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  • Freedom

    by Gloria L. Foster
    A book consisting of a compilation of poems.
  • Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white

    by Amy Jean

    In Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some Things are Black and White, Amy Jean continues to share the ramifications of repetitive historical missteps in an intense poetic clang. The poems hint at unknown universal truths, including direct indications that we currently do not have the freedom we assume we possess, nor are we privy to view reality. The implied impending euphoria holds the reader hostage, as she or he flips from page to page. You can feel the author'... more

  • Between Tads and Toads

    by Christine May
    Between Tads and Toads is an illustrated poetry story in rhyme about pretty frog Frederic who tries to join in the pondlife with the tads and toads. Set in the idyllic British countryside with picnic times and all things nice, Frederic struggles to fit in with different drives and inner strifes. This is a story about silent suffering and the price of valuing appearance above all.
  • Yeah I Said It:: Eric Clayton's Look At The World Through Poetry and Prose

    by Eric clayton
    Eric looks at the world through the prism of his black life in America. He expresses himself in poetry and prose. He explores the humanity of the world and faith. Anger and love blended together and compiled from his Facebook posts over several years. He grew up in Chicago around mostly black people the first 13 years of his life. He was exposed to whites in high school in a limited and sometimes hostile manner. He went to a predominately white catholic college in Northeast Kansas and that is wh... more
  • 88: Resurrection. Regeneration. Remastered.

    by Anansi
    88 is the symbol of infinity, the double directions of the universe. Everything, whether immeasurably small or incalculably large. . . we are infinite. It is the typical coming of age story broken down into a myriad of poems, quotes, and illustrations; navigating the meandering twists and turns of love, self-esteem, resiliency, and second chances.
  • Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology

    by Shemique Blair
    A collection of poetic writings based on life experiences. Readers explore memories of first love, commitment, heartbreak, forgiveness and personal growth.
  • 8693896017

    by Rose Arbor
    A collection of poetry about life, love, pain, loss, and growing up.
  • 979-8693786363

    by Brenda Mohammed
    The Child Poet: A Poetic Galaxy for Children written by Brenda Mohammed and Barbara Ehrentreu is filled with delightful poems for young children and even adults. The Signature Foreword is written by Shiju H. Pallithazheth. The Cover is also designed by Shiju H. Pallithazheth. The Book was Edited by Florabelle Lutchman. Each poem has a deep underlying message for kids. Both authors used their invaluable experiences to formulate poetry using a series of literary methods to educate children. ... more
  • Weight of the Ripened

    by Gina Ferrara
    The poems in Weight of the Ripened are dense, products of a semi-tropical landscape where grief, identity, memory, and rebirth are themes that both soothe and disturb.
  • The Brave Little Mouse

    by Daryl Horton
    An inspiring story about how bravery can be attained by even the smallest of us! What happens when our worst nightmares become a reality? In this illustrated picture book, a little mouse experiences his worst fears when the homeowner becomes ill, leaving him all alone. Now the little mouse must figure out how to stay safe and find the courage to overcome his fear. The Brave Little Mouse is a children’s picture book that explores how children handle fear and anxiety. This book is an excel... more
  • It's Already Tomorrow: Poems

    by gus speth
    New poems by Gus Speth. Speth has organized this collection around four ways we address the world: Love, Howl, Laugh, and Remember, which cover a lot of life's territory.
  • Is Life Worth Living

    by Collette Scandrett
    There are many things we experience during the different stages of life. This book relates some of these experiences from the beginning of life until the end.
  • Would-Be Poems

    by Jack Strange
    Will the real Jack Strange please stand up! In Would-Be Poems, poetic master of disguise Jack Strange claims to step into the shoes of a fictional unnamed “would-be poet” in order to discover what it’s like to be ordinary. But the fictional would-be poet also tries on myriad masks and voices as he navigates the psychosocial stages of his imaginary life. The result is an extraordinary assortment of “would-be poems” which ultimately reveal not the mind of Jack Strange or the would-be poet but the ... more
  • What Dog is That?

    by Lois Nicholls

    Australian author Lois Nicholls and illustrator Lara Nicholls, a mother-daughter team, celebrate lovable canines in rhyme in their children's picture book. The book features nine watercolour illustrations of beloved dogs, paired with nine rhyming stories describing their unique personalities. “We wanted the book to appeal to parents as well as children and the fun, amusing rhymes are bound to have readers laughing out loud. From Burt the Bulldog to Bonnie the Beagle, the rhymes... more

  • A Bittersweet Dream

    by Anthony Bolton
    It is a poetry collection that explores the pines of a broken heart, the pursuit of success and world issues.