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  • A Thousand Thousand Petty Phrases

    by James Lewis Huss
    Perhaps there is no other poetic form in the English language that carries with it the mystique and allure of the sonnet. Revived in the 14th century by the Italian poet Petrarch, the sonnet was popularized in English by Renaissance writers like William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser. The sonnet, with its strict meter, rhyme scheme, and thematic structure, is a challenging but rewarding form, which is probably why it continues to appeal to poets centuries after its revival.
  • bliss is a fitter muse than misery

    by James Lewis Huss
    Robert Frost famously quipped that writing free verse poetry is like playing tennis "without a net." And yet free verse poetry can be just as challenging as the classical forms. bliss is a fitter muse than misery is not just poetry without form, but a free expression of the elements of sound that make words and phrases into poetry.
  • Stars over Antioch Birthmarks and Buttoned Lips

    by April May Burnside
    This book of poetry is a eulogy of what used to be.. this eulogy is for the old me. Eulogy for the memories.. Eulogy for the one that cries. Eulogy for the one who hides. Eulogy of the elder lies. Eulogy for the conditioned ties. And as she looked on down the road. The weight of it was quite the load. And the helping hand has gone ahead. And the thoughts and prayers had been given and said. And the footprints trailing her do press. And the wind does ... more
  • Bosphorus Dreams and Trappist Despair

    by J.P. Canalias
    Embarking on a quest for identity and belonging, this narrative traverses the globe, from the shadowy echoes of the Beat Generation in New York’s backstreets to the poetic haunts of Arthur Rimbaud in Charleville. It captures the essence of cultural icons and historical landmarks, weaving through the storied landscapes of London, the serene monasteries of Belgium, the artistic fervor of Amsterdam, and the peaceful protest of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Along the Danube’s flow, into the cultura... more
  • Nile: Poems and Photographs

    by John Delaney
    Nile, A chapbook of poems inspired by ancient Egyptian monuments and modern Egyptian tradesmen, documented in color photographs—all enabled by side trips taken near, and days spent drifting down, the Nile River. Included subjects are the Pyramids, Abu Simbel, Tutankhamun, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings, as well as modern workers like camel traders, box makers, and galabeya tailors. The Nile is the living thread. 13 poems, 18 color photographs.
  • Seasons of the Soul - 38 Lyric Poems

    by Beverley Manley
    Named Moonflower, "one who blooms in the darkness," by an Acoma Pueblo tribal elder in the 1960s, Manley's 38 poems burst forth with love, resiliency, and sheer joy. Playful, yet poignant, the author's skill with the written word pulls you in and holds you until the very end.
  • Even the Dog Was Quiet

    by Margaret R. Sáraco
    Even the Dog was Quiet is a book of poetry, delivered in hushed overtones when life catches you looking. The collection tells stories through poetry in memoir fashion. “Risk” and “Rue” serve as a call and response to the perils of youth and pain of aging. “A Collage of Misery” about the Gettysburg battlefield and “Early Spring” written about a land trust in present day Baltimore, share an important honey locust tree. Family, friends and strangers, journey with the author in ordinary places but ... more
  • Brisk Verse

    by Garrison Keillor
    Garrison Keillor has just published his thirty-first book, Brisk Verse, a delightful collection of almost 200 poems that offer the reader whimsy and tomfoolery, solemn thought-provoking lines, mischievous observations, and tons of fun. Topics run the gamut. To name a few — brevity, thongs, Minnesota, manners, Mozart, Marilyn Monroe, failure, fatherhood, Episcopalians, plumbing, spaghetti, spring, online love, being eighty, and the National Anthem as it might’ve been written by Whitman, Dicki... more
  • Bare Feet, Blue Words: The Poetic Collection

    by Amaali .
    These words reflect the journey of memories and experiences, spanning decades. Inclusive of heart matters and soul songs. A revelation of inside!
  • The Book of Romance

    by Ryan McCabe
    From writer Ryan P. McCabe, comes a poetry chapbook about the whimsy and woes of the dating landscape - The Book of Romance! This collection includes eighteen new poems with art by the incomparable Eugene Paek!
  • Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains (FIFTH EDITION, Revised and Expanded) with

    by Alan V. Goldman
    Presented as one hundred fifteen narrative-style poems, some of which are rhyming and others are in prose or blank verse, Reflections on Mountaineering, A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains, a FOURTH EDITION, summarizes much of what the author, Alan V. Goldman, learned in his more than 30 years of climbing, either from personal experience, or from his mountaineering peers. Mr. Goldman came to realize that many of the same moral issues that confront us in everyday life are likew... more
  • A River in My Heart


    "A River in My Heart" is a captivating collection of poetry that flows through the tributaries of human experience, offering glimpses into the ever-changing currents of emotion, memory, and reflection. Each poem serves as a tributary, contributing to the rich tapestry of themes that run through the collection.

    The journey begins with "To the Beauty of Creativity," an ode to the transformative power of artistic expression, setting the stage for a profound explora... more

  • Fragment

    by David M Boyer
    an ad for this book might say something like it’s a haiku travel diary dream drama recently re-earthed and mistranslated into so many englishish paragraphs for a novel-related poem-adjacent self-portrait our hero of glues glues together with gold insomnia and a car alarm that produces unnameable small flowers of late early spring as nobody’s new odyssey reforms itself with itself you may choose to avoid this hero’s journey of course you should refuse at least twice but in the crepuscular aching ... more
  • Brevity

    by John Kerl
    Brevity, a collection of sixty poems, focuses on how ordinary human lives intersect in brief, particular moments. The author weaves thoughtful paths of interlacing and repeating metaphors through doubt, uncertainty, and solitude, through turns and defeats, to the deeply rewarding joys of generational family — and, ultimately, to a resounding, final sense of belonging.
  • Root Down

    by Juliana Rogers
    "Root Down" is an introspective journey into the depths of self-discovery and emotional healing. Through poetic prose, the author, Juliana Rogers, explores the intricate landscapes of the human psyche, unearthing the hidden roots of personal identity and resilience. As readers navigate through the layers of introspection, they encounter themes of solitude, growth, and the perennial quest for inner peace. This contemplative narrative invites one to reflect on their own life's journey, encouraging... more
  • Nile River Moonlight Haiku

    by Michael Boyajian
    Haiku abounds among the Egyptian pyramids, in the Egyptian Museum and along the ancient Nile River and the author brings it all to life.  "Percey Shelley's Egyptian odes wither under the power of these Haiku."