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  • The Skywriter

    by Ticic
    This book is a very internationally minded collection and - for a poetry book - quite a narrative one. It deals with lived experiences and intimacies to do with locations as diverse as China, various parts of Europe and the United States, where the protagonist is a young woman who is originally Croatian. Thus, the different points of view overlap and evolve as the story quite literally pushes you forward.
  • Angels of Hell: Poetic Tales of the Apocalypse vol. 1

    by Chris ~cliff~ Reichard
    A modern Epic for fans of narrative poetry in the vein of Dante's Inferno, the Odyssey & Beowulf! The End times have come for the 7th cycle of creation, and the Four Horsemen lead the charge for humanity's fate. In the midst of their ride to conquer for Hell something stirred deep inside changing their resolve. Now the remnants of mankind stand under their protection, and the agents of Heaven, Hell, Gods & Fae best make way 'fore they find themselves damned as well.
  • Time Peels All to Original White

    by Xueyan
    Xueyan Poems
  • Afterglow

    by Michelle Marie Jacquot
    Afterglow is a collection of poetry from a strange time. Starting in 2020 and ending somewhere between then and now, it's about figuring out what living really means. It's laughing through the world's collapse, searching for meaning in almost everything, fighting and embracing solitude, and realizing that everything could change at any moment. It's learning to look for an afterglow in all things. To throw your hands up, surrender, and feel the sun coming.
  • Life on the Run: The Reverses of Life

    by Brian Michael Hurll
    Life on the Run is a continuation of my love for talking about Nature, Love, Holidays, and topical themes. is amalgamation of topics is a chance to continue with all the subjects that will always appear in my poems. Writing unloads my mind and is good and relaxing to my soul. I realised a while ago that our minds are very complex libraries, which continually fuel our thoughts and generate the work we write. So this larger volume with twice as many poems almost brings us up to date. Althou... more
  • A Black Queen's Flow

    by Naci Sigler
    Get The Powerful Daily Inspiration You Need Conquer Your World! This poetry collection is intentionally designed to provide concise, deep, fun, and meaningful inspiration. It's also taught in school settings and professional development workshops, making it a great gift. It functions beautifully as an invitation to begin or continue a dialogue about growing up, maturity, overcoming adversity, and becoming more confident. Women, Families, Teachers, and Trainers Love This Book!
  • My Smile Is My Mask: A Collection of Poems

    by Francesca De Geronimo
    A collection of poems exploring the challenging thoughts that adolescents and young adults often experience. Through the author’s personal experiences, she hopes to enlighten readers about struggles like masking our true emotions from the rest of the world. Each poem is written to stand alone, or when read together, can reveal the complexities we may face when confronted with perpetuating thoughts. At the end, the reader can find a few pages to write their own reflections.
  • All I Need Is a Typewriter and a Squeaky Ball: Poems by Crikey

    by Diane Wasnak
    Crikey, an Australian Shepherd was born with a hearing impairment, it was clear Crikey had to rely on his other senses, especially during his first year of life. Crikey's poems are a fanciful look at his world from his own doggie point of view.
  • My Daddy Slays Dragons

    by Stephanie Kahle

    There is nothing scarier than a firebreathing dragon, ask any firefighter. The age-old tales of dragons are real today, in the forests of California and all over this land. Fire season brings modern day heroes to the front line in droves. They gather their armor and gear and travel toward danger to protect life, property and the environment. They leave behind families who guard their castles and hold down the fort awaiting their valiant return and the stories of adventure to follow.

  • Violet

    by Sabrina Simon
    Violet is poems for the ones who are willing to wait, idealistic in love, and love silently. It represents the true essence of intimacy: sensitive, emotional, authentic, and true.
  • Naughty Nonsense, Lascivious Limericks and Much More

    by David Ellis
    WARNING Be prepared to be amused by the odd ways of the characters here portrayed in the first section of the book devoted to Limericks. Be prepared to feel sympathy for their mishaps and trials. But especially be prepared to be shocked by their goings-on and shenanigans - the forger, the glutton, the cheat, the drunkard, the proud, the greedy, the slothful, the unfaithful, the exhibitionist, the sex-mad, the dominatrix, the cougar, the transsexual, the transvestite, the masochist, the ho... more
  • Poems for Wee Ones

    by MaryAnn Diorio
    POEMS FOR WEE ONES will delight the young child in your life with its gentle humor, its lilting verses, and its charming illustrations. Studies have shown that reading poetry to children contributes to their healthful emotional development and sharpens their pre-reading skills. According to Scholastic Parents Magazine, "nursery rhymes, songs, and poetry are key parts of preschool reading. Listening to, and repeating, poetry is a wonderful way for children to learn phonemic awareness." * ... more
  • Spirit

    by James Murdock
    Spirit dives deep into present beauty and brutality, enhancing the prism through which we perceive and value our experience. Murdock’s take is timeless; his poems are born when his heart catches his soul, exploring the warmth of friendship, joy of love, and shameful justification for cruelty and violence. The gamut lies within / sit down / open it / and bring your spirit along.
  • Don't put me in a box

    by Lady Elegance
  • Skin & Bones: Song Lyrics

    by Jeff Mellin

    Skin & Bones is the first-ever collection of lyrics by songwriter / artist Jeff Mellin. Named for a lyric from his "tour de force"* album Jeff Mellin Saves the World (Stereorrific, 1999), the book covers songs from Mellin's bare-bones coffeehouse days to his later, more fleshed-out power-pop material. "While it’s often difficult to gauge the worth of pop lyrics printed on the page without musical accompaniment, it’s remarkable how well Skin and Bones reads, as l... more

  • Driveway Chalk Stars of Pajama Astronomers: A Year of Haiku

    by Jeff Mellin

    A year of observation and reflection. Of snapshots, soundbites, and tiny stories. Of kōans, riddles, and magic tricks. Of meditations and revelations. A year of haiku. Artist, writer, designer, and musician Jeff Mellin shares his year-long project to chronicle, in both words and images, the micro-moments of day-to-day life raising his three boys. Illustrated with 60 black & white photographs.