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History & Military

  • The Victorious Blood

    by Hussin Alkheder
    The Victorious Blood portrays a bloody epic which is over thirteen hundred years old. It took place in Karbala, a small town on the bank of the Euphrates river in Iraq. It was between the grandson of the prophet of Islam, al-Hussain bin Ali, who commanded an army that did not exceed a hundred warriors. And Yazid bin Mu'awiyah, the son of the founder of the Umayyad state. His army consisted of thirty thousand soldiers under the command of Omar bin Saad. In The Victorious Blood, you will be taken ... more
  • Shakey's Madness

    by Robert Boog
    Do you remember 2020 and the Corona virus pandemic? Back then, California was shutdown like Blockbuster Video, and while spending time watching daytime TV, I noticed several ads promoting, “Latuda”. What was is Latuda? What is it used for? And of course, how much does it cost? The answer, the drug costs around $1,500 for a 30-day supply and it is used to treat people with bipolar disorder. (Manic depression) A little later that same day, I happened to be doom-scrolling on Twitter, and I saw a ... more
  • Emma's World: A World War II Memoir

    by Ilene W Devlin
    Emma’s World: A World War II Memoir is a narrative nonfiction book based on published research, family oral history, and personal diaries and letters from World War II. This inspiring story shows one young American woman’s resilience in achieving her dreams by overcoming life’s obstacles. The book traces Emma’s life in Missouri in the 1920s through the end of World War II. Emma dreams of becoming a teacher. She would be the first in her family to finish high school but needs a college degree to ... more
  • Normandy to Nazi Surrender, Firsthand Account of a P-49 Thunderbolt Pilot

    by Patrecia Slayden Hollis
    The late Van Slayden trained on the PT-3 kite-like biplane without brakes in 1937, but he learned fighter pilot operations flying “by the seat of his pants,” walking away from five crashes. Four of the crashes totaled the aircraft--in one he parachuted into the Pacific Ocean known to be shark infested and another he bellied wheels up into a South Carolina crop field in a burning aircraft. Early 20th century fighter pilots had figure it all out as they flew, helping to prepare them to face ... more
  • The Settlement, Growth and Movement of the Czechs and Their Institutions in Cleveland, Ohio

    by Stephen J. Sebesta
    Reviews the history of the Bohemians, Moravians and Silesians in Europe and the forces that led them to emigrate to Cleveland. Traces immigration patterns of the Czechs in the U.S. and particularly their settlements in Cleveland, Ohio. It includes historic information on Catholic churches, Protestant churches, the Jewish Chevra Kadisha Congregation, freethinker organizations, Sokol, Bohemian National Hall, Delnicke Telocvicne Jednoty (DTJ), Karlin Hall, Prokop Velky Fresh Air Camp, Slapnicka’s G... more
  • On the Frontlines of the Television War

    by Terry Irving
    The story of Yasutsune "Tony" Hirashiki's ten years in Saigon, beginning in 1966 when he worked as a freelancer and ending with him literally being throw on to a helicopter as the city fell in 1975.
  • Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography

    by David Pietrusza

    Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography reveals the “album version” of President Calvin Coolidge, featuring extended excerpts and, indeed, often the entire texts of major Coolidge addresses—as well as presenting a host of other illuminating documents, authored both by or about America’s vastly underrated thirtieth president.

    Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography shines a searchlight on Silent Cal Coolidge’s world and worldview as no pr... more

  • Calvin Coolidge on The Founders: Reflections on the American Revolution & the Founding Fathers

    by David Pietrusza

    In these pages Silent Cal Coolidge focuses his famed terse eloquence on the nation’s founders, not merely on George Washington’s indispensable figure but also on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s fellow Virginia patriots, the Battles of Bunker Hill, Princeton, and Trenton, Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys, Boston’s Old North Church, Methodist Episcopal Bishop Francis Asbury, and the pivotal role Jewish America... more

  • Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd George and the Roads to Paris

    by Robert Klueger
    The book is a narrative history of the lives of the three men who negotiated the Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George. In alternating chapters, Part 1 traces their lives up to August 1, 1914, Part 2 describes their interactions during the war, and Part 3 is a day-by-day account of the negotiations leading up to the signing of the treaty.
  • Thomas Muir: 'Lad O'Pairts': The Life and Work of Sir Thomas Muir (1844–1934), Mathematician and Cape Colonial Educationist

    by Peter Elliott
    Thomas Muir: ‘Lad o’Pairts’ is the first comprehensive book on Muir’s life and work, covering his humble Lanarkshire origins, his time as a schoolmaster in Glasgow, his passion for mathematics and the turbulent period he spent as the leading educationist of the Cape Colony in the early twentieth century. He was a man of broad interests, warm humor and wit, but also an acerbic critic, imbued with the prejudices of his times. This book, which draws extensively on Muir’s personal diaries of his tra... more
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    by Sunaina Kaur
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  • Yanks Behind the Lines: How the Commission for Relief in Belgium Saved Millions from Starvation During World War I

    by Jeffrey B. Miller
    One of America’s finest hours in humanitarian aid is little-known today. During World War I, the nongovernmental US-led Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) saved nearly ten million civilians from starvation in German-occupied Belgium and northern France, becoming the largest food relief program the world had ever seen. "Yanks Behind the Lines" interweaves the history of the time with fascinating personal stories of volunteers, diplomats, a young Belgian woman who started a dairy farm to feed ... more
  • The Fighting Men of Buxton

    by Robin Lane-Douglas

    This is the life of Captain Jabez Lane. It begins with him as a very young boy following his father John into the French and Indian Wars. He tells of his family and growing up in Buxton. When the American Revolution breaks out, he, his brothers and other members of town go off to war. This speaks to the comradery of men in war, their losses, victories, laughter and sorrow as well as the women they come home to.

  • Across the Creek: Black Powder Explosions on the Brandywine

    by Richard Templeton

    More than 230 people perished in gunpowder explosions at the DuPont black powder mills on the Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, Delaware, during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their tragic stories, the explosions themselves and what happened to their survivors, are told in searing detail.

  • Haunting the Comeback Trail

    by Bill Padilla
    Roy's lack of depth perception caused him to stumble several times while negotiating deadfalls....When Roy twisted his ankle on one of those logjams, he thought it safer to stay along the road. Roy's patience had grown as would that of any man who's survived serious injury. He waited and when shadows started to get long that evening, he spotted his first bear.... Hunting the Comeback Trail is an inspiring historical documentary on a group of disabled and health-conflicted hunters - Jim, Ro... more
  • All Gave Some: An American Narrative

    by Douglas Veverka

    "Listen to me, brother, you said it in your speech." Doug scanned and found the line he wanted. "I have known the luxury of freedom all of my life. The freedom earned by those who have served before me. That’s my favorite line. I like it because it’s true. The luxury of freedom. Freedom earned. And now it’s our generation’s turn, and you are that representative. My brave brother, the Warrior of Indian City. It really comes down to this. Grandpa froze and... more