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  • Trickster in New York: Poems by Thomas Frosch

    by Thomas Frosch
    Trickster in New York is a collection of poems, including several sequences and longer narratives and treating a wide range of topics, such as the experience of almost plunging over a cliff into the Continental Divide; a suburban street as envisioned by 22 artists; two antithetical difficulties in buying French pastry; several animals trying to explain the strange characteristics that dominate their lives; God's thoughts just before creating the first man; the thoughts of the biblical Joshua on ... more
  • Phoenix Feathers

    by Kristina Goltsis
    Phoenix Feathers is a spiritually-charged collection of poetry ranging in style from the traditional to the contemporary. Exploring themes of love, spirituality, heartbreak, depression, femininity & purpose; Phoenix Feathers encourages introspection through a stream-of-consciousness reading experience intended to inspire & heal.
  • It Dawned on Me

    by Kellse T. Krick
    This book is a combination of thoughts put into poetry form. Some were written to describe a certain experience or situation while others were written for fun and amusement. The accumulation depicts a lifetime of tales that will serve as your temporary form of entertainment.
  • Colors of the Heart

    by Vicky-Lyn Ashby
    In this compilation of poems, Vicky-Lyn shows that she has mastered the art of words as she evokes deep emotions in her readers encouraging them to explore the colors of their hearts. Colors of the Heart truly displays the raw emotions of life, gripping the reader into a dramatic view of romance and heartache.
  • Of Love and Mental Health: March, 2015 - May, 2017

    by Max Micallef
    Poetry from the many internal standpoints of the love life and mental health from a brief, yet intense time in the author's life. Though his perspective has changed, this snapshot in his life was needed.
  • Snare

    by Elisa Karbin
    With intense, visceral lyricism Elisa Karbin’s new poetry chapbook, 'Snare,' tackles the fracturing and psychic unraveling that comes in the wake of trauma to explore the necessary shift in identity from victim to survivor to witness with a searing and unblinking urgency.
  • No Jewels: A biography of sorts writ in stanza

    by Tai Allen
    No Jewels is an attempt to challenge standard notions of masculinity, abuse, trauma and self-love. Written primarily in three classic forms -- Japanese senriyu, French triolet and African song -- the book is a work of craft and concept. It is a necessary tool in conversations on sexuality, violence and self-care.
  • Lyrical Voices

    by Frankie L Fipps & Lakella L Taylor
  • Vodka & Ice: A Poetry Collection

    by Kimelene Carr
    When emotions overwhelm ... lace, blown to the wind that frames a derelict fenêtre, may not suffice So... some choose to give vent to words and drown frayed and battered feelings in a darkened well of... Vodka & Ice A collection of poems that gives voice to depression, loneliness, heartbreak and the other pungent feelings that can plague existence.
  • Dead Lions Don't Roar

    by Tolu A Akinyemi
    Dead Lions Don’t Roar is a collection of inspiring and motivating modern day verses. Addressing many issues close to home and also many taboo subjects, the poetry is reflecting of today’s struggles and lights the way to a positive future. The uplifting book will appeal to all age groups, anyone going through change, building or enjoying a career and facing day-to-day struggles. Many of the short verses will resonate with readers, leaving a sense of peace and wellbeing. The author, Tolu ... more
  • Culaccino: Tales & Thoughts from an Anxious Mind

    by Kyle Stück
    After a year laden with transition, author Kyle Stück decided to stop running from his mind and finally allow himself to bleed, the blood taking form in Culaccino, a collection of fifty poems preoccupied with loss, doubt, love, myth, and the troublesome anxiety seemingly connecting them all.
  • Stark Raving Beautiful: The Little Details of South Jersey Living, Writing, Loving, Losing, Bruising, Drinking, Thinking and (Oc

    by Alex Sullivan
    In this volume of poems, Alex Sullivan brings to life tales of living, loving, writing, losing, bruising, drinking, thinking and (on occasion) winning! Written in a free form style, Sullivan's poetry leads you down South New Jersey side streets and goes for the throat in its honesty.
  • A Printing Madman: Poetry & Prose 2008 - 2013

    by Alex Sullivan
    Prose and poetry seen through the eyes of a young South Jersey native. Alex Sullivan's mostly autobiographical "A Printing Madman" frames life as a young man in N.J. through a haze of life lessons, harsh (often beautifully ironic) realities, jazz and cigarette smoke. Every poem screams with personality and every line is a truth. While lacking any formal poetic style, Sullivan writes how those in N.J. speak while still retaining a sense of rhythm only comparable to a John Coltrane record.
  • Motherbird

    by Sprout Conner
    Sometimes one has to look backwards before they can truly start to move forward. This excavation and examination of roots is exactly what Sprout Conner sets out to do with their debut poetry collection, Motherbird. Queer, young, and unafraid of being terrified, Sprout writes about the things that shaped them and the places that they’ve been in preparation for the places that they’re going.
  • Going to Miss Myself When I'm Gone

    by Guy Thorvaldsen

    Narrative and lyrical poems that focus on the pitfalls and small awakenings within everyday life. The predominant themes are gratitude and wonder.

  • Ghost Trees

    by Ralph La Rosa
    Ghost Trees collects a broad range of accessible formal poetry.