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  • Closure

    by Garrett Addison
    Bestselling author and clinical psychologist James Malter immediately attracts police suspicion when his terminally ill patients suddenly begin suiciding and harming others. His guilt seems even more likely when the seemingly innocent victims are found to be related to his sister’s acquitted killer many years earlier. With mounting casualties and a shadow threatening to derail his past and sully his career, Malter’s quest to uncover the truth will pit his longstanding belief in ‘moving on’ again... more
  • Stones

    by James C. Hendee
    Jason Stouter, formerly of the CIA, and his partner, Sali Bryant, formerly of the FBI, operate a business that advises international corporate travelers on terrorism, and contracts out to the CIA and Homeland Security for various jobs.When Jamie Horgood, a Homeland Security Intelligence Analyst, receives an anonymous tip that a package of jewels is supposed to be turned over to a woman who may be involved in an international kidnapping and human trafficking operation, she has no idea Jason’s que... more
  • Grim Trigger

    by Alexander Plansky


    In the wake of a controversial Supreme Court decision, a firestorm of civil unrest erupts on both ends of the political spectrum.

    As Los Angeles grapples with the turmoil, a woman is found murdered inside an office building, mere feet from the most powerful quantum computer ever created.

    The next day, whitehat hacker Isabella Cray hears from an old flame, unexpectedly in town and acting strange. Before she knows it, Cray’s life is ... more

  • Killing Grace: A Vietnam War Mystery

    by Peter Prichard
    The year is 1967 and the Vietnam War is raging. Lieutenant Ben Kinkaid of the US military police is patrolling the chaotic streets of Saigon after curfew when he crosses paths with US Army clerk Tommy Banks and his girlfriend, Grace Waverly. Grace says she’s a peace tourist, but she’s also a member of RAW—an anti-war group bent on stopping the war by any means necessary. When Grace turns up dead in the Saigon River, Ben gradually uncovers a much larger conspiracy that involves an opium-pu... more
  • In the Silence of Decay

    by Lisa Boyle
    New Mexico, 1979: After a career in the military as a CID detective, all James Pinter wants to do is drive his rig and mind his own damn business. But when his daughter, Molly, finds a dead woman behind a gas station and a disabled boy at her side, he’s forced to reckon with his former life. The state police record the death as an overdose—just another drug addict from the reservation—but James can’t ignore the clues they’re conveniently overlooking. Reluctant to get involved but fearing for... more
  • Madam Ricketts: A Story of Murder, Deceit and Dark Humor

    by D.C. Hancock
    Madam Ricketts tells the story of John Wesley, a second-generation newspaper reporter who is writing a book based on his late father’s writings and research. He interviews Maudie Ricketts, the elderly madam of a whorehouse on the Mexican border. She tells of her adventures in New England on the riverboat Lady Minerva and her travels to Arizona in Brother Tucker’s Redemption Caravan that led to her becoming the ‘white’ wife of a rich and cruel man who already had a family. She reveals the ... more
  • The Brisling Code

    by Janet Oakley
    An experienced intelligence agent at 22, Tore Haugland faces certain danger when he accepts an assignment in occupied Norway knowing that his predecessor was killed by the Gestapo only a week before. The dying agent left a mysterious message in his interruption code that London calls the “Brisling Code.” London wants Haugland to find out what it means as well as to gather information on the expansion of the U boat base in Bergen. Haugland is sent to work at a drafting office in a shipyard. His m... more
  • A Murder of Crows

    by Dharma Kelleher
    Goth tattoo artist Avery Byrne refuses to accept that her friend's death was an accident. Armed with determination and a thirst for justice, Avery dives into Phoenix, Arizona's adrenaline-fueled world of street racing and vintage hot rods looking for the real killer and vengeance.
  • To Dance With Destiny

    by W.L. Hawkin
    Twin wolves howled beneath a turquoise crescent moon, their bushy manes wild and ruffled and knotted by the winds of change. “It’s us. You over my heart, and me beside you. It’s our destiny.” In the captivating sequel of To Kill a King, ancient magic collides with modern trickery, as a gifted magician and Wicca high priest embarks on a thrilling journey, defying the boundaries of time to challenge the very fabric of destiny. This gripping urban fantasy novel follows Estrada who, armed with extr... more
  • When You Read This I'll Be Gone

    by Anne Moose
    Spurred by her husband’s infidelity, writer/college lecturer Valerie Hawthorne has a romantic encounter with a compelling stranger in a rustic river-side hotel. They agree it will be a one-time thing, but it becomes an extended nightmare when she discovers the meeting was not accidental. Her stranger has both an ax to grind and an extravagant plan to make her pay for a crime she never even knew she committed. As Valerie’s story unfolds, so does another—one more chilling than she could ever hav... more
  • The Degas Trove

    by Stephen Timbers
    Claire Bailey agrees to donate three works of Impressionist works of art to Yale, only to learn the next day that two of them have been stolen and her grand niece art history student has been murdered. When the FBI seems to be making little investigatory progress, her son, Charlie, joins the search. Charlie finds that Identifing the thief /murderer proves far easier than capturing him. Charlie ascertains that the path to the culprit requires locating a possibly long forgotten trove of Degas pa... more
  • Legacy: A Thriller

    by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

    Seeking her roots in East Africa,

    Sarah Jensen discovers a murdered Peace Corps worker,

    a kidnapped baby and a ruthless warlord.

    She takes a stand. It might be her last.

    When a Peace Corps worker is murdered, a baby is kidnapped, and torrential rains cut off all contact with the outside world, Jensen finds herself in a desperate fight for survival she never sought. With no way to escape, she must rely... more

  • Crabb

    by Robert E. Kearns
    In 1980s rural Texas, to prevent annexation by its larger neighbor, Brian Zimmerman, by straw poll is elected the Boy Mayor of Crabb. Years later he recounts his story for the narrator, where he reveals the astounding details he gleaned while at a Mayoral Conference in Paris, and how these shaped his teenage years and beyond. The former Mayor of tiny Crabb speaks of the incredible secrets, exceptional events and the people he met that know the truth. Conspiracy, Cover Up and a Shocking Conclusio... more
  • Carnivore

    by Robert E. Kearns
    From the Houston headquarters of his family-owned business, Bryce Ditloc surveys an economy that is in deep recession. Throughout the country unemployment is rife, and to satisfy his psychopathic urges Ditloc creates a vacancy in his sales department. He then invites applicants and many apply for what appears a wonderful opportunity. What they're not aware of is that Bryce Ditloc is a conniving, manipulative killer. After the disappearance of Ditloc Pharma's HR manager, detectives Beaufort and H... more
  • Freedom is For the Few

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Trevor Mitchell is the billionaire founder of an internet retailing giant. After deciding he doesn't care for the current President; with maneuvers Machiavelli would be proud of, he plots and schemes his way to the White House. Confident, manipulative, charming and without conscience, Mitchell will use anyone to achieve what he's after. And if a friend or acquaintance needs persuading, blackmail and dirty tricks are not above him. Intrigue, ruthlessness and murder are the hallmarks of a rich man... more
  • A Donnybrook Affair

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Lemuel Plant is a hard-up private investigator working out of a shabby downtown office. He's ready to quit, and is determined that his next case will be his last. Plant is visited by the beautiful Florence Joiner, who wants to collect evidence against her husband, who she alleges is having an affair with his secretary. On the job, Plant follows Harold Joiner, the managing partner of a successful firm. But he also follows his client, which leads him to the affluent suburb of Donnybrook and its ... more