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History & Military

  • Across the Creek: Black Powder Explosions on the Brandywine

    by Richard Templeton

    More than 230 people perished in gunpowder explosions at the DuPont black powder mills on the Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, Delaware, during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their tragic stories, the explosions themselves and what happened to their survivors, are told in searing detail.

  • Haunting the Comeback Trail

    by Bill Padilla
    Roy's lack of depth perception caused him to stumble several times while negotiating deadfalls....When Roy twisted his ankle on one of those logjams, he thought it safer to stay along the road. Roy's patience had grown as would that of any man who's survived serious injury. He waited and when shadows started to get long that evening, he spotted his first bear.... Hunting the Comeback Trail is an inspiring historical documentary on a group of disabled and health-conflicted hunters - Jim, Ro... more
  • All Gave Some: An American Narrative

    by Douglas Veverka

    "Listen to me, brother, you said it in your speech." Doug scanned and found the line he wanted. "I have known the luxury of freedom all of my life. The freedom earned by those who have served before me. That’s my favorite line. I like it because it’s true. The luxury of freedom. Freedom earned. And now it’s our generation’s turn, and you are that representative. My brave brother, the Warrior of Indian City. It really comes down to this. Grandpa froze and... more

  • 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents

    by David Pietrusza
    The presidential election of 1920 was among history's most dramatic. Six once-and-future presidents-Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, and Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt-jockeyed for the White House. With voters choosing between Wilson's League of Nations and Harding's front-porch isolationism, the 1920 election shaped modern America. Women won the vote. Republicans outspent Democrats by 4 to 1, as voters witnessed the first extensive newsreel coverage, modern campaign advertising, and results bro... more
  • Into the Labyrinth

    by Michael Wilson
    This book is about Daidalos, the famous ancient Greek architect, inventor, sculptor, scientist and engineer. It consists of five chapters and covers who Daidalos was, the times in which he lived, his life, his works and his legacy. All chapters are lavishly illustrated. It is a unique blend of history, literature, mythology, art, science and technology and will, consequently, appeal to a wide readership. The book is suitable for adult, non-specialist readers and will appeal to those with an int... more
  • Architects of Anglo-American Justice

    by H. Eugene Lehman
    This book traces the history of English law and government for fourteen centuries, from the withdrawal of Roman Legions from Britannia to separation of Englands New World colonies and the ratification of the Constitution of the United States. The governments of the United States and Great Britain, although separate now for over two centuries, share a deep common heritage. The starting point for American legal history goes back to the roots of English common law. This narrative follows the evolu... more
  • Seize the Day

    by Harry Maximillian
    Seize the Day Daily Inspiration - Wisdom - Music One page a day is guaranteed to transform your life. Start your day with a major infusion of inspiration! Zig Ziglar once said, ‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it everyday.’ Seize the Day is your inspiration journal. Every day you are presented with both an inspirational and a wise quotation. And to provide you with that extra infusion of motivation we have rec... more
  • Black magic specialist, Famous black magic remove

    by Baba Rudranth ji
    Black magic is good but every person must have to understand its importance. So, never waste your time and let your problems to get solve with this. Black magic specialist can bring you out from any kind of possession also. So use it but in good way.
  • true muslim

    by True Muslim
    The Quran, also romanized Qur'an or Koran, is the central religious text of Islam, believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God. It is widely regarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature. It is organized in 114 chapters
  • Desert Wealth

    by H. B. Waldegrave
    This is a story that tells of the onset of this soon-to-become discovery and development of Mount Isa. It’s just the simple truth or as near as possible to the truth after the passage of so many years. The memory of people is very short, and not much was recorded in the early days when this story started, which is not much different from any other mining town. It has experienced the same growing pains, sadness and laughter, tragedy and success. The sordid side of life had infiltrated into its ea... more
  • William Hart: Catalogue Raisonne and Artistic Biography

    by Gary L. Stiles

    This is the catalogue raisonne and biography of William Hart (1823-1894), the Scottish-American Hudson River School painter. Almost 2100 oil paintings have been identified and characterized with more than 900 images (many in color). This is the first comprehensive study of this important American nineteenth century painter. The book has been characterized as a "thought-provoking and enlightening."

  • Place Names: Their Origin and Meanings

    by Martin Ettlinger
    This easy-to-read non-fiction will appeal to anyone interested in history, geography, or language. It is unique in that it gives you, not only the origin of the place-name, but additional information that would be of interest to travelers. There are 1100 entries, many of which have more than one possibility for the meaning of the name. Many have wondered how nations, states, cities and physical features on the map have gotten their names. This book has the answers.
  • Boone: An Unfinished Portrait

    by Daniel Firth Griffith
    A wild biography of Daniel Boone through a sensative and rich examination of his wilderness, the Early American West. We know the name, but do we know the man? Was Daniel Boone a woodsman-philosopher or American Patriot? Boone was and is still today a convenient symbol, employed by anyone who thinks they are an American. But what if he wasn't an American? And what if he doesn't want our employment? In this sensitive and philosophical work, we dive into the rich mythology of American literature... more
  • Creating Christianity - A Weapon Of Ancient Rome

    by Henry Davis

    A profound and controversial investigation of a complex theme - the war that led to the fall of Jerusalem and the creation of the Christian religion. The religious and political battle between the people of Judea and the Jewish and Roman aristocracies is presented in an unconventional narrative, which investigates ancient evidence, quotes from the work of respected authorities on the subject, and states controversial opinions openly. Its main conclusion is that the New Testament (the new law)... more

  • "Roger Ball!, Odyssey of a Navy Fighter Pilot"; "Alika, Odyssey of a Navy Dolphin", and soon to be released, Black Lion ONE, th

    by Donald E. Auten
    Black Lion ONE The Resurrection and Ascension of the Black Lions—Synopsis The historical biography of John Monroe “Hawk” Smith, Navy fighter pilot, is a gripping account of valor, sacrifice, and adventure during one of the most tumultuous periods in carrier aviation. Roger Ball!, the first work, takes the reader on Hawk Smith’s wild ride. Black Lion ONE, the sequel, continues the odyssey of “Hawk” Smith with the same white-knuckle intensity and on-scene story-telling narrative as its prede... more
  • World War 2 - The Call of Duty: A Complete Timeline

    by Liam Dale
    ✔️CONTAINS OVER 100 RARE ARCHIVE PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS. The unforgettable history of World War II presented in a chronological timeline format. This is THE definitive guide to WW2 in 24 chapters – each chapter covers a 3-month period throughout the war years of 1939 – 1945. To really understand the concept of war, on a global scale, the World War II years of 1939 to 1945 provide perhaps the first complete overview of man’s inhumanity to man, alongside the bravery and heroism that show the... more