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History & Military

  • How to Choose Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics 2021

    by Alexa demie

    I would like to help students in selecting their dissertation topics

  • MENDOTA and the Restive Rivers of the Indian and Civil Wars 1861-'65

    by dane pizzuti krogman
    This is the fictional story set in Mendota, Minnesota, of the Simmons family, who are faced with the consequences of the Dakota Sioux Uprising of 1862 that swept across the state as well as the Civil War. The father, Dan, enlists in the First Regiment of Minnesota Volunteers as a teamster. His two sons, who are both underage, join the Second Regiment. John, age sixteen, becomes a bugler; and William, age fifteen, becomes a drummer. Their sister, Sara, is left behind with their mother, Louise, to... more
  • Junior Bounous and the Joys of Skiing: A biography

    by Ayja Bounous
    A biography of Junior Bounous, a leader in the American West ski industry, and an account of the American ski industry through his eyes. As one of the first American-born ski school directors, Bounous helped develop a power skiing technique in the 1940s and 1950s, became a consultant for ski and ski boot manufacturers, and became an acclaimed sports writer from articles written about skiing techniques and published in nationally acclaimed skiing magazines. Set the Guinness World Record for the o... more
  • America's First Soldiers

    by Amelia McNutt
    This book tells the remarkable stories of the men who created the American Revolution. You will meet the men who were waiting for General Gage's British troops. You will learn why they stood fast before the world's most powerful army. We will witness the skirmish at Lexington and the battle at Concord. We will travel the 16 mile road from Concord to Charlestown, remembered as Battle Road it was the road to Damnation for Gage's forces. We will dig-in on Bunker Hill, and we meet the young Bostoni... more
  • The Portable Pat Lang

    by Patrick Lang
  • Harry the Armenian, Army Air Corps Airman

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author as he discovers his dad Harry's military service for the entirety of World War II as an Army Air Corps Airman designated as a radio operator in the North Africa campaign who witnessed his best friend  killed on the runway whereupon as soon as he completed his required 2,200 air time hours pushed back against pressure to do another 2,200 hours and landed service as a jeep driver for the rest of the war. The next flight that his crew mates flew out on urging him to join... more

  • Fishkill, America's Central Command in the Revolutionary War: Spies, Supplies and Heroines

    by Michael Boyajian

    Largely forgotten over the years Fishkill and the Hudson Valley have been rediscovered as the central point of he American Revolution blocking British attempts to capture the Hudson River from the north, west, east and south and divide New England hotbeds of liberty from the other colonies. It was visited by almost every American patriot from George Washington to the Marquis de Lafayette. 

  • Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv Rus

    by Andy Lazko
    he Scythians are commonly thought to be an Iranian tribe, but were they? Herodotus described them as the conquerors of Persia who looked and spoke a different language than the Iranians. He also mentioned Royal Scythia being situated within the territory of present-day Ukraine and the Dnieper River being the sacred one for them—the largest and the most impressive of the Scythian Royal Barrows are situated in its vicinity. The Scythian mythology was so powerful that even the Greeks borrowed some ... more
  • Assignment Potsdam

    by Charlie FitzGerald
    Berlin 1961. Height of the Cold War. Col Mac McDesmond has just arrived in East Germany, taking over United States Liaison Mission, the sole US Army outpost behind the Iron Curtain. An East German cop is chasing a serial killer who has kidnapped a US Army soldier; 5 CIA operatives have gone missing; Mac's Soviet Army counterpart has uncovered a plot by the CIA and Stasi to assassinate Khrushchev and remove JFK from office and on top of all of that Mac has to deal with an alcoholic wife and prote... more
  • Levon Helm: Rock, Roll & Ramble—The Inside Story of the Man, the Music and the Midnight Ramble

    by John W. Barry

    Millions of music fans know Levon Helm from the gritty, granular and hard-as-an-oak tree vocals he delivered on one of modern music's most classic rock songs, "The Weight."

    "I pulled in to Nazareth/Was feeling 'bout half past dead," Helm sings on "The Weight" by The Band.

    The drummer, mandolin player and vocalist who was raised in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, and lived in Woodstock, New York, for more than 40 years, generated a sonic la... more

  • Stealing Mona Lisa

    by Carson Morton
    Based on a true story, a turn-of-the-century con artists masterminds the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre; his plan: to create 6 copies and sell them to American millionaires who each will think they are getting the real article.
  • Black Child, Hold Your Head High

    by Jasmine Walker, MD FAAP
    An important book for all ages, but especially young children. It educates, inspires, beautifully illustrates and highlights historical events and figures. This picture book boldly educates children about a few ways Black people have contributed to the development of their countries, communities, and families.
  • Do No Harm

    by George J. Hawkins
    Do No Harm. A Historical Novel By George J. Hawkins The story of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker began on an upstate New York farm, Oswego Co., November 26, 1832 and ended there, February 21, 1919. During the intervening 86 years, she graduated with honors from Syracuse Medical College (only woman in her class), got married and divorced, was a physician-surgeon in fierce Civil War battles of Fredericksburg, Chickamauga and others. In 1864 she was a Confederate prisoner of war at Richmond, VA. On... more
  • Book of Days

    by Douglas Bullis

    Book of Days is modeled on the Book of Hours genre that flourished from the 13th through 16th centuries. It mixes illustration with text as each of the thirteen chapters places the reader in the footsteps of an actual person going about their life on a single day, one day per century, from the year 1003 until 1975. The overall effect is an escorted tour through life as it was actually lived by people of the time. The individual stories are told in the present tense in a you-are-there cinemati... more

  • The Global Golden Age of Armenian Literature

    by Michael Boyajian




    As the world crosses into the decade of the 2020s, with an authoritarian threat to democracy on the hopeful cusp of resolution and at the same time emerging from the worldwide Covid pandemic and subsequent economic turbulence, something magical has happened. Almost like the Big Bang creation of the universe, an ancient people known as the Armenians ... more