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  • I Don't Want to Dance in the Rain

    by Tanya Rose
    A soul destined for failure and pushed over life's edge to the breaking point of no return..
  • Poems by Roberta M Roy Slivers

    by Roberta Roy
    Poems by Roberta M Roy: Slivers medaled in the Jenkins 2020 International eLit Medal in Poetry. "Roberta Roy’s collection Slivers reads as subtle and modest meditations on her experiences as a woman, as a teacher (how I know her best), and as an intellect of delicacy. It’s not often that one publishes a ‘collected poems” that reads as an autobiography. Her language is straightforward; she eschews pyrotechnics. But she laces these poems with quiet surprises by details that require re-reading beca... more
  • 978-0-6483183-2-3

    by Samuel L. Field
  • Pandemia & Other Poems

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Aztlan Libre Press announces the publication of Pandemia & Other Poems by Edward Vidaurre. Scheduled for release in August, 2020, Pandemia & Other Poems comes to the world as a salve to a trifecta of crises—border issues of children in cages and immigrants being held in tent cities to wait with little or no hope; a virus that has crippled the world forcing us to reevaluate and test our resolve as survivors; and the ongoing issue of police brutality stirring protests around the world. Vidaur... more
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: an Anthology

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Good Cop/Bad Cop: An Anthology George Floyd. Eric Garner. Sandra Bland. Tamir Rice. So many others for so many years. In 2010 police killed over a thousand people in the U.S. Black people are 3x more likely to be killed by police than white people. 99% of killings by police from 2013 – 2019 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime.*The names of the murdered will not be forgotten. We call on poets, writers, and artists to submit work for an anthology that addresses the continu... more
  • Boundless 2020: the official anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival

    by Edward Vidaurre
    BOUNDLESS 2020 the Anthology of the RIO GRANDE VALLEY INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL Boundless is the official anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival (VIPF), founded in 2008 by Daniel García Ordaz and Brenda Nettles Riojas. VIPF is held annually the last weekend in April in deep South Texas as a celebration of National Poetry Month.
  • Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Justice

    by Edward Vidaurre
    On April 20, 2010, nine Latino students chained themselves to the main doors of the Arizona State Capitol in an act of civil disobedience to protest Arizona’s SB 1070. Moved by the students’ actions, that same day Francisco X. Alarcón responded by writing a poem in Spanish and English titled “Para Los Nueve del Capitolio/ For the Capitol Nine,” which he dedicated to the students. The students replied to the poem with a collective online message. To share with the world what was taking place, Ala... more
  • Twenty: In Memoriam

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Poets and artists joined together to create Twenty: In Memoriam--in response to the tragic school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14, 2012. This poetry collection is an offering to the children, parents, families, and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School, and to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. Poets and artists from across the U.S. humbly offer this anthology in hopes of providing a literary embrace in the face of tragedy, with works about loss and... more

    by Edward Vidaurre
    JazzHouse ~ compelling love songs to the intensity of everyday life; from the magic in the routine to the marvels and miraculousness of living. Edward Vidaurre takes us with him on his life trip, from East LA to the Rio Grande Valley and the all the far reaching roots that accompany him in the form of ancestors, spirits, family, and other familiars. JAZzHOUSE is a base camp, and a life. We are invited in to share some food, some cafecito, or a glass of wine - to sit awhile and be grateful for ev... more
  • Ramona and rumi: Love in the Time of Oligarchy: & unedited Necessary Poems

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Edward Vidaurre has done it again! This chap-book collection cuts with the erotic edge of night, and explores inspirations that range from lipstick smears to screaming guitars. Edward is a true "peoples' poet" and remains a central figure in the Indie Lit scene he has helped nurture for years, along the banks of the Rio Grande River in deep South Texas. This chap book turns mostly inward...introducing readers to his love, his passion, his lust, his muses and inspirations. This is a poetic master... more
  • Chicano Blood Transfusion

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Sometimes the grind of life in modern America sucks Latin@s dry: between the daily micro-aggressions and institutional racism, la gente find themselves drained of that essential chispa. At times like those, we need a Chicano blood transfusion like the one Edward Vidaurre injects straight into our souls in his most recent collection. So just lean back and let yourself be guided through the graffitied recesses of our collective barrio by one of the most important poets of deep South Texas, whose u... more
  • Beautiful Scars: Elegiac Beat Poems (2nd Edition)

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Beautiful Scars: Elegiac Beat Poems is an emotional pulling back of the curtain, an explosion of longing, loss, love and—always—hope. In his third collection of poetry, Edward Vidaurre, a razor-sharp voice in Hispanic American poetry, tears through layers of mourning and separation with the indomitable spirit of a man in pieces yet ultimately and unrepentantly in love and determined to stay intact. Armed with the definitive knowledge that Faith, Hope, and Love never hover too far distant, Vidaur... more
  • Insomnia

    by Edward Vidaurre
    In his second collection of poetry, Edward Vidaurre, an emerging voice in Latino lit, offers new poems focusing on--and inspired by--bouts of insomnia, death, grief, loss, love, desire, and the vivid dream-like imagery that a lack of sleep creates. With an introduction by award-winning poet Katherine Hoerth, editor at Lamar University Press.Pick up this book on those weird and wonderful nights when it’s 2:07 a.m. and the waning echoes of yesterday’s shattered dreams and sprightly nightmares reve... more
  • I Took My Barrio on a Road Trip

    by Edward Vidaurre
    Take a trip with the from El Salvador to East L.A. and finally to Texas in this premiere collection of poems by a man who escaped the fate of many in the barrios of La Lucha and turned those experiences into poetry. This book is as much a story of struggle and survival wrapped in poetic verse as it is a love story for life.
  • Typical Tragedies: A Book of Poetry

    by Patrick Ashe
    From Patrick Ashe, longtime writer and recently published novelist, now comes a collection of poetry spanning 21 years. While often brooding and expressive, Ashe's poetry goes for society's jugular while yearning for its heart, leaving sardonic questions and sincere affections in its wake. Inspirations span poetry giants like W.B. Yeats and Sylvia Plath as well as rock greats like Leonard Cohen and Trent Reznor.
  • Confessions Seldom Made

    by Digjam Sarma

    Confessions is a series of twenty-eight original, gritty, gnarly, joyous, melancholy, sometimes dark and sometimes eerie tales that have been condensed into poetry. They have been grouped into four sections, each reflecting a particular mood of nature. A book that tries to delve into uncharted islands of the human psyche, indulge yourself into a journey of forbidden feelings and desires, and their recreation into words- with some tea or red wine, and itsy-bitsy amount of serious refl... more