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  • The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults

    by Daniel Klawitter
    "There's no doubt kids will enjoy reading these charming poems, but you may want to buy an extra copy for yourself in case your kids won't share. Like Shel Silverstein before him, Klawitter plays to a child's funny bone as well as a child's thoughtfulness. An irresistible combination." --Robert Schechter: Poet, translator, and winner of the 2016 X.J. Kennedy Parody Award.
  • Bob Tails: & Other Stories of Nothingness

    by Sefton Booth
    Tiny mischievous souls full of character and creativity won’t put up with their lot in life and little Bobby decides to do something about it. Mr. Bob sets about burrowing his way through the entire house of flats meeting many other species on the way in the search of happiness away from loneliness. Join him for a discovery of lifelong learning. And other Stories... Included in this collect is So on and So Forth, Bleak, Catwalk, Nothing, Marmalade, Melosh and Tee He, detailing how nothing means ... more
  • Dead Čert: & Other Stories Of Devils

    by Sefton Booth
    Darkness is the yarn spun tight and deep within Beelzebub. The tales bound in this book are an exploration of juvenile doldrums and of the devil. Innocence at some point must be shed and the deaths of little Čerts are unfortunate, but inevitable. Come enjoy the adventure of a juxtaposition with youth and the experience of demons, which enters every corner of this book including : Dead Čert, Night Terrors, Footsteps in the Snow, (A#)Muse(db), Old Woman, “I Hate Ponces”, Cold Meat, Wanweird and Th... more
  • Beware of the Thought Bubbles

    by Ross Libby

    In this exciting collection of poems by Ross Libby, you'll learn about Dingbats, Whatchamacallits, Thingamajigs and more. You'll meet The Boy Inside and visit the Zipitty Zapitty Zoo. Just watch out for thought bubbles with claws and snakes that hiss at you!

  • The Gates of Never

    by Deborah L. Davitt

    The Gates of Never presents speculative poetry by one of the field's rising voices. Surprisingly accessible, and erudite without pretension, Deborah L. Davitt's debut collection fuses history, mythology, and magic seamlessly with futurism, science, and science fiction.

    Praise for The Gates of Never:
    “With the Gates of Never Deborah Davitt offers us a sumptuous exploration of the cosmic and the mythic, the historic and the familiar. Her lines hum with memory and imagin... more

  • Dispositions

    by K. F. Oelke
    A futuristic metaphysical fantasy. The man walks, the beach, the desert, the city, the forest. Or is it a girl? The progression is thematic. The mind of a romantic exacerbated sensitivity, eroticizing whatever it regards. Perhaps on a quest, this is an epic after all, but for what meaning, what metaphysical sense? Or is it a beautiful virgin fairy forever lost in an evil world, and forever damned? In her struggle with Destiny does she finally give in, or is she pretending? Dispositions ... more
  • How Surviving Emotional Trauma and Cancer Later Helped Me in Life in Prose

    by Mario Fontenla
    The idea to write this book was born out of my empathy for others who are suffering like I have after traveling so much during my youth and suffering from the emotional trauma of constantly being harshly bullied, to finally settling in New York City for many years, where I started volunteering for the Red Cross about ten years ago, which launched my whole career in translation and interpretation and made me start to write poems after living to survive cancer.
  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    by Penny Johnson
    Poetry is the song that poets sing to beautify the world. In A Penny for Your Thoughts, contemporary American poet Penny Johnson presents verses about nature, love, life, death, philosophy, and religion. She considers American life in the present day. With her writing, she hopes to teach, fulfill, entertain, heal wounds, and show the beauty of the world. Johnson offers her work as a gift to anyone longing for the uplifting and nourishing experience that poetry can provide. This poetry collection... more
  • Danish Northwest - Hygge Poems from the Outskirts

    by Peter Graarup Westergaard

    Danish Northwest is a poetry collection that shows “hygge” in its various aspects as practiced or rendered in the outskirts of Denmark, more precisely in the northwestern region of Jutland called Thy. The poems were originally published in Danish and in a dialect called “thybomål”. As with any translation, the English version can be considered in a sense a new collection of poems given the adjustments and additions needed to capture the essence of the original. T... more

  • Soul Music The Colour Of Magic

    by David Ellis

    This is a poetry collection that embraces the playful, evocative and rhythmic nature of music in its words. The title is inspired by a Fantasy author, who is very well respected and admired by the writer.

    In his follow up to his award-winning poetry collection "Life, Sex & Death", David Ellis has selected another series of poems that focus on inspirational and love/romantic values, imbuing them with a real sense of purpose to fire up the reader's imagination, along wi... more

  • Soulful Illuminations A Poetry Collection: Volume One

    by Josepha Gail
    And so begins the journey into the mind of Josepha Gail. A poet manages to evoke moments of splendor with just the tip of her pen. Soulful illuminations is a delicate and often beautiful reflection of nature in all it's glory. Josepha's words flow across the page with all the fluidity of the river. She invites each of us to stare into recesses of creation and marvel at it's masters work. Cycling through four sections, Soulful illuminations is an incredible debut and promises to bring a sense ... more
  • Cro Poem : The Rasar Chronicles Poetry Companion

    by M. C. Rose
    Cro Poem comprises 30 poems; each piece a heartbeat and an identity of its own, expressing the trajectory of a intrinsic combination of verse and narration! Cro Poem tells the story of Cro and his communion with the eternal Goddess Eagle, that leads to the conception of humanity. It delineates Cro’s evolution from a primordial being into a fully conscious human. It is, therefore, an exploration of the realities of the light and the dark.
  • The Complete Poetry of Norman A.J. Berisford

    by MJV Literary

    The Complete Poetry of Norman AJ Berisford is the much anticipated release of the poet’s work. His whimsical and often sublime writing explores the compelling themes of nature, age, love and loss and promises to capture the hearts and minds of its readers.

  • Limerick Comics

    by Robert Hoyman
    Limerick Comics offers lighthearted original limericks on a wide range of history and science topics, each with an informational panel of surprising facts, all presented in entertaining comics. Middle-grade readers age 8 and up are invited to linger on each page to enjoy the humor, ponder inferences, and view the evocative details of each illustrated panel.
  • The Gates of Never

    by Deborah L. Davitt
    The Gates of Never presents speculative poetry by one of the field's rising voices. Erudite without pretension, Deborah L. Davitt's debut collection fuses history, mythology, and magic seamlessly with futurism, science, and science fiction. Coming October 2019 from Finishing Line Press! ​
  • Lets Breakup: Poetry of Love, Loss Jennifer Sparkman

    by Jennifer Sparkman
    Dearest Summary, Enclosed are pieces of my brain,During a time in which didn’t seem real,A time that that changed everything,A time when there was a before than an after, Deep Fried French Toast tastes differently, Because the tears stuck inside my eyeballs,Fell so far back into my sockets,That my lungs had to catch them into,A pile of pneumonia,Where my rib cages couldn’t see through the door frame,Of the old Sequoia House anymore,And those little birds had to say,Adieu. Oh Summary, I wish we c... more