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History & Military

  • The Trial of Blood

    by Andrew Porter Brown
    In 55 years of teaching in both high school and college, I’ve always wondered why American history is presented the way it is. History texts try to cover the big picture and students never get an understanding of our wars – how they are the eyes and memory of the veterans who fought the battles in the big campaigns described by their textbook. I went to a writing seminar conducted by the celebrated Civil War historian Shelby Foote and he was gracious as Southern gentlemen are who smoke pipes and... more
  • Star-Spangled Panties

    by Carol A. Strickland

    Up the patriarchy!

    Come read about Diana, Princess and Champion of the legendary Amazons, presented in an ever-so-slightly opinionated manner that will explain everything important about the lady starring in Those Movies and comics. She’s been around since 1941, you know, and has seen a lot of changes through the years.

    If you take your aspirin when warned, you’ll even learn about her beloved younger sister, Donna Troy, who suffers from the worst continuity in comic bo... more

  • The President's Pen

    by Jeffrey Margolis
    The President's Pen: Reflections of Presidential Literature is an examination of the writings of sixteen Presidents of the United States. From Thomas Jefferson to Donald Trump, this work provides the reader with the historical background of the men as well as anecdotical stories about their motivation for wanting to get into print.
  • Escape from Manchuria

    by Paul Maruyama
    In the closing days of WWII, the Soviet Union attacked and occupied Japanese-controlled northern China, then called Manchuria. Immediately, misery and death from cold, hunger, disease, and brutality descended on the Japanese civilians at the hands of the Soviet Army and revenge-seeking mobs and bandits. Nearly 2,500 Japanese, mostly the elderly and children, died daily. Three courageous Japanese men embarked on a secret mission and escaped to Japan to eventually bring about an end to the Manchur... more
  • The Battle of Buffalo Wallow

    by James R Odrowski
    In World War II, the U.S. Army’s 44th General Hospital found themselves at ground-zero of the Japanese counterattack on the island of Leyte. As Japanese infantry infiltrated and enemy paratroopers dropped around them, the 44th’s officers faced a life-or-death decision. With over 200 patients, the Japanese surrounding them, and no option to retreat, they had to act fast. Should they uphold their oath to “do no harm”? Or do they arm the medical staff and defend themselves and their patients? Do th... more
  • Bangalore Escorts Services

    by Sonu Kapoor
    Of the 3 exes that I had listed on my profile, two of them were still active on the site, although only one of them was truly active on the site in a monogamous capacity. Nevertheless, this site provided a great opportunity to gain some insight into the candid side of things these past partners hadaway from the online scene.
  • Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History

    by Victor Torvich

    In Subsurface History of Humanity, Victor Torvich briefly reviews the mankind's history for the last 44 thousand years. The book will help you to make sense of the history of humankind. Victor Torvich found the objective direction of the development of humanity. That direction is not related to subjective terms like purpose, destiny, meaning, happiness, higher morale, or alike. Victor Torvich specializes in the complex system of humanity. Insights from his academic papers on this topic he... more

  • Echoes of wisdom

    by Fahim Munshi
    This book is a blend of compelling words of inspiration, poems and anecdotal stories that bring forth important human values of the past that inspired earlier generations, and propound renewed insight for our own time. Motivating words and inspiring deeds of remarkable individuals featured in this book define virtue, and personify what it is to be human.
  • Footprints in Time

    by Fahim Munshi
    This book is a compilation of thought-provoking material drawn not only from the wealth of Islamic spirituality and ethics, but it also enumerates the Qur'anic values of compassion, kindness, graciousness, gratitude and perseverance woven deeply into the anecdotes from the lives of the Islamic narratives of the past. Written in a straightforward style this unique bringing together of up-lifiting and dramatic stories will be a worthy source for anyone wanting to understand Islam, its glorious beau... more
  • The Pages of History

    by david carney
    This volume is a collection of documents that have, in some critical way, shaped our world. Each is quite short, taking up no more than one or two pages. The contents of the documents include speeches, addresses, prefaces, proclamations, manifestos, declarations, and testaments; each appeared at a significant moment in world history. Each document is preceded by a short commentary that explains the specific circumstances in which it came to be, and also its broader historical context.
  • Nine Days Traveling

    by Lawrence Krumenaker
    In 1824, President James Monroe invited the last surviving General from the Revolutionary War, the French-born Marquis de Lafayette, to return the United States to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Revolution. Among the 24 states Lafayette visited in over 12 months was Alabama. He spent nine days traveling from the Chattahoochee River, through the Creek Indian Nation along the Federal Road—arguably the first Interstate highway—to Montgomery, then down the Alabama River via the new, fa... more
  • Famous Astrologer in India

    by Suresh kumar tantrik
    Indian Vedic astrology has made various things better for a person. Lots of people have seen that if they use this their maximum problems will end. Famous astrologer in India has very good knowledge of Indian Vedic astrology. One who needs to make their life better they will surely have to use some genuine and easy remedies. A person who performs the remedies everyday they can see its impact on their life. A Top ranked astrologer always prefers to suggest the right remedy to a person. One who n... more
  • The Academic Papers

    by roman davis
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  • Tennessee Post Office Murals

    by David W. Gates Jr.
    Tennessee Post Office Murals provides the history of the murals along with images of the art and buildings where they were installed.
  • Tennessee Post Office Mural Guidebook

    by David W. Gates Jr.
    ennessee Post Office Mural Guidebook provides a list and status of the 28 murals commissioned for Tennessee Post Offices. While it does not include images of the murals. It does show the buildings and provides the traveler with the location and status of each mural.