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  • Stakes

    by Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum

    "Stakes" is an exploration of the word in its various forms: What are the stakes? How high are they? How do humans behave in high-stakes situations? What is the cost of that behavior? The word is used literally and figuratively throughout these poems, and sometimes not at all, with the content simply hinting at the subject. If you enjoy free verse poetry with the occasional rhyme on the personal, the political, and the pondering nature of life, this book is for you.

  • H.A.T.E. - Honest And Truthful Experiences

    by James Alexander
    With a newfound appreciation for life, the poet James Alexander brings to us a collection of poems that epitomizes the power of love. This love through words stems from his honest and truthful experiences as a person of faith. This book will enlighten anyone who looks to be the light in the mist of a world filled with so much hate.
  • If words could talk what might they say 2? Poems to whom it may concern

    by James Alexander
    What if words could talk? I mean voice their opinions and defend themselves as they see fit. We quite often use words without realizing the impact they have on our lives and others . What would love say to us? How about snitch? Well if you’re now wondering, then this is the book for you! A follow up to the well received, “If words could talk what might they say? This is the highly anticipated 2nd series full of poems from the poet James Alexander, that picks up where the first book left off. You... more
  • If words could talk what might they say? Poems to whom it may concern

    by James Alexander
    What if words could talk? I mean speak their minds and defend themselves as they see fit. We quite often use words without realizing the impact they have on our lives and others . What would sex say to us? How about churches? Well if you’re now wondering, then this is the book for you! A collection of poetry from the poet James Alexander that brings to light, the many thoughts our very own words might share with us. You may be surprised to hear what they have to say!
  • Pretty Poems to Ponder

    by Melissa MOJO Hunter
    MOJO, the Soul Connection Specialist, helps you make a date with your soul by reading just one poem per day from her book, Pretty Poems to Ponder. It is a collection of over 60 inspirational poems that help awaken and enlighten one's spirit. Teaching you to tap into infinite intelligence and connect with source energy, her poetry helps you reconnect with your higher self, God, Angels and Spirit Guides, all of whom she believes are eagerly waiting to assist you in overcoming life's most difficu... more
  • The Sound in This Time of Being

    by S. Preston Duncan
  • Blues for French Roast with Chicory

    by Martina Reisz Newberry
    Newberry's poems arrive like a friend bearing news. We think we are to hear something ordinary, then suddenly it becomes unusual. Or we find ourselves being told something odd . . . and it gets even odder. Newberry is a poet of spiritual surprise, a poet of transcending images pulled from a very real, contemporary, attentive woman's life.~~John Balaban

    by J.L.Diamond
    A collection of words that dive through the emotions felt during the adolescent and adult phases of life. This book inspires by not only showcasing universal emotions, but by providing a space for self-expression of thoughts that you just need to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, to find peace in situations.
  • And the Eyes Are Brilliant Is Your Army!

    by Iliyan Yurukov
    The book illustrates the efforts of the progressive people of the Planet in the struggle for world peace!. The patterns of formation of the stages of civilizations and their efforts for survival are revealed. Contacts and forms of migrations of various peoples in connection with planetary cataclysms are traced. Demonstrate the conviction and the need to develop strategies with them in the future! Common roots, culture, technology, and education! Gallery!
  • Poetry of Aloha

    by Stephen Carbon
    Take an intimate experience into the beauty and spirit of Aloha in a story of poetry and photos from the island of Kauai. This is a collection of island-inspired lyrical verses of creativity and images of nature. A pure joy and inspiration to share with all of you. Aloha and a hui hou (till we meet again) Stephen
  • Intuitions

    by Karl Kevin Smith
    I like to observe and think before I write. I try to be as creative as I can be when I do this. And I try to keep it real. It is because I believe in conveying my thoughts in that manner.
  • An Angel in My Garden

    by Mart Grams
    An Angel in My Garden contains poems that were written over the time I met my wife through her life to her passing.
  • Moments In Time: Poems of Life Love Faith (New Edition)

    by Larry Reinheardt
    Moments in Time: Poems of Life, Love, and Faith are poems and thoughts that were written for the enjoyment of all. It is a collection of poems and thoughts over a lifetime of travel through the world in which we live. It is a celebration of life's experience of the triumphs and failures as we move forward. The language is simple and easy to understand yet intended to be thought provoking and questioning. Included in Moments in Time are poems like: * The Christian * Traces We Leave Behind ... more
  • Where There's a Quill

    by gpr crane
    Author gpr crane's second book of poetry, Where There's a Quill, consists of 52 poems, along with related photos which add to the message. Poems of many different forms are included, most are rhymed, and many contain innovative usage of the vernacular. This is a new and creative look at modern poetry.
  • Rose Petals

    by Sara McCoy
    This transparent collection of poetry explores themes of loss, longing, and returning to your true self. With the delicacy of rose petals unfolding to the light, the author dares to express the heart's deepest desire for relationship and love. Sara wrote her first collection of poems as a gift for her grandmother and family. Building on that original work, Rose Petals naturally unfolded. Look for more of Sara's writings on her author website at
  • Beautiful As You Are

    by PeTika Tave

    This book is a simple, yet powerful poem that helps a young girl appreciate who she is and love herself unconditionally. It features beautifully created images that shows her starting off sad about herself, to ending the book standing proud and confident with who she is and is destined to become. The book ends with discussion questions to help parents talk to their children about self-confidence and self-worth.