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  • Tell Me All Your Lies

    by L.A. Detwiler

    “We’re all made of stories, past and present. But the future relies on our choices. And my choice? Blood. Dizzying, bedazzling blood in all its sickening glory.” Some lies are better left as truth. Elliott Clairmont’s mother murdered a man when he was three. Ever since then, their lives in Paris have been filled with deceit, murder, lies…but also a strong mother-son bond. As Elliott gets older, Lucy Clairmont teaches her son two important skills: tarot reading a... more

  • Blindspot

    by Maggie Smith
    RACHEL MATTHEWS, single mother and assistant district attorney, is up for a promotion. But she’s got bigger problems – an unknown stalker is calling, leaving creepy gifts, and videotaping her and her teenage daughter Charley. When he demands money or he’ll hurt her child, she meets him at an abandoned beach, only to have him shot before her eyes. Now she’s being framed for murder by an unknown enemy. Together with an old classmate turned private investigator, she works against the clock to ident... more
  • The Trap

    by Patrice Gilles
    In The Trap, prepare yourself for a high-stakes thriller that spans continents and cultures, unravelling over eight tension-filled years. Primarily set in Thailand, the narrative also takes you through Russia, the United States, and North Korea, offering a penetrating look into the dark corridors of statecraft, media manipulation, and international intrigue. Caught in a web of global machinations are an American man, his Russian wife, and their dual-nationality son. Their international backgroun... more
  • Bummer at Luna Beach

    by Lisa M. Lane
    A body has been found half-buried on Luna Beach, a surfing haven in the delightful SoCal town of San Benno. Rory Gallardo, the newly assigned detective, reluctantly accepts assistance from long-time local resident Rosie McMahon and her cat Hephaestus in a mystery more perplexing than it appears.
  • A Vengeful King Rises: A gripping historical mystery romance (House of Croft Book 1)

    by Sophie Barnes
    In his quest to find a callous murderer, crime lord, Adrian Croft, accepts help from Samantha Carmichael, a young lady who sympathizes with his cause. Except Samantha isn't who she claims to be. She's a secret government agent tasked with bringing Adrian down. But can she? Or will her loyalties shift as she falls for the one man she cannot afford to love?
  • Ridgetown

    by Jim Tindle
    Arsen is on a trip of self-discovery as he travels to Blue Ridge, Georgia to infiltrate a violent militia headed up by "The Major" and his cohort...Crimson Fox.
  • ARCTIC REVELATION: A Thousand Lifetimes in the Blink of An Eye

    by Hugh Finch
    With his career and reputation on the line, Dr. Christian Yates refuses to abandon his controversial theory that human DNA contains an infinite repository of ancestral memories. But, Christian may get more than he bargained for as his mission garners the attention of a notorious serial killer and a ruthless pharmaceutical CEO seeking the same knowledge.
  • Heroic Measures

    by Joel Shulkin, MD
    Stephen Englehart, an Armed Forces medical examiner. dedicates his life to bringing peace to the families of fallen soldiers. Tagged as one of the best, he’s able to spot forensic clues others miss. But when the body of a US Marine, supposedly burned beyond recognition, shows up with hardly a scratch, even Stephen is stumped. Were the bodies switched? Then, in the middle of the autopsy, the impossible happens. The soldier wakes up. Something incredible—and dangerous—is happening to the mil... more
  • The Publisher's Dilemma: A Big City Tale Of Privilege, Power & Murder

    by Darius Myers
    When A Top Black Business Executive Makes A Move That Is Way Overdue, Violence Erupts, Powerful People Die--- And The Big City Is Left Paralyzed! Donald Alexander, president of the Harris Simmons media company, is an African-American business superstar. He is the second-in-command to Gill Harris, the highly regarded CEO of the world's most powerful media company, Harris Simmons. Ambushed in their offices by an unknown shooter and accomplice, Harris is mortally wounded and Alexander is in a... more
  • The Need to Know

    by Dan Lerch
    The Devil’s Demons, a criminal motorcycle gang, is making tens of millions of dollars by murdering homeless men in a sinister scheme that is unprecedented in criminal history.
  • Wheat Penny: A Jackson Flint mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio (Jackson Flint mysteries)

    by Scott Geisel
    There’s a new PI in town. It’s one of the coolest small towns in America. The critically acclaimed Jackson Flint mysteries. It was supposed to be a routine security check. No one was supposed to get hurt. But someone is compromised. Jackson Flint has been set up, and he wants to know why. The FBI brings more pressure. Now Jackson must protect himself and those he’s put in jeopardy. The truth is elusive, and Jackson won’t be happy until he finds it. From the author of the Appala... more
  • The Emerald Cross (Jamie Morales Book 1)

    by Ken Cruickshank
    Green Beret war hero Jamie Morales returns to Southern California from the Middle East missing an eye and burdened by the horrors of war. After a difficult transition to civilian life with his wife, Brooklyn, he learns his mother is secretly harboring a fascinating antiquity once owned by Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, Marco Delgado—the same man who murdered Jamie’s father thirty years earlier. Quickly assessing the risks of his mother owning something a brutal cartel boss once owned and wan... more
  • Music of Death Blues: A Daiyu Wu Mystery (Daiyu Wu Mysteries Book 3)

    by Gloria Oliver
    A suicide that wasn't. Racial prejudice pushing a murder to be swept under the rug. Can Daiyu Wu throw back the covers to reveal the killer? Dallas, TX, 1930. Daiyu Wu resigned herself to life inevitably returning to normal after dipping her toes into the pursuit of justice. But a new case falls onto her lap when she hears screeching tires and a woman calling out in pain. The older lady is wary of her offer to help, but Daiyu knows people aren't kidnapped off the street just to be set free ag... more
  • Cold Fury

    by Toni Anderson
    Seven years ago, Hope Harper was a star defense attorney with a great life and a beautiful family—until she got the wrong defendant released, and he turned around and viciously slaughtered her husband and child. Since then, the only thing Hope cares about is locking bad guys behind bars where they can’t hurt anyone else. When the killer escapes from a maximum security prison during a winter storm, Hope refuses to run and hide. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is called in to protect the handful ... more
  • Trouble Rumbles at Dawn

    by K-Lee
    Welcome to the tranquil yet precarious town of Indigo Flats, nestled in the vast expanse of west Texas. Its peaceful façade shatters when a prominent businessman is brutally murdered, unearthing a cache of guns and drugs that send shockwaves through the region, putting the feared Mexican Ortega Cartel on high alert. However, the stakes intensify exponentially when a second murder rocks the town—a member of the cartel’s own family falls victim, igniting a relentless race against time for determin... more
  • Eliminate President Trump

    by Edouard Onana, Ph.D.
    As the United States prepares to elect its president on November 3, 2020, American researcher and former FBI agent Michael F. Black is abruptly thrust into a dark web of terrorism and conspiracy against the United States. Accused of murdering FBI agents and a senator amidst violent racial riots and electoral turmoil, he must first uncover the truth behind these attacks to prove his innocence. Michael Black becomes the prime suspect in the murders of FBI agents and a senator. His world crumbles ... more