us to understand the evolutionary impact of this event, but also that we are being altered from the inside out for the singularity to arise. Are we ready? Will we be adaptive? How will we change? The Coming Singularity explores the psychological impact of the changes coming our way and the many adaptations we will have ... more
  • The World's Oldest Sky Atlas, Dunhuang 648–683 CE

    by Douglas Bullis
    "The World’s Oldest Sky Atlas" tells the story of the 1903 discovery of the only known example of the first sky atlas ever drawn anywhere in the world. It was found at the end of a long dusty silk scroll devoted to weather divination that had lain hidden for over a thousand years behind a false wall in one of the caves of the Mogao Buddhist Cave Complex in Dunhuang, China. Dunhuang was the Western Gate of the Chinese T'ang Dynasty, where China ended and the Silk Road began. The sky chart was not... more
  • Noella Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 2

    by Louis Yuen
    The Noella Environmental Education Science Comics Volume 2 is available now! This beautiful eBook contains child-friendly stories that mainly focus on ocean issues and threats based on real university research papers from Caltech, Cornell, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, and the University of Washington. For parents who want to teach their children about and fight climate change. With roots based on academics, the Noella Comics Series educates children about the cha... more
  • American Vacation: 12,000 Miles Into the Wild West

    by Raluca Barbu
    Raluca and M. are two thirty-something fresh divorcees who have just rediscovered love in the late summer of their lives. They have embarked on a brand new relationship together, and all they want is to explore each other’s worlds. Raluca shares the importance of writing in her life, and M. has a deep love for nature. A year and a half into their romance, M. starts planning an ambitious trip to the US with the intention of experiencing his favorite places with his new partner. This is how their ... more
  • Evolution Ended

    by J. J. Jerome
    Something’s gone wrong with our society. Evolution was the driving force behind the human race until the 1960s when science began to derail the process. After all, survival of the fittest doesn’t apply when technology allows everyone to survive and reproduce. The end of evolution helps explains everything from the decline of the nuclear family to gender fluidity, mass shootings, the anti-vax movement, our growing political division and, the rise of Donald Trump. This eye-opening book examines t... more
  • Simple Answers to the Bog Questions

    by Ned Abraham
    In this book, all beliefs, convictions, theories, and assumptions, whether scientific, religious, or humanistic, about the formation of the universe, the generation of life including that of Homo sapiens, the past, the present and the future, are set aside. Evidence for or against a conviction is examined in an easy-to-read format but using Scientific Methodology, the only truly objective way to measure evidence. With no preconceived opinions, Stephen Hawking’s and Religion’s answers to life’s ... more
  • The Song of the Ape: Tenth Anniversary Edition

    by Andrew R. Halloran
    An absorbing investigation of chimpanzee language and communication. This Tenth Anniversary Edition contains a new final chapter and a new preface. The Song of the Ape traces the individual histories of five chimpanzees Interspersed with these histories, the book details the long history of scientists attempting (and failing) to train apes to use human grammar and language. Ultimately, the book shows that while laboratories try in vain to teach human grammar to a chimpanzee, there is a living... more
  • What Humans Perceive as Time and Space are just Facets of Energy

    by Moshe Segal
    Did you ever wondered if what we perceive as Time really exists, or is it just an illusion? Did you also ever wondered if what we perceive as Space really exists, or is it also just an illusion? Did you ever wondered from which entities our Universe is actually composed? Would you be surprised to find out that the Universe is actually composed of only one entity? This book analyzes paradoxes and peculiarities in the science of Physics today, and arrives at the following revolutionary conc... more
  • Climate Crisis Plan

    by Philip Kent-Hughes

    Meaningful action on climate change is possible

    This book explains how you can be part of the solution. Using his expertise as a consultant in emergency and crisis management, Philip Kent-Hughes offers a clear-sighted response to climate change.

    In this book you will:

    • Receive step-by-step guidance to help save you money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Learn how to communicate and connect with others, contributing to t... more
  • Awesome Nature : Kiddie's Nature Book

    by Akintunde M Lawal
    This is a very simple, illustrated elementary science book that introduces nature to children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. It basically explains the world around children so that they can identify and name objects. Images are illustrated using Tux paint app tools that they are familiar with at school. Kids can be instructed to design similar images or be free to make their designs. It includes a brief description of objects found in nature that they see almost every day. Here is a kidd... more