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  • Destruction: Text I

    by Oliver Sheppard

    In the tradition of William Blake, Milton, and the Romantics, poet and author Oliver Sheppard presents a vision in verse of cosmic apocalypse and the total "breakdown of galaxies, stars ... sensibility, perception, and logic." With nightmarish flourishes, the reader is offered visions of the Archangel Israfel "cauterizing the sky like an open wound" against a backdrop of universal collapse and destruction. Included in this collection are also various experiments with langu... more

  • Thirteen Nocturnes

    by Oliver Sheppard
    Combining lush Gothic lyricism with postmodern experimentation, Oliver Sheppard's second collection of verse, Thirteen Nocturnes, presents a nightmare vision of a world in the grip of apocalypse and shadow--a world where "a nighttime of years never-ending" becomes "a darkness severe and unbending," and where life is relentlessly "gathered up against the towering shadow of decay." Taking cues from the dark Romanticism of Poe, the decadent Symbolism of Baudelaire, and the apocalyptic tradition of ... more
  • Pirates and Spooks, Beware!

    by Susan Weiner

    Pirates and Spooks, Beware! introduces the young reader to poems that rhyme and follows the adventures of marauding pirates at sea who steal noble titles as well as gold. See Stinky Pete who, despite sharing a hammock with flies and slugs, has acquired fourteen wives. Pierre La Feet searches for stolen doubloons on stormy nights and The Thing is a small monster who chews your clothes to pieces. Watch out for hitchhiking ghosts and even Wicked Wilhemina Jones who loves graveyards and is even n... more

  • My Child, as You Grow Older

    by Laura Lynn Doyle
    My Child, As You Grow Older offers a blueprint for children to learn from the changes they face as they grow. Written with a gentle and fun approach, this book presents a fresh perspective on some of the day-to-day challenges of life, and suggests a way that children can emerge from them with a positive outlook and renewed strength. Readers young and old will find My Child, As You Grow Older a celebration of resilience and self-esteem.
  • this thing between us

    by Ben Stellino
    Part memoir, part inspired by the best-selling novel The Bridges of Madison County by Robert Waller, This Thing Between Us reveals how that once-in-a-lifetime unbridled love penetrates the soul and remains imprinted there forever. Journeying by way of poetic verse and photography, author Ben Stellino captures the splendor of love’s many shades. She construes the mind-set and emotions of Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson at the end of their four days together—after which they never see ea... more
  • The Coming of a Cluttered Day

    by Don Segal
    The book "The Coming of a Cluttered Day" contains selected poems written by the author on topics including Natural History, Philosophical Inquiry and Personal Observation.
  • The Canvas of My Soul: The Hues of My Palette

    by Anahit Arustamyan

    The Canvas Of My Soul is a colorful dreamscape of insights and emotions. My words linger with the reader. The Canvas Of My Soul is a poetic reporter of the “Human Condition” as I explore the rhythms and patterns of human heart and soul. The Canvas Of My Soul includes lyrical, romantic and philosophical poems. The Hues Of My Palette which is the subtitle of The Canvas Of My Soul is an artistic landscape in lyrical words and deep thoughts.

  • Oil Spill

    by Dylan Saucedo

    Oil Spill is a celebration of ‘bad’ feelings. The things we feel at night when we can’t sleep. The things we struggle to say out loud. The things we feel when we’re alone. Feelings many of us experience and relate to, but aren’t often given the attention they deserve. This poetry collection acknowledges this part of us, so we can try to empty ourselves out and fill ourselves up with something better.

  • Timeless Tales: Rhymes from the Heart

    by John Alexander
    In this debut book of poetry by John Alexander, the lilting verses offer inspiration to soothe your weary soul. The poems, born out of a journey through rough times, reach into your soul with rhymes that speak to your heart. The poems, all in rhyme, share the author’s journey, including stories to enjoy through the lens of your inner child (keep these for yourself or share with the children in your life), rhymes of blessing, and rhymes that shine into the soul of the author.

    by marlon obrian
    This poetry book recollects my young teenage life growing up in that young age era of time and the experiences I’ve been through, including both the good times and the not-so-good times. I look back at it with lots of regrets, especially the stupidest mistakes where it seemed to be just wrongful thinking. They have a saying, “The older you get, the wiser you become.” Well, I believe I’m wiser now and still can’t come to terms with some of my experiences. But it was real, and I lived it. Then aga... more
  • Gritty Girl: Celebrating Girls and Women

    by Ramna Sharma
    Girls and women continue to face various forms of gender-based discrimination -- at home, at work, and elsewhere -- all around the globe. The status of women in India's patriarchal society makes the soul of Gritty Girl. It’s a collection of poems that impacts and inspires girls and women while giving a voice to the gender-based biases that choke their paths. This book is divided into four parts: 1) Tears of Grit (inspired by true events) 2) Comfort of Grit 3) Power of G... more
  • Fumaroles

    by Anthony Arcuri
    In Fumaroles, I speak in the first person, relating my deepest and most profound thoughts and feelings, that I believe to rise to socially relevant commentary. In dramatic soliloquy fashion, I ventilate my being's necessary expression of love for the earth, universe, and all existence. As an individual member of American society, I present my views on that society, with outspoken, satirical candor, and rage at times, having endured the last five decades of American life, as a free-thinking obs... more
  • Hitchin' Post and the Tornado Twistin' 4th of July Celebration

    by Julie Barker
    Proving you don't have to be big to do big things, Hitchin' Post the cowboy jackrabbit, shows he's got what it takes to be a leader. When a tornado threatens to destroy the 6B's Ranch's annual 4th of July celebration, old Hitch rises to the occasion and rallies the cowboys and other friends to rebuild the grand barn they all love. Because of Hitch's courage to be a leader, the 4th of July celebration will go on! Hitchin' Post and his friends ride again in this rompin', stompin', rodeo ridin' ... more
  • A Consecration of the Wind

    by Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko
    A collation of 61 poems describing Joanne’s journey of emotional growth and enlightenment from her childhood to her current life in rural Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
  • Stained Sheets

    by Ahlia Demas
    The third poetry collection from Ahlia Demas. Free verse adult contemporary.
  • The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose

    by Ercell Hoffman
    A Sensuous Exploration of Love in All Its Glory The Lament captures the full range of emotion that whirl around human relationships. Here are dozens of poems examining the profound joy of those deeply in love, the incredible longing of the separated partner, the intense loneliness of modern working life, and - above all - the indisputable necessity of connecting with people around us. Poet Ercell H. Hoffman casts a penetrating gaz... more