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  • Continuation

    by Jessica McLarty
    Poetry that provides sensation through rhythmic intrigue.
  • Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

    by Claude P Perry II

    A collection of articles, poems, and short stories written over several years by the author.

  • Situationship

    by Osamase Ekhator
    "Situationship" by Osamase Ekhator centers around love and the ambiguity of "relationships with no titles". For some, the spontaneous and pure nature of situationships have led to the best romances...but for the rest of us, the hardest heartaches... The book is split into three chapters: "The Chase", "I Told You What This Was", and "The Let Out".
  • The Color of Love

    by Raymond Quattlebaum
    Celebrate the beauty that surrounds you, when you open my book. My first book is called Poetry In Motion. My 2nd book is called The Color Of Love. Poetry In Motion is definitely The Color Of Love. The Color Of Love is evidently Poetry In Motion, transforming itself into the color of life. An everlasting rotation of indescribable beauty, the true essence of God, his testament to life. Life is the essence of who we are! We must PUSH! Because in life you never know how far you can go until you PUSH... more
  • Restored

    by Sylvie Croslard
    Poems about the power of healing and restoration in people, and creation, poems to God's glory.
  • Authentic

    by Sylvie Croslard
    Spirit led poetry reflecting a lived out faith, free verse.
  • The Safety of Edges

    by Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma
    The Safety of Edges ponders liminal times and spaces, tracing the borders between now and then, here and there, childhood and the grown poet. The edge of anything is both a limit and a possibility, an encounter either safe or risky. Pruiksma’s poems seek what it is one awakens to in the half light between darkness and dawn, an emptiness that is not empty, a “saying in the silence,” “a song we can’t see,” or whatever in movement might remain still. Pondering a world waiting to be whole, they retu... more
  • Late Night, Dreary

    by Jan Best
    A collection of Poe-inspired poems that journey into a writer's nightscape.
  • New Moon by Half: A Lifetime in Poetry

    by Scott Oury
    Drawn from material written over five decades this book brings together a remarkable body of work, a lifetime in poetry. Within these pages Scott Oury explores with honesty moments easily overlooked, and those difficult to ignore: family, love, the human connection with the natural world and beyond, an unoccupied space, a chance meeting in an airport, a forgotten wristwatch—and other instances of unexpected beauty. In the words of the author, “All of it, and much more—whatever captured my ey... more
  • I'll Show You Who's Boss Even If You Suffer And I Get In Trouble Selected Works of Karlos Rene Ayala

    by Karlos Rene Ayala
    I'll Show You Who's Boss Even If You Suffer And I Get In Trouble contains work selected from Karlos Rene Ayala's previously published books Womanhood (2008) Imaginary Men Love Imaginary Women (2014) Banana Pineapple Papaya Peach (2018) and new writing from his forthcoming book Come, Hear The Howler Monkey's Song
  • Poiema

    by Cherie Burbach
    God calls us his poiema, his workmanship, and in this collection of poetry Cherie Burbach ponders the divine blessings of life, from the struggles we face to the times we celebrate each other. This collection contains over 150 poems covering themes of faith, forgiveness, love, and self-worth.
  • America Arise and Awake

    by Ramesh Sharma
    A collection of poems, America Arise and Awake is a spectacular experiment in American literature. On one hand, it represents a marvelous blend of politics, philosophy, and spirituality. It is equally an exquisite creation of amour and aesthetics, on the other. Most importantly, the way it has tried to identify the intrinsic personality of America with the fundamental message of Eastern philosophy?universality of soul?is not only momentous, but also revolutionary in spirit. It might arguably be ... more
  • Mythics

    by Seth Masek

    "Don't be to me a memory 
    Despite death's sullen, cold decree 
    This mortal life I give to thee 
    My soul is yours eternally" 

    Mythics centers on our most vulnerable emotion--love. Through beautiful and elegant verse, we move from the longing for love to mature and deep reverence. Delving ever deeper into our capacity to love, the poems allow us to see not only what we're made of and hold inside, but also what we ... more

  • Ex Nihilo

    by Seth Masek

    "The night I die, be by my side 
    My final thoughts I’ll in you hide 
    The night I die, please hold my hand 
    That I might with the angels stand" 

    In this stunning collection of poems, Seth Masek takes us on a journey from darkness into light, and in between are the shades where most of us reside. The collection is divided into four chapters: Judgment, Pain, Love, and Hope, allowing us to venture into the chapter that matches our need... more

  • On the Occasion of a Wedding: Eclectic Love Poems

    by Ollie Bowen

    On the Occasion of a Wedding is a collection of poetry celebrating what it means to truly love another person. From the soulfully simple to the humorously erotic. From the deeply spiritual to the painfully profound.

    Composed as a wedding gift for a dear friend, the book is divided into four chapters, each blending a variety of literary styles.

    • Flores Caelesti (heavenly flowers)
    • Caelo Marique (sky and sea)
    • Amor Insanus (crazy love)
    • Pluit et Luc... more
  • Poet Steals Headlines

    by Thomas Smith
    Taking off from actual headlines from a variety of scandal sheets, tabloids, and even the New York Times, Tom Smith has created original poems with humor, irony, satire, whimsy, fantasy, and even some sensuality, featuring such characters (or creatures) as Steven Spielberg, Liberace, a talking fish in the Bronx, and an escaped ape in Boston.