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    by Alexandra Psaropoulou
    FLYING 1,2,3,4,5,6 is a collection of poems. Each book is one long poem accompanied by the poet's graphic design on each page, therefore making the poem appealing and easily read by a wide audience. It belongs to the category of visual poetry. There is a main theme running throughout the series in which the poet wishes to share "The Flying" she experiences herself. The series continues up to FLYING 9.
  • loverboi.

    by Ricardo Bouyett
    Loverboi. is a collection of spoken-word poems and prose that weave in and out of the process of healing from trauma and heartbreak. I invite readers to celebrate self-love, romantic love, heartbreak, reconciliation, and the universal journey we all take part in that ebbs and flows through the constant cycles of growth.
  • God Loves to Color with Broken Crayons: 100 Inspirations

    by Natasha Riser
    God Loves to Color with Broken Crayons: 100 Inspirations is a collection of inspirational poems relating to life and all it entails.This work is a masterpiece that allows you to connect with God in a way that is uncomplicated yet profound. Readers will find encouragement, strength, inspiration, and love for their journey as they read each inspiration designed to assure the reader that they are not alone on the journey.
  • Poetry on Inspiring Women -Book Three

    by Deepika Pais
    In this book, tributes have been written to the following ten women who made an impact in society: Mary Shelley, Catherine the Great, Vera Atkins, Cleopatra, Elizabeth Fry, Mary Anning, Joan of Arc, Isabella of Castile, Catherine of Siena and Wangari Maathai.
  • Near and Far

    by Al Zolynas
    This new collection from an award-winning poet and editor features 91 poems that embody the dimensions of time and distance, and capture the flux between the immediacy of and the detachment from felt moments.
  • Prolific

    by Timothy Prolific Veit Jones

    "Prolific" is a collection of the early work of Timothy Prolific Veit Jones. It is a coming of age book of poetry written by Jones when he was a young adult, and has been re-released with a specific focus of engaging young adults whose interests in social justice, romance, literature, spirituality, and education converge.

  • Musaic: 40 Days, 40 Nights

    by Timothy Prolific Veit Jones

    "Musaic: 40 Days, 40 Nights" are two stories told through poetry in a unified voice. "Musaic" is the story of a writer who falls in love with his muse, and the emotional carnage on both sides that occurs as a result. It charts the attraction, consummation, and dissolution of multiple relationships personified in one person, and it details the fracturing of the patriarchal tendency to put women on pedestals, and view them as fantastical creatures rather than entering into a... more

  • Ofrenda: Para Las Ancestras

    by Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte

    Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte's Ofrenda para las ancestras is a poetic ritual reconciling the crossroads of identities that compose Edwaujonte’s bloodline - African, Indigenous, and European.

    “what is the price of discovering your roots?
    is it the $79 cheek swab?
    plantation tours of the floors your family scrubbed?
    a walk through hedges fertilized with your DNA?”

    This offering explores the price of discovering ... more

  • Rain and Embers

    by Ali Nuri
    A raw and unfiltered debut, Rain and Embers explores far-reaching themes of migration, trauma, abuse, racism, religion, philosophy, intimacy, love, loss, forgiveness, and redemption. Ali Nuri was born to a Shi’a family in the southern marshlands of Iraq at the height of the Iran-Iraq War. As a persecuted religious sect, they were attacked by the tyrannical government under Saddam Hussein and fled across the desert to escape. He spent his childhood reeling from the trauma of being uprooted and f... more
  • Dalisay

    by Casey Tainter
    Dalisay reveals passion, heartbreak, regret, and strength fused within every line. This compilation of relatable poetry is just the beginning. Introducing four heartfelt chapters: Her, Love, Heartbreak, and Dénouement. Follow her journey as she takes you through the shadow of her heart, showing you how beauty is born from brokenness. Each breathtaking poem unfolds within your mind like a familiar image.
  • Garden of Ravens

    by Krystal Jane Ruin
    A collection of dark poetry that journeys through folklore, twisted tales, mental breakdowns, and depression. We hide in shadows We wither under layers Sunlight is for beautiful people Darkness is for us
  • 9 Lively Cat Tales and Other Pet Poems

    by Jeffry Glover

    In this amusing collection of animal stories told in rhyming verse you’ll find felines of all kinds, from pet cats to wild cats both real and fanciful, along with a few beloved dogs. Meet a cat who needs encouragement to take a bath, a clever math-whiz cat, a sleepy cat dreaming of catching goldfish, a leopard on a shopping trip, cats with catitude, tigers, jaguars, lions, a leopard, a lynx, and an ocelot more. These poems will become pet favorites to read aloud and treasure.

  • Gratis

    by Hurshitha Vasudevan
    Women have to face a lot of struggles in the patriarchal society that we live in. They are subjected to constant prejudice. Therefore, as a member of this society, the author needed to let her emotions out and that is how Gratis was born. Gratis, in Greek translates to being free. The author gives it her own meaning- ‘of breaking free.’ Gratis is a collection of 22 Narrative Poems about women, for women, by a woman. The poems have multiple themes in them and all these themes focus on the emotion... more
  • Call in Well

    by Timothy Orley
    Let?s Call In Well and explore a new world together. We?ll take a trip to Backwardville, have dinner at Big Betty?s Pizza, and learn all about the Not-So-Super Heroes. We?ll proceed with caution as we approach the Wee Pirates, a terrible talking toad, and a rare blue elephant. Can you sleep standing up? Would you like a helicopter boat? Have aliens ever taken your homework? All this is possible and more. Join us for a collection of poems, where the common is crazy and the simple is silly. Let?s ... more
  • Midnight Comes (Refractions: Fairytales between the lines)

    by SJ Blasko
    Once upon a time... There was a sorceress, who cursed a prince to become as beastly as his pride There was a daughter, who watched from her window and ached to see the world There was a mermaid, who traded her voice for a human soul There was a stepmother, who saw beauty only in others, never in herself And there was a boy, who forgot the warmth of love. The six narrative poems which make up Midnight Comes are the debut collection of author SJ Blasko. Explore the darker, more human side ... more
  • I'm Rising: Determined. Confident. Powerful.

    by Michelle G. Stradford

    Powerful and inspirational self-love poems, prose, and mantras take the reader on an emotive journey of empowerment through life’s triumphs and tribulations.

    This uplifting book is more than a mere collection of poetic musings, it serves as a powerful tool of self-love and personal transformation that belongs on every fierce soul’s bookshelf—or better yet, on their nightstand for their daily dose of inspiration each time they rise.

    <... more