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History & Military

  • I Could Have Been One

    by Donald Wm. Jeffries
    I use my life as a foundation to show the world I was born into, grew up in and became an adult living in including events of those times national and international both public and hidden, which came to light, showing how we came to our national and international current events.
  • Life Fighting: Why We Must Sometimes Fight, and How to Do So Well

    by Robert W. Sweet

    Fighting has gotten a bad name; it should not be so. Fighting itself is neither moral nor immoral; only its object can be said to be so. To be moral is not to fight no one; to be moral is to fight those who vitiate life and civilization. Edward Wilson writes that, if “moral aptitude” is like every other trait studied to date, it forms a bell curve, has a natural genetic distribution: some human beings are moral, others amoral or immoral. That the moral are far less willing to figh... more

  • The Murder of Alexander the Great: Book 2 - The Secret War (2019)

    by Ajith Kumar
    Seventy-two astonishing discoveries that lead us to the assassin of Alexander the Great The Murder of Alexander the Great, Book 2— The Secret War, traces Alexander’s expedition to the unknown boundaries of the ancient world and tracks his disastrous return journey finally ending in his deathbed in Babylon. In 326 BC, Alexander set out to conquer the world… He remained undefeated across three continents as he vanquished rulers and carved his territory with an insatiable hunger. As he finally ma... more
  • The Murder of Alexander the Great: Book 1 - The Puranas (2019)

    by Ajith Kumar
    Sixteen stunning discoveries about Alexander the Great unravels the mystery surrounding his suspicious death. Who killed Alexander the Great? After more than two thousand years of speculation, the assassin of Alexander is finally identified in a comprehensive investigation in The Murder of Alexander the Great (in two books: The Puranas and The Secret War). In Book 1: The Puranas Alexander’s journey is chronicled not only through the siloed lens of Greek records but also through a comparison o... more
  • Apocalypse 2070

    by Dorothy Neill
    As the title, Apocalypse 2070, indicates, this is a non-fiction prophetic end-time book. It was co-written by my deceased husband, a Miami attorney and world-wide evangelist and Bible teacher. The period of time known as the great and terrible Day of the Lord - during which the events of the book of Revelation will all come to pass - has begun. The signs are everywhere! Christ is on His way back. But before His return, Earth will first quake under the fist of the Adversary Satan and his progeny,... more
  • Hyannis Airport 1928 to 1948

    by Sharon D. Anderson PhD
    What began as a fifty-seven-acre farm with a five-room house and grew to a many acres thriving airport with very busy air traffic is a story that needs to be told. Aviation and the need for this new concept of transportation grew as a few visionaries formed the Hyannis Airport Corporation with a board of directors and stockholders one of which was Amelia Earhart. WHY? Robertson Ayling, a native-born Cape Codder and son of Charles L. Ayling had recently completed his pilot training at Dennison ... more
  • Author

    by R. Olin Jackson
    Mystery & History in Georgia, Volume I, is a compendium of information on historic sites, incidents and mysterious unexplained events relating to what today is the state of Georgia, from prehistory up to the 1950s. The captivating topics range from Native American history and mysteries; railroads history and mysteries; and pioneer Georgia history; to U.S. Civil War history and mysteries in Georgia; natural disasters in the state; illicit liquor ("moonshine") history in Georgia; murder mysteries... more
  • Abbey - Ashman: Two Colonial and Pioneering Families of North America, Volume 1 The American Colonists

    by Margaret Abbey Ashman Shannon
    Abbey-Ashman is both the author's genealogy and family history. Beginning in 1475 England it take the reader through The American Revolution. It's pages are filled with captivating accounts of brave immigrants, those who worked the land, and landed gentry descended from royalty. The stories are quietly heroic with a few scoundrels for good measure. The ancestry and stories of the women who married the author's Abbe/Abbey male ancestors follow more than twenty Colonial families. Extensive resear... more
  • Exoneration Finally!

    Tony Plattner wrote a highly-acclaimed series of articles for the world's foremost aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology early in the Vietnam War that pointed out the inept handling of the war by the Johnson Administration. He was then pursued by the Administration which tried to convict him as a criminal under the Espionage Act and then attempted to cashier him from the Marine Reserves. With ingenuity and determination, he was exonerated in a decade-long battle.
  • Mammoth Hunters in Oklahoma, newly discovered little walls of rock art

    by Christina Clayton Vaughan
    Enter the mysterious and fascinating minds and world of the mammoth hunters through their rock art. Their walls were not cave walls but the surfaces of small rocks from 1" to 4 1/2" plus a 33-pound sculpture with thousands of very tiny rocks. Lost in the mists of ages, much of the history and lives of the mammoth hunters in North America have been hidden from us. The time of the mammoth hunters is so ancient, eleven thousand years and older, that all we have found are a few primitive cave pa... more
  • The South African Boer War: The Trials and Tribulations of the Second Battalion of the King's Shropshire Light Infantry

    by Ivor George Williams
  • The Power to Stop any Illusion of Problems: A summary of answers to societal issues. Vol 1

    by August Clark
    This book points out how the world has been fooled by an illusion that major problems will persist because of scarcity, but then shows you how it's all manufactured by given simple solutions that currently exist.
  • Sadistic Pleasures: Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan

    by Ashkhen Arakelyan

    In Sadistic Pleasures, an independent journalist documents the true stories of torture, pain, and merciless psychological abuse endured by 14 Armenian soldiers and civilians who became prisoners of war in Azerbaijan during the Forty-Four Day War in 2020 for control of the autonomous Republic of Artsakh. This book contains their first-hand memoirs of what goes on behind enemy lines, hidden from the scrutiny of the United Nations and international human rights organizations.

    The testimoni... more

  • Germans in the History of Colombia from Colonial Times to the Present

    by Jane M. Rausch
    Although they have never made up more than 3% of Colombia's population, individual Germans and German companies have been present in every era of the nation's history. the object of this book is to provide an overview of German involvement in Colombia from the sixteenth century conquest to the ears after World War II in order to demonstrate that their contributions to the nation's development has bee far more significant than their scant numbers suggest.