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  • Fun Poems for Your Child

    by Jenny Carey
    This is a book for children, with fun poems, the poems have been written with children in mind, and can stimulate their imagination, curiosity and development. The inspiration behind these poems came from my own experiences when I was a child, and what I would have enjoyed. Hopefully these poems will be read by children world wide and they enjoy reading them, and would be encouraged to expand their imagination.
  • William's Christmas Dream

    by Linda Carol Morris
    This story takes the form of a poem about a young boy called William, who dreams of Santa’s crazy rush to deliver presents for william’s Mum and Dad and his dog, Tessa. Along the way Santa has a few hitches but William finds out about the very first Christmas and why we give gifts at this time. William is shown to be a good and thoughtful little boy who lives up to the true spirit of Christmas.
  • Delightful Complex

    by Samar Mirghani
    Delightful Complex is a collection of poetry that burst from the cravings of seeking joy through accomplishing unique personas. This factor play substantial role in overcoming the existential glitches permitting the survivors to stop procrastinating and level up promptly.
  • Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories

    by Tim Segrest
    This is the continuation of my series of poems and short stories. I have just had my diagnoses raised to Acute PTSD and for the first time in my life, I felt absolutely helpless and weak as a man. Therefore, I felt this cover was appropriate. I went from invincible to a mere shell of a man I once was in a matter of hours. I remember the day even the hours, like it was yesterday. I remember the weather, what I was wearing, and what I was doing when I received the phone call from the VA. It felt l... more