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Food & Cooking

  • A Year in an Off-Grid Kitchen

    by Kate Downham
    Kate Downham shares her seasonal focus on cooking and preserving from her off-grid homestead, with over 130 family friendly, real food recipes and skills to learn including cheesemaking, bacon, fermenting, canning, and more.
  • Tuber Tips and sweet potato recipes

    by Tom James
    A collection and recipes and "helpful" hints for making use of sweet potatoes. Partly humor, partly recipes, all tuberous.
  • Tuber Tips

    by Tom James
    A humorous collection of sweet potato "advice" and recipes, inexplicably authored by Cokato Minnesota attorney Thomas James.
  • Lovesexy Cocktail Guide

    by Andre Akinyele
    LoveSexy Cocktail Guide is a boutique cocktail recipe book celebrating songs by Prince with a curated collection of 138 alluring recipes and stunning digital art illustrations. Each song inspired recipe includes details about the song, including why and how Prince created the song. This is a must-have book for fans of an incredible man who revolutionized the music industry.
  • Vegetariana

    by Nava Atlas
    Vegetariana is the revised and updated edition of the classic cookbook by Nava Atlas first published in 1984 by The Dial Press/Doubleday. Filled with literary food quotes and lore, the book is illustrated with the author's pencil drawings throughout. In this fourth edition, the recipes are now completely vegan.
  • Stoves & Suitcases: Searching for Home in the World's Kitchens

    by Cynthia D. Bertelsen

    Take a girl with an iffy start in life. Mix in wanderlust and cooking. Add a dollop of yearning for home and belonging. Knead in a pinch of self-discovery. Let rise and ripen. The result is award-winning author Cynthia D. Bertelsen’s Stoves & Suitcases, a reflective saga that begins in an incubator. Where the author first discovers the world’s culinary diversity as nurses fed her sweetened-condensed milk formula. Later, cookbooks pique her wanderlust and her longing to be elsewher... more

  • Omegle

    by james jack
  • A Sweet Little Story

    by Lori Hetherington
    Cecilia and Massimo started with nothing more than their desire to have a business of their own in which they could work together and honor the traditions of the place they call home. After almost thirty years, they’ve created something that has left its mark on them and on others—both locals and visitors from far away—people who share a passion for food, personal connection, and traditions. This is their story and more than fifty of the recipes from their restaurant, Osteria La Gramola, located... more
  • Anne Marie's Family Favorite Recipes with a Caribbean Twist

    by Anne Marie Herman
    Anne Marie Family Favorite Recipes with a Caribbean Twist readers have created one of the best recipe swaps ever! Home cooks just like you share most popular dishes, and each is evaluated by cooking expert Anne Marie to ensure you it is easy to follow, tastes great and will cook up wonderfully in your kitchen.
  • Through the Garden Window - Family Memories

    by Paula Morhardt
    "This is a very original cookbook. It is part diary, part memory, and part recipe book. Occasionally, an author may include a sentence or two about where the recipe was found or how it was created, but Paula includes a short story about each of the recipes. This book is written the way home cooks talk about their recipes when they share them with a friend. The original recipes don’t include baking directions – not even the shorthand kind like “bake in a medium oven until golden brown.” The wo... more
  • So Nom Nom THE Cookbook--Vol. 1

    by Andrea Witt
    This cookbook contains 150 delicious recipes. Both Meat-lovers and vegetarians can benefit from the recipes in this book. There are plenty of types of recipes to be enjoyed by all! You can find basics like banana bread and finger gelatin, more advanced dishes like kolaches, and everything in between. Each recipe was specially formulated in order to create the most delicious version of that food. This book is perfect for any level of person who is interested in eating food full of nomnom!
  • The Swim Mom's Cookbook

    by Deena Walker Williams
    The Swim Mom's Cookbook offers recipes that cater to the high protein and complex carbohydrate driven diet, necessary for competitive swimmers of all ages and abilities.
  • Smart Sourdough: The No-Starter, No-Waste, No-Cheat, No-Fail Way to Make Naturally Fermented Bread in 24 Hours or Less with a Ho

    by Mark Shepard
    Most sourdough recipes lead you through days or even weeks of developing a starter before you can make your bread -- and then into a lifetime of maintaining that starter. But this book is based on the belief that all that rigmarole is no longer needed. With modern methods of regulating temperature, and with the easy availability of baker's yeast, honest-to-goodness naturally fermented sourdough bread can be made from start to finish in less than a day.
  • Just the Two of Us Desserts

    by Sara Childs

    Fast and easy desserts portioned for two. With a little more than flour, baking powder, salt and sugar you can make a cake, pie, cookies, brownie, cobbler or a crisp in less than a few minutes. Cookies can be enjoyed in 30 seconds, puddings and curds prepared in 2-3 minutes. With a food processor, ice cream or sorbet can be served in less than 3 minutes, or make a No-Bake strawberry fool in 2 minutes. no-bake desserts, brownies and cookies, cobblers and crisps, puddings, cakes, Ice Cream, She... more

  • Seven Pots of Tea: an Ayurvedic approach to sips & nosh

    by Nandita Godbole
    Rethink Tea... Rethink Chai. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Ayurveda, derived from ancient Indian texts, offers many guidelines for a holistic, health-centered lifestyle – including food and beverages. Seven Pots of Tea is the first cookbook of its kind that allows readers to explore Ayurveda through tea, and vice-versa through dozens of simple recipes. Seven Pots of Tea combines holistic wisdom and health goals an easy, accessible format to improve ... more
  • The Sweetest Therapy

    by Chase Cassine, LCSW

    The Sweetest Therapy features a series of baking recipes, mental health, fun cultural facts about New Orleans History and African American culture are blended into this compact, easy-to-read book.