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History & Military

  • Carioca-Bev: WWII USAAF B-24 Liberator Pilot Ralph I. Fine

    by Dr. Gary M. Fine
    Story of WWII B24 Liberator pilot Major Ralph I. Fine
  • Brass Ring: Achievement, Error, and Amendment of the Hollywood Blockbuster

    by Stephen Rife
    Using a selection of significant titles from throughout the archive, Brass Ring considers film's migration from photochemical to electronic media, up to the recent, rapid dominance of digital cinema, taking account of how this profound change of tools and formats has affected narrative conventions, congregational reception, and the writing of film history. With a formalist lens and a uniquely hands-on approach, Rife offers a practical means of understanding the medium-specific challenges, and in... more
  • Prunes for Breakfast: One Man's War Based on a True Story

    by John Searancke
    ‘Many years after the deaths of my parents, my aunt handed me a box filled with letters that my father had written to my mother over the period from 1940 to 1945. This was the starting point of a journey for me to rediscover the father I had never really known...’ This is the story of John Searancke’s parents, told mostly from the side of his father, Eddie Searancke, from the time of his calling up in early 1940 to his release from a prisoner of war camp in Germany in 1945, thence his return... more
  • Planet Rx 2035

    by Kelly Hornick
    Our world has no medication due to greed and destructive practices. Few people make it their business to go out and find natural ingredients to replace the global medication supply.
  • Imposters of Patriotism

    by Ted Richardson
    The Matt Hawkins' series revolves around a recurring theme--an inexplicable historical artifact whose discovery results in unforeseen and explosive present-day consequences. In contrast to other books of this genre which often feature outlandish cabals and extremely unlikely historical departures, Richardson's books spin plausible tales, both in the historic past and with respect to present-day political and financial maneuvering. Readers are reintroduced to famous historical figures like George... more
  • The Armenian Identity Examined: What is He?

    by Michael Boyajian
    Who are these people we call the Armenians.
  • 978-0822945390

    by Frederick Gooding
    As the largest employer of one of the world’s leading economic and geo-political superpowers, the history of the federal government’s workforce is a rich and essential tool for understanding how the “Great Experiment” truly works. The literal face of federal policy, federal employees enjoy a history as rich as the country itself, while reflecting the country’s evolution towards true democracy within a public space. Nowhere is this progression towards democracy more apparent than with its intern... more
  • 640 Acres and Dirt Poor

    by Janet Godwin Meyer
    I, Janet Godwin Meyer, grew up on a dirt road in Georgia in the 1950s. My grandparents lived just across the state line in Alabama. Until I was eight years old, I had no idea that our black neighbors (the Collins family) were constantly reminded that they were second-class citizens. My parents accepted the Collins family as true friends who could be relied on to help and love their neighbors. My daddy was strong-willed and independent in his constant support of all our black friends. Shut Godwin... more
  • Battles of Texas

    by Joseph P. Regan LTC, USAR (ret)
    My book is an anthology of battles fought in Texas from the year 1758 to 1874. This manuscript is directed at readers who have an interest in Texas or military history. I chose those battles I believed had the most dramatic impact on the course of Texas History. As a military historian, I focused on critical decisions by individual commanders. As much as possible, I tried to use the Battle Analysis System developed by the US Army Command and General Staff College to look at all aspects of a mili... more
  • Black Education In White America

    by Shukdeb Sen
    The book “Black Education in White America” opened the window to show our State of American Education in general, and in particular, the Black education. American competitive intellectual output is falling behind globally and our educational superiority is going downhill. The nation is at risk! American education followed a segregated pathway since the birth of this Republic. Brutality of slavery and its legacy transformed a large segment of the African American population into a state of despa... more
  • Goddess Rudra: The Protector

    by Ignatius Variath
    GODDESS RUDRA - The Protector The Employment Exchange has appointed and sent a young Brahmin, Vishnudathan Namboothiri, to ‘Alangatu Mana’ for the job of a caretaker. This very old ‘Mana’ presently belongs to the Archaeological Department but there exists a dispute in the court regarding its ownership. The first day itself Vishnudathan faced a serious problem with this old ‘Mana’; the interference of a Goddess who is invisible but stays there as a protector. She will destroy anyone who tries ... more
  • Movie booking facility

    by ginto Tom

             The Club Class participations through the entryway have manufactured effective and enduring associations with clients who are furnished with uncommon administrations like challenges, devotion focuses and reclamation against energizing endowments, home conveyance of tickets at an ostensible cost, online record support and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Unknown or forgotten the history of Saint Onge ISBN 978-0692033722

    by Jeannine Guern
    The story of a small community just north of Deadwood, South Dakota in the Black Hills with family ties to many surrounding towns and history reaching back to 1876. Significant enough to warrant preservation help in restoration of the buildings and documenting prehistoric sites, and true original trails.
  • SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps

    by Jim Barber
    Marine vet Jim Barber has compiled a collection of very funny stories about Marine Corps boot camp as told by those who were there. More than 90 very funny stories submitted by Marines, following the age old tradition, who innocently left their secure, teenage life to blunder into the upside down world created by the need to transform them from their soft civilian selves into the proud brotherhood they became. This book will be appreciated by all vets who went through some form of boot camp, as ... more
  • Efficacious Roman Suicide: Suicidal Tendencies in Ancient Rome second edition

    by Michael Boyajian

    The second edition brings closer into light the suicidal tendencies of ancient Rome where it was viewed as a an acceptable life exit strategy as opposed to today where it is a mental health issue.  The revised second edition examines the topic in today's light and in the eyes of the Romans.

  • MISSING: A World War II Story of Love, Friendships, Courage, and Survival

    by Kenneth D. Evans
    MISSING is the true WWII story of my father, Lt. Donald N Evans. From dirt-poor, small-town roots, Don was the quintessential all-American boy--high school student body president and star athlete. At age eighteen, he was attending college, had fallen in love, and appeared destined for a bright future, Then fate stepped in. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and America went to war. Don joined the U.S. military, along with millions of other young Americans, and went to war. Before shipping overseas, h... more