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  • Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!: A Comic Book Poetry-Guide To Life

    by Shwa Laytart

    "Oh, the A**holes You'll Meet!" is a comic book poetry-guide to life that will make you giggle, nod your head and have you mumbling, mmhmm, as you read through each page. Do you have a relentless A**hole in your life? Or do you want to guide someone special in your life from becoming an A**hole? Writer Shwa Laytart originally wrote this poignant, parody poem for his daughter when she graduated high school as a light-hearted guide to life.

    This first printing of &q... more

  • Lock Away the Monsters

    by Joseph Olsen
  • Singing and Dancing Across Liberia

    by A. J. Kandakai
    This book of genuine and authentic Liberian songs shall serve as a primary source material for the general, as well as serve as an instructional tool by music teachers of young Liberians enrolled in institutions of learning scattered across Liberia. An additional dream of this author is that music lovers in diverse communities such as Clay Ashland and Cebu City, Bomoja and Birmingham, and the depressed areas of West Point and metropolitan Washington, DC, can assemble their dancing partners on da... more
  • Gratis

    by Hurshitha Vasudevan
    Women have to face a lot of struggles in the patriarchal society that we live in. They are subjected to constant prejudice. Therefore, as a member of this society, the author needed to let her emotions out and that is how Gratis was born. Gratis, in Greek translates to being free. The author gives it her own meaning- ‘of breaking free.’ Gratis is a collection of 22 Narrative Poems about women, for women, by a woman. The poems have multiple themes in them and all these themes focus on the emotion... more
  • Call in Well

    by Timothy Orley
    Let?s Call In Well and explore a new world together. We?ll take a trip to Backwardville, have dinner at Big Betty?s Pizza, and learn all about the Not-So-Super Heroes. We?ll proceed with caution as we approach the Wee Pirates, a terrible talking toad, and a rare blue elephant. Can you sleep standing up? Would you like a helicopter boat? Have aliens ever taken your homework? All this is possible and more. Join us for a collection of poems, where the common is crazy and the simple is silly. Let?s ... more
  • Midnight Comes (Refractions: Fairytales between the lines)

    by SJ Blasko
    Once upon a time... There was a sorceress, who cursed a prince to become as beastly as his pride There was a daughter, who watched from her window and ached to see the world There was a mermaid, who traded her voice for a human soul There was a stepmother, who saw beauty only in others, never in herself And there was a boy, who forgot the warmth of love. The six narrative poems which make up Midnight Comes are the debut collection of author SJ Blasko. Explore the darker, more human side ... more
  • The Not-so Crazy Cow

    by Dragana Vucic Dekic

    The Not-So Crazy Cow is a humorous, rhyming story about a cow who believes that the grass is greener somewhere else. Despite having royal treatment in her homeland of India, she longs to discover the big world. One day, she packs her bags, puts on her best hat, and sails from India to Europe. One wise stork tries to warn her of the upcoming challenges, but the cow follows her adventurous spirit to discover this for herself. Her journey is full of unexpected situations and very soon, the cow s... more

  • The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults

    by Daniel Klawitter
    "There's no doubt kids will enjoy reading these charming poems, but you may want to buy an extra copy for yourself in case your kids won't share. Like Shel Silverstein before him, Klawitter plays to a child's funny bone as well as a child's thoughtfulness. An irresistible combination." --Robert Schechter: Poet, translator, and winner of the 2016 X.J. Kennedy Parody Award.
  • Beware of the Thought Bubbles

    by Ross Libby

    In this exciting collection of poems by Ross Libby, you'll learn about Dingbats, Whatchamacallits, Thingamajigs and more. You'll meet The Boy Inside and visit the Zipitty Zapitty Zoo. Just watch out for thought bubbles with claws and snakes that hiss at you!

  • The Complete Poetry of Norman A.J. Berisford

    by MJV Literary

    The Complete Poetry of Norman AJ Berisford is the much anticipated release of the poet’s work. His whimsical and often sublime writing explores the compelling themes of nature, age, love and loss and promises to capture the hearts and minds of its readers.

  • Limerick Comics

    by Robert Hoyman
    Limerick Comics offers lighthearted original limericks on a wide range of history and science topics, each with an informational panel of surprising facts, all presented in entertaining comics. Middle-grade readers age 8 and up are invited to linger on each page to enjoy the humor, ponder inferences, and view the evocative details of each illustrated panel.

    by Kiersten Hall
    Thirty-five jellybeans have come together to share a sweet and thoughtful poem promoting kindness and inclusivity with children, 0 to 6 years. Join in their adventure as they discover their unique qualities while realizing they are all, ultimately, the same. The JELLYBEANS book is sure to be a favorite among children and their family members.
  • 2:59 a.m.

    by Dyllan Mykel

    "Even at night, flowers still bloom and in this darkness, so will you." 2:59 a.m. is Dyllan Mykel's debut collection of prose and poetry that touches on themes of heartbreak, love, and the sadness that we carry within. Each piece was carefully selected and compiled to offer comfort and solace throughout our sleepless nights. This collection reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is a hope that even in the darkness, we might still able... more

  • A Bush of voices

    by Emmanuel Kane
    Using themes such as the Chameleon, Dawn Of His Dream,, the College Graduate, Conscience, Dumbs Day, and Easter Songs the poet leads us through a world of turbulence and points to glimmers of hope on the horizon
  • I Saw a Starburst to Flames

    by J.R. LaMar
    With over 100 poems about everything from flapping ears to dancing pizzas, J.R. LaMar's, I Saw a Starburst to Flames will take you on an out-of-this-world reading adventure. With instant classics like "My Father Is the President," "I Am a Young Ventriloquist," and "My Eyes Popped out of My Head" to funny re-imaginings such as "The Tortoise and The Hare," this collection of loony works will leave you wishing there were more.
  • Pink Grapefruit

    by Ry Reed
    Ry Reed’s PINK GRAPEFRUIT is her first of many poetry books referencing her life. Powerful, endearing, facing the woman in the mirror, and her broken heart, PINK GRAPEFRUIT takes you on a journey divided between four seasons in her life where love, loss, heartbreak, and recovery are at the root of her poems. Her take on how to move forward are very real and empowering for women still in toxic relationships or survivors. The last half of PINK GRAPEFRUIT has been split into a short story about ... more