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  • The Humbling and Other Poems

    by Robert Tiess
    The aspiring and inspired debut poetry collection by Robert J. Tiess. Over 100 memorable poems on humility, love, truth, peace, time, redemption, and hope. Includes Obsidian with Sheens of Gold, Interior Kingdom, The Song of Walt Is Our Song, Amid the Jersey Turnpike Whales, Love's Special Relativity, Tao, Withstanding, the Phoenix poems, and other fan favorites, along with new works. Also included: author biography, three brief essays, a glossary of poetry terms, reading suggestions, and more.
  • Little Known Stories, Prose in Format

    by Eric B. Miller
    One life ends, another goes on. Little Known Stories is an account of these two lives, of forty years together and the unfinished business death leaves in its wake. It is a story that matches the character of life, where the commonplace holds sway, where tragedy cannot be avoided, and humor cannot be helped. It is also an appreciation of a life that sought a place for itself in the world, and by a bad turn of fate, instead found its way here.
  • Whispers

    by R.L. Herron
    These poems were composed during some stressful times in the United States...civil unrest and a very contentious war in Vietnam.
  • The Los Angeles Gardening Guide

    by Thea Rosemary
    Pondering the social construct of romance, friendship, femininity, and individuality, The Los Angeles Gardening Guide presents the bittersweet prose of growing up in the outskirts of a starstruck city. This collection of poetry examines the self in observing inflation of the ego, superficial tendencies, and toxic traits blamed as an after effect of living in Los Angeles.
  • Euphoric Wonderland

    by Ryan M. Becker

    Open your heart to a compilation of musical poetry and surreal expression drawn from madness and mania.

    Artfully weaving a rhythmic tapestry of touching poetry that flows like music, this deeply personal memoir invites readers on a fascinating deep dive into the author’s raw and heartfelt world of living rhythms and authentic feelings. As a deft amalgamation of spoken word, truth to power, clever wordplay, and thoughtful reflections, Euphoric Wonderland illum... more

  • The Analecta

    by Harshvardhan Rai
    "For those sights, O, thy naive soul craves As I rest, in damp dark concealed graves Thus – thou shall attain thy surged urge Whither, I rest in the realm as I merge Now – how thou see the world’s hue With a poor grin – and eyes in dew?" A book that the world of poetry craved but never demanded. The revolution in the modern history of English poetry is here! Read The Analecta to know what more the poet of Romanticism has to offer... BUY NOW, the latest poetic antholo... more
  • Love Gospel Be Thy,Queen

    by Shanaya Stephens
    Love gospel be thy, Queen is a collection of 20 poems celebrating the spirit of LGBTQ+ community and the powerhouse that women are! A three part poetry collection- Queer, Reflections and Queen. 'Queer' aims to give an insight in the life of LGBTQ+ people- the stigmas surrounding them,the opinions people hold against them and their spirit of love. 'Reflections' talk about the society and thoughts and highlights the singularity of being a human irrespective of the gender identity. 'Queens' cel... more
  • Mix Tapes and Photo Albums

    by Andrea Janov
    Mix Tapes and Photo Albums is a coming-of-age poetry collection about a small town punk rock scene told by a girl who loved Francie Nolan and Ben Weasel equally. Each poem assumes the title of a song which creates the soundtrack to a group of teenagers who push the boundaries of their small town, test where they fit, and find solace in their local punk rock scene. This poetic mix tape sings to the kids who will hear their first Sex Pistols song, start their own bands, write their own zines, scra... more
  • Eyes of Optimism and Pupils of Faith

    by Shayan Raei
    About the book This book is a collection of poems that explore what it means to be a human, a soul and an entity in this life. I know deep down, each person is here for a specific reason and it is not that easy for anybody to realise what that reason is. The world, is changing at even a faster pace now, so many of us want to attach to what was, so many are attached to what is and many are could be looking towards to what is becoming. Which is the evolving human consciousness, of who we are. In s... more
  • Love Forever

    by Mahiraj Jadeja
    “Lover Forever” is Poet Mahiraj Jadeja’s second collection of romance contemporary poems after beautiful reception of his first collection “A Lover’s Will”. The work covers all aspects of Love and Emotions, their highs and lows and pain and pleasure. This collection leaves its readers with a relatively intense emotional yet naive foray into love, and does it in a manner which is both pure and intense. The poems aren’t merely romantic words put together but have a deeper meaning to it. Poems are ... more
  • A Lover's Will

    by Mahiraj Jadeja
    Poet Mahiraj Jadeja has a new collection of 50 poems entitled A Lover's Will. The work covers all aspects of love, from the first questioning ‘What is Love' through poems praising women and lovers to unrequited love. The interaction of lovers who are past the first flush of love, are comfortable in each others company and have an instinctive almost telepathic understanding of each other is explored in ‘As Expected'. In the poem ‘Suicide', the tragedy of a love across a religious divide is sensit... more
  • 90 Two

    by Dastan Khalili

    Created by filmmaker Dastan Khalili, DiaVerse is a new style of poetry where the only rule is all stanzas must have a maximum of two words. 90 Two, Khalili's first book of poetry, contains ninety of Khalili's DiaVerse poems and  combines Khalili’s poetic verses with his digital artwork and imagery, each conveying a sensation of inspiration that comes to life with each poem. Says Khalili, "DiaVerse makes writing poetry accessible t... more

  • Sleeptalking

    by Antonio Addessi

    Sleeptalking is a debut full-length book of poetry by Antonio Addessi published by Rebel Satori Press. It deals with love and loss, memory, gender fluidity and finding one's self in the LGBTQ community.

  • Echoes: A Collection of Linked-Verse Poetry

    by Michelle Hyatt & Jacob Salzer
    Echoes is a collection of Japanese and American linked-verse poetry written by Michelle Hyatt and Jacob Salzer. This book features tan renga sequences, yotsumono, rengay, experimental rengay, junicho, a kasen, and solo linked-verse. In this collaboration, the authors hear the echoes of their ancestors as they create their own echoes rippling into the future.
  • Mare Liberum: Haiku & Tanka

    by Jacob Salzer

    Mare Liberum is a collection of 48 haiku & tanka poems by Jacob Salzer inspired by water & the sea.

  • Upendo

    by Jesica Lovelace
    Upendo is a collection of poetry that follows the tangled love story between two souls adrift. It is a tale of love in its rawest form as it reconciles the discourse of both heartbreak and self-discovery. Upendo is a coming of age story for those drowning in their own vulnerability.