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History & Military

  • We Must All Be Ready to Sacrifice

    by Dean Ulland
    “We must all be ready to sacrifice...” -Albert Lea Women’s Auxiliary for Promoting National Defense, May 1st, 1917 Soon after the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917, it became clear that all Americans would need to be involved in the war effort. The people of Freeborn, Mower, and Steele Counties in Southern Minnesota were no exception. Young men registered for the draft and went off to war; they had no assurance of victory or of ever coming home again. Women, farmers, ... more
  • Servicenow Training

    by Harini Gupta
    ServiceNow Training gives you the top tier intelligent online meetings to dominate the subject and clear ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS) accreditation. HKR Trainings with a group of confirmed working experts has customized the course prospectus to guarantee total information to be conveyed in the instructional meetings. ServiceNow course covers significant modules of IT setup, client organization, information the executives, application handling, work processes, cycle and ad... more
  • They Called Him Marvin

    by Roger Stark
    The story of a young couple trying to make a family despite a World War.
  • Joe's Alamo Unsung

    by Chapters Media LLC
    Remember the Alamo! is a slogan known worldwide for courage in battle against overwhelming odds. In that historic stand less than two hundred volunteers fought against five thousand soldiers for thirteen days. According to Joe, the only male survivor, all races and religions fought and died there.

    by Olga Magdalena Lazin , PhD.
    New book paints globalization as more than trade, economics Dr. Olga Magdalena Lazin discusses various aspects, effects of ‘Decentralized Globalization’ LOS ANGELES – After the fall of the Berlin Wall in Europe, Dr. Olga Magdalena Lazin was enchanted by the complexities of the globalization process and wanted to overcome ridiculous myth and propaganda that distract people from understanding the multifaceted aspects of globalism and regionalism. She writes “Decentralized Globalization” (pub... more
  • Professional Translation Services

    by communication translation
    If you are looking for best Legal Translation in Dubai. Your business is most important to us, and with translation services in Dubai to help you, just know that you are bound to benefit from such a service. Expanding over more than 55 Services, our Translation Services in more than 75 languages. Communication Legal Translation Medical Translation ... more
  • MultiStories: 55 Antique Skyscrapers and the Business Tycoons Who Built Them

    by Mark Houser
    More than 100 years ago, towering marvels like New York's Flatiron Building thrilled the public and transformed cities across the country. Now take a tour of the best of these elegant landmarks still standing today in 31 U.S. and 5 international cities. Packed with colorful tales of the powerful executives and self-made millionaires who commissioned the country's first skyscrapers, MultiStories also traces the emergence of modern corporations in banking, media, transportation, insurance, manufac... more
  • The Great American Delusion: The Myths Deceiving America and Putting the West at Risk

    by Patrick Davies
    Something is going badly wrong in America. But what is really happening, why, and what does it mean? Could the US itself now be the greatest threat to the future of the West? In this fascinating account of America today, Patrick Davies, former British Deputy Ambassador to the US, sets out to understand how America, blinded by myths of its own exceptionalism, has failed to tackle serious political, social and economic problems which are exacerbating divisions in its society, poisoning its pol... more
  • Centennial Farm Family

    by Amy McVay Abbott
    The history of Reuben, Washington, Anna, and LeNore, four generations of the Long family, is also the story of thousands of pioneers who left the East Coast after the Revolutionary War in search of a better life. Reuben Long's children and grandchildren fought to keep the Indiana farm in the family. For the Longs and other farm families in the United States, permanent ownership meant economic security, a ready supply of food (if Mother Nature did her part), and one of the few wealth-building op... more
  • The Ghosts of Belcourt Castle

    by Harle H. Tinney
    With some new stories and pictures, the third edition of THE GHOSTS OF BELCOURT CASTLE recounts stories of apparitions seen, heard, and experienced in Newport, Rhode Island’s “Gilded Age” mansion of the Belmont Family. Belcourt stood empty for fifteen years until the Tinney Family purchased it in 1956. A residence and showplace, the castle was furnished with antiques from thirty-three countries and some of them were HAUNTED.
  • Buy Best ED Medicines Online At 50% OFF From Ed Generic Store

    by vidalista 40 mg
    Vidalista 40 mg pills under the name of Cialis, tadalafil is a functioning energy fixing that works by expanding blood stream to his penis and giving him a solid and amazing erection while a man is explicitly animated. The suggested portion of Vidalista 40. Vidalista is in pill structure, and ought to be taken with a glass of water, with or without food. Vidalista 40 mg contains Tadalafil 40 mg as the active ingredient. vid... more
  • Powder Coatings Market Massive Industry Development & Upcoming Trends Forecast 2019-2027

    by Akash bainr

  • Honoring Anna: Book II: The Winds of Time

    by Blueprint Press
    Alone, the beautiful young Anna immigrated to America from an Island in the North Sea at 16, running from cruelty. Honor forced her to leave her first love, whom she met on her way to America. Alone again and stranded in New York, she found herself running away for a second time in her young life, this time from love. Anna worked her way across America, bringing her work ethic, honor, and love with her. On a Dakota homestead Anna finally found lasting love, but with it and her life there came an... more
  • Honoring Anna

    by Blueprint Press
    Even at the tender age of nine, Anna Ingevich knows her life will never be the same when her mom, Karin, dies at the age of thirty. Anna's father, Bjorn, is a hard man-but that is what living in Norway requires. Life does not get any easier for her when he marries Marion, who already has three children of her own. As the days go on, she begins to ask herself one question, over and over: "How do I escape Norway and get to America?" Iver Olson loves his family in Norway, but as a boy at t... more
  • Krazy: George Herriman, a Life in Black and White

    by Michael Tisserand
    Eisner Award-winning bIography of George Herriman, the cartoonist behind "Krazy Kat."
  • 321 chat

    by talk stranger

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