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Food & Cooking

  • The Diabetes-Free Cookbook & Exercise Guide: 80 Utterly Delicious Recipes & 12 Easy Exercises to Keep Your Blood Sugar Low

    by Dr. John Poothullil
    Introducing Dr. John's latest masterpiece - a gorgeous and comprehensive cookbook and guide specifically designed for those living with Type 2 diabetes. Packed with delicious and nutritious recipes, as well as expert advice and tips, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to take control of their health and transform their relationship with food. Dr. John's passion for helping people shines through every page, making this an inspiring and empowering resource that will change lives.
  • 500 Ways to Eat Like a Local

    by Jon Douglas
    This book is a traveler's guide to the regional foods of the United States, dishes that are only found in certain parts of the country or are connected to a particular place through their history.
  • Shiraz and Syrah: A Collection of Delectable Persian and French Cuisine

    by Mina Abdi
    Embark on an exceptional dining adventure with chef Mina Abdi's Shiraz & Syrah, a delicious convergence of Persian and French cuisines for a unique gastronomic experience. Amidst the vivid memories of Iran's rich culture, aromatic street food, and the elegant flavors of French cuisine, Mina invite you to explore the intertwining histories of Shiraz and Syrah. Encapsulating a lifelong passion for Persian and French cuisines, Mina makes unique food accessible for everyday enjoyment. Discover exqu... more
  • Festive Maryland Recipes: Holiday Traditions from the Old Line State

    by Kara Mae Harris
    With recipes gathered from libraries, manuscripts, and the Old Line Plate collection of over 300 regional cookbooks, this expedition through history and geography weaves together the stories of people from around the world who have made a home in Maryland. Indulge in a Kinkling on Fat Tuesday; celebrate Passover and Easter in East Baltimore; taste cookies from the oldest Maryland cookbook; be the first to visit neighbors on New Year’s Day in St. Mary’s County; engage in Christmas mayhem and b... more
  • The Ultimate Cookbook: : 150 Recipes, Tips, And Techniques For Mastering The Kitchen

    by Alexandre Smith
    This book is a culinary journey that will transform your mornings into a magical experience. Discover the transformative power of mornings and learn how to infuse your day with purpose and direction. With Mug Magic, you'll explore the fascinating realm of culinary creativity, where simple ingredients and the convenience of a microwave transform into delightful treats in minutes. From delectable mug cakes to savory surprises, sweet indulgences, comforting sips, and the art of mug decorating, this... more
  • Chocolate & Wine Cookbook & Party Guide : Your Complete Guide To Chocolate Delights, Decorations, Destinations & Exquisite Wines

    by Demi Degeer
    FREE PARTY PLANNER for first 50 readers, Instant Download If you have any problems downloading, Email directly, Get ready to dive into a world where chocolate meets wine in the most delicious way! Our Chocolate and Wine Cookbook is your go-to guide, packed with mouthwatering recipes that blend the best of both worlds. But it's not just about cooking – it's about throwing an incredible Chocolate and Wine Party that'll leave your guests in awe. We've got you covered with ... more
  • The Complete Recipe Writing Guide

    by Raeanne Sarazen
    The Complete Recipe Writing Guide is a one-stop resource for how to create original recipes—from kitchen to plate to publication. Like a master class on recipe writing, readers will learn timeless recipe development techniques, tips from industry professionals, and best practices for each stage of creating well-crafted recipes.
  • Giacomo Family Recipes

    by Angel Giacomo
    The Giacomo family started immigrating to the United States in the late 19th century, some of them coming through Ellis Island. Members of the family came to Oklahoma to work in the coal mines and stayed for the beautiful country and wonderful people. A family history is told through the food it cooks. This is an Italian family cookbook with a country and Oklahoma flare. Please join our table for a family-style dinner.
  • Pastries from the Past

    by Judith Gurfinkel
    40 pastry recipes selected from the most successful and delicious cakes and desserts described in the 80-page recipe notebook I inherited from my grandmother. Grandmother Ilona started collecting recipes in 1905 in an Austro-Hungarian small town and accumulated 300+ recipes of various pastries, cakes and tarts, reflecting the delightful Astrian and Hungarian confectionery traditions. The recipes were translated from German and Hungarian, carefully tested and adjusted to current units of measure,... more
  • Vegan Serendib: Recipes from Sri Lanka

    by Mary Anne Mohanraj
    In Vegan Serendib, novelist and post-colonial academic Mary Anne Mohanraj introduces her mother's cooking and her own American adaptations, providing an introduction to Sri Lankan American vegan cooking that is straightforward enough for a beginner, yet nuanced enough to capture the unique flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine.
  • Pot Luck: Random Acts of Cooking

    by Tinky Weisblat
    A POT LUCK IS A MEAL for which disparate people provide a variety of elements. Somehow, author Tinky Weisblat maintains, those elements always seem to come together to create a unique, delicious feast. Her new book is her own pot luck, a collection of recipes, stories, and historical essays that tickle her fancy. Some of the recipes are new; some she has been preparing for years. All are reasonably easy to make. The book celebrates seasonal foods and holidays that give Americans an excuse to ... more
  • Fine Dining: The Secrets Behind the Restaurant Industry

    by Jack Rasmussen

    “Opening up a restaurant is not a walk in the park, or a walk in the kitchen. Instead, it takes strategy, grit, perseverance but, most of all, passion in your concept and vision.”

    Food has become a vital part of life and there is a new, unique respect for the restaurant industry. From enjoying the presentation of a meal, caring about ingredients and where they come from, to curiosity about the decisions that go into a restaurant’s creation, food is a hot topic. But wha... more

  • Tastes Better From Scratch Cookbook

    by Lauren Allen
    In this essential cookbook for everyday use, you'll find delicious, time-tested recipes for every meal of the day, including the most popular recipes from the TBFS blog, several brand new creations, and old classics that will make this book your new go-to! The recipes are refreshingly approachable and use basic wholesome ingredients for cooks of any skill level. You'll also find practical tips for success, like make-ahead and freezing instructions, meal planning tips and video QR codes so you ca... more
  • Cooking for Two with Your Air Fryer: One Convenient Appliance, 75 Perfectly Portioned Recipes

    by Drew Maresco
    The air fryer has taken the world by storm! No doubt that by reading this, you either have one or are considering purchasing one. While some may feel the air fryer’s size isn’t large enough to do serious cooking for a family, we found that its size is perfect if you’re cooking for yourself or for two! Whether you’re single, newlyweds, or empty nesters, cooking for two (or one) doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing for days on end.
  • Press for Champagne: A Guide to Enjoying the World's Greatest Sparkling Wine

    by Christopher Ruhland
    Press for Champagne leads you through a personal discovery of Champagne. Entertaining, informative, organized, and clear, Press for Champagne takes you on a journey through the broad array of Champagnes available to today’s drinkers. It shows you, through examples, how and why Champagnes differ and how to understand them, giving you the tools to develop your own preferences and explore further. This is a drinker’s guide to Champagne. Press for Champagne accompanies you on an adventure that will ... more
  • Through the Garden Window: A Year of Celebrations

    by Paula Morhardt
    Through the Garden Window is a 13-book series, giving you a glimpse about growing your own food and what to do with it when you do. Written by Paula Baysinger Morhardt and illustrated by Peggy McDowell, each book contains twelve essays on gardening, harvesting, and cooking for a year, from planning in the winter to putting the garden back to bed in the fall. Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest is complete with authentic recipes from the author’s grandmothers’ and great-grandmother’s rec... more