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  • The Soul of a Poet

    by James E. Walker
    We are all basic products of our environment, but possibility for changing. I was raised by my grandmother and grew up in a spiritual and compassionate loving environment. We are all spiritual being having a human experience. We live in two worlds, spiritual and natural. We are not able to see the spiritual world with the natural eye. It takes the light and Jesus is the light of the world. When he left earth and ascend into heaven, his spirit was left behind to guide us. (The Believers) His spir... more
  • The Greenness of Springtime

    by Oliver Simões
    "The Greenness of Springtime" contains the complete works of Alberto Caeiro, the "Naive Master" created by Fernando Pessoa (1888–1935), one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese-language literature. Unique among world writers, Pessoa forged tens of heteronyms throughout his life, and Caeiro, who embodies a simple shepherd with hardly any formal education, ranks among the most important of them. Through contact with his flocks and Nature itself, Caeiro takes us on an incredible journey of wond... more
  • Story of My Life

    by A.M Styles
    This book tells the tale of a girl with a life much like yours. Stumbling under the weight of expectations and hardship, she has to keep up a mask of happiness, preventing her from showing her true feelings. The only way to relieve the pain is through poetry. This is her story.
  • The Driver, the Journey, the Fall

    by Lisa M. McDougald

    In THE DRIVER, THE JOURNEY, THE FALL, Lisa M. McDougald navigates confession and autobiography, writing about a range of trials: the death of her grandfather, love lost and longed for, a co-worker's suicide, and existential anxieties. The author meditates on her heritage by contemplating DNA; she looks upward, celestial, probing there for answers. Here is an ardent soul fighting to sustain herself in a shifting and often isolating modern world through the decay of the 20th century and the daw... more

  • Intellectual Suicide

    by Crystophver R
    From the sensual to the philosophic, politics to aging, humor, film, writing, and love, this collection of 92 poems rampages through the storms within our cultural climate ̶ past and present ̶ with a glimpse of the future.
  • The Waiting Child

    by Mel Takahara
    A three-part journey flowing backward in time and place to discover the waiting child in each of us. With a path of tankas traveling in parallel, this spiritual, compassionate, observant and insightful memoir, in various poetic forms, celebrates life.
  • All My Heroes Were Assassinated

    by Sean Johnson
    All My Heroes Were Assassinated is a poignant and multi-dimensional collection of poems by Sean Johnson. Moving from the beginnings of Black History through Civil Rights, growing pains, heartache and landing at the feet of the emotionally fraught arena of Black America today, this collection is an intimate and personal conversation between a Black woman and all the beautiful and tragic experiences that make us human. As a witness to the pain, plight, and progression of African Americans, Sean... more
  • Poetry Dead to Society

    by Cee Jay Spring

    All types of poetry; love, romance, life's journey, religion, heartbreak, and even hatred and anger that will amaze and stun readers. It's guaranteed to open your mind's eye.

    Poetry Dead to Society written to awaken the life of poetry within our society.


  • All the Lonely Hearts: Poetry Inspired by Music

    by Ella Rye
    Poetry Has given me a reason To breathe A reason to be Inspiration It comes in many forms. One of those can be music. Be it the melody, or the story it’s trying to tell. 
 All the Lonely Hearts is an exploration of inspiration. Be it the melody, the story, or even a word. Ella Rye brings these two worlds crashing together. Each poem is inspired by a song. 
 All the Lonely Hearts is a collection of Free Verse Poetry.
  • A Whisper in the Wind

    by Oliver Simões
    "A Whisper in the Wind" is a collection of translated poems and folk songs in English and Brazilian Portuguese. As you go through the pages and appreciate the beauty of each line, you are invited to listen to your voice within. A native of Brazil, literary translator Oliver Simões draws upon poetic renditions by Coleman Barks and Kabir Helminski, creating a unique and flavorful version of Rumi's poetry in Portuguese, in a book that's lavishly illustrated and a pleasure to read. Each translat... more
  • Secrets and Lies

    by Julie Anderson
    With Secrets and Lies, Julie spreads her wings as a poet exposing the underbelly and shadows we keep hidden to survive. She is unapologetic and generous with her powerful verse, sharing the darkest parts of herself. The reader is left both shocked and mesmerized. Her candor and torment leave you breathless; exhaling great sighs of relief. Her poetry is so complex and tragically transparent, even uncomfortable at times. And yet there is one reoccurring theme throughout Secrets and Lies that spe... more
  • Broken and Breathing

    by Amanda C
  • 3am Songbook

    by Brian Joseph Jeffries
    3am Songbook is a collection of lyrical poems about positivity, inspiration and new beginnings. These poems tell stories of life's journeys focusing on love, faith, music and many more uplifting themes.
  • I Want an Ostrich

    by Sonya Annita Song
    Move over, Rover. It's time to let the ostrich shine. Who needs a dog? - let alone a kangaroo - when an ostrich can be your new best friend? With ticklish rhymes and illustrations that make you giggle, by the end of this book, you'll want an ostrich too! "I Want an Ostrich" is a charming picture book about a boy wanting an ostrich narrated in fun rhyming verses with eye-catching illustrations. The author collaborated closely with the illustrator to elevate simple rhymes into engaging scenes d... more
  • Endure. Be. Adapt.

    by Daniel Rugon
    The first volume of poetry series "Characters" emerged as a result of very personal experiences during a long and emotionally harsh divorce. As a poem is a quintessence of mind and soul, this book is directed to those who seek guidance in understanding themselves in their own life struggles. We all have always been searching for peace and happiness. And yet the path can play far more important role than plainly reaching the goal itself.
  • In the Cradle of Silence: Inner and Outer Journeys Though Beauty, Pain, Laughter, Reverie and the Infinite

    by Gary Siegel
    A deep passionate and original perspective on life, its beauty and it's foibles.