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  • Graffiti Mural: My Off the Wall Creative Writing

    by Eartha Watts Hicks
    Creative Writing needs to breathe somewhere. Why not where it can be shared? Graffiti Mural is a collection of poetry, lyrics, lyrical rants and tales (both true and imagined) from Eartha Watts Hicks, Hurston-Wright fiction fellow, member of the Harlem Writers Guild and winner of the Just R.E.A.D. literary fiction "Game Changer" Award from the NYCHA Branch of the NAACP.
  • 1535431601

    by Sandeep Kumar Mishra
    It is my first poems and art collection.The artwork is my adolescent fantasy drawn between 1990-2000
  • True Lies

    by walter willaims
    This book is based on my life experiences growing up in the streets of Camden New Jersey. being raised by an dysfunctional family. a abusive father and an alcoholic mother. Stories are true yet the life I led was a lie.

    by Averta Teresa
    GOCCE DI LUCE è una raccolta di lettere e racconti brevi, una preziosa raccolta intessuta di perle. L’attenzione è posta non tanto sulle perle, ma sul filo che le tiene assieme, che come suggerito dai versi di apertura, rappresenta il ruolo del poeta/scrittore: invisibile, eppure essenziale. Ciascuna di queste “perle” è una storia diversa dalle altre: quasi tutte sono ambientate nel presente, ai giorni nostri; altre si situano in un tempo non ben definito. Nella maggior parte dei casi, il real... more
  • New Stuff, Old Trash

    by Walter Schenck
    Political poetry
  • The Words I Hold

    by Niccolea M Nance
    The Words I Hold is a representative sampling of the work of poet Niccolea M Nance who uses many themes and styles to express the world around her.
  • For Those Who Outlast Their Pain

    by Niccolea M Nance
    Although this book was inspired by Sexual Assault Awareness Month, instead of being a collection of "rape poems" it is a journey from the beginnings of pain through the darkness and struggle all the way to the healing, strength, and light on the other side. It begins in childhood and works its way to womanhood in a way that is laced with universal truths about pain and redemption.
  • The Antigone Poems

    by Marie Slaight
    An intensely personal invocation of the ancient Greek tragedy, The Antigone Poems was created in the 1970s while writer Marie Slaight and artist Terrence Tasker were living in Montreal and Toronto. A bold retelling of the ancient tale of defiance and justice, its poetry and images capture the anguish and despair of the original tale in an unembellished modernized rendition.
  • Indigo

    by F. D. Soul
  • Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The "Lone Star State"!

    by Amber Manning

    Get ready to take an ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL stroll through TEXAS HISTORY while learning some FUN TEXAS FACTS along the way!! 

    A TWO PART book. The first part is a rhyming and witty story that touches on some of the history of Texas while also introducing the importance, meaning and symbols that are relevant in our state. The second part includes 28 fun Texas facts mixed with more knowledge of fundamental elements such as the Texas pledge and our state song. 

    Incred... more

  • The Absence Of The Loved

    by wade stevenson
    "Stevenson's poems, sometimes tender, sometimes an unnerving evisceration of the heart, explore the cost of loving too deeply, the things one loses to love, and the parts that are left to him when love has vanished. "The Absence Of The Loved" is both love lost and love redeemed Tissue required." P.J. Lazos, author of "Oil and Water"
  • The Truth

    by Talya Morgana Stein
    In The Truth: An Autobiography in Poetry and Prose Talya Morgana Stein shares her many struggles in their truth through poetry and prose. As she explores the condition that has changed her life, she explains what it has meant to her and the way in which she lives her life. Whether you have been affected by illness in your life, the searing honesty of this collection of poetry and prose reaches down into the fundamental qualities and emotions that connect us. You will be touched by the words and ... more
  • The Flowers Speak

    by Rosalee M. Smith
    "Heaven and Earth are full of Thee Heaven and Earth are praising Thee O Lord most high!" God speaks to us in many ways. He continually sends His messages to us through the lovely flowers. Flowers make it easy for us to listen to God, because of their quietness. We will only hear Him if we open our eyes and see, open our hearts and listen. "O' let me hear the speaking In accent clear and still, Above the storms of passion, The murmurs of self-will, O' speak to reassure me, To hasten or control, O... more
  • Pen Scratching Poets

    by Marilyn B. Wassmann
    This book is a collection of poetry and art works that is dedicated to all of our family members.
  • An Instance of Perhaps

    by Walter Schenck
    Contemporary, conservative, political poetry prior to the Presidential Inauguration along with faith inspired poetry in favor of one Israel, one Jerusalem.