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History & Military

  • Custer's Reconnaissance

    by Terrance E. Heitter
    This is the most logical and factual study ever written about General George Armstrong Custer and his actions at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
  • Daughters of Dunn House 1953

    by Hildred Roach
    Daughters of Dunn House 1953 is a collection of first-person accounts from seven octogenarians who reflect upon overviews of their lives from 1953 to the present, lifelong friendships made at Dunn House dorm, and the exciting careers generated by the opportunity to participate in the Ford Foundation Early Entrant Program at Fisk University without having first finished high school. Stories should appeal to all ages, for topics range from pertinent historical eras, family genealogy, educational a... more
  • Among Honest Communists

    by Daniel J. Basta
    Among Honest Communists by Daniel J. Basta is his true account of tales during the height of the “Cold War” (1973 – 1975) about: lurking spies and counter intelligence agents; the impacts of the “Yon Kippur War” and Russian pressures; face to face encounters with “operatives”; unexpectedly finding common ground with drunken Russians; being buzzed by MIG–21s; and of the realization many years later that the Author may have unwittingly been playing a role in an east-west covert operation. The tale... more
  • Insufficient Funds: The Financial Life of Frank Lloyd Wright

    by Peter C. Alexander
    Dozens of books have been written about architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, aesthetic, and various design achievements; however, no on has looked at his business practices… until now. In this book, Peter Alexander focuses on the financial life of this American architectural genius after more than fifteen years of research. Wright was a spendthrift who earned a considerable fortune over his lifetime, but he was a man who never had sufficient funds to meet his expenses. Most ofte... more