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History & Military

  • "OCEANS! A Kayful Books Seek-and-Find Adventure"

    by Karen Fulkerson
    A gloriously drawn, fun and funny seek-and-find picture book, featuring poetry that teaches facts about oceans, tides, ocean life, and conservation.
  • Save Your Ammo: Working Across Cultures for National Security

    by Winston Sieck
    Save Your Ammo is the practical, plain-language guide to working across cultures for national security. Join servicemembers who have served all over the world on action-packed journeys through puzzling encounters in Russia, Korea, Iraq, and many more. Cognitive psychologists Rasmussen and Sieck have distilled the advice in this book from interviews with more than 200 national security personnel. Seasoned professionals who have spent their careers interacting with foreign populations and partner... more
  • In the Land of Morning Calm

    by Irv Sternberg
    They were only boys when the Korean War started in June 1950. Three joined the Marines, one enlisted in the Army. On November 23, they enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving Day in snow-covered hills in North Korea. Four days later they found themselves fighting for their lives against hordes of Chinese soldiers in the brutal Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. That epic struggle--and the withdrawal that followed--has become part of Marine Corps lore. This is the story of how those boys became men a... more
  • The Teachers of Ancient Greece and Rome: The Benefactors of Civilization

    by Michael Boyajian

    The teachers of our own time are held in high regard as they were in Ancient Roman and Greek times.  Learn about these teachers from a teacher of our own time as we go beyond Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  "Education is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students," - - Hon. Solomon Ortiz.  "The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching," -- Aristotle.

  • Antonia

    by Charles.G. Fournel

    This story is based on true events. It is 1945 and World War two is coming to an end. It follows the story of a German nineteen year old girl, Antonia Bendig, and her family who lived in Kraworn, on the border with Poland in the North of Czechoslovakia. As the Russian red army. approached from the North, she, her young son, her sister, with her niece and nephew and her parents, had to make the perilous trip back to Germany. With the war coming to the end they met mishap and trauma, on their w... more

  • Austin, Texas: Then and Now

    by Jeffrey Kerr
    Open this book to step into Austin’s past, but also to see the past from a fresh perspective. In Austin, Texas: Then and Now Jeffrey Kerr shows us not only how the city once appeared, but how the earlier scenery relates to the familiar sights of today. Each historic photograph presented here is paired with an identical modern view taken from precisely the same spot. Viewing the images side-by-side allows the reader a unique sense of connection to Austin’s earlier inhabitants. Orienting maps ... more
  • The Republic of Austin

    by Jeff Kerr

    A young girl kidnapped by Indians and spirited away; a man shot, scalped, and left for dead but rescued when a friend dreams that he yet lives; a group of young boys frolicking in a creek who witness a brutal murder; all within the city of Austin!  
    Not the modern city, but the frontier version, in which Anglo settlers and black slaves walked dusty streets sparsely lined by log cabins and Indian encampments popped up occasionally on the edge of town.  The stories in Jeffrey Ker... more

  • Seat of Empire: The Embattled Birth of Austin, Texas

    by Jeffrey Kerr
    In 1838 Republic of Texas vice president Mirabeau B. Lamar gazed from a hilltop toward the paradise at his feet and saw the future. Lamar’s equally awestruck companions, no strangers to beautiful landscapes, shuffled speechlessly nearby. But where these men saw only nature’s handiwork, Lamar visualized a glorious manmade transformation. And he knew that with the presidency of the republic in his grasp, he would soon be in position to achieve this vision. The founding of Austin sparke... more
  • Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion

    by Diane Olsen
    In order to enjoy this book, you may have to suspend current beliefs, since some of the concepts may seem quite foreign at first. What if monotheism always existed, and revelations were given to all human forms. There are hints to that effect. We should not assume primitive peoples weren't smart enough to grasp the concept of a single Creator! Too often we tweak religion to reflect our personal thoughts rather than dealing directly with the Word of God. Monotheism, today is represented b... more
  • No One Has More Love Than This: Why We Remember

    by Warren Robinson
    The book is an eyewitness account of the ordinary soldier's experience fighting a determined enemy in a hostile environment far from home while being dishonored and disrespected in his own country. This was a war none of these brave young men wished to fight, but they learned to love and rely on each other in a way known only to the combat veteran. No one could have imagined these seemingly boyish kids could be motivated to the heights of courage and valor for no other reason than to come to t... more
  • The Writings of Antonio Vol. I: Witty, Philosophical, Political, and Sometimes Controversial Commentary on Scripture

    by Antonio A. Sweeney
    In the book I talk about Christ, God, and the Kingdom, but also Currents, like Immigration, the Wall, Gov't shutdown, Iran, Investing, mention 5G, China, Bitcoin, Socio-economic dilemmas, Christ parabolic and Solomonic business principles, Reality, Infidelity, The Art of War, with a little Psycho-Theology Theory of my own.
  • MERG

    by Peter Lion

    George Mergenthaler had it all. Young, charismatic, strikingly handsome, a gifted athlete, an Ivy League graduate who spoke fluent German and French, “Merg” as his friends called him, was also the sole male heir to a vast family fortune.


    However in December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor none of that mattered. Wanting to do his part, Merg gave up his charmed life and enlisted in the Army. He was assigned to a Reconnaissance Troop in the 28th Infant... more

  • Hochzeitszelt Mieten

    by stretchzelt mieten
    Einer der Hauptgründe, warum sich viele Menschen für Stretchzelte gegenüber Zelten entscheiden, sind ihre unterschiedlichen, einzigartigen und faszinierenden Formen. Sie sind in verschiedenen unglaublichen organischen, kurvenreichen Formen erhältlich. Bei der Veranstaltung für Hochzeitszelt Mieten können wir den Veranstaltungsort mithilfe von Stretchzelten in einen glamourösen und eleganten Raum verwandeln.
  • The Sikh Heritage

    by Dalvir S Pannu
    "The Sikh Heritage: Beyond Borders" dedicates one chapter each to the 84 sites that it documents, transporting readers to the past by narrating the detailed history of each marvel that the author and his team photographed throughout Pakistan. This book is the culmination of decade-long fieldwork of finding and exploring the heritage sites, alongside analyzing multiple Janamsakhis (hagiography accounts). The author's process of doing extensive analysis and cross-referencing with other sources ena... more
  • Living in Heaven2

    by Clifford Sobin
    Written in a conversational style, Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell is a compelling narrative that answers why Israelis live along Israel’s northern borders and illuminates the challenges they face. By intimately profiling many of its current residents and explaining how selected communities in the region took root, Sobin skillfully weaves interviews with historical fact to highlight the region’s heroic past and challenging future. It is required reading for anyone visiting the region or wishi... more
  • The Reflecting Man - Volume Four

    by D.K.R. Boyd

    England is in turmoil as ‘Appeasers’ square off against ‘Non-Appeasers’ or, as our loquacious and unreliable narrator, Kurtis De’ath, in his role as Lord Beaverbrook’s gossip-hound, Kurtis Tod, discovers…it is Sir Joseph Ball versus Winston Churchill. Fascism is in fashion in numerous high-stepping London social circles and also across the water in France, where the Duke of Windsor and Wallis are courted by the Nazis. Erl Echland co... more