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  • Kill Romeo

    by Andrew Diamond
    Not since he saw a woman hurry off of a jetliner shortly before it exploded in mid-air (Gate 76) has detective and former boxer Freddy Ferguson faced such a deadly puzzle as when he comes across the body of a well-dressed young woman, nameless and unidentifiable, deep in the woods of rural Virginia. In her room at the town inn, she left two mysterious notes hinting at a love gone wrong. The trail to her killer leads through organized crime, espionage, and the international race for technologi... more
  • The Quantum Contingent

    by Gregory R Simpson
    The future… is here. Gregory Simpson brings you "The Quantum Contingent", a globe-trotting, techno-spy thriller with pop-culture references and even its own Spotify playlist! This novel is set in richly detailed locations around the globe and features today's technologies extrapolated for tomorrow, including cryptocurrency, drones, and SpaceX rocket ships. In 2028, a mysterious group known as The Quantum Contingent has achieved true quantum computing capabilities. The Quantum Contingent have ... more
  • Out of the Shadows

    by Guy Estes
    Never piss off a daughter of the Morrigan, especially in a town like Nightshade. Nightshade’s a weird town. It has a large Pagan population and a lot of fundamentalist Christians. Usually, they get along well. Then the attacks started. It began with assaults. A Christian had satanic imagery burned into her. A Pagan had a cross pounded into him. Assaults became rapes, then murders. Each side blames the other. Detective Tiernan Dempsey turns to two of his friends for help, Dr. Alexis O... more
  • Flip Your Wig

    by Roy Chaney
    If you're going to be murdered in San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… San Francisco. August 1966. The Beatles haven't arrived yet to play their show at Candlestick Park, but Inspectors Henry Nash and Ross Belcher of the San Francisco Police Department's Homicide Detail already have their hands full with Beatlemania, or Beatle psychosis. Flip Your Wig tells the story of Inspectors Nash and Belcher as they attempt to unravel the chain of violent deaths that begins with a y... more
  • Catalyst

    by Nicole Fanning
    When Natalie Tyler arrives in Chicago to attend her cousin's wedding, she is just hoping to survive the week with her estranged family... And her ex-fiancé.One week. One uneventful week at the beautiful Hotel Jefferson, is all she has to endure before she can return to her quiet life in Miami.However, fate has other plans.A split second decision, unknowingly puts her in the path of one of the city's wealthiest bachelors. And one of the deadliest.She finds herself thrust into a world she does not... more
  • The Man in Cabin Number Five

    by Chrysteen Braun

    When Annie Parker discovers her husband’s infidelity, she doesn’t let it destroy her. She packs her bags and heads to Lake Arrowhead, California, the mountainside town where her family used to summer. Immersing herself in the restoration of seven 1920s era cabins, Annie begins to put the pieces of her life back together. But starting over is never easy.

    Alyce Murphy needs closure. When she discovers her father did not die from a heart attack, as she’s been led to ... more

  • Bluebirds Don't Cry

    by Shannon Sheets
    The psychological suspense novel, Bluebirds Don’t Cry, takes place in present day in Hawaii. The story suggests that government-run mind control studies performed between the 1950-1970’s have been secretly re-instated, and it connects the studies to the recent disappearance of homeless people on the island of Oahu.
  • El Esposo De Mi Hermana: Lazos De Sangre

    by Virginia A Sandoval
    Dos hermanas gemelas que las separan al nacer.
  • Upriver

    by Martin Roy Hill
    NCIS Special Agent Linus Schag is no stranger to violence and bloodshed, but when he’s sent to Iraq to take custody of two Navy SEALs suspected of murder, he finds himself thrust into a manmade inferno as coalition of forces fight to free northern Iraq from the Islamic extremist group called ISIS. The explosion of an IED allows the SEALs, suspected of killing a fellow commando, to escape and flee up the Tigris River in a stolen Navy patrol boat. Schag pursues the SEALs in another boat assiste... more
  • Tadpole

    by Kyle Towns
    Two teenagers leave abusive homes and hit the road, eventually finding each other and amidst a budding romance, save other children from abusive circumstances.
  • A Man Named Baskerville

    by Jim Nelson

    He took on Sherlock Holmes and lost.  Now he wants revenge.

    In 1888, Sherlock Holmes slayed the spectral hound haunting the Devonshire moor, thereby laying to rest the curse of the Baskervilles once and for all. The perpetrator escaped into the night and was presumed drowned, consumed by the murky bog…

    In truth, the criminal mastermind survived the night to nurse his wounds and plot his revenge against Sherlock Holmes.

    A Man Named Bas... more

  • Chigger Lives Here

    by Michael Handy

    Chigger is the bad one. And it’s time for him to take his medicine.

    Our narrator awakens in Smithfield Mental Health Care Facility after a failed suicide attempt has left him with nearly total memory loss. Under the care of staff psychiatrist Dr. Lorey, the narrator adopts the alias ‘Sam’ and begins regular therapy sessions in the hope of recovering his true identity. Sam soon discovers that he does have some recall, but only from the violent and traumati... more

  • Broken: A Josh Ingram Novel

    by t.g. brown

    At first glance, the figure could have been construed as a large cocoon hanging from the church rafters. But as one moved closer, the outline of a man came into focus, his body strung upside down . . . his thick torso squirming against his restraints as though he was about to be reborn.

    While bullfrog hunting on a cloud-covered night in the Louisiana Bayou JOSH INGRAM had no way of knowing the cogs of a grisly nightmare had already begun to turn. A nightmare that takes root wi... more

  • The Gershwin Cutter

    by Paul Damien
    INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS. RESCUED FROM A VIOLENT CULT, SHE FINALLY FELT SAFE. BUT HER FRAGILE WORLD IS ABOUT TO SHATTER. Blake is a mysterious and intrepid young woman who is steadfastly devoted to a one-eyed horse named Ira. Their relationship flourishes through the popular equestrian sport of cutting. But Blake’s love for Ira is making her careless. Meanwhile, retired detective Sonny Harrell’s father is murdered. As Sonny follows breadcrumbs across the Lone Star State, he stumbles o... more
  • Danger to Others

    by Martha Crites
    Late October in the Pacific Northwest foothills brings more than a change of season. Psychiatric evaluator Grace Vaccaro is on edge. A field evaluation gone wrong leads to a shooting, Grace’s mother has died and ghosts from her family past are everywhere. When a young psychiatric patient, says she killed her therapist, Grace suspects it’s a delusion and sets out to prove her innocent.
  • Candle for Consuela

    by Michael Kingston
    A shocking political thriller inspired by true events – the tragic murder of six innocent Jesuit priests in El Salvador on 16th November 1989 – a murder that echoed around the world.. CONSUELA FLORES is damaged. Though her wounds are well hidden, they sometimes emerge to drag her to a place she never wants to visit again. Having fled for her life from El Salvador, she trailed through the US, France and Britain before finding safety and work in St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Church in London. ... more