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History & Military

  • AOL Mail

    by Jon Marc
    Before going on to the problem, have a look at This company used to provide a service called Playnet, which allowed users to play multiplayer games via the internet. After supplying services under the moniker Q-Link, which incorporated play net's upgraded capabilities, it was eventually shut down. Then they moved on to non-gaming services, such as dial-up access, online chats, and news, among other things. Visit here:-
  • casinostreber

    by Christina Hertz
  • The Broken Promise Of A Promised Land

    by William Hanna
    The Broken Promise Of A Promised Land is an illuminating book with poignant commentary on society and religion, all delivered with sharp writing and a depth of understanding that ensures any reader will be able to grasp the ideas explored within. Literary Titan, August 25, 2021.
  • The Leatherz

    by Lisa Anna
    Biker men jackets are valuable because they not only let them ride safely but also offer them an appealing, brave, and fashionable appearance no matter what season it is. Riders not only wear biker jackets while riding, but they also wear them to any occasion or function, making it a must-have item in their closet.
  • The Megalithic Odyssey - A Search for the Master Builders of the Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex of Stone Circles and Giant Cai

    by Christian O'Brien
    In the first part of the book the focus is an outstanding complex of astronomically aligned stone circles and giant cairns on Bodmin Mooor in Cornwall, discovered by the author and his wife in 1978. The second part follows the footsteps of the complex's designers from Cornwall back through Ireland and the Mediterranean to their pre-Sumerian origins in the Middle East.
  • The Genius of the Few

    by Christian O'Brien with Barbara Joy O'Brien
    First published in 1985 this remarkable book has stood both the test of time and peer review, to become a classic amongst specialists in the human origin subjects. As archaeological science has broadened its base, to cover many new and exciting disciplines, it is primarily the solid evidence on the origins and spread of agriculture and pastoralism, genetics and language, which take us with some confidence with the O'Briens to Southern Lebanon before 8,000 BC.
  • The Shining Ones

    by Christian O’Brien CBE M.A. & Barbara Joy O'Brien
    Bringing together a lifetime of research and scholarship based on the Sumerian Kharsag Epics and the deliberately concealed Chronicles of Enoch, with added support from an alternative translation of the later compilation of the Book of Genesis, The Shining Ones presents evidence of the activities of a group of culturally and technically advanced people, who dominated human progress for several thousand years. Establishing agriculture in the Near East around 8,500 BC, these sages founded the Ga... more
  • Violette and Ginger

    by Uri J. Nachimson
    Violette was born in Vienna to Jewish parents who immigrated to the United States before World War II. Due to Nazi racial laws, she was forced to leave her university studies, was arrested by the Gestapo, managed to escape, and joined the partisans, where she met her red-haired lover. The novel is based on testimonies of survivors of the extermination camps, and although the names and places have been changed, the descriptions are accurate and based on survivors' testimonials.
  • Ida Tarbell Portrait of A Muckraker

    by Kathleen Brady
    “Kathleen Brady's triumphant portrait of Ida Tarbell will last for generations. No other biography of Ida Tarbell is likely to provide a more vivid look at this endlessly fascinating woman.” Doris Kearns Goodwin, best-selling author of The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism
  • Politically Corrected

    by Kurt DiClementi

    “Politically Corrected” is a novel that deals with the battle for America's soul through the exploits of 9 determined Navy Seals and Special forces veterans. They shut down a human trafficking operation in Cambodia used by the Office of Naval Intelligence to fund black ops without congressional oversight. Corrupt and warring factions within the intelligence community as well as career politicians and social justice warriors all pursue and villainize these 9 men. Then, ill-gotten funds begin t... more

  • September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story

    by Dean Rotbart

    September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story is an inspirational and timeless account of courage, determination, and resurrection.


  • Visual3D

    by visual 3D
    We are a team of creative designers inspired by modern design. We create compelling, quality 3D visualizations that come to life with our 3D rendering services.We offer 3D image renders that are compelling and realistic for any project. These are photorealistic renders that are inspired by modern design.
  • I Was Just a Radioman

    by Pamela Ackerson
    Their hearts were strong, and their courage endless. Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat radioman, and decorated WW 2 veteran. ARM H. P. Lawrence, tells the true story of the fight against the Japanese in this compilation of his memoirs. One of only a handful of non-Native American code-talkers, H. P. Lawrence became a member of an elite fighting force, the Black Cats. Flying in their nocturnal missions, the Cats claws were sharp and their aim deadly. From devastation to victory, the story... more
  • The Passion of Nino -- the Enlightener

    by Edward N Brown
    The little-known story of how a poor unassuming young woman overcame severe cultural persecution and ended up converting an entire nation to a new religion – Saint Nino the Enlightener! A true story of astonishing faith, courage, and valor. A moving and emotional story of the life of a remarkable woman - how she single-handedly overcame all adversity, brought the Good News to a pagan land, and won the people over to Jesus Christ. This is the story of an ordinary girl – born free, but s... more
  • Ancient Measurement

    by Roland A. Boucher
    Abstract Ancient Measurement published Sept 30 2020 Archway Publishing ISBN 978-1-4808-9534 (sc) Archway Publishing ISBN 978-1-4808-9536 (hc) Author Mr. Roland A Boucher When the French proposed their first metric system in 1670, they had no idea it had been invented by the ancient Mesopotamians 5000 years earlier. Just as the French proposed to use the length of a one-second pendulum to create standards of length, volume and weight, the Sumerians create nearly identical meters, liters and k... more
  • Ancient Measurement

    by Roland A. Boucher
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