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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Full Body to Body Massage in South Ex Delhi

    by Mantra Spa
    When you have a massage experience, you can appreciate the therapy importance of time spent relaxing in the armpits of an accomplished practitioner. Relax fully in a light-lit wax room with fresh sebum and soothing songs where you can forget the external world's burdens and concentrate on your mind, body and spirit recovery. Our massage practitioners provide a range of quality massage services for both men and women, authentic massage treatments. Our goal is to restore the organic balance and we... more
  • Who's Afraid of a Lion: Aesop's Bully Fable

    by Lee Jenkins
    For 31 pages the bully gnat is the only one having fun. On page 32, the lion witnesses justice. Who's Afraid of a Lion? Aesop's Bully Fable is an expanded version of the ancient fable utilizing Dr.Seuss type twisted words and the swirling language patterns inspired by Bill Martin Jr. This is the first book in the Aesop Patterns for Young Readers, ages 4-7. The repetitions are designed for parent/child partnership as segment by segment the children become fluent readers of the whole fable. ... more
  • The Undergrounds

    by Geert Heetebrij
    Four siblings and their dog discover doors to other worlds under their backyard. But as they explore, they are followed home..
  • Stubby & Friends

    by Scott Christian Sava & Richard Lanni

    First there was the movie Sgt. Stubby, which told the amazing true story of history's most decorated military dog. Then everyone's favorite four-legged hero got his own comic. Now you can bring Stubby's continuing "tail" into your home with Stubby & Friends, Volume 1!

    Written by Scott Christian-Sava (Animal Crackers; Spider-Man) and illustrated by Tracy Bailey (Kung Fu Panda), Stubby & Friends is guaranteed to please everyone from dog lovers to history buffs to com... more

  • Awesome Team Verses CoronaVera

    by Anna Svetchnikov
    The first book in a series of therapeutic books to support children and parents during challenging times, focusing on how to manage anxiety, stress, and fears through engaging stories and exercises to support behavioral and mental health needs. Awesome Team vs CoronaVera is a story about three ordinary brothers who went on an extraordinary adventure to defeat CoronaVera. During their adventure they created an AWESOME TEAM to help others. In this book you will find: Kid-friendly information abou... more
  • Wolves: Tooth and Claw

    by Sean Causley
    If you fight evil, does that make you good? After a pack of wolves chooses freedom over security they must face a terrible enemy and search their souls to find what lengths they are willing to go to keep their way of life.
  • Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology

    by Alan J. Hesse & Louise Emmons

    "Fables of the Amazon delivers important forest lessons, animal facts, and moral tales through humorous stories and vivid images that will broaden children's minds to the unique world of the Amazon." — Readers' Favorite

    Natural history and ecology are fascinating but complex subjects. What better way to discover them than through a comic that is both funny and scientifically accurate? A perfect learning resource for nature-loving kids an... more

  • The Adventures of Captain Polo: Polo and the Yeti

    by Alan J. Hesse
    Captain Polo is devastated. His precious boat is in pieces, lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and he is locked in the hold of a fishing vessel, destined to be sold to a zoo in China... How will he get out of this?! In Book 2 of this educational series for kids, Captain Polo continues his epic journey around the world. He faces countless dangers and obstacles on a path that will take him across China, up the mighty Himalaya mountains into the forbidden monasteries of Tibet, through the s... more
  • Sit, Tilly. SIT!

    by Steve Troop
    Meet Tilly., an Italian Greyhound whose adventures span the gambit from pop culture, movies, workplace drama and the quest for her next dog treat.
  • Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park

    by Tommy Head
    The story of a young boy, Timmy, who on a stormy night is anxiously awaiting an important doctor's appointment the next morning. When he is convinced that the night and following morning will be nothing but one horror after the next, he receives an unlikely visit from a mysterious hero named Adventure Ted. Together they escape from the treacherous storm and find reprieve in an adventure at the Enchanted Theme Park in a parallel dimension, a children's paradise where there are no lines and they c... more
  • Soldiers Unknown

    by Chag Lowry
    The Native Yurok people of Northern California have been untouched by the savage world war raging in Europe-until now. Three cousins are called to serve in the United States Army on the Western Front. These young men struggle to preserve their humanity while facing the unspeakable horrors of the greatest military conflict ever known.
  • The Nature of Kindness

    by Stephanie N. Prountzos
    Feeling small in this big world? No matter your size your impact is great. Jovie's character is designed to be a young advocate for animals and our planet - in hopes to encourage younger readers to do the same. Through the story, the reader will learn the impacts of daily actions originated by kindness.
  • Penny and Friends

    by Jamil McGhee
    When money characters work together, they find out that they need one another.
  • Run Phillip Run

    by Eddie Engram
    Who hasn't watched a football game and envisioned yourself achieving that lofty goal as a young person? I loved to play sports, and I felt like I was good at it. I loved making that touchdown or shooting the lights out on the basketball court. I was a fairly good baseball player, and I could run like the wind. Those achievements were good, but life is more than being just good. I had to really work at accepting the possibility that one plus one would equal two or to understand the meaning of con... more
  • The Talented Tenth Saga #1

    by Christopher Love
    #1: Krishna, a time traveler is held captive by the Salesman of Doom who is a 200-year-old multi-billionaire. Meanwhile, Agent Buffalo Soldier recruits a new hero called the Fiery Furnace as he directs him to stop a bomb from destroying a building and part of a city. Will they make it in time? And who is the Human Pearl? SERIES SYNOPSIS: After a lost tIme agent of the Historical Bureau of Investigations accidentally comes to our time, she unexpectedly allows a 200 year old Billionaire maniac... more
  • Baby Carrot's Visit to the Aquarium: Vegetable Family

    by Mehul Hathi

    In a little farm, there live the happy, hardworking vegetables. Now that the summer holidays have begun, the baby vegetables can't wait to visit Aquamarine Land. Their school teacher, Ms Lady-finger, has told them about all the beautiful aquatic creatures who live there. Baby Carrot takes all his friends to put their request to strict Mr Carrot. Mr Carrot agrees, and one fine day they all set out together for a fun day at the aquarium.