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  • Graffiti on the Window

    by Alexej Savreux
    Book of cross-genre poems and prose by international award-winning poet and critic, Alexej Savreux. First published in Kansas City, Kansas by Illogical Conceits Publishing & Multimedia in 2015, the book is being re-released in 2021. The book explores the true meaning of art and the human existence through no light psychological exploration and a heartfelt, personal touch as seen through the eyes of an individual contending with the pain of a paranoid psychosis post-hospitalization.
  • Beowulf

    by Andrew B. F. Carnabuci
    Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel! Beowulf is the classic Old English heroic-elegiac poem, presented here in a new verse translation. The poem follows the rise and fall of its titular hero on adventures in Denmark in his youth, and facing a dragon as the King of Geatland in his old age. This edition is fully annotated throughout, and includes a translator's preface and introduction, pedigree diagrams for the major royal houses, and a full bibliography. If you have never experienced the Anglo-Saxon world o... more
  • Venus is Grieving- A Time Travellers Odyssey

    by M. Al-waadh
    Venus is Grieving- A Time Travellers Odyssey is a collection of poems narrated by a time traveller looking to reconcile past memories and experiences. A coming of age story that explores the female experience through the lens of cultural identity, ambition, heartbreak, friendship and family, set against a clashing backdrop of conformity and identity. Narrated over the course of six chapters, our narrator re-visits past memories through a personal odyssey and recounts the different emotions exper... more
  • The Roller Coaster - Up'n'Down! - An extension of The Microscope (some call it poetry)

    by Anna "Annina" Lorenzi

    "Dedicated to those who truly believe in the deep value of Friendship as a form of Love and in the immense significance of a Promise. And to all those who, however it turns out, don’t really know how to get down from roller coasters."

    After the release of her novel Meeting Laura, came the surprise arrival of The Microscope. A collection of snapshots immortalized with a pen, the author’s first collection of ... more

  • The Roller Coaster - Up'n'Down - Un'estensione di The Microscope (qualcuno le chiama poesie)

    by Anna "Annina" Lorenzi

    "Dedicato a chi crede davvero nel profondo valore dell’Amicizia come forma d’Amore e nel significato immenso di una Promessa. E a tutti coloro che, comunque vada, dalle montagne russe non sanno proprio scendere."

    Dopo l’uscita del romanzo Incontrando Laura, a sorpresa arrivò The Microscope. Una raccolta di scatti immortalati con la penna, prima raccolta poetica dell’autrice. Una serie di ... more

  • Birth of a Daughter

    by Samantha Kolber
    With raw honesty and lyrical language, Samantha Kolber’s debut chapbook (small book) explores the physical and emotional transformations a woman experiences on the journey to motherhood, exposing the disappearing, artistic self among the chaos and anxiety of pregnancy complications, birth, wakeful nights, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and parenting, while also exploring the complex relationship of being a motherless daughter. Poems in Birth of a Daughter range from meticulously crafted t... more
  • What Binds Us

    by Cheryl Wilder
    Within the first lines of What Binds Us, both the frailty and necessity of human connection is exposed. Unspoken pains lie at the heart of a family’s dynamic. Wilder pushes beyond her family’s silence in order to understand the point where relationships break down. We first see this demonstrated by the strained relationship between her mother and grandmother. For Wilder, the lessons aren’t easily learned. After a failed marriage and still in her twenties, it’s in caring for her son where she ... more

    by Craig Wells
    I am the poem written for an audience of no one. I have been a disciple of moveable spirituality and literature. From Christianity to Buddhism to Native American mysticism, from Tupac to Stravinsky, from Voltaire to Hesse, I embrace whatever works. I have been more dedicated to the love of writing rather than romance. These poems reflect a life willing to discover the true nature of myself and others I encountered visually or personally.
  • Tainted Lionheart

    by Christine Weimer
    “…though I am known to cause fires, I refuse to waste my blaze on you. I forgive you because I will not burn to ash for you….” Tainted Lionheart is a collection that speaks on the perspective of understanding pain as a natural part of the process to healing. Through hard-hitting poetics and raw, honest verses, Christine Weimer openly discusses questions of worthiness, and coping with betrayal in a way that dismantles every idea and trope of what it means to experience heartache. Broken in... more
  • The Rat-trappist

    by Brad Ramsey

    This is the fourth book in a series called Old Ruins, preceded by 1. The City Being a Pastiche of Book One of George Crabbe's The Village. 2. The Flowers Celandine: A Pastiche of Sundry English Verse for the Drawer of the Hostess on Call. 3. An Evening Pastiche: In Homage to William Wordsworth. 4. The Rat-trappist, much less of a narrative ballad, contains odes of in of an affflicted conscience, in a man recalling the separation from a woman he lost, and the type of woman w... more


    by Brenda Mohammed
    In the Introduction, Florabelle Lutchman stated, “JUST FOR YOU, written by Author Brenda Mohammed can lighten up your darkest hours. It can prove to be the bright candle in a dark world.”When a book is relatable, we are transported into a virtual paradise. Brenda’s 34th publication entitled “Just for You” contains poems that will amuse, encourage, give hope to all, and will surely develop a sense of wonderment in the reader. They are well written with great imagery, rhyme, and rhythm. Each poem ... more

    by Brenda Mohammed
    CHAOTIC TIMES: POETRY VACCINE FOR COVID19 consists of poems composed by two sisters from Trinidad, Author Brenda Mohammed and Author Florabelle Lutchman. The book will be a reminder for ourselves and for future generations to read what it was like in the year 2020. The poems within are also therapeutic for the suicidal, depressed, abused, and hopeless.
  • B08QG4M97V

    by Brenda Mohammed
    SWEET MEDLEY: A POETIC JOY contains a medley of poems by Author Brenda Mohammed on varied subjects of life, love, and nature, as well as a number of tributes she received from members of the forum, ‘How to Write for Success’ of which she is Founder, and Motivational Strips, where she is Regional Director - Operations. The Foreword was written by Dr. Vandita Dharni, Author/Poet, who stated, "The Book, ‘Sweet Medley: A Poetic Joy’ encapsulates a feeling of warmth, love, and compassion. The poet B... more
  • DarkEnd

    by hydrus
    DarkEND is a small look into the world I call my reality. Through poems, photography and art, I try to capture the ups and downs of this voyage we call life, and sometimes I refer to it as just existing. Embedded in my words are stories of emotions and feelings that range from the darkest of moments to times of having some type of hope for resolve. Life is raw and ever-evolving, and we always seem to put ourselves last overall. Time proves to be quite relentless. I hope that we all find common g... more
  • The Curtain Raiser

    by Adeboye Oluwajuyitan
    The Curtain Raiser, is a collection of poems. The poetry within is divided into five sections and relates with different aspects of my life including Racism, Passions, Realities, a new dawn, and a love story. In this book, I write poems in three different languages. The majority of the poems are in English; however, I devote a poem apiece to Russian and to Yoruba. The Curtain Raiser is a prelude to my upcoming book, 'The Miracle Mind and a World beneath what we See'; a memoir which captures my c... more
  • Poems of a West Coast Pariah

    by Lois C. Henderson
    Poems of a West Coast Pariah: Modern Haiku 1 is a collection of modern haiku (which liberates the form in terms of number of syllables per line and number of lines) on various aspects of Lois C. Henderson’s existence on the West Coast of South Africa, during the late summer of 2021. Living on the banks of the Berg River, in a small fishing village known as Velddrif, she explores the environment and her thoughts about the life around her, both in a positive and in a negative light. The sections o... more