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History & Military


    by Charles Roberto
    Terjamin Aman Dan Terpercaya
  • War is Personal. Hell, Luck and Resilience: Accounts of a WWII Combat Marine On Okinawa

    by Roy Wilkes and Elaine Wilkes
    The Invasion of Okinawa was executed against a desperate enemy. Teenage Roy Wilkes, USMC, was unfortunate enough to have a front-row seat. True, gripping stories and reflections from a WWII combat Marine. Okinawa was also the bloodiest and most costly. War is Personal relates Roy Wilkes’ Okinawa experience in his own words, compiled by his daughter, Elaine Wilkes, and illustrated with family and archival photographs. Alternately poetic, unflinchingly harsh, and dryly funny, Roy’s account capt... more
  • Ask a Suffragist: Stories and Wisdom from America's First Feminists

    by April Young Bennett

    Ask a Suffragist: Stories and Wisdom from America’s First Feminists channels the wisdom of the first generation of American feminists as exemplars and advisors to help us find solutions relevant to our modern world. Feminists with urgent causes to support don’t have time to read dull history textbooks, but ignorance about the past can lead to wasted efforts to reinvent the wheel and repeating past mistakes. Ask a Suffragist shares the radical lives and prescient wisdom of our acti... more

  • Glory for the Brave

    by Georgiann Baldino
    Glory for the Brave dramatizes rare heroines who served near the front, found a place in a male-dominated society, and despite overwhelming odds, managed to remain among Civil War medical workers who nobly saved. Women Civil War nurses shattered Victorian notions of femininity. Glory for the Brave is based on the real-life experiences of Charlotte McKay. In 1862 when Charlotte volunteered as a Union nurse, society condemned the idea of women caring for men outside their immediate families. Ar... more
  • 1969: Are You Still Listening? Stories & Essays

    by Brent Green
    1969 stood as the final year of a tumultuous decade that upended American culture and shattered domestic tranquility. On the fiftieth anniversary of that electrifying year, an eclectic group of eight eminent authors — journalists, fiction and nonfiction writers, and social and political commentators — have published their coming-of-age experiences, vivid memories, and lessons learned. Entitled 1969: Are You Still Listening? Stories & Essays, the book provides eyewitness accounts, personal tal... more
  • A Century of Cures: J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., U.S.A.

    by Cliff Hoyt & Linda Hoyt
    History of medicine manufacturer J.C. Ayer & Co. (1841-1943) of Lowell, Massachusetts. The book follows the company's relationship to period medical practices and concepts of patent medicine. The authors document the nature and variety of the company' products through its long history including 75 product images. It follows James & Frederick Ayer as they sold their products to international markets. By the 1870's serving all continents except Antarctica. The authors provide over 750 color image... more
  • Every Mother's Son - 77 Days at Khe Sanh

    by K.M. Loftin
    Every man in Vietnam was, "Every Mother's Son." In 1968, The Marine helicopter crews during the 77 day Siege of Khe Sanh, risked everything, everyday to keep the surrounding Marine hill positions alive and viable. The North Vietnamese Army committed over 20,000 troops to destroying the Marine hill positions and the Khe Sanh Combat Base. The small Marine outposts were transformed into highly effective kill zones as the enemy slammed the landing ones with rockers, mortars, artillery and automatic ... more
  • Lakers: The Evolution of the Great Lakes Freighter

    by Ryan R. Gale
    Lakers takes you on a 300-year journey following the evolution of freight-carrying vessels on the Great Lakes of North America, from the wooden tall ships of the 17th and 18th centuries to the steel giants of the 21st century. Learn how geography, weather and technology caused lakers to evolve like no other ships in the world, and how these changes affected the lives of the men and women who worked on them. Discover how they contributed to the rise of nations, and help fuel the global economy of... more
  • Sybil Ludington: Patriot Rider of the American Revolution

    by Michael Boyajian
    Sybil Ludington rode further and longer than Paul Revere to warn of the approaching British saving the Hudson Valley.
  • Imminent Threat

    by Steve Doherty
    World War II has finally ended, but not for Jonathan Preston—the US Army’s most successful covert operative—a new mission is just beginning. The US Navy and Preston and his team of intelligence agents race against time to stop two rogue Japanese submarines from attacking the east coast of the US with biological weapons capable of inflicting unimaginable casualties. While the US Navy frantically attempts to find and destroy the submarines, Jonathan Preston and his team of counterintelligence ... more
  • Jimi Hendrix - Black Legacy: (A Dream Deferred)

    by Corey A. Washington
    Jimi Hendrix - Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred) is the culmination of a two decade journey of author Corey Washington's exploration of Jimi Hendrix's complex and misunderstood relationship and impact, on the Black Community. Jimi's life has been featured in numerous biographies over the years, but very little has been properly documented, when it comes to his influence on people of color. Hendrix was often seen by many to have transcended race, which is a slap in the face to his deep cultural roo... more
  • Ms. Nice Guy Lost - Here's How Women Can Win

    by Marcy Miroff Rothenberg
    Ms. Nice Guy Lost - Here's How Women Can Win is not the story of Hillary Clinton, although it begins in the wake of her shocking 2016 presidential campaign loss. No, it's the story of every American woman and girl -- of all that Donald Trump and the GOP have taken from us in every arena -- growing up, getting an education, going to work, building a career, seeking healthcare, pursuing opportunity. Melding thorough research and data with the stories of real American women and girls, Ms. Nice Guy ... more
  • 17th Century Tottenville History Comes Alive

    by Angie Mangino
    Live Tottenville history in this first Kindle book in a series, looking ​at Tottenville from a more global perspective. Experience how events impacted life in Tottenville through what was happening on Staten Island, in New York City, in the United States, and in the World.
  • Reflections on the Vietnam War: A Fifty-Year Journey

    by Warren E. Hunt

    In his memoir "Reflections on the Vietnam War: A Fifty-Year Journey", Hunt chronicles his long struggle to come to grips with the meaning of the Vietnam War and how it affected him before, during and after his tour in Vietnam with the U.S. First Infantry Division. Using a stylistic mix of personal anecdote, historical reflection and essay, the author weaves his experience of the war into a broad context encompassing the course of his life.

    Starting out as a naive and patriotic... more

  • Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War

    by Patrick Hogan
    As one reviewer described the book, “Patrick Hogan pulls off what most cannot – invoke emotion using non-fiction. Fair warning, his description of the Vietnam War will make you angry, depressed, sad, and happy all at the same time.” This second edition of Silent Spring – Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War, is an account of war – a saga of anger and determination – a chronicle written in sorrow and hope. It’s the story of countless veterans who served in Vietnam. While the book is categorized as a... more
  • Guncrazy America

    by Frank N. Egerton
    The conclusion of this professor-historian (emeritus) is that our gun culture had its uses in establishing American civilization, as slavery did. But we came to recognize (after a bloody civil war) that slavery was a gigantic mistake, and now I think it?s time to realize that our gun culture was a similarly gigantic mistake, though of a different kind. And we need to do what we can to minimize its horrible impacts and move on to a more positive development of a humane civilization.