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  • E.A.S.Y Toons

    by Pamela Clark
    E.A.S.Y.Toons (Educational Anecdotes for Struggling Youth)"Mr. Rogers mentality" comic book to help reach students with great kindness and understanding. NHEG's team of graphic designers have created the cartoons, and educational writers create scripts for the comics. An NHEG radio host will be chosen to read the comics and take calls from students. (to be announced soon)
  • Fragments of the Past

    by Massimiliano Nigro
    Fragments of the Past is a collection of fragments of myth, tales, poems and historical accounts of fictional Bronze-Age inspired civilizations alongside with paintings, artifacts and drawings of their life. Imagine browsing through the remnants of a lost, forgotten culture.
  • The Adventures of Billy and Bobby Bubble

    by Dave Kwan
    The comic adventures and antics of Billy and Bobby Bubble. These two friends find themselves in all kinds of predicaments. Big Billy and little Bobby get in and out of jams that will make you - grin, groan, and laugh!

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  • 9781797563459

    by Arthur Hartz
  • Kissing In Call Service And Out Call Bangalore Escort

    by jaanvikohli
    Common in present times, and if you are going through Bangalore Escort Service one of such situation, the escorts will give you the emotional support and friendship that you need at the moment. You can even specify the hairstyle of the girl if you have any such requirements.
  • How to Select Perfect Escorts Partner for Party in London?

    by Babylon Girls

    Babylon Girls is the best  London Escorts  Agency, providing the most entertaining adult services. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable Escort agencies in London. If you are searching for the perfect escorts partners for the party, then you can choose the most joyful and exciting services here. Our large community is continually growing, and we provide you with the various options to c... more

  • Enter the World of Mephistopheles #1

    by Luanga Nuwame
    Enter the World of Mephistopheles is a short comic book based on a story creator Luanga Nuwame wrote while battling depression as a teenager. It is the only comic book he has ever drawn. The main story within Enter the World of Mephistopheles revolves around a drifter demon who was sent to Earth to eat people. The demon used to be a man - a man who suffered from insanity due to years of abuse by the hands of his father. Although he constantly hungers for the flesh of people, he doesn't want t... more
  • WINONA, INC. 2

    by Edwina Owens Elliott
    Winona Warner rides high every day of the week. As the owner of WINONA, INC., Manhattan’s top model agency, she works hard and she plays hard, enjoying a busy life of cutting business deals while wearing haute-couture fashion and full entree into the hottest parties in town. Book 1 gave you just a taste of her adventure. Book 2 brings you a whole lot more.
  • A Hallows Trick

    by dylan gaskins
    On a Halloween night everything seems to be normal, however one kid doesn't wear a costume and he is bullied.
  • Electric Boat Log One: Revenge is the Only Justice

    by Jim Schultz
    In this first installment of the series a SEAL team and the crew of a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine combat pirates and human trafficers on the high seas. In book one, Revenge is the Only Justice, the crew fights to stop pirates from abducting young women and selling them into slavery and prostitution. Meanwhile our heroine, submarine captain Jessica Bonesteel, finds herself confronted by an evil tormentor from her past.
  • The Billionaires' Handbook: A User's Guide to Wealth and Power

    by Andrew Stevenson
    A sardonic spoof of business books that lambasts the superrich. In this cleverly structured, darkly humorous book, portfolio manager/investment banker Stevenson (Cynicism, 2016) writes from a first-person perspective, as if he’s a billionaire candidly revealing his worldview. Cunning and merciless and made all the more effective by the inclusion of vibrant, colorful illustrations that cleverly reinforce the content throughout, the Billionaires' Handbook tells the story of rising inequali... more
  • Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail

    by Marc Sherman
    “Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers That Sail” a collection of humorous poems and short stories. Although I call these poems, I do not consider myself a poet. I consider myself as a “humorist that rhymes.” These stories are often comical and satirical. The wonderful light hearted black and white illustrations by Gabe Schleifer, bring my stories alive.
  • Some Strange Disturbances

    A spiritualist with a secret to hide. A choral performer who can't fit in. A Comtesse trapped against her will and in her own body. Victorian London & the evils within will bring these three together to fight against the darkness, both personal and phantasmagorical, that threatens to consume them all.
  • The Brontes: Infernal Angria

    Winner of the 2004 Xeric Foundation Grant Living in the isolation of the Parsonage house in Haworth Village, the four Bronte children make a startling discovery: a doorway to another world! What seems like paradise soon reveals itself to be just as dark as the real world. Can the siblings resist the allure of Angria, or will they be seduced -- and destroyed -- by it? Either way, their spirits, their beliefs and their family bond will be tested to the limit!