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  • Drifters

    by Stuart Jay Silverman



    A drift of snow, adrift in a sea of speculation,

    turning over the flotsam and jetsam of the macro world,

    speaking with Nano rising from and sinking back

    into the abyss... . Though I don't much like Poe's

    The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket,

    I'm drawn to it, its locked-in adventure in the hold

    of a whaling ship, the faithful dog turned savage,

    mutiny, the final, fanciful emergence ... more


    by Tim Cawkwell
    Although 2020/21 was a year to forget, it is most likely to be a year we shall remember more readily than others. In private response to the new public covid reality which has coincided with a sense that politically, socially and culturally we have passed through a watershed year, Tim Cawkwell has written a sequence of poems, IN THESE TORRID TIMES. They are fourteen in number, ranging from poems of one page in length to others of several pages. They include two Covid Odes, plus ‘Three Ages of th... more
  • Dawn of Wisdom

    by Alok Gupta
    The book is a collection of eighteen poems. The first poem Reflections and Realizations is reminiscing a blessed journey filled with beauty and wonders and sharing snippet of wits and wisdom acquired over the years. The second poem Proposition is sharing few tips that can turn life into a flow, effortless and joyous. Facing Challenges depicts state of mind one needs to deal with trials and tribulations of life without the remorse and the stress. Art of Living is filled with precious advice to fo... more
  • From the Vault: To Rest and Smile

    by Svetoslav Ivanov
    'A book with the poems of two writers, including subjects of addiction, romance, and war. Sit down, smile, and read to rest.' Dive into the most intimate depths and go beyond time! ~Poimander This poetry book has a total of 5 chapters, based on different subjects. With every page you leaf through, you will read a different poem, and the titles of the poems having the name of their authors.
  • Collection of Poems

    by Svetoslav Ivanov
    Complete collection of Svetoslav Ivanov's poems in descending chronological order separated into two parts. Subjects include insomnia, romance, betrayal, addiction, war and more...
  • Pop X Poetry

    by Kurt Cole Eidsvig
    This unauthorized send-up on literature's most precious member skewers the life and times of Poetry. With bold colors, gritty words and funny stories, POP X POETRY's artsy biographical tone in no way means you'll learn anything at all. You may lose brain cells. Featuring over 300 poems, 30 brand-new artworks, and a unique layout, bright designs, and more, this book's narrative botox blast gives Poetry the long-overdue facelift we were waiting for. Presented as a series of collage pieces, the boo... more
  • Thistle & Ink

    by Aubrey Tyson
    Thistle & Ink is a collection of poems that have been written over the course of 20 years. They range in emotion from despair to brief moments of hope and love. They are short and easy to read while leaving the reader wondering what has led to the emotions between the lines.
  • Shackled Freedom: Black Living in the Modern American South

    by Dasan Ahanu
    Shackled Freedom: Black Living in the Modern American South is the new poetry collection by award-winning artist Dasan Ahanu. It contains poems that are inspired by, speak to, and detail the Black southern experience. Shackled Freedom is the second installment of a series dedicated to Black life. The collection attempts to push back at rigid narratives about Black living below the Mason Dixon Line. Too often we are presented with narratives and perspectives that narrow our collective unders... more
  • Standing Alone

    by Paul Jones
    We all have those moments in our lives where we need reassurance or, we might just want to break down and have a good cry. Standing Alone is a book of poetry that is meant to inspire and touch the living soul. From poems such as Standing Alone to, There for Me. Both poems may have the same conclusion but doing the process one will reach that conclusion in our own special way.
  • A Spiritual Bridge

    by Mzia Kvirikashvili Lawrence
    With this book, I wanted to give at least a glimmer of joy to my eternally tormented country, which for decades has been so preciously owed by the freedom gained through its blood. I wanted to introduce to the English-speaking world how a Georgian person thinks, primarily a Georgian poet, who are so numerous in Georgia. And poetry, after all, it is a bridge between people?s hearts. Then, walk on this bridge and connect our desires, kind people!
  • Magic Mines: The Treasure of Love

    by Mandeep Lotta
    The poems contained in this book are meant to promote love and concern for one another. As gregarious beings, it is necessary for us to interact through poems, music, sports, as well as share knowledge and other social activities.
  • Bounded by Eternity

    by Deborah L. Davitt
    Bounded by Eternity is a novella in verse, telling the story of a woman who has forgotten her own name and history, by her own choice, through by a compact with Oberon, the king of the fey. The story moves between future and past, interweaving myth and reality, memory and confabulation, and loss and survival, eventually transmuting fear to forgiveness.
  • Winter Solstice: A Memoir in Poetry

    by Diana Howard
    We take our memory for granted. Dementia will steal it in ways most of us could never imagine. Winter Solstice by Diana Howard burrows deep into the heart-rendering poetic journey of a daughter trying to love and help her mother who is slowly losing her memory. Through poems and vignettes written over a period of 15 years, the reader will enter a world of denial, confusion, shame, fear, humor, sacrifice, patience and love - finding solace and empathy with an experience many of us go throug... more
  • Iggy Wiggy Tricka Tops: The Really Silly Poetry Book

    by Nikhil Tharakan
    Wonder what kids dream about every day ? This collection of 50 short & delightful poems for young readers was written by a 5th grader discovering the world one day at a time. The poems, which range from insightful pieces like “Plants”, “Mom’s cooking” and “Procrastination” to silly ones like “Grizzly” and “How to not write a poem” beautifully captures the thoughts, imaginations and challenges of most 10 year olds. Some of them are happy, some depressing, but most are just outright silly. T... more
  • Mettle & Flesh

    by Claire Turton
    ‘I realise with quite a fright this page is now my portal for as you read the words I write I become immortal’ Mettle & Flesh is a collection of poetry encompassing observations on life, and how we see ourselves within it. Born from personal experience, the poems span across topics ranging from love, loss, ageing, trust, bad dates, and the inner thoughts we usually keep to ourselves. The poems range from contemplation to rage, from disappointment, to questioning the status quo. Within them, you... more
  • Goodbye (Hello)

    by Ilyssa Goldsmith
    Goodbye (Hello) is a love letter to the stranger, the lover, and the beloved. It is a recovered poem written for the person we may meet once, perchance never to meet again. In her first poetry collection, Goldsmith re-imagines the fine line, which exists between all hellos and goodbyes. Here, the poet raises a new provocation—one which appears to be nostalgic and old. It is just this: every goodbye is secretly an unmet hello in disguise.