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  • Typical Tragedies: A Book of Poetry

    by Patrick Ashe
    From Patrick Ashe, longtime writer and recently published novelist, now comes a collection of poetry spanning 21 years. While often brooding and expressive, Ashe's poetry goes for society's jugular while yearning for its heart, leaving sardonic questions and sincere affections in its wake. Inspirations span poetry giants like W.B. Yeats and Sylvia Plath as well as rock greats like Leonard Cohen and Trent Reznor.
  • Confessions Seldom Made

    by Digjam Sarma

    Confessions is a series of twenty-eight original, gritty, gnarly, joyous, melancholy, sometimes dark and sometimes eerie tales that have been condensed into poetry. They have been grouped into four sections, each reflecting a particular mood of nature. A book that tries to delve into uncharted islands of the human psyche, indulge yourself into a journey of forbidden feelings and desires, and their recreation into words- with some tea or red wine, and itsy-bitsy amount of serious refl... more

  • Entertainment For Parents

    by J. M. Allen
    Rhyming poems, inspired by a parent of teenagers.
  • In Your Absence

    by Esraa Yousry
    We are the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day-to-day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have the freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.
  • At Any Given Second

    by Paula R. Hilton
    At Any Given Second contains 47 poems written between 1990 and 2020. Paula R. Hilton's work explores the immediacy of memory and how our most important relationships define us. She takes to heart the advice she was given by poet, Jeff Oaks, when she was a 22-year-old student in his class at the University of Pittsburgh. He told her "poetry is about survival" which made her understand its permanence and importance and gave her the will to write, and thrive, each day.
  • Those Who Hold Up the Earth

    by Peter F. Crowley
    A running theme throughout the poems is the marginalized, the forgotten throughout the world and in the US who are walked over and treated as less than human. This extends from the poor, the Bangladeshi rickshaw driver, to immigrants who ‘White Terrorist[s]’ (a piece within the book) often target. It is particularly relevant in these trying times of heroic healthcare and essential workers and, more recently, the ongoing fight for black justice. It’s style ranges from the surreal to the symbolic... more
  • Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems

    by Mary Petiet
    Horseshoe crabs, ghosts, tree men, black dogs, and daffodils. These characters come alive in Moon Tide, a collection of poems charting the course of a Cape Cod year. Set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing climate with a dramatic ocean, encompassing the starkest marsh and wildlife, the relationship between woman and dog, and the life of a rooted village told in seasons, each poem is a story about the culture of southeastern New England told through its people and their lives. Debris f... more
  • The World We Live In: A Poetry Book On Societal Issues Part 1

    by Jamell Crouthers
    This book focuses on fictional characters that chronicle life experiences that they've dealt with through poetry. Each person discusses an experience that has changed and impacted them in ways they never thought of. These people only have names, race or ethnicity is not discussed because the goal is to feel, understand and relate to their experiences as human beings. Too many times in today's society we base things off of social stigmas, race, ethnicity, social class when we are all human beings... more
  • The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

    by Arthur Lee Conway
    A poetic journey of verses, thoughts, and parables about mankind schisms. Cyclonic interactions and divisions that causes movement, and sometimes turbulent development in the cocoon of Gaia. Resulting in birth, after numerous encounters with Earths worldly frequencies, culminating in the coming of the Monarch. That majestic entity that elects to take flight towards the Light of Eternal understanding. Mind you, this is a spiritual awakening through the spoken word.
  • Book of Poems

    by Andrew Leake
    Book of Poems is a collection of poems that I've performed at several Open Mics in the North East Lincolnshire area. These experiences have been very positive and I have been told that my spoken prose impacted people in a significant way. I wanted to publish these poems to share my own personal journey through Life.
  • Night Maze

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    This 23-poem, hardcover-chapbook, is filled with strange and unanswerable questions - or are they? Monsters under the bed, children questioning, women living with wolves, snowfalls, gateways to other worlds, all asked in poetic form. Night Maze (2020) Poetry Chapbook ISBN: 978-1-9525670-1-8 Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP
  • Days of Daze

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    This 23-poem, hardcover-chapbook, is filled with cats, bugs, heart wrenches, soul searching, and backed up sinks. It contains comments about things everyone knows - or thought they did. Waking in a daze, walking around in a daze, entire days of daze, all in poetic form. Days of Daze (2020) Poetry Chapbook ISBN: 978-1-9525678-8-9 Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP
  • David's Pretzels

    by Helen Holder

    David's Pretzels is an alphabet book that is not only fun to read aloud and great for 4 to 6-year-olds to learn letter names and sounds but also helps with pre-reading skills such as the structure and pattern of books (left to right reading, left page first), the feature analysis of letterforms and letter orientation, and how we talk about letters and words. It features some unusual words and encourages expanding your vocabulary.


    David’s Pretzels<... more

  • Jellybeans in my JAR

    by Archi patel
    Jellybeans in my Jar is a poetry book full of vivid collections of poems. It revolves around themes like Discovering self, Nature, Humanity and Love. This poetry book will make you fall in love with yourself and with life. It will help you find yourself and it will make you fall in love with nature. A book with various poems collection.
  • Here We Begin

    by Adrian J. Atwater
    In his debut poetry collection, Adrian J. Atwater (AJ) discusses the beauty of self-determination and the fascinating power we have over our personal growth. Daringly, this composition of original work invokes themes of hope, love, and peace to guide readers on a thoughtful, reflective experience. Here We Begin is meant to encourage readers to look within, find the courage to reimagine the role they play in causing their personal growth -- and redefine where we begin to lead a life of humilit... more
  • I Love You Far Away

    by Lora Forbush
    Take a trip around the solar system and teach your child how far your love for them goes. Written for all ages, this book will remind your child that your love doesn't stop at the moon. "I Love You Far Away" can be used to start the discussion about space, planets, astronomy or even, aliens! Enjoy the journey.