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  • The Greater Good

    by Frank J. Sapienza

    Dr. Jonathan Morrison saves his son’s life with a kitchen knife tracheotomy , but finally realizes he has been in denial about the true cause of his son’s worsening symptoms.

    When he is contacted by Advanced Genomic Research, their promise of creating a revolutionary new treatment for his son seems too good to be true.

    And there is a catch. He is faced with an impossible choice – abandon a possible cure for his son, or embrace an ethical compromise that will chan... more

  • Roll Me Away

    by Alan N. Webber

    Trucker Tim Harrison is back, years away from his problems in Whipping Post. He has a new job, a new home, and a budding love life. But then a fellow trucker is murdered and Tim is drug back into a situation he doesn't want to be in, with horrific results.


  • Barren

    by JJ Savaunt
    Like most when receiving a promotion, Dr. Jacqui Stevenson believes it is the opportunity of a lifetime. However, Jacqui soon realizes that she is not helping women, but harvesting their most precious organ. When Jacqui finds out the truth she cannot walk away because now she has more at stake; her daughter’s life is on the line. This crime suspense novel, Barren, is told in three alternate points of view and set in a fictional contemporary American city. At the center of the conflict, power, we... more
  • Season of Eclipse

    by Terry Wolverton
    The plot centers on Marielle Wing, a highly popular literary novelist whose triumphs on the page are matched only by her failures in finding and loving another woman. At JFK airport, she encounters a terrorist bombing; rather than running, she begins snapping photos and this brings her to the attention of Homeland Security, who insists she enter the Witness Security Program. Denied her vibrant Los Angeles life, banished to a dreary suburb of Detroit with only her cat, Dude, Marielle convinces he... more
  • Reap the Wind

    by Joel Burcat
    REAP THE WIND is an action and adventure thriller wrapped in a climate change-induced hurricane. It has strong elements of family drama and romantic suspense. Josh Goldberg is a lawyer at a Philadelphia law firm attending a firm marketing function at The Four Seasons Hotel in Houston. His eight-months pregnant fiancé, Keisha, has come along for a last “baby-moon” at the five-star hotel. A monumental hurricane, caused by climate change, approaches Houston and Keisha decides to head back to Phi... more
  • Target Area: A Leo Rossi Novel

    by Lawrence Colby
    In the latest full-octane thriller from #1 Amazon bestselling author and former military pilot Lawrence Colby, Special Agent Leo Rossi organizes the greatest manhunt Washington has ever seen to locate one of the Pentagon’s highest-ranking generals who has suddenly disappeared. When an Air Force General cannot be located, and an ensuing search breaks out in Washington, D.C., it doesn’t take long for Air Force OSI Special Agent Leo Rossi and FBI Special Agent Marcy Phillips to realize that ther... more
  • The Mole People

    by Kevin Landt
    In the glittering city of Las Vegas, where fortunes are won and lost on a single roll of the dice, there exists a world unseen by the pleasure-seekers above. It’s a community of outcasts who dwell in the shadows, beneath the twinkling lights and towering casinos, beneath the thin veneer of glamour. Here, in the labyrinthine tunnels below the city streets, live the Mole People. Plagued by schizophrenia and alienated from her loved ones, Suzie Franks abandons her college life in Oregon and ends... more
  • Old Bones and New Ghosts

    by Kay Charles
    Book Two in The Marti Mickkleson Mysteries. With only one month to go until Marti meets the conditions of her late father’s will and gains control of her trust fund, she’s determined to be on her best behavior. No admitting that she can see ghosts and certainly no talking to the dead. But her mother’s roped her into a new family project, her new office has a mysterious haunt, Grandma Bertie’s digging up mysteries from the past, her friend Dmitri’s barely speaking to her, and her sister's life... more
  • The Turnbull Murders: A Historic Homes Mystery

    by R.J. Koreto
    Movie star Nicky Tallon selects architect Wren Fontaine to renovate Turnbull House, where he'll be filming his next movie. Even to Wren, used to old homes, this one is special: a 200-year-old federal-style home on a private island in New York harbor, designed by the most celebrated architect of the day. But Turnbull House hides many secrets, such as the disappearance of the sea captain who built it. That's just a historical curiosity, until a studio executive no one likes is killed. Wren just w... more
  • Herbvana

    by Brian B. DeFoe
    Herbvana tells the story of an ill-fated partnership between an illicit marijuana farmer who wants to go legitimate, Barry Jones, and a shady lawyer, Marshall Owens. Their store is successful but they're being extorted by a corrupt Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board officer. Things go from bad to worse when Marshall catches Barry stealing product from their store. In the confrontation that follows, Marshall ends up dead. Unbeknownst to Barry, Marshall had previously commissioned orga... more
  • Sugar and Vice

    by Melissa Yi
    Felony and the Feast Hope hurries to Montreal’s first Dragon Eats Festival, a combined dragon boat fest and mukbang eating contest that starts out delicious (Pho King Awesome! Tart of Darkness!) and winds up deadly. While Hope pursues the killer, dragons begin to haunt her in an increasingly fatal game of Eat/Prey/Lose. Will Hope's gluttony lead to her doom? “I’ve always known that if someone wants to murder me, the easiest way is through my stomach. I just hadn't expected anyone to kil... more
  • The Bedmakers

    by Chad Lutzke
    After two elderly men tire of their homelessness in downtown Chicago 1979, they hop a train in search of work out west. But before their last stop, a traumatic event in an empty train car steers their once-hopeful journey into a path of chaos filled with deceit, murder, graverobbing, and dormant secrets.
  • Catch the Earth

    by Juliet Rose
    Fleeing from a nine-year abusive marriage, Audra Banner boards a small passenger plane that never makes it to its destination. Thinking she is the sole survivor, injured and scared, Audra is relieved when another passenger, Luke, an Irish, one-armed rock climber, finds her near the wreckage. They rapidly try to figure out how to survive, waiting to be rescued. Opening the cargo hatch of the wrecked plane for supplies, they find the plane was on a much more nefarious mission. This now puts them i... more
  • Someone Has Killed the Bishop

    by E. T. Malone, Jr.
    The annual convention of an Episcopal Diocese in the upper South is thrown into an uproar in 1994 after someone murders Bishop Randolph Tucker Cabell. Potential suspects include a wide variety of characters, ranging from theological fanatics to a slightly deranged and belligerent auto mechanic. Protagonists Ned Cheyleigh, the bishop's assistant, and Arabella "Bella" Howard Hampton, the aristocratic diocesan newspaper editor, seek the killer, in a twisting plot involving switched identities. The ... more
  • Lost and Found

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Liam Dunne, while on an evening walk, stumbles across something he shouldn't have. This sets into motion a train of events that leaves him with missing time, memory loss and incessant nightmares. In Washington D.C., Lester Stevens, who accepted a position with a secret department inside the Pentagon, surfaces after a month telling his old boss he has no memory of where he was or what he was doing. The same as with Liam Dunne in Ireland, he begins to suffer from bad dreams, and finds himself dri... more
  • The Delusion

    by T. O. Paine
    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. It’ll drive you crazy. Literally. Hotel ballroom lights flicker as the University of Baltimore announces the winner of this year’s Tiberian Research Award in Psychology. Years of toil and sacrifice weigh on Emma’s shoulders. Years of enduring her professor’s unearthly demands. Years of researching mass persuasion on the internet late into the night, living in a single-bedroom apartment on campus while her friends moved away and started famili... more