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    Shades of Lies is a collection of poetry and prose about pain, infertility, betrayal, love, loss, and healing. Annalyn J. Rasul’s new book imparts hope and healing to readers as they devour in the life-changing journey ingrained in each heartfelt poem. Shades of Lies takes the reader on a personal journey of love, betrayal, loss, and healing. Poetry is a powerful therapy that allows one to release and expressed hidden emotions to pen and paper. The best poetry is always written from the heart wh... more
  • The Torch of Hope and Inspirations

    The Torch of Hope and Inspirations is a personal collection of poems and the best inspirational quotes selected and compiled by the author. Divided into two parts, the first part is a collection of personal poems that touches on the themes of love, pain, infertility, betrayal, hope, and forgiveness. Poetry is a form of creative art therapy. It is therapeutic for both the writer and the reader. Writing poetry fosters emotional expression and healing through self-expression and exploration of o... more
  • Facets

    by Nicole thomas
  • The Lover's Rhapsody

    by Adam Siddiq
    Lovers are wildly passionate seekers of God. They are intoxicated by their heart's longing for union with their Beloved. They ache and pray with their whole beings for the Light behind all forms. They thirst to drink the nectar of Love in every moment. They hunger to explore and know what lies behind the veils of perceived reality. They demand truth with their whole existence and will not settle for anything less. They are misfits, incapacitated by Love's hangover, wander... more
  • Peace they didn't extend

    by Acknella Ndoro
    Life's hardship can read like a dark poem. We all go through some painful experiences. This poetry book is gripping, emotional and dark. It covers all areas of life's gigantic puzzles including meaning of life, loneliness, abuse, sadness, self-sabotage, brokenness, suicide, racism, and so much more! In a way it shows you that whatever you are going through, you are not alone and you will come out to the other side.
  • The Power Of Summer!

    by Waide Riddle
    It's summer in Los Angeles! Where the Dreamers go to escape and celebrate! This chap-book of poetry should bring a smile to your face as you discover the whimsical & magical & musical verses in these nine poems. Pop Poetry & Bubblegum Poetry have never sounded so HAPPY!
  • Life as We Know It

    by Aspen Adams AKA Salene Hill
    Life as We Know It is a collection of poems that tell life stories, from the past, present, and future. The content addresses positive thinking, and how people cope with lost. It will make you think about the future of this world, and make investment decisions.
  • The Waiting Room

    by Dominique Rispoli
    My experience waiting for someone whom I thought was promised to be “my person” by God, is the experience that inspired this collection of poetry. I believe that God speaks to us in many ways, whether through signs, or through His Word, and I truly believed, with all my heart, that God promised this boy to me. This went on for five years, so the poems in this work were all written over the span of 5 years. There are three parts to the book. This book includes a “Prologue” poem which I believe d... more
  • The Bomb That Blew Up God

    by Freddy Niagara Fonseca
    THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD (And Other Serious Poems) is a collection of poetry of 113 poems on 181 pages, uniting seven major themes in seven chapters. Together they read like a dynamic, yet intimate travelogue through our soul and the life we are living on Planet Earth. Chapter 1: SHARDS OF LIGHT begins in an uncertain universe of random smatterings of light on the verge of spiritual darkness. The poems in this chapter are mostly introspective, set in colorful locales on the globe and vast re... more
  • Move Over Shakespeare: Tales From the Baron

    by Billy J. Barnum

    In this collection behold the most masterful poetry the world has ever been presented. For a poet and his art to be compared to the great William Shakespeare is beyond belief. Thus I thrust onto you the task of reading this poetry with high expectations to be enthralled, amazed, and wowed at what you are about to read. If you are transported by some of the poetry for not be afraid you will be safely returned to where you started when the poem is through. It is with high honor I bequeath to yo... more

  • Isaiah's Closing Arguments: A New Translation

    by Laurance Wieder
    Isaiah’s sacred poetry transcends place, time, and doctrine. Isaiah's Closing Arguments is a new translation of all the prophet’s Haftorot (singular: Haftarah) read on Sabbath mornings and on special occasions. Part one contains Isaiah’s verses which accompany the first three chapters of Genesis, two chapters of Exodus, the first chapter of Leviticus, and the opening of Deuteronomy. The second group of poems are also known as the seven Haftorot of Consolation. The final orations are read on Yom ... more
  • Words to God's Music: A New Book of Psalms

    by Laurance Wieder
    Words to God's Music is the first complete poet's version of the Psalter since Christopher Smart's 18th-century Psalms of David. Each of these 150 poems is a unique response to the corresponding biblical psalm, and speaks to and from the heart. Revised and corrected version of the acclaimed, out-of-print 2003 edition.
  • The Flowers Celandine: A Pastiche of Sundry English Verse for the Drawer of the Hostess on Call

    by Brad Ramsey

    A new collection of pastiche poems refacing various lesser works of the English canon whose common thread follows the narrator's relationship with a prostitute.

  • A Look Ahead: Selected Poems 1966-2018

    by Laurance Wieder
    The first volume of selected poems by Laurance Wieder since Picador Australia published The Last Century 25 years ago. Famous in Japan and Australia, Wieder is neither a founder nor a follower of any school. An American original, in Peter Schjeldahl's words, he makes poetry seem like a good idea.
  • Help Keep Out: Volume 5

    by Robert Letters
    On February 16, 2015 Robert Letters posted a 5-line poem on Twitter. This began an ongoing daily practice that continued for over four years, resulting in a 1,700-poem sequence that ended on October 22, 2019. Help Keep Out: Volume 5 contains Books 13-17, the final five books in the project. The poems in Help Keep Out are predominantly informed by Asian forms – haiku, senryu, tanka, and sijo. While most of the structural characteristics of these forms have been preserved, this is not always the ... more
  • Escape from the Crooked Castle

    by Robert W. Aldrich
    Robert W. Aldrich's literary debut is a collection of 49 emotional and vulnerable poems about his experiences with romance, healing, and nature.