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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • I Miss My Mommy

    by Alison Garwood-Jones

    All of us will have to do life without our parents at some point. Alison Garwood-Jones has written and illustrated a picture book for adults to show what the aftermath looks like. Released on May 10, 2024 – in time for Mother’s Day – I Miss My Mommy takes you right to the heart of the five stages of grief through 150 portraits, some grim, some funny, but all relatable. The stage you’re in may change by the hour, or even the minute. This book helps readers struggling wi... more

  • HR Data Doodles: Season 4 - No Place for Vengeance in HR

    by David Turetsky
    Orange You Playing Much has seen many challenges in it's history. Now, they face a new threat... they are losing employees to an unknown entity. How do they find the culprit? How do will our team fight off this unknown enemy? Together. In the world of business, we see challenges like this often. Using data, insights, and good old-fashioned detective work, the OUPM team will work to find out how, who and why. Join Teddy, Ethan, Emmett, Juno, Nathan, Charlie, and the rest of the Doodles to not onl... more
  • 2024

    by Ted Rall
    Back in the year 2000, Ted Rall wrote and drew his graphic novel, 2024. 2024 was a loving parody and update of George Orwell’s dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. It was also an attempt to predict what society would look and feel like 24 years in the future. This was a time when one-third of Americans still relied on dial-up landline phone connections to access the Internet. The Blackberry, the first device we would recognize as a smartphone, came out in 2002. The iPhone wouldn’t be intro... more
  • Drawn To Key West

    by Theresa Chiechi
    "Drawn to Key West" is the first graphic novel to document life as a street performer. Street theater is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and is seen in every culture around the world, but it is largely shrouded in mystery. The 200-page story explores, through a series of interviews with 14 real performers, everything there is to know about life as a busker, what it takes to pursue your passions, and what motivates people to create.
  • HR Data Doodles: Season 3D - Into the HR Metaverse

    by David Turetsky
    The OrangeU Playing Much Gaming team has a new challenge... the metaverse. How do they tackle the challenge to the business and move the right resources into place in order to take advantage of this new business opportunity? They do it together, of course. The Human Resources team will work together with the rest of the business to introduce the right talent, skills, resources, training, and strategies. When Artificial Intelligence gets introduced to the organization, can the team leverage this ... more
  • Unveiling Resilience: A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

    by Justice finley
    “Unveiling Resilience: A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery” follows the life of Emily as she confronts the daunting challenges that unfold during her college years. Struggling with academic setbacks and facing devastating personal losses and betrayals, Emily’s dreams of a fulfilling college experience are shattered. The narrative explores her journey of overcoming disappointment, summoning courage, and discovering the strength within herself to navigate through tumultuous obstacles. As she g... more
  • Midwife Of The Wild Frontier

    by Melissa Tyler
    Biographical graphic novel from the journal's of Patty Sessions, a 1800's pioneering midwife, who survived trekking the wild west and her wild religion.
  • HR Data Doodles: Season 2 - Back to Work

    by David Turetsky
    The employees of the Played Much Gaming Company survived the global pandemic by banding together to overcome many issues. Now, they face even bigger threats from another company, the economic environment and new regulations. How will they work through it? Like they always do... they will work together with Human Resources guiding them through.
  • How to love a woman

    by Kingsley Morka
    How to love a woman,give her attention ,love and care
  • Bibi + Canary Take on the world

    by T.M. Milos
    After falling out of the sky due to a heat stroke, unemployed and homeless bird, Canary, is befriended by an introverted city bus driver, Bibi, a dinosaur. Together they squatte on an oil rig field and navigate the challenges of life in an urban megacity.
  • Book Writing Bureau

    by Pearl Kingstone

    Welcome to Book Writing Bureau, the leading book writing company in the USA. We are passionate about turning authors' dreams into reality by offering comprehensive publishing services tailored to meet individual needs. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, we strive to bring outstanding literary works to the forefront of the publishing industry.

  • Gamers Guide to the Tidalwave Universe: Nomads of the Timestream

    by Jonathan Nolan
    TidalWave Universe's time travellers come to life with detailed rules for time travel, the Hour Glass organization, the celebrities drawn into the timestream and even new rules on how to adapt your favorite real-life celebrities into game characters!
  • SHADOWS: Graphic Novel

    by Adam Matthew Smith
    In the not-too-distant future, world society has fallen into post-war poverty. Countries have perished. North America has become an oppressive state where Hypersapiens, humans with extraordinary abilities, are detained from using their endowments by law with government-issued limiter suits. Certain beings' powers have been exploited for hard labor, and the rest are executed en masse. There is a growing public suspicion of Vice President Denton Snyder's direct involvement in the brutal assassi... more
  • Nick Pope

    by Christopher Stanton

    Sixteen-year-old Nick Pope was born with prominent birthmarks around both of his eyes and faces teasing and bullying from both classmates and strangers. He also struggles with depression and confusion about his sexual orientation. Nick finds refuge and release in drawing, and gains tentative confidence that his artistic abilities are worth nurturing and developing. His family moves across the city and he begins his sophomore year at a brand-new high school. On the advice of his ex-therapist, ... more

  • JFK: Final Desecration

    by Kit Basher
    Artificial intelligence ponders the greatest psychedelic pop-culture conspiracy theory of all time.
  • Evil Cast: Volume 1

    by Kyle Stück
    Evil Cast is a love letter to horror, its conventions, and its fans. Think Evil Dead meets Scooby Doo. Created by writer, podcaster, and horror super-fan Kyle Stück (The Night Shift, Humming Fools) and illustrated by Enrico Orlandi, creator of Dark Horse’s The Flower of the Witch, this comic bathed in blood and self-awareness follows fictional versions of Kyle and his longtime collaborator Noah Baslé (Ominous Media) as they find themselves caught up in a horror adventure filled with all the mons... more