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  • Ways of the Heart Gaining Strength Along the Way: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories

    by Kevin J. Ste. Marie
    This collection of poetry and short stories is all about never leaving anything on the shelf. As a child, I was always curious, and when I learned of my adoption at the age of eight, it changed me. I internally knew I was different but have always been thankful for my mothers love. I believe that it was one of the things that kept me alive when I was lucky enough to be her son. I always enjoyed writing my feelings. I always thought it was the expression of emotion that proves the passion we hold... more
  • Lds Poems

    by William A. Kofoed
    Many of my Poems are about my religion and I have gathered some of them together in this book.
  • 1466495588

    by Kari Wergeland
    Following the advice of a community college music instructor, Kari Wergeland began taking voice lessons with a respected teacher at the age of 24. After roughly two years of study, with dubious results, she decided to stop singing. She began working as a librarian and eventually turned to writing newspaper articles, fiction, and poetry. Twenty years later, and on something of a whim, Wergeland enrolled in a workshop called The Natural Singer, with vocal coach Claude Stein. Inspired to resume voi... more
  • A Tree Bows Humbly with Fruit

    by Jozef Tracz-Ripple
    A Tree Bows Humbly With Fruit is the second collection of poems by Józef Tracz-Ripple. These poems are a continuation of House of Mirrors, the polishing of the soul's spirit and dissolving further from self into Love and its Source; a striving to become in tune with the tongue of the Invisible, the Silent One; to become not just the harp and harp's song but the vibration and the fingers that pluck the heaven-strings; to become not just the flute but to shed everything of ego in order to be the e... more
  • House of Mirrors

    by Jozef Tracz-Ripple
    House of Mirrors is spontaneous, ecstatic poetry about love, introspection, nature, philosophy, and spirituality. Turning inwards to find answers, to find Light. Giving Love and Compassion without any want of return. Blowing kisses at the Silence the Abyss speaks. It is a book that simply praises the human experience by praising and experiencing simply. A Mirror cannot reflect unless polished; it is only as good as it is clear. The House of Mirrors is the Temple of our Self, where we are often e... more
  • A Tenrec Named Trey (And other odd lettered animals that like to play)

    by Kenny Coogan
    A Tenrec named Trey (and other odd lettered animals that like to play), offers a playful look into the lives of some of the amazing animals from the animal kingdom. Written in beautiful poetic lines, A Tenrec named Trey teaches great life lessons to kids of all ages using fun rhyming verse. Featuring fun and unique characters like Velma Quinn the Valley Quail and Wade the Water Dragon, A Tenrec named Trey is sure to delight young readers and encourage them to read these stories over and over. St... more
  • Life.

    by Alysa VanderWeerd

    My book of poems— Life., all describe aspects of heroic endurance. What to do in life, when we are constantly tested under trial and strife. God blesses the people, (James 1:12) who patiently endure testing, who endure temptation, who remain steadfast under trial, holding fast to Christ; those will be the ones who receive the crown of life. The reward for enduring, clinging to Christ, is Life.  Many succomb and cave amidst the battle. The temptations... more

  • The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems

    by Kenneth Salzmann

    New and Selected Poems

  • PremierLendingSolutions

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  • Hi to Heaven/Czesc do Nieba

    by Hedwig Gorski
    Hedwig Gorski's best performance poems by the originator of performance poetry have been translated into Polish by Janusz Zalewski with love and care. These are highlighted because of their connection with audiences through live radio performances with Hedwig Gorski's East of Eden Band. All the text in the book is bi-lingual offering the poems and info in both English and Polish. The poems are not local or culturally specific and thrive on life as a sensuous and global adventure full energy and ... more
  • Tell 'Em We're Surfing: The Surf Poetry Collection by Scott Rosin

    by Scott Rosin

    The word "surfing" has come to mean different things over the years, but to poet Scott Rosin, the most important meaning is the original: surfing waves. This varied poetic collection touches on everything from alienation, conservation, environmentalism and the joyful psyche and practice of wave-riding. Rosin presents a sensual wordscape that is accessible, thoughtful and reflective of his half-century among the breakers.

    Referencing classic updates of Faustus and The Ancient M... more

  • Salome and the Battle Poems

    by Tyler Rose Mann
    Salome and the Battle Poems is a poetry collection that explores the weaponization of art to heal and protect the body and soul of the oppressed, the mentally ill, and the disempowered. Salome is a biblical figure, mythologized here into a radical symbol of women’s liberation and empowerment. The collection is divided into three sections: vengeance, tenderness, and photosynthesis. This structure reflects the process of overcoming, the alchemy of transforming righteous rage and suffering into ... more
  • Know That You Have Been Loved (Words from the Wells of Black Women's Wisdom)

    by Elonda Clay
    Know That You Have Been Loved is a poetry collection that explores how deep family ties, love and its substitutes, grief, pain, protest, struggle, and laughter possess the potential to shape and inspire growth, healing, and self-love for each of us. Ever grounded in the legacies of her ancestors and America's persistent wounds of race, Elonda uses historical turning points, nature, and the richness of women's wisdom as her writing companions. Know That You Have Been Loved is her debut poetry col... more
  • Rejected letter

    by Evisa Isabella Rose
    "Rejected letter" is an illustrated collection of motivational aphorisms and poetry about heartbreak, depression, trauma, love, self-love and self-empowerment.
  • Fraying Particles

    by Quinton Farrow
    PRESS RELEASE Imagine for a moment that the paranormal was sunken language. That everything you dreamt had already come and gone before in a wreck beneath the sea or in the sky. That the very essence of your being was built upon frailty, not strength. … Fraying particles will move you through this horror. What Farrow displays is the very truth that we are grappling with today. Do we really want to stay?
  • Tales from the Trails

    by Melissa K Melton
    Running adventures in poetic prose Collection of stories from the trails and the roads. A slice of life from a runner?s point of view Of endurance, strength, and a flair for tutus. Spicy and real-life accounts of race reports, training runs, and nature hikes A simple message to savor the journey and get outside. The highs and lows, the ups and downs, from 5Ks to 100 miles Stories of fellowship, friendships, conquering fears, sharing smiles. Raw and real emotions Poetry in motion. Combining passi... more